ANP Report for January 14, 2019

Racial Comrades! It’s tax time, and as ever before, we face a situation of taxation without representation. The recurring spectacle of American government in action, or rather inaction, demonstrates the empty promise of capitalist liberal democracy. One-quarter of the US government is shut down, the mighty wheels of our noble Congress and exalted Senate have ground to a halt. Important government posts go unpaid or unoccupied because of a spat about a border wall. Airport security staff and air traffic controllers are working without pay. Some smug, grumpy Republican congressmen even voted against retroactive pay for those federal employees on furlough! Commercial aviation is a major component of our economy, threatened by a spat. And, incredibly, some dipstick congressmen won’t even allow payment of back wages to those vital personnel, working without compensation. These jackasses are all GOP elephants: Justin Amash (Mich.), Andy Biggs (Ariz.), Paul Gosar (Ariz.), Glen Grothman (Wis.), Thomas Massie (Ky.), Chip Roy (Texas) and Ted Yoho (Fla.). BUT, the congressmen got THEIR paychecks on January 5. What a loathsome lot of louts. Or better, in the words of H.L. Mencken: “Congress consists of one-third, more or less, scoundrels; two-thirds, more or less, idiots; and three-thirds, more or less, poltroons.” The Republicans and the Democrats cannot agree to a deal, so what do they do? They all go home! Representative government, anyone? (The GOP 7 were outvoted, btw, so our vital air traffic controllers will get their back pay.)

The Trump-Kushner White House had 23 billion dollars in border security proposals on the table last summer, when the Republicans controlled every branch of the federal government. These proposals included a border wall. And more to the point, Trump-Kushner and the Republicans had two full years of complete control, but they did nothing. Now, with the Democrats taking over the House, now they pick a fight? Now? Mencken was so right. They ARE idiots. All of them.

And was it not The Donald who boasted during his campaign that his track record as a proven negotiator, a phenomenally successful transactional businessman, one who mastered “The Art of the Deal,” would inure to our benefit as he cut through the inertia and red tape in Washington? His autobiography told us that his acumen as a business genius, as a master builder, as a developer of real estate designed to improve the economies in the areas he located his ventures, to improve the lives of the people who would be employed there, that all these things were made possible by his superior talent as a negotiator. But the wall negotiations just stalled out, the “Art of the Deal” talent seems to fail our President again and again. He went to Washington to drain the swamp, brush the liberals aside. Oh, perhaps it is here worth mentioning that the Trump autobiography, The Art of the Deal, was ghostwritten by Tony Schwartz. That is really all the explanation needed.

The other big Trump-Kushner non-accomplishment was the fulfillment of a Republican dream, to cut taxes. As mentioned in a previous ANP Report, uber-capitalist Forbes magazine for April 15, 2018, notes that “On the deficit, the GOP has been playing us all for suckers. The same congressional Republicans who over the previous eight years wanted everyone to believe they were fiscal conservatives hell-bent on balancing the budget and not increasing the national debt, sponsored, passed and then danced around the fire because of legislation that will result in a permanent $1 trillion deficit and a debt that will soar to close to 100 percent of GDP by 2028.” That means the Republican budget and tax cuts are going to raise the debt to $2.3 trillion! Who is going to pay for all this “prosperity?” Plus, billions in aid to Israel, AND special trade deals for Saudi Arabia. Talk about strange bedfellows. And what happened to Trump’s health care plan? “It is going to be beautiful, beautiful health care for everyone,” he said! In May, 2017 he again tweeted, "Despite what you hear in the press, health care is coming along great. We are talking to many groups and it will end in a beautiful picture!"

Has anyone out there noticed an appreciable difference in their take home pay? Anyone? The reduction of taxes on corporations and the wealthy 1% were supposed to yield massive investments in new manufacturing, mining and service sector ventures, plant improvements, job training, wage hikes. Instead, 1.1 TRILLION DOLLARS of corporate cash stashed in tax dodge schemes overseas were brought back into a lower taxed USA to buy back stocks and enrich shareholders! (Report by Bob Pisani, Dec. 18, 2018 on CNBC) Proponents of the tax cut legislation made big promises about soaring investment and wages, and also assured everyone that it would pay for itself; none of that has happened. Reinvestment in business, in real jobs, has declined.

While 2/3 of the corporate tax cut may have gone to U.S. residents, 84 percent of stocks are held by the wealthiest 10 percent of the population, and by foreign investors, like the Chinese government. Everyone else will see hardly any benefit. The overwhelming result of the tax cut is a big break for corporations. Federal tax receipts on corporate income have plunged.

The CNBC report concludes:

It's sad but true. Companies are obsessed with controlling earnings per share, which is the key to maintaining higher stock valuations. It is easier to control earnings per share by purchasing stock, and companies get addicted to that process. Buying back stock often provides an incremental boost to earnings per share growth, and when companies stop doing that, accomplishing that goal becomes more challenging.

So the critics of corporate buybacks and dividend raises are correct. It is a form of financial engineering that does not do anything to improve business operations or fundamentals.

It also plays into the hands of the people who were critical of the tax cuts, arguing that obsessing over ways to boost stock prices helps the investing class but not the average American.

The Trump Republican tax cuts promised $4000 a year in reduced taxes for the average American family. In an interview on PBS, January 10, 2019, the Trump-Kushner chief economic adviser Kevin Hasett had to admit that the numbers are not crunching their way.

Interviewer Paul Solman: "Let's talk about the tax cut. You said the average American household will get $4,000 a year at some point, right? It's a year in now. That hasn't happened yet for sure, right?"

Kevin Hassett: "The $4,000 number was something based on a big peer-reviewed literature that would give you $4,000 to the typical household over three to five years."

Typical Congressional pork...we were sold a fat pig in a poke. Sorry about that, American taxpayer. Now it is NOT $4K per year, but averaged over THREE TO FIVE years. In other words, they lied.

So here we sit, watching our politicians blame each other for the mess they created, while our borders remain porous, and our real income continues to decline. We are supposed to pick sides when neither side in Washington gives a damn about the people. It is all and always about themselves and their own enrichment through lobbyist donations, special interest contributions, backdoor trade deals, tax havens and dark money. Let’s not forget that Donald Trump is also a man who, through alleged mismanagement and outright fraud, has driven several of his ventures into bankruptcy. There are hundreds of contractors hired to build Trump ventures currently suing the Trump Organization for malfeasance, contractors who remain unpaid, scammed. The entire capitalist engine of financial intrigue, tax schemes, deceitful and unscrupulous government, this is our “democracy.”

Easy to complain, but what do we have to offer to combat this Machiavellian machine?

National-Socialism! In the words of Dr Robert Ley, head of the Reich Labor Front: “National-Socialism is clarity of concept, natural practicality, simplicity, uncomplicated thought and conduct.” This means employers honest to themselves realize they would get nowhere without a loyal and competent labor force; the concept of fairness to one’s employees, fellow employees, customers, is only logical in order to achieve a stable economy; the simplicity of approach to a society founded on civil discourse and civil behavior is logical and natural. It is not that difficult, but for the intrigue of multi-national finance and its mavens.

It is also not that difficult to learn more about the ANP and what we represent, not only as a political solution, but through our own personal and daily lives in a society we know is not civil, not fair, not logical. It is not difficult to find honest histories of just how Adolf Hitler solved massive unemployment in Germany, dissolved corrupt trade unions, enacted laws to guarantee rights of workers and to protect domestic companies from unfair foreign trade agreements. The White Honor blog entry of Nov. 25 2018 is an easy way to get started:

The links page on the ANP website directs you to the several blogs by active ANP members who keep you informed of current events and historical perspectives. They are invaluable to any newcomer or old comrade, and reward any reader with fresh and considered information when consulted regularly.

Of equal value are the free copies of the ANP monthly magazine The White Worker available on the ANP website home page. We invest a lot of time to research and write articles to teach and inform, occasionally to entertain, so that newcomers and the curious, regular members or new supporters can learn the truth of our convictions. The January, 2019 issue is now in preparation. But be aware that beginning with this new issue the magazine will be available as a pdf emailed only to members and Official Supporters. The current online magazine copies feature an application page where anyone interested in the ANP and its program can apply for OS status. We all of us at the ANP invite you to join in and build that alternative to the capitalist machine, the alternative of clarity, logic, natural practicality, uncomplicated thought and conduct. The future is here and reality is not an option. We must begin to coalesce as a people and act now, for the truth of National-Socialism is everywhere evident.

For White WORKER Power!!

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