You may support the efforts of the American Nazi Party in several important ways - Please remember to only make out money orders to "ANP" - Thank You:

First : You may download an ANP Official Supporter application (HERE: PDF), pledging to donate a minimum of $10 a month towards the financing of our vital operations. In return you will receive all ANP publications including The White Worker.

Second: You may download ANP propaganda leaflets, copy them, and intelligently distribute them to your White brothers and sisters, who are looking for an answer to the evil that engulfs them in today's corrupt capitalist empire once known as America. That answer is modern 21st Century National Socialism, as presented by the American Nazi Party and its adherents.

Third: You may donate to our efforts without joining. It is not cheap to maintain our operations, and we rely entirely on your financial support. 100% of the funds we receive go back into the struggle; we never pocket a penny. Please send us an e-mail to [email protected] for info on how you can contribute to the National-Socialist cause.

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Third Flyers:

The following produce three flyers per sheet of paper.

Quarter Flyers:

The following produce four flyers per sheet of paper.


Use one sheet of paper per flyer; use both sides.

Message Cards:

The following files each contain 10 business card sized mini-flyers. The cards may also make good stickers.


Other Material:


Don't be part of the problem, instead become one of those who are the solution! Forget about what others are doing, and concentrate on what the man or woman in the mirror should do. There is one person who you can motivate, and that individual is yourself. Looking at today's world, don't your children deserve better? Well, it will only improve if you become involved! What could ever be more important...?