ANP Report for October 21, 2018

Racial Comrades: During the months of August and September we were treated to another example of American democracy in action: the pitiful circus within the walls of the U.S. Senate where just another tool of corporate and financial interests was subjected to confirmation hearings for a seat on the Supreme Court. I say subjected, because the entire process was characterized by innuendos blown up into ludicrous blasphemies, and sham righteous indignation exhibited by all parties involved. The hearings were just another indication of how badly we are governed. Brett Kavanaugh is just another “family values” conservative, no better or worse than the rest of the Supreme Court justices. Some lean a bit left, some right, none in our direction. Like the politicians who questioned him in the Senate, ultimately he answers to powers far more influential than any democratic voter constituency.

The Democrats dug up ancient, exaggerated scandals committed during Kavanaugh’s years in high school and college. The Republicans expressed valiant indignation at such shenanigans. When Obama’s selection for the Court, Merrick Garland, was stonewalled by the Republicans for more than 10 months, the Democrats wailed about this act of scoundrels. Political games back and forth, and all we can do is sit and watch, or rather endure the showbiz antics of a sexually ambiguous pussycat like Lindsey Graham suddenly acting the role of an emboldened Cowardly Lion. Each side claims divine rights. The other side is a conspiracy of villains. Choose your side.

We do not live in a democracy. We live within the confines of an economy. We are slaves to it. We can give in and live on the streets, or we have to find a way to survive playing the game. And by our survival we sustain the economy for the benefit of corporate and financial interests. Like Kavanaugh and his ilk. Ultimately, we are no better or worse off after the all that flailing of each Senatorial agonistes. George Orwell’s justly famous novel 1984 is NOT a didactic parable about totalitarian governments, it is a warning as to what liberal democracies will become: states of slave economies with absurdly unequal incomes, and total surveillance. Big Brother is watching us all the time. Cameras are everywhere. Often we give up our privacy voluntarily, through social media. Television, movies, pop culture, all indoctrinate us continuously, urging us to conform. Multiculturalism as a social solvent, where we all melt into the drudging lives of a drone.

How do we fight against this madness? Innumerable expressions of White nationalism have come and gone. All fail into pathetic examples of talentless egocentric leadership. A massive torchlight parade in Virginia one year, 20 timid participants the next. 25,000 people demonstrating against cultural and ethnic decline in Germany.

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The following month 100,000 marching for “tolerance” and “love” and “diversity.”

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The drones still have the numbers. Yes, at times I would like nothing better than to go out into this mad world, in the company of good comrades, and bash some sense into the heads of my White compatriots. To subdue with my fist the treachery and ignorance of the Antifa cowards. It would feel good. But accomplish nothing.

President Trump has taken advantage of a leadership gap among White nationalists and fulfilled some long desired wishes: a tighter border, better trade deals, supposed tax cuts. And then what? Have you really noticed any drastic change in your paycheck, the supposed gift of Republican tax cuts? Have you noticed that the fiscal conservative Republicans signed off on the largest debt budget ever? Uber-capitalist Forbes magazine for April 15, 2018, notes that “On the deficit, the GOP has been playing us all for suckers. The same congressional Republicans who over the previous eight years wanted everyone to believe they were fiscal conservatives hell-bent on balancing the budget and not increasing the national debt, sponsored, passed and then danced around the fire because of legislation that will result in a permanent $1 trillion deficit and a debt that will soar to close to 100 percent of GDP by 2028.” That means the Republican budget and tax cuts are going to raise the debt to $2.3 trillion! Who is going to pay for all this “prosperity?” Plus, billions in aid to Israel, AND special trade deals for Saudi Arabia. Talk about strange bedfellows. And what happened to his health care plan? “It is going to be beautiful, beautiful health care for everyone,” he said! In May, 2017 he again tweeted, "Despite what you hear in the press, health care is coming along great. We are talking to many groups and it will end in a beautiful picture!"

We can begin to change this course of events. Not through mass demonstrations (at least, not yet) but through organization and discipline. Take the example of the Democratic Socialists of America, a party of rather watered-down Marxist theory. For years it lingered on the political left with a membership wavering between two to four thousand. As of last month its membership has risen to over 50,000! The number of local chapters has increased to more than 180. As of December 2017, the median age of its membership was 33, compared to 68 in 2013. In the 2017 election, fifteen candidates who were members of the DSA were elected to office in thirteen states, most notably Lee Carter in the Virginia House of Delegates, adding to the twenty members already holding elected office nationwide. The DSA puts out a cheap 6 to 8 page pulp paper magazine, Democratic Left, once every three months. The White Worker, published by the ANP, is miles ahead in quality. So what has led to the DSA’s growth? Organizing and propagandizing among family, friends and co-workers, centered around small cells in towns and cities all over the country. Indoctrinated college youth are at the forefront, but many old left types abound within the organization. The reaction to Trump is of course the reason for the recent growth. But can we not use that same energy, from the ranks of Whites disappointed by Trump’s pro-capitalist, anti-farm, anti-environment policies of exploitation? He has given the WN movement some encouragement by beating back illegal immigration, but --- careful study of the numbers of people crossing our borders illegally proves that the Obama regime was even more successful in restraining immigration, by a factor of four. Obama did indeed deport a record number of undocumented immigrants, totaling more than 5 million after his eight years in office. But he also set up the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) program, which stopped deportations for undocumented minors brought to the country by their parents. So the problem has taken on a different perspective, using wide-eyed innocent children as shaming tools against bigoted Whites.

The mid-term elections are upon us. For now, just watch and observe. Take in the polls, especially the exit polls which reveal not just who someone voted for, but why. Pay attention to the arguments and counter arguments, those that have value and substance, and those that are just base slander of an opponent. Watch for code words and hidden policy pronouncements. Then, if you actually care about your culture and your race, show it by organizing with the ANP. Study methods to run for elected office, any office, using the techniques of DSA types rather than in-your-face Hollywood Nazi style rants the media expects of us (the ANP will give you advice). The ANP is moving into its next phase of political evolution, just as the DSA has done for old and weary left wing socialist ideals. But there is a difference: we have the edge on a cresting wave which will break either for us, or for the end of our people. We have the edge in great unspoken yearning among White folk that things change. White people are exhausted from the constant berating, accusing them of a collective guilt for all the ills of the world, be it colonialism or patriarchy, racism or hate. How many White co-workers will admit to you their genuine, justified fear of growing black crime, but who also immediately qualify their fear by saying “I am not a racist!” What conditioning. When I talk to them further, they finally admit they are sick of violence and burglaries committed daily by nig-nog vermin! Intentionally unreported or underreported black criminality is a major problem in the USA, yet Whites must curb their “racism.” One guy I work with, a close buddy, will admit that he has concerns for his three young daughters, and the fact that his White neighborhood is regularly subjected to break-ins and car-jackings, most ending in violence. And after his conditioned reflexive racist denial, he finally states (whispered of course): “I have had it with niggers!”

In The White Worker magazine, available, for now, here on the ANP website, you will find an Official Supporter application. The future begins with a simple pledge to your heritage, to the work of the ANP. The future is here. Let us join together to save it for our children. We cannot do it alone or diffused among different flavors of White nationalism. We must stand as one.

For White WORKER Power!

88s from HAK

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