ANP Report for April 05, 2018

Racial Comrades: You know folks, writing about the so-called "leadership', or self-promoted Mighty Poohbahs of this garbage can of a "movement", reminds me so much of the "Jerry Springer Show". You know what I'm referring to I'm sure; it’s the mind numbing "entertainment" where the jew boy Jerry, rounds up the most DYSFUNCTIONAL creatures on planet earth, and puts them on display for their "15 minutes of fame.”

Well, once AGAIN, a jews-media, puffed up villain who was portrayed by our enemies as the "NEXT HITLER", or the "coming new leader" of white nationalism has burned a LOT of misguided, sincere people who sadly bought into the enemy’s misinformation propaganda, and now are probably - ONCE AGAIN - turned OFF from White Nationalism, by the disgusting antics of those who they THOUGHT were true blue heroes. I guess that it only proves once again, that IF the enemy "vouches" for them, you had better look twice!

Here we have the latest Posterboy of Hate himself, MATHEW HEIMBACH, who founded so many "Traditionalist" organizations, whatever the hell that that was supposed to mean, who apparently either never KNEW or FORGOT about the sanctity of TRADITIONAL MATRIMONY, i.e. you don't lust after your neighbors WIFE, or your group "SPOKESMAN'S" either! LOL

Apparently, ol' Matt was caught with his trousers down in his buddy’s TRAILER ( oh shades of the constant slur of "trailer trash" that Springer attempts to promote on his "show" ) fornicating with Mr. Parrot's wifey. Mr. Parrot, along with Heimbach's wife, watched through the trailer’s window, videotaping the bearded, pudgy, lard-assed lothario going at it, until the box they were standing on broke under their combined and considerable weight, and the two were then attacked by the Mighty Leader ( who hopefully had pulled his pants up, otherwise he might have been charged with assault with a...grin ) until the cops who had been called finally arrived!

Now, in all fairness, Don Juan Heimbach was known as a close buddy of that other HYPOCRITE and ADULTERER Jeffy Schoep who likes to pretend, along with the massive assistance of the SPLC and the jews controlled media, to be a "Neo Nazi" kommander - why, perhaps their close association simply RUBBED OFF and CONTAMINATED "Mr. Traditionalist"? LMAO! Schoep was/is the so-called "racist leader" who for four years was MARRIED to an Arab woman named Joanna, ( abandoning a common-law wife and four kids in Min. to do so ) who had a BLACK daughter from a previous marriage to a NEGRO named Smith!! All while being the "kommander of the costumed cluster of Village People, misnamed the “NSM". You doubt my words? You think that what I write is only typical movement gossip and in-fighting? Do a Google search for "JEFF SCHOEP NSM RACE MIXING" and PROVE ME A LIAR! A fit companion for a "WHITE POWER POOHBAH" wouldn't you say? Yet, he's still out there scamming the naïve and gullible, and STUPID...

This whole "movement" has been a CONSTANT SCANDAL and EMBARRASSMENT for years now. Yet, these disgusting creatures and HYPOCRITES still SOMEHOW find supporters and followers?! WTF!

IF the Movement and those engaged in it - and I mean the SINCERE folks - REFUSE to demand QUALITY CONTROL over those involved, ESPECIALLY in "leadership" positions, as well as recruiting "RANK and FILE" people who aren't freaks, misfits and degenerates - there is (THANKFULLY) no chance in hell, of ANY reasonable success, as it should be. Would you really wish these kind of scum "in power" over YOU? Not much different from the human garbage presently sitting on the throne...

We desperately NEED people involved who will NOT close a "blind eye" to the disgraceful, UN-ARYAN behavior of ANYONE involved! How in hell can you HOPE to "sell your product" to the masses, when your "spokesmen" are literally BUMS and PHONEYS- the EXACT OPPOSITES of what you CLAIM to PROMOTE?

For way TOO LONG have we the "movement" accepted with OPEN ARMS, any featherless biped, no matter how WEIRD, who screamed SLOGANS and/or RACIAL SLURS the LOUDEST. For TOO LONG have NORMAL, DECENT people been encouraged and or forced to rub shoulders with creatures whom they would prefer NOT to associate with in everyday life - all because they were supposedly "racial brothers". Look, Heimbach and Schoep and the like, are NOT my "racial brothers". They are creeps whom Adolf Hitler would have given a quick trip to a LABOR CAMP for Re-Education!

Last month was the birth month of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. I wish to thank all those men and women who took part it honoring Him, NOT by "burning a candle", or "observing a few seconds of silent contemplation", but rather by DOING NS ACTIVISM as the Commander would have wished!

This month is Adolf Hitler's birth month, as well as declared "White Pride" month in his honor. On or around April 20th especially, as well as ALL MONTH LONG - LOYAL National Socialists will do their utmost to celebrate His birth - NOT by stupid vandalism, or mindless hate pranks, or self-serving "LOOK at ME!" antics - but, by REACHING through intelligent distribution of NS Outreach materials to the Aryan masses! Every year at this time, the Party faithful reach tens of thousands of White people with the Good Word of National Socialism - I urge each one of you to TAKE PART!

REACH, EDUCATE and ORGANIZE our Folk into their own self-defense and ultimate survival - if not YOU then WHO?

In addition, I would like to address several issues - the first is we get a large number of folks daily who e-mail us wanting to know how to join our organizations efforts. Please review the "SUPPORT" section of our Main ANP website. Everyone must first become a ANP "Official Supporter", and after a reasonable amount of time being in GOOD STANDING with their pledges, as well as submitting a downloadable ACTIVITY REPORT ( also available on our Main ANP website ) each month with your pledges, stating what activities you engaged in to promote National Socialism the previous month.

Secondly, we receive a LOT of general "QUESTIONS" everyday - I urge those with questions to FIRST READ and REVIEW the special (Q & A) section on our Main ANP website which deals with 95% of the most commonly asked queries. If you then do not feel that your question(s) were clearly answered, we can follow through with further clarification. Thank You!

Thirdly, this is the time of year, where the Party drops the "dead wood" and drones from our mailing list. The March issue of The White Worker was almost 30 pages and has been mailed out to all those who kept up their pledges and remain in Good Standing. If you haven't received your latest issue, I suggest that you review when last you sent in your pledged support. Our organization is NOT a "lonely hearts club" where folks who are looking for a pen pal, or are bored and seek entertainment at the other guy’s cost can find a home. Those of us who DO pull our oar, expect EVERYONE to pull THEIRS as well - no FREE RIDES for the uncommitted. Not "nice"? TOO BAD! We of the ANP are SERIOUS about our involvement, and expect every other Party Comrade to be so as well. I'm sure we ALL know what they say about "NICE GUYS"....?

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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