ANP Report for March 10, 2018

Racial Comrades: Today I would like to address a few of the questions and issues that we have received recently here at ANP HQ. First off, the Party has received a number of invitations to take part in these reactionary "fun-fests" being held by the so called "alt right", which honestly is little more than a collection of sad publicity seekers and costumed 'LOOK at ME! posers, who have banded together in the feeble attempt to do what Adolf Hitler warned against in his book Mein Kampf when he spoke of a number of weak organizations attempting to create one viable one by simply "uniting" in some "league or confederation". I strongly suggest that anyone considering such a move - READ - that portion of the book several times over!

But, for those of you who are too LAZY to do so, I'll give you the basic idea that Hitler puts forth. First off, since there are going to be MANY orgs with MANY viewpoints - WHOSE viewpoint is going to be pushed? Secondly, since there will be MANY "leaders" of each group involved - WHO's going to be in CHARGE? Which EGO of which Mighty Poohbah is going to be stroked and CLAIM the CREDIT for whatever occurs? Hitler correctly surmises that since there are VARIOUS Leaders, Organizations, and Agendas involved - and IF they all were on the same page - wouldn't it be more intelligent if they ALL merged into ONE solid organization, rather than competing factions - whose obvious ultimate goal is to out do the others, which is the seed of eventual failure in the end?

NO! the policy of the ANP is NOT to meld with ANY OTHER organization out there in "Movement Land", because we prefer standing ALONE and NOT to seek being temporarily propped up by those who are NOT fighting for WHAT WE BELIEVE IN. Look, it's SIMPLE - WE are a NATIONAL SOCIALIST movement, a REVOLUTIONARY organization - NOT a "Con-servative, Rightwing, Reactionary" one! OUR goals are NOT theirs, nor theirs ours!

As well, IF you associate with bimbos, you stand being "tarred" by your association. Let's be honest - IF people see you with screeching, foul-mouthed, hateful moronic bigot, acting like looney-tunes or scripted caricatures of WHAT the enemy smears us to supposedly be - aren't you GUILTY through ASSOCIATION? For one’s reputation, one’s "friends" are just as IMPORTANT as one’s opponents...

But, there is even a MORE IMPORTANT REASON OF not GETTING INVOLVED with losers. It is THIS - by NOT acting on your own - you have LOST CONTROL over WHAT happens when these "publicity seekers" stage one of their events. Let me put it more bluntly: Unlike most of these so-called "leaders" out there in Movement land, I CARE about my Comrades, and through decades of EXPERIENCE, I have come to LEARN what might be involved in ANY activity that I might suggest that my Comrades do. It's obvious that these publicity seeking Mighty Poohbahs could care less, or they would act differently.

LOOK - HOW MUCH "PUBLICITY" can YOU - AFFORD - to add another clipping to the Poohbah’s scrapbook? Can YOU afford the COST of traveling across the country for a one day affair? Can YOU afford a good lawyer if your arrested defending yourself? Can YOU afford chancing being injured by a mob, or having your vehicle damaged or destroyed? Can YOU afford being "outed" by the jews’ media at your employment and/or your neighborhood? Just a FEW points to consider, and for WHAT? ALWAYS negative "publicity" that portrays you NOT as you really ARE, but as an embarrassment to what a sincere National Socialist REALLY is!

The majority of these "events" are held in areas meant to provoke controversy, hence gaining the biggest "splash" in the enemy control media. Just WHO are you trying to meet, educate and organize in some Marxist inclined college towns, or some congoid infested big city? You would have been much better off spending all that time, effort and money in doing Out-Reach in your own area, to people like yourself - well, wouldn't you? Reaching your own folk, with your own message, not some ten second news blip that is always filled with lies and misinformation about "what" you believe in.

I often wonder how MANY sincere people have LEFT the "movement" FOREVER, simply because they were misused by so-called "leaders" who were either INEPT and/or actual STOOGES of the system itself, built up by the jews media into "Great White Hopes", only in reality to MIS DIRECT sincere opposition to the cesspool we all exist in, until they are finally "burned out" by consistent FAILURE.

I would like to address this term "HATER" that our foes love to throw at us continually. Is there ANY group of people on planet earth who are more consistently showered with HATE than National Socialists are? We HARM no one. We do not advocate HARMING anyone. Yes, we DO expose the EVIL that certain people DO, and we advocate putting a stop to it - LEGALLY. Yet, a day does not go by when people who HATE US - constantly denigrate, vilify, and smear our PERSONAL beliefs. NOT because "what" we DO - but simply because of WHAT WE BELIEVE!

Don't OUR rights extend to those who claim "special status"? The racial "minorities", the "gays", the jews, ALL of these "protected species" are off limits to criticism, yet even though WE are law abiding, hard working, decent CITIZENS - it's fair game to attack US - NOT for anything we DO, but simply for WHAT we BELIEVE! Can anyone say HYPOCRISY?

Well, Comrades I just wanted to get that off my chest in response to all the nonsense that we constantly receive from zombies out there in the Twilight Zone, Since I no longer let them get my goat, and waste my time and effort in individually trying to reason with the brain dead, thought I would do a blanket response en masse. LOL

Comrades, 2018 has started off in good form. We have published our magazine The White Worker in both Jan & Feb and its content and appearance has been impressive. I urge both the contributors of articles, and those involved in the layout and design help the Editor and his associates to continue the impressive job that they are accomplishing. It's a pity that so few actually KNOW how much time, sacrifice and effort goes into what they do, day after day, month after month...

Also, it will soon be time for the annual SPRING BLITZ Outreach campaign in the spring. I suggest that those who intend on taking part ( most of you I hope ) start NOW in ordering your needed Outreach materials. As you are aware, sometimes we here at HQ get "jammed up" with backlogged work, and unfortunately it takes a little while to fill all the requests. A good sign in a way, of positive growth, an unfortunate one in as much as we could use a few more "hands on deck" to share the increased workload. Also, sad to have to bring this up - but IF funding isn't available to meet all the costs of operation - we have to put on the brakes until we have assembled what is necessary.

Let's ALL pull an oar, to keep our momentum moving FORWARD!

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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