ANP Report for November 09, 2016

Racial Comrades: "....and there is little joy in Zogville - Mighty Shrillery has STRUCK OUT!" LMAO

Yes, despite ALL of the NON-WHITE coalitions, from the blacks, the mestizos, the homos and lezbos, just about EVERY featherless biped whom the Democruds could cobble together into their supposed "United Front" - the result was NOT what the SYSTEM and its lickspittles THOUGHT it would be...

The ONE group that has not only been IGNORED, but indeed slapped in the face at every opportunity that the Powers that Be felt comfortable with - the WHITE WORKING CLASS - FINALLY crawled out from under the bed, where they have virtually hidden for decades in the face of unrelenting PC assault, and ROSE UP to VOICE their ANGER and FRUSTRATION at "what" this nation and society has "become", and it’s got ALL of the "experts" from the TOP to the BOTTOM of this toilet bowl, that despite all of their "education" and "knowledge" with crap on their faces!

It’s FINALLY hit them like a 2X4 between the eyes, that WHITE AMERICA is NOT the dying corpse that they assumed it to be, and given the OPPORTUNITY - this Sleeping Giant not only WILL, but HAS - AWAKENED!

I wrote from the beginning of Trump’s' campaign, you can look it up in the Archives of these ANPReports, that Trump would WIN - White America was ANGRY and READY to support a politician who dared speak as Trump did, whether he sincerely MEANT what he said or not. The system's controlled MEDIA went overboard in ridiculing me in their to-be-expected hit pieces. THEY knew In all honesty, there OUGHT to be a LOT of job vacancies within the World of Zog - and that goes for ALL "sides" of the supposed "political spectrum" - Democrud AND Republirat.

I can only HOPE that deep down inside, Donald Trump IS as "vindictive and nasty" as he was charged with being during his campaign - ESPECIALLY by those REPUBLIRAT traitors who did their utmost to attack and smear their own Party's choice of candidate, IF I was him, I would be considering a "Night of the Long Knives" on these political whores. With the Republirat Party now controlling BOTH the House AND the Senate, along with the White House, AND possibly THREE new seats on the Supreme Court, - they OUGHT to be able to push through ANY and ALL of Trumps promised agenda, from "The Wall" and Rounding Up and Shipping the illegals HOME, to repealing all the "Trade Deals", as well as the Obama-Care fraud etc et al...

It seems to me, that Trump has the character to USE the Presidential Pen, ala as Obama did to enact virtually "One Man Rule", and with Congress's rubber stamping anything he wishes - Trump COULD create a world of change... BUT, WILL HE?

Alright, I'll admit that it was pleasing to hear Trump voicing a LOT of the CONCERNS of White America - AND - to smash to pieces the Holy Grail of enforced "Political Correctness" on a LOT of subjects. My only concern has been - will he KEEP HIS WORD?

As Obama has shown - the position of President wields a LOT of POWER and ability to effect CHANGE. Now that he has won, will Trump shed his role of being "The People’s Champion" vs the Establishment Swamp and slide into simply enjoying about the only "jewel" left for a Multi-Billionaire to covet - ie being the President of the "Mightiest Nation on Earth"? Surely, the "perks" offered, can't be much more than his current lifestyle holds?

IF he IS for "REAL" - I hope that he REPLACES each and every "security detail" that has ties to the "PAST" - with folks he KNOWS and TRUSTS. For IF Trump IS for REAL, and intends to "ROCK the BOAT" on the world of this REAL "Game of Thrones" crowd of scumbags - it will be DANGEROUS...

OK, so the "Great White Hope" held up by so many in the "White Movement" as "Our Savior" has won - WHAT’S NEXT?

With a sinking feeling, I have a terrible fear that so many will now sit back and "Let Donald Do It" - INSTEAD - of being INSPIRED by the FACT that "OUR VIEWS" do have massive SUPPORT amongst our fellow White men and women. But, this "support" is pretty much USELESS - UNLESS - it is EDUCATED in the TRUTH and ORGANIZED to carry the baton further on down the path... "WHAT" do I mean by that statement? It’s simple, since we now KNOW that the SUPPORT for OUR VIEWS exists out there - we NEED to start filling in those political slots where we live - with MEN and WOMEN who think as we do!

NONE of this "oh, let’s kiss and make up, and all unite together for the good..." that the defeated are now prattling on the boob tube. These ANTI-WHITE bastards HATE our Folk, and seek to EXTERMINATE our RACE, and have done a pretty good job over the past decades DOING just THAT! We MUST - BEWARE - of all the "TROJAN HORSES" from the SYSTEM’S "Con-Servative" poison peddlers, who under directions of the Zog will start this "can't we get along" for the good of the country crap. REMEMBER and NEVER FORGET - it has been the ANTI-WHITE sell-outs in the "right-wing, con-servative camp" working with the blatant ANTI-WHITE forces of the "Liberal camp" who have brought us to the point of where we are in this country, as well as around the entire world!

Comrades, as NATIONAL SOCIALISTS we MUST view things quite DIFFERENTLY than the average "reactionary-racist". To the reactionary, Trump’s "victory" over the overt forces of the Clintons and their hateful, anti-White agenda, is like the horse wearing blinders, keeping it from seeing anything that the person holding the reigns doesn't want them to see. Let’s be HONEST and TRUTHFUL here Comrades - it was REAGAN and the REPUBLIRATS who started up the "amnesty" surrender, and have the Bushes been any more Pro-White than the Clintons were? The "WIRE-PULLERS" who control this nation, have "hedged their bets", in as much as they control BOTH the "Liberals" AND "Con-servatives" , that's WHY when Donald Trump started his campaign for President, and uttered a few "UN-PC" things, he was ATTACKED just as much by his "FELLOW CON-SERVATIVES" as he was by the "Liberals".

Shrillery often liked to talk about "breaking the glass ceiling" by getting elected as the first female president. Well, Donald Trump DID - BREAK THE PC GLASS CEILING - by SPEAKING TRUTHS that were SUPPOSED to be DEAD and BURIED FOREVER! All these decades of Marxist brain-washing, disappearing almost overnight - I'll never doubt the POWER of SPEAKING the TRUTH ever again. It takes TIME, and it takes PERSEVERANCE, but like seeds buried in rich soil - they WILL eventually sprout and grow - but we need to be there to cultivate them, and keep the weeds from overwhelming them...

Comrades, it’s only November - there is still plenty of time to DO OUTREACH - time to REACH with our NS message, EDUCATE these White men AND women who rebelled against the system’s status quo, and then to ORGANIZE them into POLITICAL SOLDIERS willing to carry on the political struggle for the 14 Words and Social Justice for the White Working Class!

For decades, the so-called "leaders" of this so-called "Racial Movement" repeated over and over - "It’s useless to take part in elections, much better to appear as costumed Village People and protest" - well, if nothing else, this election has shown that it IS possible to WIN, if not to use the campaign to intelligently spread your message, as long as you DON'T act like some ding-a-ling with a couple of screws missing... LET’S GET TO IT!

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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