ANP Report for October 13, 2016

Racial Comrades: Being a sincere National Socialist, and not "just" some reactionary "racist" type individual, I honestly must profess that I DO NOT "support" Donald Trump as the best choice to be president of this nation. Of course, it goes without saying that Shrillery Clinton is not my choice either - far from it! Over 300 MILLION people in America, and THIS is the "CHOICE" we get?

Now before anyone gets their panties in a twist ( oh! was that too sexist? ) I must admit that I DO like the fact that Trump "says" and "talks" a LOT about issues that the average politician in this sick, twisted, and demented society wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole - but, does he REALLY believe in what many of his fervent followers THINK he believes in? If so, I have to ask myself - WHERE was this BILLIONAIRE over all the decades that this country has been going down the tubes? With all of his MONEY and INFLUENCE - did he ever once get involved in ANYTHING that would have created resistance to the polluted cesspool that America has become? Not that I'm aware of...

This guy was born with the proverbial PLATINUM spoon in his mouth, and he has lived the life of a literal KING. ANYTHING he desired - he has had - whether it’s been material, such as whatever money can buy - or be it extra special TREATMENT, far away from what you or I experience in our daily lives. As he recently stated, and I paraphrase what he said - "I could shoot someone walking outside Trump Towers...and get away with it". And you know what - I bet he could!

The ONE PERCENT actually DO live in a "JUST US" system, that we the Great Unwashed can only fantasize about. Come on, we've ALL seen it many times in the "news", where some wealthy pig commits a CRIME that would send Joe Blow up river for years, if not his lifetime - and they WALK...

Now it’s not that Donald Trump is much different from the overwhelming masses of the 1%ers, they ALL need a part in the Tale of Two Cities - it’s simply that in order to win this shell game that calls itself a "free, democratic election" - Trump has had the balls or the gall, to REACH OUT to the true feelings of most of what is left of White America, and "say the things they have longed to hear for decades" - he has brought them out from under the stones where they have been HIDING, and given them a VOICE to vent one last, long call of despair before they are subsumed in a sea of non-White creatures from every corner of planet earth, who are intent on TAKING from the hands of the pathetic Mighty Whiteys who shamble along like the Walking Dead Zombies, who have LOST their heritage/history of being willing to FIGHT, both tooth and nail to PRESERVE what is THEIRS!

At least the Ameri-Indians pretty much FOUGHT to the DEATH, before they lost it all... TODAY, the pathetic pale-faces "ELECT" men and women as their so-called "representatives" who STRIVE to HELP the opponents of the White/Aryan race, and actually do their utmost to PUNISH any White RESISTANCE to our Folks decline and fall.

Let’s face it Whitey - UNTIL we start getting "ONE of US" elected to hold SOME KIND of POLITICAL POWER all across this country - you're pulling the lever for ANOTHER turncoat, race traitor whether they be a Democrud OR a Republirat piece of filth...

Let’s get this straight - you can judge a candidate by HOW the system’s CONTROLLED MEDIA treats them. Whether they be supposedly "left OR right", IF they get the usual "they're all great men and women who have certain views that sometimes conflict, but they all are willing to work together...blah, blah", then you KNOW that the system has vetted and approved of any of these walking turds getting a seat to park their lard-asses in, while getting the pretty pay-off. They simply have to KNOW and UNDERSTAND the "RULES" per playing the political game in the jew-s-a.

The FIRST Rule is that you can "agree to disagree" with your opponent, but NEVER attack the corrupt, evil SYSTEM itself! Just LOOK at what happened to that old Marxist, Jew-Boy Bernie Sanders himself! Now, admit it or not, I happen to believe that Bernie Sanders was one of those who actually BELIEVED in what he was promoting - George Lincoln Rockwell wrote about the "honest liberal" and I think this was a case of that kind. He roused a LOT - MILLIONS - of angry people, the vast majority who were YOUNG and WHITE against the wealthy elite and their corrupt banking system, et al, and LOOK what happened to HIM. Shrillery Hillary has her soul so far up the banksters rotten asses, that she would rather take a chance of WRITING OFF all those who supported Sanders, by NOT making HIM her choice for VP, than having his IDEAS having any INFLUENCE in the political landscape, which his being the VP would entail.

Clinton IS the systemites’ CHOICE - TRUMP is NOT. Donald Trump is not used to "taking orders" from ANYBODY - to the systemites he is a total "WILDCARD" - and they prefer their usual "STACKED DECK", of stuffed boobies, sitting there like those "nodding dogs" you used to see decorating a lot of automobiles "back in the day".

Look at the load after LOAD of crap that they are constantly pouring over Donald Trump since the beginning of his campaign! Now it’s his saying "naughty" things about the - let’s be HONEST here folks - GOLD-DIGGERS that have constantly surrounded him (as one of the super wealthy) all of his life. Everyone KNOWS that MONEY and POWER draw GOLD DIGGERS like flies on crap, and since I'm assuming that the vast majority of these females were NOT, naïve little INNOCENT VIRGINS just off the farm, it’s sad but understandable that "rubbing shoulders" with such "pliable" types, just MIGHT cast a certain "shadow" over the way that you perceived females in general. Now, IF - Mr. Trump had instead interacted with the NORMAL, hard working, struggling, and caring White Working Class female, I truly believe that he would have come away with a mighty DIFFERENT perception of "WHAT" females are and can be! It’s the same with the average wealthy "male", whose only "brawn" is in their wallet and/or bank account, the type who "call a policeman" when danger threatens - the kind who NEED a PILL to "get it up". LOL

We have seen big name "political whores" getting caught in bathroom stalls, being with whores, all the gamut of perversion - hell, Bill Clinton got oral sex in the oval office, and John Kennedy had a bed-room that attached it - just for examples - J. Edgar Hoover like to prance around in a dress to his FBI playmate - yet, these are ALL held up as "Great Men" and "HEROES" to us today! But, Donald Trump’s "language" is too "offensive" shouts the mob of his enemies...

Myself, I have no great "hopes" for Donald Trump even IF he gets elected, which I still think he will, or the systemites wouldn't be as hysterical as they are worrying about the possibility - I only hope that those "movementites" don't see this "election" as the END ALL/BE ALL and DISAPPEAR when the smoke clears. They don't sigh with relief IF Trump WINS, and plump their fat asses into their easy chair, open another bag of chips, and guzzle another case of beer - thinking - let Donald DO IT!

I've noticed a curious thing this past month - we have had more mail from NEW PEOPLE coming into the PO Box, than mail from the "already committed" - what's going on folks, are you sending your sheckles to the BILLIONAIRE, who "LOVES JEWS and ISRAEL" so much his DAUGHTER is MARRIED to one... That is to me an absurd a notion as this Jeff Schoep character being the "Mighty Kommander" of the hollywierd nutzi, costumed, so-called "nsm" costume club, while for four years during his rule as unemployed mini-fuhrer, he was married to an ARAB woman named Joanna who had a BLACK child from a previous marriage to a negro named Amber. Am I LYING? Google "jeff schoep nsm race mixing" and see for yourself.

IF you've got people who "support" a "neo-Nazi leader" who is himself a race-mixer - why not support for president, a man who marries off his beloved daughter to a wealthy real estate jew... Great White Hope balloon goes "POP!" or is it loud FIZZLE... LOL

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda Chairman American Nazi Party

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