ANP Report for September 13, 2016

Racial Comrades: Life in this toilet bowl of a society gets more unbelievable and frustrating every day that one exists in it. For in reality, that is ALL that we are doing - EXISTING - it's NOT really LIVING. For living means that one ENJOYS the "existence" and not simply "bears with it"...

This "Sept 11" nonsense is getting worse as it goes along. Hell, it reminds me of the HOLOHOAX crap, that the chosen ram down our collective Folk, like some mantra from hell. It's like this nation has become a land of WHINERS, wringing their hands over and over, while beating themselves with whips as did the early Christians to "atone for their sins" back in the Middle Ages... I honestly think that they ENJOY this role of "oh! poor us!" - it must be a Semitic thing, that Aryans cannot understand, lol!

I mean, let's get real - you go around the globe, murdering, raping, plundering and occupying those that disagree with Imperial Judah - and they HIT you BACK, and you wonder "WHY"? And then you have the gall to WHINE about it?!

It reminds me old the old saying - "The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you".

This entire system is based upon everything EVIL and WRONG that has existed in mankind since its recorded history.

I'll give you an example of what I mean. Recently, the Zog navy acquired a new "destroyer" for its Imperial Fleet, the "U.S. Zumwalt" ( named after a kosher admiral ) - it cost 4 BILLION DOLLARS! Can you believe that? There is nothing that this corrupt system could find worthy of putting that money towards, be it health care or education, or feeding the nation's hungry - NO! - it had to go toward some floating hulk of destruction, meant to destroy and/or cow other nations towards Zog's will...

Comrades, our Struggle for National Socialism is NOT just "about race" - race, and the survival of our Folk as a healthy racial entity IS a prime purpose of all we do, but what IF our "Racial Problems" were to be overcome, wouldn't we still need to live a National Socialist lifestyle? And a National Socialist lifestyle is NOT based upon the LIES that "Hollywood" has created to besmirch it with.

National Socialists are NOT out to "conquer the world", or to "enslave all non-Aryans", or all the other filth that the kosher-ites have bleated forth for decades - ONLY in the sick minds of a petty handful of twisted dysfunctionals who have stolen our Holy Swastika and PRETEND to be National Socialists for reasons that only their convoluted minds can grasp - can be found anyone who promotes such an agenda! And in doing so, these creatures are nothing more or less than handmaidens of the JEWS and all those who HATE the National Socialist ideals...

True National Socialists MUST always keep their minds towards the FUTURE, towards what we seek to BUILD and ACHIEVE for the GOOD of our people.

Remember, that Adolf Hitler built a strong military to PROTECT his people and nation from harm by others who hated what they had achieved. In truth, England and France DECLARED WAR against NS Germany FIRST - it was their aggression that caused WWII - something that it often overlooked by today's "historians", eh?

Comrades, just WHAT brought the National Socialists to POWER in Germany? Was it because they shouted out "for war", or "let's kill all the jews"? Of course not! They would NEVER have been ELECTED by the masses of people with such a "program"! Then just WHAT has been the PROBLEM with "modern American NS" since the WWII era?

I'm talking about all this NEGATIVE "nigger/nigger, kike/kike," you know the drill - EVERYTHING "negative" about just about everyone else... When was the last time you read or heard a spokesman of American NS promoting an ISSUE in a serious POSITIVE manner, when dealing with our White/Aryan Folk?

Yes, I KNOW - it's suppose to be "the racial movement" - and that's ONE BIG REASON, "why" I declare that American National Socialism must NOT "be" a part of this "racial movement" IF it wishes to SUCCEED.

BECAUSE true National Socialism will only be MARGINALIZED by associating ourselves with people with such a paltry vision. It's said that "birds of a feather flock together", well MY vision of WHAT I WANT through National Socialist Revolution is a far cry from what I read over on these pathetic "forums" where the minds of the challenged run free... Sorry, but an "all white" nation, run by morons and crooks, and twisted dysfunctionals is NOT what I'm striving for.

The August issue of The White Worker focused upon Charles "The Hammer" Martel who led the defense of our European homeland against the non-Aryan Moslem invasions of the past, the Sept issue continues with Vlad Tepes of Romania (Dracula) who continued the defense on another front against the invading Turks. What ever happened to our Folk, that we are now "led" by "Merkels" in our hour(s) of need?

Comrades, I'm not going to exhort you to "do" what you already KNOW to be necessary - if not YOU, then WHO as Comrade Dan of California likes to relate. We ALL know "WHAT" needs to be done, what we NEED to have happen, is to simply have everyone "grab an oar" and start to PULL! THAT'S how we will see movement forward...

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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