ANP Report for July 05, 2016

Racial Comrades: As it hasn't been a "secret" that I have been ill this year, along with my physical illness, I've also - to be totally honest with all of you - had a severe bout of mental depression and my "morale" has been a problem as well.

It’s NOT simply "movement" related, although that does play a recognizable part that I deal with. It’s the whole spectrum of the life that I deal with. No, I do not intend on giving out a laundry list of my "woes", and I doubt if you're any more concerned about MY "problems", than I personally am about YOURS - it's what my old Grandma used to say - "We all got our crosses to bear, deal with them!" Sooo, I'm dealing with them as best I can, while still playing my part in our organization's' operational status.

While I'm - honestly, I'll admit it - not at the 101% pace that I used to be involved at 'back in the day' - I remain at my post, doing "what I can", and I don't think that I'm slacking off too much...

Perhaps you all remember that I stated around the end of 2015, that 2016 was the year where I reached pretty close to having been involved 50 YEARS in our National Socialist Struggle - having joined George Lincoln Rockwell's ANP back in 1967 at the age of 16 - and that after so many years of service to our Folk, that I felt that perhaps it was time to start slowly "easing myself" out of the role that I have played for decades now, and letting some other worthy Comrades start to pick up the "burden" of leading our organization without my total control and personal vision.

And for the past months of this year, that is what I've done. I've removed myself from my previous dominant position, and allowed those Party Comrades and Officials to basically "carry the ball" with the authority and responsibility afforded them per the Leadership Principle set forth by Adolf Hitler in his book Mein Kampf. In 95% of the cases, I have not felt disappointed - these Party Comrades not only "filled in the gaps" that my lack of involvement created, but they far exceeded their roles as Party Leaders, Teachers and Creators - I feel assured that if I were to die tonight, that our National Socialist creed is in good and capable hands!

What has been occurring for the first six months of 2016, has been a "trial run" of the capabilities of the LEADERSHIP of our Party, and this is a very important part of having a viable organization. In the past experience of my movement life, I have found that in 99.9% of the cases, when a Founder/Leader of an organization has died or "retired" - without this individual, the organization eventually fell apart and disappeared from existence.

This was BECAUSE - in most cases - the organization itself was simply an "extension" of that ONE personality, and when HE was gone, so went the group's members, supporters and financial backers - ie the organization itself.

I do NOT want that to happen to the American Nazi Party. It is so much MORE than just a "Rocky Suhayda Fan Club" - it is an extension of EVERYONE who has poured their sweat, their heart, their labor and their wealth into CREATING and making it a LIVING, BREATHING entity! This organization belongs to ALL of YOU! The MORE that YOU - GIVE, in EFFORT and SUBSTANCE - towards our organization, the MORE it belongs to YOU...

I'm sure that most of you are following along this years electoral CIRCUS - especially since the jews-media insists on inserting the "JEW/RACE ISSUE" over and over again, when it comes to Mr. Trump’s campaign.

So I am sending out this clarion call to the entire "movement" that ISN'T CONTROLLED by the jews themselves ( oh come on, I've found the "WORST" most CARICATURISH "neo-Nazi style" websites out there, ARE created and controlled "opposition" that the enemy can turn to whenever they need a "sound bite" to utilize as a "typical example" of the boogeyman... ) to start polishing up the TYPE of material that they offer those visiting their websites seeking the TRUTH. BACK UP - anything AND everything you state about the "Chosen" with FACTS and FOOTNOTES. It’s much better to NOT utilize the "broad brush" approach when presenting your views - such as, the "Jews are the leeches of Wall Street and the banking industry who virtually CONTROL this nation from TOP to BOTTOM". ALONG WITH SUCH A STATEMENT - GIVE EXAMPLES and PROOFS that the reader can CHECK out for themselves. Sure it takes more time AND effort, but it also gives you valuable credibility towards what you are putting forth.

Many readers EXPECT to visit your website and read typical "anti jewish canards" , but NOT to read FACTS that you can BACK UP with viable proof!

It's NOT "quantity" of viewing that we should be seeking, but rather QUALITY of KNOWLEDGE that we feed into that viewer! Get away from the "shock" image of the "Sturmer" kind, that Julius Streicher promoted in Nuremberg in the 1920's/30's - in case you haven't kept up with things, it's the 21st CENTURY, and AMERICA no less... Different TIMES and different FOLKS call for different APPROACHES....

So far this year, despite all that has been thrown at them, Party Comrades have produced a new issue of The White Worker magazine Jan. through June - and the July proofs are finished and headed to the press. The editor still states that he could use some more regular contributors of articles each month - ANYBODY willing to at least TRY? You don't need to utilize your name, use a "pen name" if you wish. Anyone reading this a capable "CARTOONIST"? We also are always in need of new videos to promote the cause.

I know that I promised NOT to ever again "appeal for funding", the beginning of the New Year, and I'm NOT - I'm just letting you all know that we haven't raised the cost of our materials since they were first offered over a decade ago. Well, it's reached the point where sticker paper has more than doubled in price, and that's "WHY" those of you who complain that you don't receive your "full order" and wonder "why" - here's WHY. We either have to cut the amount we print and send out at the regular price, OR we have to increase the donation cost. OR, we get in enough "extra" funding where we can keep things as they are... Enough said. You want Daddy to quit watering down the soup? Well, somehow we gotta have more soup, eh?

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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