ANP Report for June 15, 2016

Racial Greetings: I realize that I have not been as frequent in issuing new ANP Reports as in the past, but what with my continuing illness, and in all honesty "writer's block" - after literally hundreds of archived ANP Reports going back decades - what "MORE" can I, or need I say?

Having been born in 1952, and involved in the NS Struggle since I first joined Commander Rockwell's ANP back in 1967 at the age of 16 - I have pretty much "seen it all" when it comes to the Jew-Nited-States gradually becoming the sick, vile and pornographic cesspool that that we float around in today.

You know, it's NOT just the FACT that White people have committed RACIAL SUICIDE with a smile on their pathetic faces, it's the sense of how they so EASILY shed their collective sense of DECENCY as human beings, that disturbs me most!

It would have been bad enough, if White society blurred into a shit colored mass of mongrels and still kept the "standards" that our people held so dearly for generations. You all KNOW "what" I'm talking about, I really need not go into it once again - but, they haven't. On the whole, "whites" have become the planet's WORST example of "survival of the fittest" in all of history! Even those "primitive savages" that the Aryan ruled over and exploited - on the whole - went down after the best FIGHT that they could muster. Not so the "white" man. EXCEPT for the past centuries, where sadly Aryan brethren fought Aryan brethren for the benefit of the corrupt "elites" - the White/Aryan has swallowed hook, line and sinker, the POISON of "liberalism", "brotherhood", just about any damned degeneracy that the MARXISTS, the CHURCHES, and the well organized ANTI-WHITE enemies of our Folk, hand in hand with organized JEWRY have dished up...

EXCEPT for the fact that "I" obviously wasn't SUCCESSFUL in my efforts to MOTIVATE our Race in opposition to each "next step" of the enemy's agenda, and while I state "I", of course I mean all those who DID organize and fight during the past decades - AT LEAST WE ATTEMPTED TO "DO SOMETHING", as incorrect as our "approaches" may have been... And THEN - "White Opposition" literally begin to "DRY UP"- to where there is little INTELLIGENT/ORGANIZED efforts being presented, only the last thrashings of literal INSANITY by "what's left".

Is that too "HARSH" a word - INSANITY? Isn't insanity when a person performs an identical act OVER and OVER - some how - EXPECTING a NEW/DIFFERENT result to occur?

Our foes have long boasted that the "day of the white man is over", that WE KNOW IT, and even WORSE - we have ACCEPTED it... Not only is our RACE of people hanging on the edge of the precipice of DOOM, but OUR long cherished VALUES are virtually non-existence any more.

THEN - sitting back and viewing the horizon, I see a "SAVIOR" approaching - a totally unexpected "SAVIOR" to ALL of the degeneracy that has been made in the name of "progress". And it DOESN'T have a PALE FACE...

It's so damn IRONIC that it's COMICAL in a sense. In order to "MELD" the White/Aryan Race into a MONGRELIZED herd - the JEWS and their ALLIES - have FORCE-FED our homelands with every kind of Non-Aryan that they could find. It wasn't enough after WWII to destroy Adolf Hitler's vision of a Pro-White world, by ELIMINATING each and every possible THREAT that an all-Aryan nation poses to the JEWS and their pals. They weren't satisfied with NEGROES alone MIXING with the White populations - they desired EVERY KIND of Non-Aryan, and IF it took the Aryan peoples, blinded by "JUDEO-CHRISTIAN" idiocy to BRING THEM IN as "fellow human beings" ie "gods children" - well, IN THEY CAME!

BUT, and here is THE "catch" - these Non-Aryans are still HEALTHY, based upon NATURE living peoples. They DON'T believe in "gay rights", nor in "women's lib", nor "pornography", nor the new-age version of weak "Christianity", and they ESPECIALLY do NOT tolerate NOR "love" JEWS and their USURY and CRIMINAL behavior... NEED IT GO ON?

They brought in literally TENS of MILLIONS of these MUSLIM/ARABS into OUR Aryan Homelands - they do NOT seek to "blend in" into these SEWERS, and they sure as hell look at the White lands as being filled with FOOLS who will refuse to FIGHT FOR their homes, their cultures, their women, their children - the Muslims rightfully ask themselves - are not these sad, disgusting creatures nothing more than SLAVES that Allah promised US?

Recently, down in Florida, one of these Muslims saw this den of degeneracy where "gays" openly flaunted themselves in public before his little brothers eyes - HE got his weapons, which most MEN in the Non-White world hold as being a part of BEING an adult male in their culture - and following ALLAH'S teachings, went forth and chastised the SINNERS. HE didn't pause and think hard to come up with some "EXCUSE" of "WHY" he couldn't/shouldn't GET INVOLVED - like so many PALE-FACES do! And NO - I'm NOT advocating "violence" - aren't there ANY other OPTIONS for intelligent White men and women to "do" than VIOLENCE?

IF you really NEED suggestions, I suggest that you start reading some of those HUNDREDS of archived ANP Reports that you have IGNORED over the past decades...

Pale Face! Just WHAT KIND of a society are you GOING to exist in - once YOU'RE the MINORITY - and the grinning BROWN masses OUT-NUMBER you, and DO find the time to ORGANIZE POLITICALLY and BECOME the GOVERNMENT and THEY - MAKE ALL THE RULES. LIBERALS, MARXISTS, QUEERS and LGBTXYZer's of all kinds - WHAT'S YOUR FUTURE going to look like, of YOUR own efforts and choosing?

Can we ALL say - ALLAH AKBAR! - hey!, what's a new Flavor of the Month when it comes to the SUPERNATURAL anyway? Maybe, just MAYBE they'll "Turn the Other Cheek" and "Love One Another"? Naw, they are going out of business asap... I wonder how many "PASTORS", "REVERENDS" and "MINISTERS" et al - will mind a change of clothes and some new "decorations" on their houses of business, to - you know - GO ALONG to GET ALONG! LOL

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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