ANP Report for May 13, 2016

Racial Comrades: I have gotten flack in the past for my stating that I'm not one of those who lay all the blame for the many problems facing the White race at the doorstep of the "Joos", OR the "blacks", OR "whatever & whomever" like so many tend to do, in the "White Movement".

In fact, I prefer placing ANY - BLAME - that DESERVES being handed out, right on the pale shoulders of my fellow White men and women.

WHY? How dare I do this...? It’s simple - BECAUSE IF the White race hadn't AVOIDED so strenuously their collective RESPONSIBILITIES towards their Nation and Folk - things would NEVER had gotten to the point where we find ourselves today.

NEED AN EXAMPLE? OK, here's a fine one...

Over in England, there was an election for a new MAYOR of LONDON - a MUSLIM was elected as Mayor... His "opposition" candidate was a "CON-SERVATIVE" - JEW - named "Gold-something” or other. NO White man OR woman had either the time or the inclination, to place their name upon the ballot. Hence, it was a LOSE/LOSE situation.

I find this to be both fascinating and depressing - don't YOU?

Here in America, we have the wealthy 1% of the 1%ers, multi-billionaire Donald Trump - acclaimed by the masses of the White Workers, to be this year’s "Knight on the White Horse", riding to their rescue all by his lonesome, kinda like the Lone Ranger, who's gonna clean up the town, ALL by HIMSELF...

Folks, I have to admit that after all the usual scumbags that are offered up by the system, each election cycle - Trumps does TALK the TALK - and it’s a pleasure to hear him, stating all these un-PC truths, as well as the just about unanimous HATRED spewed over him by just about every systemite stooge and talking head that exists out there. Hell, it would be worth it, electing him President - just to HOPEFULLY see him upsetting the system’s applecart - by him throwing himself around, as he does.

But, let’s say that Trump IS sincere, and that he will ATTEMPT to carry on his various programs that he's promoted during his campaign for the Presidential office - WHAT THEN?

Sure, he CAN attempt to DO what Obama has done in many cases and rule by Presidential Decree, although I'm pretty sure that not only the Democruds will move heaven and earth to stop him - but, HOW MUCH SUPPORT can he count upon, even from his fellow Republirats, who stab him in the back every time they can?

Wouldn't it be BETTER if he had a slew of White men AND women elected to public office on EVERY level, to help push his agenda? What I'm talking about is a WHITE TIDE of GRASS ROOTS political activists and support all across this sick and dying land. It CAN be done! All it takes is for WHITE men AND women to #1 GET THEIR NAMES ON THE BALLOT, and #2 EVENTUALLY, SOME OF THEM WILL WIN just by a process of elimination. Is my thinking CLEAR to each and every one of you reading this?

Hell, you can even campaign as a "Trump Republican", if that makes you feel more comfortable.

But, as long as the ONLY names appearing on the ballot are "Muslim Kahn" OR "Goldfinger" - you have not only already LOST - you have downright SURRENDERED.

Trump has SHOWN that there is a LOT of support for many of the issues that we are concerned with. I honestly believe that he will WIN and become President this fall - the Last Hurrah for old Mighty Whitey if it doesn't lose this apathy of non-involvement, - but, it’s ONLY the BEGINNING of the POTENTIAL that the White race could attain - IF - it got off its tired, lazy, and cowardly ass - and ACTED like the "Kahns" of this world DO! Enough said...

The annual ANP Spring Blitz Outreach literature campaign was a great success in my eyes, collectively we distributed tens of thousands of items, and inquiries are way up over earlier months. It’s too bad that we couldn't do this all year round!

On Monday, May 16th, at 5PM PST / 8 PM EST we will be bringing back the Party's TALKSHOE radio show. You will find the link on the Party's main page of our website for details. If we get enough response through participants and listeners, we will begin to host it again on a more regular basis.

The April issue of The White Worker was a beautiful and most informative monthly magazine that we've published yet. I want to remind those of you who enjoyed it, to remember that it was made possible by the Party Comrades who CONTRIBUTED the ARTICLES that made it possible. I honestly can't believe that each and everyone of you doesn't have an OPINION on ANYTHING - and the Editor Comrade Axl Hess would like you to share those thoughts with him, as a possible contributing writer. You needn't be published with your full name, choose whatever moniker that you would prefer being published by, and REACH OUT to the world with YOUR THOUGHTS. Isn't there a little Dr. Goebbels in each and every National Socialist out there? LOL

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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