ANP Report for April 19, 2016

Racial Comrades: Today I would like to talk with you about "The Cog on the Wheel".

Out of all the various symbols of National Socialism, I personally like the one that shows a Swastika inside of a "cog wheel" as best representing "my" feelings about "what" and "who" National Socialism represents: the best interests of the White Working class man and woman.

It also represents something else very important, and that is - ALL of US - are like a cog on that wheel, and unless we all do our appointed roles, the wheel simply stops going round and round. It grinds pretty much to a halt...

I found this out, this past month. For the last 3-4 weeks I have been quite ill due to a respiratory problem - my lungs filled up with so much "flu" that I could hardly breath - laying on my side, I could actually feel the goo shift to one lung, and into the other. I was a constant "faucet" ejecting the horrible yellow fluid through my coughing it up, or blowing it out, and the constant huffing and puffing tired me out considerably as my lungs were forced to operate as if I was constantly running a race...

I tried all of the old "home remedies" that I knew or could read up upon in my dog-eared copy of Grandma's worn out book on the subject, but nothing seemed to help. Finally, now it seems to have pretty much "broke", so today I was able and willing to get to work on all the backed up Party correspondence that has been piling up in my office area. I'm sorry for the delay in so many things that I had to let slide, but I'm only human and for better or worse, here I am back in the trenches.

Now, some of you probably are asking - "why didn't you go see the doctor?" - and I'll honestly tell you...

My family lives on a very restrictive budget. If it was one of them, they WOULD have gone to the doctor right in the beginning, but I couldn't bring myself to pay a visit to get a script for antibiotics (or whatever) per a $60 dollar fee. $60 is a LOT of money in our budget, to spend it on myself. So, I waited for my body to overcome the "virus" on its own, and it eventually did.

So much for "affordable healthcare" in the good old Jew-S-A. You know, it's ANOTHER "reason" WHY I am a National Socialist - in a National Socialist society - HEALTHCARE would be FREE to each and every CITIZEN, instead of another frigging Nuclear Submarine or ten trillion "smart bombs" to drop on people around the globe - that TAX MONEY would go back to HELPING those who PAID the TAXES in the first place! MOST of the White Western World HAS such services for their people, along with a LOT more "goodies" that we are constantly told "we can't afford" - NO! we CAN'T "afford" such benefits when this country spends literally TRILLIONS on either KILLING foreign people OR locking our own up in "FOR-PROFIT" Judeo-Capitalist style prison systems. You are all aware that the Jew-S-A has MORE people locked up in its PRISONS than ANY country on planet earth? WHY? Because it's a "PRIVATIZED" money making big business!

Now THINK about THAT for a moment. WHY is there even such a thing as "life imprisonment"? IF a person is SO BAD that they need being looked up for their entire lifetime, WHY are they being KEPT alive? WHY not simply KILL such threats to society? It’s BECAUSE these FOR PROFIT prisons - operated NOT by the government, but by BIG BUSINESS - CHARGE around $40,000 dollars to "house" these creatures each and every year, not including medical costs, which decent people like YOU and ME can't often receive because WE simply cannot afford it!

Keep CRIMINALS - HEALTHY - while the honest folks struggle to exist. Can you EVER see this evil, corrupt Judeo-Capitalist system, willing to HELP out honest citizens with $40,000 a year, who are down on their luck through no fault of their own - yet, it's just fine spending that amount of money HOUSING, FEEDING and CARING - for keeping CRIMINALS in their cages.

Yes, I know - from a National Socialist perspective it doesn't make sense - UNTIL you realize that the PRISON INDUSTRY can't make those big profits, UNLESS those cells are kept FULL. And we all recognize that Zogs Gulags are certainly NOT "resorts", as well we all KNOW that many of those incarcerated do NOT actually BELONG there. They are THERE - BECAUSE each one is worth many tens of thousands of dollars to the fat cats who run them - and to the corrupt GOVERNMENT officials that let such horrors exist, because THEY get a "kick back" for "playing the game", and FILL them UP with warm bodies like animals corralled to be sheared...

But, to get back to my earlier point about the importance of the "cog". With MY absence as a "cog" many things didn't get done, that I usually do - and the fact is the very SAME with each and every one of you reading these words. ALL of you/us has a ROLE to play within our Struggle - some larger and perhaps "more important" than others - but, in reality, just ONE "cog" missing from the wheel slows down, OR even STOPS the momentum of all the others combined.

We are ALL important in WHAT we DO - without YOU - WHO is to DO what YOU would/should have done? No matter how MANY "cogs" are on that wheel, it only takes ONE to SHUT IT DOWN. I apologize for my absence and assure each and everyone of you that I will do my best to get things back on track from my end, as best I can. All I ask for is understanding and patience on your part - along with YOU keeping that wheel spinning!

I received this e-mail today and thought it would be an interesting question to answer -

On Saturday, April 16, 2016 7:46 PM, Amir Bxxxxx wrote:

Hello. So I assume you are the chairman of the American Nazi Party. I was just wondering why are you looking for non Aryans to support you. Aren't you seek to deport most of the non whites from the US like your hero George Lincoln Rockwell ?


Dear Amir: You seem to have a misconception about National Socialism, brought about no doubt by the "Hollywood Nutzi" IMAGE that the controlled media of our enemies constantly bleat forth, and even more unfortunately by those self-styled "neo-nazis" who play into being cartoon cutouts of what that propaganda pretends National Socialism to be.

True National Socialists are NOT bloodthirsty bigots, nor mindless "haters" of anyone who wasn't born White. In fact, National Socialism is a POSITIVE IDEOLOGY that melds human beings into living lives in TUNE with NATURE and not against Nature's eternal laws. Despite what our enemies portray us to be, sincere National Socialists only strive for the BETTERMENT of their OWN kind. It’s that simple.

Just as for example the NAACP welcomes the support of, let’s say White people, despite the FACT that it openly states that it is for the "ADVANCEMENT of COLORED PEOPLE" - which makes it grounded in Non-White racial preference, so we have found that there ARE people of "color" who find the ideals of National Socialism to be worthy of embracing, no matter "what" race they might be.

While Non-Aryans cannot join our efforts as Full Party Members - still as participants in our Non-Aryan Sympathizer section - they understand and agree that through embracing National Socialist ideals for THEIR own people, they can hopefully achieve self-determination and power for the benefit of such peoples. ANY race of peoples, striving to live a life of National Socialist idealism, would find it much more beneficial than this vile, Judeo-Capitalism that has given them NOTHING but PAIN, BROKEN PROMISES, and lives filled with DEGENERACY - with no real hope for betterment of any kind.

You might ask, do I feel "threatened" when, for example, a Negro National Socialist shouts "black power"? Why should I, any more than when a White National Socialist yells "white power"? Both, are only showing their love of their own Folk, their concern for the betterment and advancement of same - would I prefer them shouting "rainbow power", and wishing to interbreed with others outside their own people? Of course not! The BEST way to halt racial animosity is to empower ALL the various peoples to seek self-advancement and self determination NOT through amalgamation of the species, but through mutual SEPARATION. National Socialism understands and advances such policies. What other ideology can state the same?

I must also mention that although we do not have as many Non-Aryans in our Sympathizer section as I would wish, as yet those who have joined our efforts meet or even exceed the standards of some of our Aryan Comrades in far too many cases. Perhaps someday, you will see a panel on one of these "tv programs" made up of various racial entities, promoting the Good Word of National Socialism, and completely smashing forever the lie that true National Socialism is composed of illiterate morons, whose whole goal in life is the hating and belittling of "others", instead of the self promotion of POSITIVE ideals as set forth by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf itself.

Comrades, an unnecessary mention I'm sure, but April 20th is the birthdate of Adolf Hitler, and while we honor Him throughout the whole month of April, which is White Pride Month, through our annual nationwide ANP Spring Blitz Outreach literature campaign, I urge all of you to EXTEND your activities BEYOND the 20th. Remember, our Struggle is NOT a limited "one month" affair - I realize that it IS "my fault" that some of you haven't received your outreach materials yet, we will get them to you asap. In the meantime utilize your CREATIVITY to fill in the options available. You can of course download materials from the "support" section of the Party main website, and/or get ideas from the "Outreach" website in the "links" section - for possible "things to do".

There are as well things NOT "to do" and the main item is NOT to behave like a cartoon "Hollywierd Nutzi", acting like a buffoon for the lens of the jews-media to capture and rehash, and denigrate - as they absolutely crave doing. Just imagine - a year WITHOUT a handful of COSTUMED CLOWNS prancing and stumbling across the tv screen, like a bunch of extras from the "Blues Brothers" kosher "entertainment" flick. - a regular EMBARRASSMENT for April 20th and those who are sincere in honoring Adolf Hitler in a proper and respectful manner.

There are times when it IS better to "DO NOTHING", than doing the WRONG THING, just to "DO SOMETHING".

Allow me to wish each and everyone of you a HAPPY, SAFE, and PRODUCTIVE April 20th!

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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