ANP Report for March 28, 2016

Racial Comrades: As many of you know, I often get e-mails from people in the system's controlled "mainstream media" wanting interviews, or asking the most improbable questions about National Socialism and the American Nazi Party.

Most of the time I simply delete them, but in this case the query was so bizarre that I felt that I just had to answer it…

To be honest about it, the more I considered the man’s questions, the more disturbed that I became, per “is THIS really HOW National Socialists were viewed to be?” Are National Socialists in America cast in the minds of the average citizen, to be some kind of "cultists" rather than true political aspirants, striving towards an IDEOLOGICAL goal?

The more that I thought about it, the ANSWERS seemed to JUMP OUT at me, so I thought that I would share my thoughts with all of you, and perhaps get some "feedback" in return...

On Saturday, March 12, 2016 3:27 PM, Tom Slothrop wrote:

Hi Rocky,

I'm Tom Slothrop, a freelance writer who typically covers tech news, but was interested in Amazon's new show "The Man in the High Castle". As the show depicts a universe in which the Axis powers won World War II, I wondered what members of an organization like the American Nazi Party thinks about that show. I assume that opinions would be conflicted, as it depicts the Nazis wielding a great deal of power, but also portrays them, in many ways, as the antagonist of the show (though the characters are somewhat nuanced). I wondered if you or any of your members might be interested in an interview about the show, or the Philip K. Dick off of which it's based.

Let me know! Thanks!

Hello Mr. Slothrop: I must be the ONE individual left on planet earth, who doesn't tune in to the latest creation of the twisted minds of those who control the so-called "entertainment" industry. Personally, I prefer watching reruns from the 50's-60's when I do watch, which isn't often. Honestly, I'm a READER, with a library of thousands of good books; right now I'm domino-ing Agatha Christie's wonderful stories - once again. lol A lot more wholesome and interesting than the mindless sex, repetitive violence, and inane plotlines that seem to be the average fare of the "programing" of the 1001 channels filled with nonsense, not fit for consumption of anyone above the moron grade, or perhaps being stoned or drunk. Please understand that I do know where you're coming from, unfortunately I run across people whose interest in "naziism" leads them to watch literally anything that glows upon the tube's screen with a Swastika, whether it’s false, misleading propaganda created by the enemies of National Socialism, supposedly twisted "educational" dramas that are simply another form of the former, or outright fantasy nonsense. I myself prefer to avoid it all, as you've heard the old saying "you are what you eat"? well, it’s the same with the "information" that you fill your brain with. If you have a mental diet that your brain is better off without, what would a thoughtful person best do? That's what I attempt. It’s no wonder that so many supposed "neo-nazi's" haven't the slightest idea of "WHAT" National Socialism really IS - they've been brought up ( mostly by themselves ) on a "diet" of misinformation. I wonder how many of these types identify with the characters of the program mentioned above? Sadly, far too many I'm afraid... Sincerely, ROCK

Comrades, I'm going to be brutally honest here, simply because the TRUTH DOES HURT at times, but it needs to be recognized and stated flat out!

Here in the U.S. for many years, the so-called National Socialist Struggle, or Movement, or however you would like to frame it, has been composed in large part by COSTUMED, "role players" and "re-enactors" who know VERY LITTLE about "WHAT" National Socialism really IS.

Commander Rockwell himself plays a part in this situation, simply BECAUSE unlike today’s world, he HAD to attempt to USE the controlled system’s MEDIA to break into the awareness of the White masses, alerting them that such an organization like the American Nazi Party even existed. He couldn't AFFORD to BUY advertising in the jew-press (as if they would even had sold it to him) promoting the Party, so the "best" he could hope for, was "news" of his activities being published, mostly twisted and filled with lies by our enemies (what else could he expect?) still hoping SOME information could be filtered through the propaganda lies, and in the end, draw some attention and support from like minded people. HE HAD NO CHOICE, EXCEPT STANDING ON THE CORNER AND HANDING OUT LEAFLETS TO PASSERBYS.

So "PHASE ONE" was a TACTIC of his times. But even Commander Rockwell understood that relying upon the jews media was a very poor option, and ACTING the ROLE of the "Hollywood Nazi" to be considered to be "news-worthy" was ONLY a TEMPORARY "tactic" that he himself intended ENDING, per his announcement at the June 1967 Leadership Conference that was held in Arlington several months before his death.

He stated most clearly that from now on, the "uniforms" were going to be mothballed, that the Swastika was to be "played down" a bit, and that the organization itself was no longer going to flaunt the word "Nazi", indeed he renamed the organization the National Socialist White Peoples Party. Commander Rockwell felt that it was FINALLY time to QUIT being a caricature of a "Nazi", and instead to BECOME a true NATIONAL SOCIALIST!

Many Old Fighters in the know, feel that THAT was the REASON for the Commander’s murder - the hardcore FANTASY "Nazis" wanted no part of it, and removed the threat to their little bubble being burst. Hence after the Commander’s death, NOTHING CHANGED per Rockwell's directives, indeed the Party became even MORE "Germanized" in its appearance...

Since Rockwell's death in 1967, either because the people involved had ZERO imagination, OR worse yet - simply because MANY of the so-called "Prominent Personalities" involved were SYSTEM ASSETS of one kind or another - the NS movement in America CONTINUED to spin its wheels on the treadmill of Phase One "Hollywood Nazism". After all, IF the NS Struggle continued to appear as comic book villains complete with the "look" and the "attitude" of mindless bigoted bullies - it would continue on the road to no-where - as it has.

Today, WHAT comprises the so-called NS element here in America? Except for the ANP, which has strained to break free of the "Hollywierd Nutzi" image, and to grow ABOVE the old propaganda line of "I hate niggers, jews, spics, you fill in the blank..." what IS left beyond us, is a sad collection of a dying breed that clings to the 1930's and 1960's like a sailor in the ocean clings to a life-saver. The BIG problem that these folks are experiencing, is that #1 the QUALITY of the poor souls involved are on a much LOWER level that in Rockwell's time, and #2 there are a growing trend of fewer and FEWER numbers of them willing to go out in public and act the FOOL!

Remember - I WAS THERE. Back in Commander Rockwell's time and even just after, those who went out in public and were designated to be "Stormtroopers" were PHYSICALLY FIT - they DIDN'T RECEIVE nor WANTED - Zog’s "POLICE PROTECTION", to do their activities. They DIDN'T - HIDE IN POLICE CAGES - if the antis wanted to play rough, they were PREPARED and ABLE to handle it!

When I look at TODAY’S so-called NS "rallies" MOST of the participants are GROSSLY OVERWEIGHT, and obviously NOT physically fit for anything. Indeed, the current grouplet most identified with Phase One Hollywierd Nutzism has had, OLD MEN and OLD WOMEN dressed up in "stormtrooper" get-ups, some with even the old German Stahlhelm, along with participants in WHEELCHAIRS for God’s sakes! It’s downright embarrassing! Well isn't it?

WHERE is the image of STRENGTH that "Stormtroopers" are SUPPOSED to instill in the minds of the populace, much less our OPPONENTS? I guess that the ONLY thing that COUNTS to these modern self-styled "Kommanders" is a warm body count. It’s gotten so RIDICULOUS that these so-called "Nazi rallies" have MORE "klansmen" and self-styled hangers-on, than they do have supposedly NS participants. When you look at these so-called "NS events", they look more like some "racist United Nations" gathering, than a Hitler or Rockwell activity.

The ONLY positive thing that is occurring, is that these Phase One groups are DYING OUT - and the sooner the better.

Another tiny aspect of NS in America, are the PROFITEERS who live off of publishing NS oriented materials. One guy stands out further than most, as he tries to pretend that he IS a "German". He combs his hair like Hitler, has a little nose hair, and calls himself "Gerhart" rather than the "Gary" that he was born. His special calling is publishing ILLEGAL "3rd Reich" era materials, and selling them to poor misguided people in Europe. Now, IF these Germans and others were too STUPID to publish their own materials, it would be bad enough. But, ...well, would it not be BETTER if the Germans for example produced their OWN propaganda materials, that weren't filled with slogans and cartoons from the early 1930's, and directed towards TODAY’S current ISSUES? Materials that WOULDN'T get them FINED, or more LIKELY - LOCKED away in some Zog gulag?

What gets my goat, is his meddling in Europe's problems - don't we have plenty of our own right here in the Jew-S-A? It confuses me, is he just a fantasy RE-ENACTOR dwelling on a long lost era? Is he some kind of a PROVOCATEUR setting up gullible, naïve, but otherwise sincere Comrades overseas, by FACILITATING their arrest, through providing them with ILLEGAL materials, when they COULD be distributing LEGAL propaganda, on TODAY’S issues, rather than 3rd Reich re-mashes? Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

The third "type" of folks "affiliated" with "NS" in America, are those sad souls who are fixated with literally ANYTHING having to do with a Swastika adhered on it. It doesn't matter to these types, if it’s totally ANTI-NS bullcrap, like the garbage on the so-called "History Channel" - if it’s about "Nazis" they are drawn to it like flies on cow cakes. They collect the "Time-Life" style books, and watch the TV "specials" on "Nazis in America" - all the while their brains are ABSORBING the filth that these outlets are meant to create. I remember a few years back, there was a video game called "Castle Wolfenstein" or something like that - you went on the game, and you KILLED "Nazis" and Nazi monsters - and this was a POPULAR game amongst the "neo Nazi" set?! WTF Doesn't ANYONE besides ME see a PROBLEM here folks?

From my own experience spanning from my first joining Commander Rockwell's ANP, back in 1967 at the age of 16 to today - I have found that the vast MAJORITY of those "claiming" affiliation with National Socialism - honestly have LITTLE or NO idea of "what" National Socialism truly IS.

To THEM, National Socialism is pretty much the "klan" with a Swastika. These are the types who can wave a confederate flag, with as much zeal as a NS banner - knowing no difference between the two. These are the types who think that "White Power" sums up the entire National Socialist World-View. To THEM, they feel at home with just about ANY type of "White Nationalism", - BECAUSE - National Socialism to them, is only one more varied "brand" of racialism on the shelf, not much different than any other.

If only all those who have avatars inferring National Socialism, who love to flaunt the IMAGERY of National Socialism, who "COLLECT" NS artifacts like a kid does baseball cards - ONLY - took the time to at least ATTEMPT to UNDERSTAND just what NS is, perhaps our ranks would grow by leaps and bounds. Or, at least those who did come our way would be those who understood just "WHAT it IS" that we/they are striving for. If they aren't WILLING to DO the above - they ought at best, QUIT besmirching OUR Faith, through their association with it in such pathetic terms.

To the hollywierd nutzis - find SOMETHING ELSE to play at being Village People. To the hobbyists - find a new fetish to involve yourselves in. To the profiteers - time to buy an alarm clock - the ranks of the re-enactors is dwindling, they've already got enough junk, and your profit line is going to be drying up pal.

National Socialism is NOT a "game" or a part-time hobby, nor is it just "being a racialist" - it's a LIVING ideology, that doesn't stand frozen in time, to a long lost era. It beats in the hearts and minds of many people across the globe, not as an "interesting" phenomenon - but, as a wholesome FUTURE, worth striving, sacrificing and fighting for! National Socialism is not some doctrine that is carved in stone back in the mid 20th century, it is a destiny that can and should be adopted to TODAY’S world and TODAY’S issues and concerns. Those who cannot or will not comprehend this, are not true National Socialists.

National Socialism and National Socialists must EVOLVE with the times, keeping the core principals faithfully, while adapting them to today’s peoples and concerns.

Does ANYONE really believe that Adolf Hitler alive TODAY, would not adapt National Socialism to TODAY’S new era and the concerns of its current population? Is a future NS society going to be based upon "A Man in High Castle" with all of the trappings of the PAST? From my understanding of Adolf Hitler, he was a PROGRESSIVE and INNOVATIVE individual - a far cry from an advocate of "Little Bavaria" complete with Lederhosen set in Podunk

Just as I suppose that one could not be a sincere "Christian" without reading the "Bible", nor can I believe that one can be described to be a sincere National Socialist, without studying Hitler's book Mein Kampf, and attempting to live by the wise guidelines found within.

Rockwell, when asked about the abandoning of the uniforms, replied - "We all have a uniform, it’s the skin that you were born with" - I only wish that more of those who wear the pale-faced uniform of our White-Aryan race, were more worthy of it.

Comrades, the March issue of The White Worker monthly magazine is in the mails. As well, we are 99% caught up with producing and shipping the Outreach materials for next month’s annual ANP Spring Blitz literature campaign. I'm sorry for any delays, but we had a LOT of materials to produce, and we did warn all of you to get your orders in advance... For those of you who still intend to take part in this momentous event. during White Pride Month - please get your orders in asap, so we can get them to you in a timely manner. This looks to be the most extensive Spring Blitz ever - we have already had MSM news sources contact us from as far apart as Rhode Island to Washington state, asking about distributions in their areas! Let’s ALL do our PART to honor Adolf Hitler in April, NOT by some pansy "seconds of silence", or "lighting a candle" in memory - but, by NATIONAL SOCIALIST ACTIVISM!

Which do you think Adolf Hitler and George Lincoln Rockwell would PREFER? I know the answer, and I'm sure you do too...

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman
American Nazi Party

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