ANP Report for February 16, 2016

Racial Comrades: Recently, I was sent a link to the video "Hellstorm", and while I mostly try not to view "revisionist" materials such as this, to keep my blood pressure down - I really have to recommend viewing this production.

It is very well done, and in my mind, is THE "answer" to all the "six million myth" sob stories that have flooded the world's consciousness since the end of WWII. In fact, IF we could get more and more people to view this video, I think that it would go a long way towards changing peoples' attitudes towards the supposed "evil Germans" of jewish Hollywood creation.

While a lot of the material presented, has been WRITTEN about before, far too many people are far too lazy to READ words on a page - much preferring the easy way of watching a film instead - well, THIS is THE film for them to watch and get educated about the REAL history of what occurred in the mid 20th century over in Europe.

While the Party did have a "short-clip" version available, we now have the FULL LENGTH film for viewing - simply go to our "ANP Video" website, in the "links" section of our Main Party website for this and many other free videos for presentation.

I'm also requesting that EVERY National Socialist/White Nationalist operation, large or small - make an effort to PROMOTE the viewing of this very effective educational tool. Whether you do it by adding the video to your own website, or make it known on blogs, e-mail lists, Twitter accounts or Facebook pages - let's ALL make a CONCERTED effort this month to spread this film far and wide. With the combined, intelligent efforts of each and everyone involved in the NS/WN movement, we have a real chance to BREAKTHROUGH the kosher media stranglehold on our peoples' minds, and we could ultimately reach literally MILLIONS with a completely unvarnished and horrifying TRUTH of what our German racial brothers and sisters faced at the hands of both the judeo-communists AND the judeo-capitalists thirsting for revenge...

Just "WHAT" has been the KEY weapon utilized by our kosher enemies against all forms of White racial organizing? Why, it the "Holohoax" of course! The poor, persecuted, lovable and never deserving the justice meted out to them - the jews. With ONE cleansing blow of TRUTHS - this excellent video presents ANOTHER SIDE to the story of WWII that far too few people have ever been aware of.

There is an old adage which states that there is "always two sides to every story" - well HERE is FINALLY the story from the GERMAN side! Not some tale, filled with mostly lies or half-truths, sandwiched in between a couple of truths, to make it somewhat more palatable - here is the WHOLE truth - too bad the entire German people couldn't see it broadcast on their controlled media screens, I think it would completely break the shackles on their minds of years and decades of "guilt" propaganda, which has done so much to emasculate that long suffering body of humanity.

THIS is a project that EVERYONE/ANYONE can DO! Add it to the "comment" section on articles written about the alien invasion of our Racial Homeland in Europe. Add it to articles about current events, advising people Google up the film "Hellstorm" for ANOTHER SIDE to the falsehoods about WWII... Perhaps if we are successful in our efforts, our European Comrades will pick up the baton and begin to spread this film across the face of Europe and its long suffering peoples.

To DEFEAT the vile, evil legend of the "HOLOHOAX" - you MUST have ANOTHER STORY to tell - dry facts on a printed page are not enough in a world filled with all of the tools available at our fingertips today, if ONLY we will take the time and make the effort to UTILIZE them!

While here in Michigan, winter has finally arrived after an almost spring-like past few months, it will soon be springtime, and a time for extensive Outreach Activism. As many of you are aware, the Party always celebrates the month of April as White Pride month - primarily because its the first time of the year where the weather makes Outreach feasible - but, also because April 20th is the birth-date of Adolf Hitler, and we honor Him, not by "lighting a candle" or "pausing for a few seconds of silence", but rather we honor Him by DOING what He would PREFER we do - CONCERTED National Socialist ACTIVISM!

We make a united effort to INTELLIGENTLY - REACH, EDUCATE and ORGANIZE - as many of our White brothers and sisters with the Good Word of Adolf Hitler's National Socialist IDEOLOGY as possible. We do this by carefully distributing LEAFLETS, MESSAGE-CARDS, and STICKERS that are NOT parodies of what Adolf Hitler believed - ie typical "hollywierd nutzi" hate propaganda - but, rather the TRUE MESSAGE of what NS honestly IS.

For suggestions on activities that you can engage in, I suggest reviewing the "Outreach" website, in the "links" section of our Main Party website for ideas that are already proven to work, by longtime National Socialist Activists.

One "activity" that we do NOT promote, is that of the typical brainwashed, "hobbiest/re-enacter" of the Hollywierd Nutzi school, and that is to don some outlandish COSTUME, and to parade yourself around in public shouting "LOOK at ME!" for the enemy's controlled media to film and use to vilify and denigrate National Socialism/White Nationalism as a refuge of the mentally limited, and/or the socially depraved.

IF the enemy wants some "examples" of obviously loony-tunes flaunting the Swastika - LET them go out and HIRE some PAID ACTORS to put on their stunts - please DON'T fall into the trap of "DOING" what the enemy all along WANTS you to do! DON'T daub Swastika's on jewish property - they do that enough THEMSELVES, to get media sob-stories. DON'T hold tiny "protests" dressed up like Col. Klink, outnumbered by your foes, and ridiculed by the jews-media stooge - so what if you get DENIGRATED by the jews-media and get "publicitee" (always negative) for a few seconds on the tube - WHAT KIND of possible "recruits" would be interested in joining a handful cowering in a police cage, surrounded by a mob throwing garbage, and having to be protected by a motley collection of multi-racial enforcers in blue? Either MASOCHISTS who love being abused, or the literally insane who don't honestly care, and like play-acting. Certainly not the type of sincere National Socialists that REVOLUTIONARIES are made of...

Personally, I would LOVE for once if the system's cops didn't show up to protect these out of shape street theater performers, and let them degrade true NS without the protection they count upon to do their silly thing. I'd bet that NONE of them would make an appearance! But, that's WHY the system DOES protect them - BECAUSE they NEED - a bizarre "boogyman" to point the finger at, to validate all their "ANT-RACIST-HATE" propaganda. Nothing like some scowling, tattooed, foul-mouthed, screaming BIGOT to convince the public of the "DANGERS" of the evil, racist underground, eh?

In all honesty folks, I say - LOOK the PART, PLAY the PART, you might as well be on the ENEMY'S PAYROLL - er, maybe some of these dysfunctionals honestly ARE?

The Feb issue of The White Worker magazine will be printed and shipped out later this week. The cover story is about author Jack London, the great American Racial-Nationalist AND Socialist. Of all his books, I found the "People of the Abyss" to be my own personal favorite.

Comrades, I feel that 2016 will be a wonderful year of opportunity for Aryan Activists, what with all of these White folks coming out of the woodwork, and feeling empowered by Donald Trump's explosive un-PC statements. Trump's rallies have PROVEN that out there is a HUGE percentage of White men AND women who WE can tap into, IF we operate carefully and intelligently.

And IF he wins, which is a real possibility, these MILLIONS of empowered, un-PC White people will STILL exist - and IF he loses, they will STILL be in EXISTENCE...we need to get off of our duffs and REACH, EDUCATE and ORGANIZE a fair amount of them asap! IF we allow this opportunity to pass us by, the NS/WN community will DESERVE the ignominious failure that it brought upon itself for not even REALLY - trying.

I've yet to hear of a fisherman who caught a fish, who didn't first make the effort to put his hook into the water. Our "hooks" are our Outreach materials, with that ONE - leaflet, sticker, message-card etc - you never know WHO you'll hook and pull into our National Socialist "net". The best fishermen have long ago learned - PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE, and yes - getting off your ass, and go out FISHING.

Comrades, lets all starting REELING them IN!

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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