ANP Report for January 31, 2016

Racial Comrades: If one is a National Socialist, they are NOT in any way, shape or form - a "CON-servative". A con-servative, apparently seeks to CONSERVE something, and from a National Socialist perspective, I cannot see ANYTHING in this sick, corrupt, evil toilet-bowl of a society, that I WANT to conserve!

No, true National Socialists are REVOLUTIONARIES! We desire to wipe the board clean of all the sickness and perversion that infects our Folk and land, and COMPLETELY rebuild it into something MUCH better than that which we suffer under today.

Over the decades, we have been beat down by the constant moving forward by our enemies' agenda, who through the AID of the phony CON-servative "leadership" who sometimes tend to pay a little lip service to our concerns - but in the end - always wind up working hand in hand towards the demise of White working class peoples. These CON-servative judas goats are like "pressure valves", who allow the unhappy White workers to "blow off steam" falsely PRETENDING to "feel their pain" - all the while DOING LITERALLY NOTHING to alleviate the PROBLEMS that cause that pain in the first place!

The "WHITE OPPOSITION" that should be being organized and led for the interests of the White worker, has been co-opted by actual SYSTEM STOOGES who are indeed a "CONTROLLED OPPOSITION" in every meaning of the word, to silly egotistic CLOWNS that behave so abysmally that they are an EMBARRASSMENT to be referred to as "White Spokesmen", to outright lunatics scripted from some Hollywood "hate" movie whom you would be ashamed to be seen with in public, much less involved with! I'm sure that you all know WHOM I'm pointing the finger at - the costumed, scowling, slur shouting BIGOTS who get the primary "PUBLICITY/COVERAGE" from the ENEMY'S control media - all to SMEAR NS/WN in the eyes of the masses, who tend to erroneously believe that anyone who professes PRIDE in our RACE and CULTURE are supposedly "one of them".

Yet there IS good news from the perspective of a REVOLUTIONARY National Socialist viewpoint - if you only LOOK for IT!

The year of 2016 is seeing the National Debt - monies OWED to the INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS by the U.S. government - rising past $17 TRILLION.

The system has openly admitted that the MIDDLE CLASS is SHRINKING with each passing year, as the gap between the PEOPLE and the 1%ers is consistently WIDENING - to the point where I read last week that a mere 62 PEOPLE now own/control in their hands, the wealth of HALF of the people on planet earth combined in total. Can you believe that?

The natives are getting restless folks. Could you ever have imagined there would be a candidate for President, OPENLY proclaiming himself to be a "SOCIALIST", and receiving MASSIVE support. Not that I believe for one minute that old jew-boy Bernie Sanders even knows what a Socialist really is - EXCEPT the "SOCIAL MARXIST" version where evil Whitey and all his/her "problems" are exterminated towards a happy turd colored world society - gee, WITHOUT Old Whitey, I wonder who is going to PROVIDE for all those brown featherless bipeds, as he has for generations...

America is falling down people, it's literally crumbling beneath us as you read these words. Here in Flint Michigan, the WATER is so polluted that lead is killing off the population. You see, Flint is a large negro populated city, and over the years as the auto industry has been shipped overseas, it's basically DYING - over 40% of the population lives UNDER the federal "poverty" line. A few years ago, because of inept and corrupt negro political leadership, the Governor threw out the elected officials and APPOINTED an "emergency manager" to supposedly get costs under control. I understand that getting rid of ELECTED governmental officials sounds kind of "UN DEMOCRATIC", but what the hell, when YOU'RE in charge, YOU make the rules as they suit you, eh?

In any case, the new suit in charge decided to SAVE MONEY that Flint would stop getting its water from the Detroit water treatment facilities, and instead give the Flint citizens water from the POLLUTED Flint river... Never mind that the "water" coming out of peoples' taps was actually GREEN/BROWN - it SAVED a few of the TAX DOLLARS that CAME from the citizenry in the first place, duh...Finally after almost TWO YEARS of citizen complaints, some non-Aryan doctor TESTED the "water" and found out among other things - it was FILLED with LEAD. LEAD IS POISONOUS, especially to children!

Now lest your knee-jerk "it's just niggers" kicks in here, let me remind you that while Flint has a huge black population - it's ALSO filled with a LOT of POOR WHITE PEOPLE TOO.

But, as an honest National Socialist REVOLUTIONARY, I don't care if Flint's population is made up of two-headed creatures with one big eye in their foreheads - they are SUPPOSED to be "AMERICAN CITIZENS" and IF we are all supposed to be so bleary eyed about all those "poor refugees" wherever they may exist OUTSIDE the United States - WHERE is the CONCERN about actual "AMERICANS"? Well, I guess when the Americans start growing two heads, with one big eye, and die off - they can be REPLACED by the healthy alien "refugees? LMAO!

Now, lest you feel complacent about all this, let me mention that such a scenario happened in Washington DC about five years ago. It COST $500+ MILLION to "patch things up" back then. They are "estimating" that it's going to cost $400 MILLION (at least) to do the "repair" thing in Flint. And you all know what cost over-rides stack up when it comes to government spending...

The GOOD NEWS is - that America's INFRASTRUCTURE across the whole country is basically 150-100 YEARS OLD and DECAYING every day! All of these underground facilities are being DESTROYED by TIME and MOTHER NATURE as we speak! WHO and HOW is this Judeo-Capitalist system going to keep things going when the whole "underground" falls out from beneath their feet? That's NOT adding in all the DAMS, the BRIDGES, the ROADS, you name it - WHERE'S THE MONEY GOING TO COME FROM? The wealthy 1%ers? Oh yeah... Every borrower eventually reaches a LIMIT, hem - what comes after a TRILLION - a GAZILLION? LOL

WHAT will happen when the WORLD'S economy grinds down, as it is - look at the price of gas and oil - and the BANKS start CALLING IN all those "loans" made to that evil, heartless, grinning bastard Uncle Samuel in the garish top hat?

Even a "World War" won't pull Judeo-Capitalist Zogland out of the coming DEPRESSION, as it did in WWII - we have NO industry anymore, to build all the toys for lard-assed Generals who love to play God with human lives, while they sit their fat asses in their air-conditioned wargame rooms pushing counters around a map...

These are getting to be interesting, and potentially EXCITING times for REVOLUTIONARIES, my friends...

The system is insisting on filling up the White nations with hoards of NON-Aryan peoples, creatures who care NOTHING for Aryan cultures OR the peoples themselves - EXCEPT for WHAT they can get from them for THEMSELVES. Do you think that when it comes (and it is coming soon) - that the White working population is going to take kindly to EITHER the aliens in their midst OR the filthy TRAITORS who brought them in, in the first place? I don't.

I read an article today, that over in Sweden ( the land of the lovey-dovey liberals ) a "gang" of over a HUNDRED masked Swedes attacked semitic, non-Aryan invaders at a city center and while tossing out leaflets declaiming against the systemites and their race-treason, proceeded to give the invaders a proper welcoming for polluting their homeland! The awakening has STARTED - POLITICALLY - and through DIRECT ACTION. In Germany another article stated 80 Aryan patriots went at it with about 150 Marxist scum and their alien allies in a small SW German town - hey! the "odds" are a LOT better than they USED to be, and will be getting larger as time goes on. While the YOUNG and FIT do their thing - more "mainstream" Germans are STILL taking to the streets to show their anger at their governments BETRAYAL - one article I read today, stated that despite the cold weather - crowds of Aryan MARCHERS in the German street s are NOT dwindling, they are INCREASING each time they are held!

Sooo, my next QUESTION to each one of YOU reading this IS - WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Are you distributing ANY literature, even ONE PIECE a DAY? Are you putting your MONEY where your MOUTH is - TALK is CHEAP the old saying goes...

In this country, the political "left" is in turmoil over the HUGE groundswell of support that Donald Trump's words are raising - they honestly THOUGHT that folks like YOU and ME were either dead and buried, OR cowed into cowardly SILENCE by their decades long anti-Aryan crusade which APPEARED to have been so successful. They THOUGHT that DECENCY was something that had decayed away, like our nation's infrastructure, and that they had WON - it's difficult for them to grasp, that you CAN'T - kill decent White peoples' BELIEFS and VALUES, simply by pouring filth and degeneracy over them, no matter how much you try.

All they had done, is built up a huge simmering RESENTMENT for ALL the evils done to White working class America, and when you TAKE AWAY the supposed materialistic "good life" that kept so many SILENT for so LONG (fearing to "risk" their plastic pleasures, if they opened their mouths) well, the "GOOD LIFE" isn't there ANYMORE, so a growing percentage of folks are not feeling so "afraid" to SPEAK and ACT anymore.

It's comical really, in a way, all these YOUNG WHITE FOLKS out there actively SUPPORTING a "SOCIALIST" candidate - many are so far in debt, and see no positive future for themselves in the "Greatest Nation on Earth" - that they are looking askance at the 1%er MONEY BAGS and their gilded lifestyles. Consider it for a moment - all these kids had drilled into them from birth - that Judeo-Capitalism was THE way to go! NOW - they are considering ALTERNATIVE options - they've given up on the ESTABLISHMENT, and after they have enough of the phoniness of so-called SYSTEMITES calling themselves "socialists", PERHAPS they'll take a look at OTHER, real National-Socialist possibilities...

Of course, they WON'T if we're playing re-enactment theater complete with outlandish COSTUMES and ridiculous BEHAVIOR - what did a SUCCESSFUL - REVOLUTIONARY leader once state? "A real revolutionary must be able to swim in the sea of the people" - meaning - that to be CONNECTED to the MASSES, one must be as one with them. The "racial movement" for far too long has stridently done everything it could, to set itself - APART - from the White masses, not to mesh with them. THIS IDIOCY MUST END - NOW!

IF - our APPEARANCE, our SPEECH, our DRESS, our BEHAVIOR - pushes OUR PEOPLE AWAY from even wishing to converse or consider OUR agenda, it's overdue to CHANGE IT.

Ask yourself this simple question and honestly answer it - would the ADL/SPLC/ZOG - PREFER that NS/WN continue to act like dysfunctional pariahs and oddballs, cutting ourselves off from our own brothers and sisters? If so - WHY continue to DO what the enemy would prefer we do? Is the ONLY way that you can present your viewpoints, is through acting like a ruffian with a "ghetto" vocabulary, the TRUTH? Or, can you come across as an intelligent, well bred, and articulate Aryan like nature created you to be?

Are YOU a WINNER or a LOSER? A winner is someone who TRIES to DO what is necessary to SUCCEED, because it's that type that gets up again and again, no matter how many times he or she is knocked down by their opposition... Eventually, they're the last one standing!

The Jan. issue of The White Worker has been mailed out. We thank those of you who complimented us so warmly on the Nov-Dec combined 24-page issue of our monthly magazine. Yes, it was a great issue. It is available simply BECAUSE of those of you who take the time and effort to MAKE it HAPPEN! Btw, the last two issues have had articles written by one of our non-Aryan Sympathizers, can you pick out which they were? National Socialism is an ideology that can be FOR the POSITIVE BETTERMENT of ALL races of mankind - wouldn't it be a much better world, if ALL of mankind lived by the principals set forth by Adolf Hitler, as best as they were able? I personally believe so.

Perhaps one day, there will be a World Union of proud, serious racialists of all hues and cultures, who will strive to break the chains of slavery of the international Judeo-Capitalist kosher masters of us all, each working for the betterment of their own Folk in a positive manner... Our efforts are like the tiny acorn that eventually grows into a mighty oak. Join us!

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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