ANP Report for January 18, 2016

Racial Comrades: Today I would like to focus my message to the entire "White Racialist Movement", rather than just towards Party Comrades and supporters...

The one big thing that has become blatantly clear from the current political dog and pony show circus, more commonly known as the "presidential election" shell game - is that there is a HUGE percentage of the American population that by and large accept MANY of our viewpoints - AND, that they ARE willing to "come out" and GET INVOLVED in real world politics.

I'm talking about those folks who are supportive of candidate Donald Trump, of course.

Although Trump's statements are mostly "thinly veiled" diatribes of "our persuasion" - folks GET the POINT - of just WHAT he is referring to when he booms them forth. And to be fair, I can understand "WHY" he "tones down" our rhetoric, and if anything, it proves that you DON'T have to utilize "racial slurs", or extreme slogans, to get your point across, to people who DO understand "The Score".

Many, if not most of those TENS of THOUSANDS who flock to his RALLIES ( yeah, REAL rallies, not photo-ops from within a cage, guarded by Zogs multi-culti thugs in blue, surrounded by screaming mobs of "antis" ) are people who have for many years opted out of participating in the Judeo-Capitalist shell game of Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum, rubber stamped on the ass and approved "mainstream" political scumbags - simply BECAUSE they understood that BOTH of the slobs begging to get elected so that they could serve Zog AND suck on the public teat as long as possible, were each as BAD as the OTHER.

Why else would the anti-establishment candidates (Trump and jew-boy Marxist Berni Sanders) have such appeal? In BOTH "mainstream" partys - either the Democruds OR the Republirats - people are TOTALLY fed up with "settling for the lesser of evils" - and if truth be told, in past elections, TWO THIRDS of POSSIBLE voters who COULD cast a vote, but said fuck it, they're ALL shit and didn't bother - COULD make a BIG difference this time around.

THAT'S what is so disconcerting to the "mainstream" political crowd - that a WILD CARD might just change the political landscape this time around!

As well, a huge number of WHITE WORKING CLASS/POOR folks, who in the past were MIA for obvious reasons which included myself as well as probably many of you reading this agree, there was NO VOICE even bothering to give US lip service, to gain our votes. We were all so demoralized by the system AND its controlled media telling us that the ball game was over FOREVER, and we were a MINORITY of pariahs who NOBODY wanted to hear from ever again, that we simply tossed in the towel, and accepted that the visions of a decent, White people's world were eradicated from existence. That IF we didn't ACCEPT our defeat, that we had a LEAST better keep our mouths SHUT lest we get the PC Police banging on our doors...

And now ONE MAN has ripped that fa├žade aside, and not only PROVEN but SHOWED us that for "whatever reason" he's doing it - there IS a LOT of support out there for OUR beliefs, IF presented properly. Can we, the WN community, LEARN from this?

I believe we CAN and we SHOULD!

Just WHAT is Donald Trump DOING that the "movement" has FAILED so badly at, for literally decades?

Well, first off - he has MONEY and personal POWER and INFLUENCE, no doubt about that.

But, are there OTHER differences involved here as well? I believe there are. Ones that we OUGHT to carefully consider.

First off, Trump puts forth his points in a dignified manner - whether he BELIEVES in them personally, or if it's simply a clever political move on his part, to energize all that latent ANGER and FRUSTRATION built up in the average American with this evil, corrupt bunch of gangsters who rule over America for their own personal gain. Perhaps he's intelligent enough to wish to tap into that storm that's building amongst the population - something that the average "mainstream" political whore dare not do, even IF they wanted to... Watching these "debates", you can see the frustration in the faces of the systemite politicians, as they carefully try to inch closer to what Trumps saying, yet daring not come out wholesale lest their "careers" at the public trough be ended forever, and overnight! Jeez, it's such a JOY to see that creep Bush, who thought that like Clinton that is was HIS time around, due to Dynastic/Family connections to be the appointed. I can just picture the Bush family at Christmas around the dinner table, and old Mama having to console the head of the Imperial Family with - "well George, there's a runt in every litter, don't ruin the holiday, forgive Jeb, please!" LOL

I don't know about all of you, but I'm getting to the point of puking over this "DYNASTIC/FAMILY" crap, where CERTAIN families seemed somehow chosen by destiny to rule over us peasants!

But, back to my point. I believe that it's long overdue that the "movement" DUMPS - ALL - of the diversions, that have pigeon-holed our line of thinking for the past fifty years. It's time to DUMP all of this silly COSTUMED activity, from "robes" to exotic "uniforms", along with the titles and terminology that INFECTS the "movement" like the plague!

Time to DUMP all of the "symbolism" - from Third Reich "runes", to "confederate" flags, and to realize that we live in the 21st CENTURY, folks.

EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that distracts from our MESSAGE must be re-evaluated and mothballed. This is not to say that within ourselves, we cannot treasure and utilize what is holy to us - but, when it comes to PUBLIC PERCEPTION - we need to ACT and APPEAR as near to "NORMAL" as Mr. Trump does.

We need to create "front" organizations with more "acceptable" names, names that won't drive off the White masses right off the bat, because they've been conditioned to react to them like "Pavlov's Dogs".

OUR beliefs we hold in our hearts and minds, and NEVER lose sight of WHAT it IS that we are struggling to achieve - and as in the case of our American Nazi Party - we prefer to make it an organization FOR those committed to NATIONAL SOCIALISM, a "Thule Society" of sorts, not meant as a "mass movement" organization, but rather a "special" grouping of special, SELECT people.

I have often stated that until the "Old Movement" ( the movement of Phase One, carnival-like publicity stunts and more blow than go...) was totally DEAD and GONE ( as it pretty much is, thank heaven! ) that the NEW MOVEMENT could not come to REPLACE it. I now think it's TIME for that NEW MOVEMENT to arrive on the scene!

I, for one, project that Trump IS going to WIN this presidential election. Unless he somehow has it stolen from him like Gore had it stolen from him - but, I don't think Trump would stand for that, and he has the means to forestall that from happening. I think that you will suddenly see "Little Donalds" coming out of the political woodwork across the country, from high to low - trying to leach off of his popularity with the masses. A fair number will be folks who think like you and I, but haven't had the courage to "out themselves" for fear of the PC Police and company. But, once that fear is broken, they will jump on the "Trump" bandwagon overnight.

But, that is NOT enough - we cannot DEPEND on politicians who bend with the wind, to stay in office. We saw more than enough of those kinds, back in the 1960's - traitors like "con-servative" George Wallace - who "talked the talk", but when it came to WALKING the WALK, all they did was WALK AWAY from White America! WE NEED "US" to fill the halls of POWER! WE NEED "US" to start CAMPAIGNING and GETTING ELECTED to political office!

Let's be frank here, IF and I utilize a BIG "IF" - Donald Trump DOES get elected, and IF he is even somewhat SINCERE in implementing programs such as DEPORTING tens of millions of non-White INVADERS from OUR Homeland - he's going to need HELP doing it! And after literally being STABBED in the BACK by CON-SERVATIVE PHONIES for decades now, can we honestly TRUST THEM to DO the WHITE/RIGHT thing? I trust them like I love them - NOT!

I propose that the "Old Movement" closes up shop, and instead, that THOUGHT and EFFORT be given towards creating and building up a PRAGMATIC "White Political Machine" across America that FIRST puts its efforts towards gaining some LOCAL political POWER, which EVENTUALLY can be used to build upon higher public offices.

I would suggest that the "political line" utilized, would be something like campaigning as "Trump style Republirats" , NOT as "mainstream" candidates of ANY stripe. Eventually, perhaps this could evolve into some kind of a "Third Party" type operation, within OR without the Republirat party itself. Wearing a suit, talking intelligently, acting and looking normally, about issues of concern to the disaffected White population, I believe that White America could FINALLY start to have a POLITICAL VOICE unabashedly fighting for ITS INTERESTS, rather than a motley, collection of oddballs who appear so dysfunctional that it's an embarrassment to call them "spokesmen" for anything, much less White survival!

I believe that this would best work, if it started off on a very LOCAL basis. Why? Simply BECAUSE being LOCAL, it would head off being co-opted by all those oh-so-well-known "Prominent Movement Personalities" whose attachment would DOOM it from the git go! Let's face it - we DON'T NEED some "WELL KNOWN BIGOT" - trying to leech off of this, and turning it to his/her personal advantage. IF they would like to "help" - then if their feelings were honest, they would be happy to do so - BEHIND (far behind, in the shadows in fact) the SCENES of operation.

All that this would involve is that EVERY "kind" of WN organization or operation, find an individual who ISN'T already "tarred" by being a "hatemonger" by the system and its operatives, ie UNKNOWN to the enemy, and each little group concentrates upon getting this individual on the ballot for "SOMETHING". Whether you're a "gun rights" group, or the "kkk" - you CONCENTRATE upon getting this candidate ELECTED, and put a TOTAL MORATORIUM on ANY other type of activities that you usually "do". Even INDIVIDUALS can engage in this POSITIVE kind of activity...

Of course, the "mainstream" Mighty Poohbahs are NOT going to like this idea - not only does it take their Mighty Selves out of the limelight (to have their involvement would be the kiss of death, and so all the ones with Zogs hooks in their asses will be denigrating the idea tooth and nail, like good little system assets) but, the money that will be going into political campaigns, rather than their pockets will be a terrible cross for them to bare! LOL

From the average people whom your campaigns will attract locally, you will be able to slowly "educate" and eventually recruit the more sincere ones into your ranks. Wouldn't you rather have a man or woman who was attracted by your intelligent and positive political efforts, than someone who saw a movie on the "History Channel" about "HATEGROUPS in AMERICA" and wants to show you his/her "tattoos"?

THAT is the BEST manner I believe, in recruiting and building the "New White Movement" here in America vs all the stupid, silly nonsense that has gone on over the past decades collectively.

Ok, the IDEA is out there. Is there ANYONE out there besides the ANP, that sees the VALUE of such an approach?

Are there ANY White men or women who bathe, wear decent clothing, talk somewhat articulately, and shave and don't feel the need to look like Grizzly Adams or Charles Manson? If so, we would like to hear from you - IF - you want to "do" MORE than just "TALK".

Donald Trump has, if anything, shown that there is a VOID in the American political scene, just waiting to be filled by someone like YOURSELF. You won't have to worry about being labeled a "racist" or a "Nazi" - as long as you don't ACT like the supposed stereotypical "evil" being, that the PC Police attempts to label all those who haven't become a LGBT card carrying member... You get my meaning, I hope.

How damn hard is getting your NAME placed on a BALLOT anyways?

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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