ANP Report for January 06, 2016

Racial Comrades: In Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf, the very last words which round out its final Conclusion states, and I quote - "A state which in this age of racial poisoning dedicates itself to the care of its best racial elements must some day become lord of the earth. May the adherents of our movement never forget this, if ever the magnitude of the sacrifices should beguile them to an anxious comparison with the possible results".

Now I must ask all of you - is there ANY White/Euro nation on this planet, that CARES to Preserve its "BEST RACIAL ELEMENTS"?

Isn't EVERY White/Euro nation in the grasp of those whose sole goal - racially - is to POLLUTE our Aryan gene pool, through massive influx of non-Aryan invasion of every and any kind of featherless biped?

As well, is there ONE solitary White/Euro nation that isn't doing its worst, to POLLUTE its Aryan populations which the spirit of JUDEO-MATERIALISM, and greed and selfishness?

Can you name ONE White/Euro country that brings up its offspring to cultivate the concepts of HONOR, of DECENCY, of PERSONAL COURAGE, and to be PROUD of BEING a member of a RACE that has given so much positive creativity towards civilization itself, as we know it?

As things stand, the White/Aryan race of peoples is DOOMED.

Its numbers are continually SHRINKING, and those that are being born,. are being twisted into materialist consumers, from the crib to the grave. In all truth, in my mind, the White population is like those stumbling "zombies" that are so popular in the supposed "entertainment" genre, but with a twist. Instead of endless searching to attack and feed off the living humans, these zombies are in a endless search of something "new" to BUY (usually through their various interest slavery "credit" schemes) from the plastic corrals of the Judeo-Capitalists. Whether they REALLY "need" it or not...

It's kind of like they've been hypnotized by the ad campaigns, that so many believe that they HAVE to purchase, purchase, and purchase more...JUNK.

Over the past "holiday season", I myself saw news reports of people being told that they ought to "remember others" outside their family too - don't forget the TEACHER, the POSTMAN, the NEIGHBOR, etc et al - as if these people aren't already being PAID (and in many cases highly too!) for what services they supply. It's simply a gimmick to SELL MORE crapola, yet people fall for it! And it works - I had a woman in front of me at the checkout at my local Food Monster, ordering a $50 "gift card" for her postman! WTF? Was it GUILT? Is she so LONELY for company, that she waits each day for the mail to arrive, so she can have someone to talk to? And she wasn't wealthy in her appearance and she had coupons to save a few pennies, let me assure you. You figure it out...

"RACE" - does it REALLY matter to YOU - whether eventually the White/Euro race of peoples are subsumed in a sea of non-Aryans? Because, it IS happening. I see that Communist China has reportedly announced that it's expanding its population now, to where families can now have TWO children, instead of decades of ONE CHILD families. Perhaps, they see a coming time of EXPANSION for the Oriental race? The same can be said for ALL of the various non-Aryan peoples on the planet. Oh they maybe CANNOT - PROVIDE - for all the children they produce, as the tear-jerking ads on TV keep showing us - but, they sure as hell, can whip up enough energy to COPULATE to create MORE "starving babies" needing the WHITE RACE'S HELP. Ever notice that it's ONLY the White race that "helps" these featherless bipeds "in need"? WHY?

Over in the Middle East, there are countries richer than King Midas, wealthier in capita than ANY White/Euro nation on the planet - yet, THEY don't somehow feel the need to "help their semitic brethren", to take them in and feed them, and cloth them, and basically GIVE them EVERYTHING they desire. NO! It's the White Mans "burden" - WHY? As if WE don't have ANY of our OWN that could use that "helping hand".

Ever NOTICE how many of these "refugees" attend American colleges and universities? Yet, how MANY White Americans cannot AFFORD to attend? There's NO MONEY we are told by "our" government, for old or disabled AMERICANS on Social Security to get a Cost of Living increase this year - yet, there's PLENTY of MONEY to bring in all these so-called "REFUGEES".

It was announced several years ago - "OFFICIALLY" - that if population trends continue, White people WILL become a RACIAL MINORITY by the year 2025. Last year it was announced - "OFFICIALLY" - that the American (read White) "Middle Class" was SHRINKING, as more and more White people fall towards the poverty rungs of the economic ladder...

"Our" government whines that it needs more time to "train" all these proxy military forces in these countries that it has overthrown and occupied, overseas - that their "soldiers" that they have managed to bribe and recruit just can't stand up to the "Radical Muslim" forces, they're too bad ass. Let me ask everyone THIS - how come these Radical Islamists can FIGHT so WELL - WITHOUT any real military training at all? It's as if they just spring up out of the ground, TRAINED and READY to FIGHT.

I'll tell you just WHAT the DIFFERENCE is between Zog's paid, useless mercs and the Islamists - the Islamists have an IDEOLOGY to FIGHT FOR! The paid turds, are there to COLLECT a PAYCHECK, and you can't pick up that check if you're dead.

Let's be honest for once folks - WHAT can the Zog OFFER the Muslim population - to come over to their side? Well, let's review the Judeo-Capitalist "world" vs the Arab/Muslim world. INTEREST SLAVERY, also known as "INTEREST" on loans, credit cards etc. is OUTLAWED in the Muslim culture, NO JEWS = NO USURY. PORNOGRAPHY as "entertainment" in the Kosher society is OUTLAWED in the Muslim society, as is the "GAY PRIDE" nonsense. ALCOHOL which is endemic in the Western world, is BANNED in the Koran - now I like my booze too - but, you must admit that it's become a disease amongst far too many of our Folk, especially our young... America has the LARGEST PRISON POPULATION in the world - it's become a HUGE money making industry, warehousing human beings for PROFIT - over there, you STEAL, they CUT OFF your HAND... Unlike most White people who have become "hooked" on MATERIALISM, over there the people live closer to NATURE, hence their ability to not only NOT "need" every plastic gizmo dangled at them, and the credit-hook stuck in their asses forever, they grow up TOUGHER as people. I could go on and on...

But, the KEY here is the BELIEF in their "RELIGION". Now, I'll be honest, I'm not one of those who have any "supernatural" hang-ups. I'm tolerant towards those that do, but over my lifetime, I've come to the conclusion that the vast majority of "religious" people I've come across are - HYPOCRITES. They DON'T - "LIVE" - their supposed beliefs. They kow-tow when it's socially convenient to do so, but otherwise, they leave their gathering places once a week, and return to the same old "sinning" as fast as they can. The Muslims LIVE theirs. Hell, they "pray" FIVE times a DAY!

That reminds me, did you hear about that meat packing plant out west, who had over 400 "Muslim Refugees" QUIT en mass, because the plant wouldn't allow them to "pray" FIVE times a day? Now they'll file some lawsuits over their "civil rights" not being catered to. LOL ANOTHER prime example of WHAT this country is going to experience, with all this "multi-culti" invasions by non-Aryan peoples over time. Maybe, we'll eventually get some that practice HUMAN SACRIFICE as their "religious beliefs" - of course all the Christian Ministers will be telling all of you to "LOVE THEM" and be "TOLERANT", to "turn the other cheek" when they've kidnapped your child off the streets for their "offering" to their personal deity...LMAO

Just read a news story, over in Germany in the city of Cologne, 40 White females (so far) have reported that they were gang-raped and/or sexually molested by roving bands of "Arabs" during the German cities New Years Eve festivities, the "authorities" are "playing it down" to the populace...

Bottom line is - the THIRD WORLD and its peoples are AGGRESSORS, while the White/Western world are pretty much gullible WEAKLINGS, with a sick GUILT COMPLEX. Gee, which one do you think will OVERCOME the OTHER? These "refugees" are NOT coming to White lands "because" they LOVE our Folk and/or our Culture - they simply WANT whatever WE HAVE, and we're GIVING IT AWAY to THEM. These slobbering Christians "welcoming" these INVADERS astonish me! Don't they REALIZE that once the Muslims gain the upper hand - the FIRST thing that will GO, is these prattling fools on their knees? What kept the Muslim INVADER out in days of old, was a SWORD in a BRAVE WHITE MAN'S hand! Not some babbling robed moron waving a symbol of crucifixion at them, even if he had buckets of "holy water" to splash them with!

These "Radical Muslims" are willing to happily KILL their racial enemies, if need be, otherwise they'll be happy to subject you all to slavery in the name of their Allah.

The White man and woman cannot be bothered to even GET INVOLVED politically, to KEEP WHAT THEY'VE GOT, much less FIGHT for their CHILDREN'S FUTURE. It's SAD. It's PATHETIC. It's DISGUSTING. And as things stand now, pretty much it's INEVITABLE...

I'm willing to attempt to lead, but in order to do so, I need men and women who are willing to do MORE than give me pats on the back, lip service and atta-boys! I need people who are willing to STAND - SHOULDER to SHOULDER - with me. And if necessary, to carry on without me.


For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda Chairman American Nazi Party

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