ANP Report for December 05, 2015

Racial Comrades: At this time of the year, more than any other, where our Racial Folk are driven to market like sheep to be sheared in the spirit of GREED and MATERIALISM, chasing that specter of supposedly "needing" - MORE and MORE - junk that will quickly be set aside and forgotten, joining all of that other "necessary" junk in the closet from holidays past, I would like to be the one to piss in your punch bowls with a few thoughts based upon pragmatic reality...

During this season of "love & forgiveness" that is preached constantly like a poison into our peoples minds, by our common racial enemies - I would like to present a few prime EXAMPLES - of the "compassion" meted out to those brave men and women who STILL, though aged, dare to stand like ARYANS up upon their two feet, instead of on their knees like most pale faced goyim do today.

Over in Germany, a 95 year old man, identified as "Hubert Z", has been ordered to stand "trial" for being an "accessory to murder" by having been a MEDICAL ORDERLY in the Labor Camp Auschwitz, during the late years of WWII. He is ill, and not expected to outlive his "trial", much less any "sentence" that is imposed upon him by our common enemies.

As well, an 87-year-old grandmother, who is a personal friend of Gudrun Burwitz, who is the daughter of Heinrich Himmler - Ursula Haverbeck - has been sentenced to TEN MONTHS imprisonment at her "trial", for stating that she believes that the labor camp Auschwitz WAS simply THAT - a camp where undesirables WORKED for the benefit of the German Folk and Reich, in a television interview!

Comrade Haverbeck has been "convicted" and fined three times previously for her beliefs, yet she has continued to keep to her faith in our National Socialist ideals, and should be a shining example to ALL of us who profess to be National Socialists.

Since I first joined our Struggle, back in 1967 as a youth of 16, becoming an Official Supporter of George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party, all through my many years of ACTIVE service to our Folk - I have always thought of National Socialists as being something "special" amongst all the various elements of the so-called "Racial Movement". That is probably "why" I have always felt offended by the human garbage who throw on a Swastika, and flaunt themselves as supposed "neo-nazis", when in truth they are NOTHING of the kind.

To ME, a true National Socialist LIVES the LIFE of a National Socialist, one whom Adolf Hitler would be proud to shake hands with, and embrace as a Comrade. Sitting here, typing away, I look back over the past 48 years and I realize, that if I'm to be HONEST with myself - very FEW ever measured up. "WHY"? What makes a mediocre individual like myself ( and I'm being pragmatic here folks ) stay the course, while there are literally THOUSANDS whom I've seen come and go, passing through my memory of decades of struggle?

Was it simply STUBBORNNESS on my part?

Was it that I had "nothing else" to interest me in my life? Yet, I had friends and workmates, I have had a wonderful wife for over 30 years, and three children whom I deeply love. I have had hobbies, and personal interests, and reading has always been a major fixture in my life. I have had personal "success" in that we have always owned a home and vehicles, for a man of my economic "status", which is presently working class, although in my younger years we were much better off financially, as I've been a steady worker and a "penny-pincher" to boot, lol.

So, just WHAT made ME so different from all these OTHERS who drifted into the "movement", and just as easily drifted away and DESERTED their formerly held (oh, so strongly too) beliefs?

I'm NOT what I would call a STUPID man, nor do I claim to be one of these super-intellectuals that abound in this "movement", writing book after book (to sell) nor have I been one to PUSH ONESELF FORWARD as a Mighty Poohbah - preferring instead to PUSH the IDEA of National Socialism, rather than the aggrandizement of "one" individual. I have found over the decades, to my personal despair, how many of these Mighty Poohbahs that I respected and followed, turned out to have FEET of CLAY - in as much, as they were NOT really into the Struggle to SERVE the IDEA - but to MAKE a BUCK, so as not to have to buy an alarm clock, if you get my meaning...

Yes, like perhaps many of you - I myself was FOOLED and FLEECED - many times over the years, BECAUSE I saw what I wanted to see, at that period of time, rather than what I SHOULD have pragmatically figured out sooner.

I have seen MATT KOEHL destroy the BIGGEST and most SUCCESSFUL - OPEN - National Socialist effort since 1945, and "RETIRE" with ALL of that organization's assets, which he had had the forethought to have been put into HIS personal NAME.

I have seen DAVID DUKE - LIVE OFF - the donations of well meaning racial patriots for an entire LIFETIME, never holding a real JOB like myself and/or yourselves - and then PLEADING GUILTY to what he had done, GAMBLING away only God knows how many THOUSANDS of dollars and misusing money meant to go into our Struggle for HIS personal benefit. He's gone the gamut of the movement huckster - from being a "Nazi" in the NSWPP ( I SAW HIM at RALLIES in DC), to being a "KLU-KLUXER", to being a "moderate" founder of the "NAAWP", to campaigning as a "con-servative republirat" who got elected in LA, through the efforts of well meant people like myself who donated and worked for his election, where he NEVER was the "REPRESENTATIVE" for the White Cause which he promised to be - to where now, he presently churns out books (on tired old topics that have been rehashed before, a hundred times already) and runs a website where he pontificates like the "Old Man in a Cave" who's an "oracle" - yet after all his years, "WHAT" does he have to SHOW for his efforts? Not even the tiniest of an ORGANIZATION does he lead - NO! It's ALL about David Duke, as it always has been since I first met him. Still making a living...

I have seen the late William Pierce, who got his "boost" to enable him to build his BUSINESS EMPIRE - from the sacrifices of the Order Comrades - to where in the end, where he started off peddling books, wound up including suspenders, shoelaces and "swastika soled boots" (made in Indonesia btw) raking in over a MILLION dollars a YEAR (his boast) from the gullible and the faithful - winding up dying from cancer, and since "he couldn't take it with him" - didn't even CARE enough about his operation, to NAME a SUCCESSOR to it! I guess IF it wasn't going to be HIS cash-cow anymore, he couldn't care less if it carried on, grew, or as what happened eventually, was looted by those greedy dysfunctionals left, and disappeared off the face of the earth. Which it has... What COULD have been accomplished IF the NA had been a sincere WN political efforts, rather than ONE MAN'S business proposition can only be conjectured.

I saw a man named "GLENN MILLER", who received another of those QUARTER of a MILLION donations from the Order Comrades, head an organization that could put 500 uniformed WN on the streets, had 25 "hotlines" throughout the south, published a monthly tabloid newspaper, blow it ALL away through his drunken EGO to "PLAY SOLDIER" which eventually imploded the WPP by opening the door to Zog's criminal campaign against him and the WPP. I had a picture of Miller hanging on my wall, during my service as Unit 101 Leader - I took it down, after he drunkenly "declared war" on the Federal Government, and meekly surrendered in a trailer in AK, surrounded by empty booze bottles, a huge armory of military grade weaponry, and half of that quarter of a million dollars which he handed over to the Zoglings without ONE shot being fired. I saw him TESTIFY - FOR ZOG AGAINST THE ORDER AND OTHER PATRIOTS - as part of his "DEAL", during the Fort Smith treason trials back in the 80's. The case against them was so poor, that all defendants were found not guilty, but a traitor IS a traitor. Last claim to fame for this bozo, was when a year or so ago, he got drunk again and went out to "kill me some jews" - he would up killing THREE people, ALL of them WHITE folks, one of them a child! And even after Fort Smith, "Miller" was a "star contributor" over on some honey-pot "forum", where he was treated as a "hero", and great "mentor" where he spewed the typical "Hollywood hate" style message to the gullible and naïve board associates? WTF

The Order Comrades were pretty generous with their millions that they liberated from Zog. They had HOPED that infusing all this money into the "movement" would jump-start it, and get it "MOVING". The only PROBLEM that they faced, was TO WHOM to hand it over to. While I have little "proof" of whom that list was comprised - I can make some pretty educated guesses - I would guess that anyone whom was perceived to be a "PROMINENT PERSONALITY" within the movement, got a slice. Especially, IF they "TALKED" a more "revolutionary line", than the old reactionary, right-wing con-servatives. While I cannot "prove" ANYTHING - I know for example that Robert Miles, put on a new addition to his home around that time, and he was so short of money that I once had to give him a thousand dollars to help pay off his taxes... Like I said earlier, I like to read, and one of the books I have about The Order states that Bob Mathews visited Miles and asked him to take over running the operation for a while, because Mathews was feeling burnt out. The author states that Miles took Mathews for a walk around the farm, told him a few kind pep words, and declined. I myself had met a number of the Order, up at Pastor Butler's home/compound the year before, when I went with Miles to attend Butler's yearly big event. Butler wanted Miles to join his "ministry" and start an AN branch at Miles' farm, but he declined that too. I suppose that after years in prison after his betrayal by the UKA, Miles wasn't going to "get involved" in anything more than hosting his money making, four times a year, "gatherings" at his place, where he had racks of Ku-Kluxer "robes" that folks could don for the day ($25 a person a pop ticket to play) or the "cross lighting at night", or of course, you could wear ANY ridiculous costume or "uniform" that a participant wanted to parade around in. And there was a veritable carnival of costumes, I can assure you!

My am I stepping on toes here today! I could go on and on, but I'm sure you're getting the IDEA of my personal "MOVEMENT" education - of WHAT it "WAS" - and of how long I myself went through the wringer - LOOKING for that ONE TRUE LEADER whom was WORTHY of my support.

You know, even IF you have self made "blinders" on, trying to see WHAT you WANTED to see - still, it's like the parable of the kid touching the hot stove - EVENTUALLY you come to a pragmatic conclusion.

If me and my local Comrades, who had been together for years, couldn't FIND a worthy "leader" - why not LEAD OURSELVES? Why give support to people who didn't obviously enjoy employment? Why prattle THEIR line of ideology and/or propaganda, when it no longer WORKED, or made SENSE to ourselves? It was like our involvement with the millionaire Ben Klassen. While he was extremely generous with giving us tons of free literature to distribute, the only group that I ever ran into that did such - still his MESSAGE was so EXTREME and HATEFUL that when we made a trip down to NC one Easter to request that he revamp or "moderate" his propaganda line, as even RACISTS were writing us hate mail after distributions - he refused to even see us! Needless to say, that was the last outfit we ever associated with - we formed our own organization.

We desired it to be a true, openly National Socialist organization, we were tired of dealing with these "wink and a nod" - "almost" - supposedly "NS" groups, and we certainly wanted NOTHING to do with these Phase One "Look at Me!" hollywierd nutzi costume clubs. We wanted a sincere National Socialist organization that didn't have a gaping scrapbook waiting to be filled with negative articles from the jew press, nor did we wish to parrot the hate filled jargon of which we never truly agreed with in the past. So in the late 1990's we re-formed the American Nazi Party...

Why the "American Nazi Party"? Well, first off in honor of George Lincoln Rockwell's dream. We swore that while the enemy thought he was dead, gone and forgotten - he wasn't. Secondly, here in America, most Americans unlike Europeans, have little or no idea of "what" National Socialism" even is. Many if not most, confuse it with Marxist socialism, and until we got our stride, at least they could comprehend "what" the ANP is suppose to be.

Over the past 15 or so years, while I have been Party Chairman, I have done everything I could to #1 DISTANCE ourselves from the "neo-Nazi hollyweird crowd" and EXPOSE and denigrate their most obvious excesses as the fools, cretins and dysfunctionals that most of them are. And #2 we concentrated upon EDUCATING those who had a sincere interest in National Socialism within and without the racial movement, to WHAT National Socialism REALLY stands for.

It has been difficult, as so many even among those who slap on a Swastika, honestly have some cockeyed idea that NS is a form of EXTREME right-wing, reactionary nonsense. Kind of like a "KKKer" with a Swazi patch sewn on to their robe. The infusion of these tattooed "boneheads" into the ranks of the "neo-Nazi" groups even made identity more difficult, to the point where the enemy made it a point to pretend that these hooligans were "modern day Nazis". Give me a break!

We stuck to our guns though, and slowly over the years managed to gather together a cadre of dedicated men and women, who WERE attracted by our commitment to the IDEOLOGY of Adolf Hitler, and NOT by garnering jew media "publicity". For every worthy Comrade that we've gained and kept, we have probably lost ten others who either couldn't/wouldn't measure up to our standards, or found us "lacking" because the ANP wasn't as "fun & exciting" as the costumed caperers.

It has cost us some temporary setbacks, I have to admit. People whom we had hopes of being able to rely upon, have deserted us when we needed them badly. But we have survived, and we have very slowly grown. The enemy constantly derides us as being "tiny" because we don't parade our Adherents around like sheep to be counted. Even our movement detractors have made claims about our operation, regularly stating "facts" about us that have made me laugh, since they KNOW no more about us than the jews do.

Having had enough "experience" over my years, about the "value" of shoving oneself out in public to the scrutiny of your enemies, I have made it a point as Chairman, to PROTECT our Party Comrades as much as possible - from the enemy - but, even more so, from THEMSELVES, and their zeal. When your enemy desires you to "DO" something - only a complete FOOL would accommodate them!

That is "WHY" I have suspicions about these "leaders" who insist on plunging their followers into PUBLIC exposure - when all it does, is bring possible/probable HARM to those doing so. I feel that these creatures must either be complete morons who are incapable of thinking outside of the Phase One box (doing the same thing done before with no good results - is?) and TRYING SOMETHING NEW. OR, they are system ASSETS sent as Judas Goats to MISLEAD the gullible and naïve into stupid actions. Come on, if I can think of it, don't you think it's a well tried tactic of the enemy too? It's called misleading your opposition into getting them to act as you would prefer...

What is all this leading up to? I'll tell you...

2016 will be my 49th year in the Racial Struggle. I am getting a wee bit old (I will be 64 next year) and my health is not what it used to be. My constant worry and stress over the operations of the Party, especially the financing of it has not helped my condition. It's gotten to the point, where I am wondering if it's perhaps time for a new, younger leadership figure to take the helm. Perhaps my draconian policies, such as demanding and expecting Party Comrades to meet their pledged words when they joined the ANP, and purging those who refuse to measure up to all the others within the ANP who DO meet and even exceed their obligations, has been too "harsh", as an example? I have also purged those Comrades who took on an obligation, such as operating a Party blogsite, and who became lackadaisical in updating it, or posting honestly non-NS material that does not conform to our Revolutionary NS World-View. Perhaps I was wrong here too? Have I been "too stern" in my expectations of others, wishing them to "measure up" to MY standards? Perhaps, I honestly do/did what I believed necessary, and by whose judgment can I go by, but my own...

So I have decided that I'll serve one more term into 2016, until a new Party Chairman can be chosen and installed. WOW! Have you ever heard of a Mighty Poohbah stepping down from a viable organization, in the history of the movement? I haven't, but unlike Pierce, I want to see the ANP continue and to grow and to ultimately SUCCEED in its endeavors. I also pledge that I will do everything I can to make this succession work.

As per previous years, The White Worker magazine will be a joint Nov-Dec enlarged issue, sent out later this month, for those who have contacted us wondering where your copy is. We have HAD to do this for two reasons - #1 the Comrades who put so much effort into producing TWW, deserve and need a break. This is a short period of time where they can focus more upon themselves and their loved ones. IF we had MORE people willing to SHARE the LOAD - perhaps this wouldn't be so necessary, but so many like to READ it, so few want to contribute articles to make it possible. #2 it comes down to once again financing. $upport seems to dry up this time of year, more so than at any other. Nov-Dec-Jan are months where most of you seem to prefer giving your hard earned monies to the Judeo-Capitalists, than for the Struggle you've pledged to support.

Enough said. I pledge to never again in any of my writings, to "appeal" to you for funding, nor "beg" or "threaten". If the ANP has no funds to operate, well I guess that THAT states pretty clearly what you think of the ANP itself. I will no longer degrade myself, shuffling a collection box in front of your noses. In all honesty, I feel that over the years I've "paid my dues" in the front lines, and I "owe" NOTHING to ANYBODY.

Now, we can start off the New Year with a "full tank of gas" or we can...? I'm sorry if I'm "offending" anyone with my "attitude", but having made this announcement already takes a huge burden off my mind and spirit, that I've carried for many, many years. Too many.

If it's hubris to state that I've helped create, a REAL National Socialist organization in America, no, not one that pretends to "play Nazi" like some silly re-enactment club - then let me state clearly, that I AM proud to have done so. Do I want to see it carry on - "after me"? Yes, I do. But, the ball is now in all of YOUR hands - IF the Party is to carry on - it will need all hands on deck, as they say.

I'll be on that deck right alongside you, eventually I just won't be at the helm anymore... I've think I've served my time.

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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