ANP Report for November 19, 2015

Racial Comrades: Well, today I feel like having a good rant, so sit back and let's see how many of YOU reading this, feel similar to how I do...

We ALL know, that nothing of any real significance happens in this sickening toilet bowl of a so-called society, unless the JEWS have a prominent position of involvement in it.

Now, first off I want to declare - that NONE of this, or at least very LITTLE of it - could occur WITHOUT the helping hand of ALL of the LICKSPITTLES who work hand in glove with their kosher masters. Oh yeah, the jews DO wield a LOT of weight when it comes into pushing their agenda, but the TRUTH is - that if it wasn't for all of their “go along to get along” pals - most of them with PALE FACES - their nefarious schemes COULD be halted overnight!

And let's NOT forget about the "ENABLERS" - that's my name for all of those who "KNOW the SCORE" about what's going on, but find some EXCUSE NOT to get involved in doing anything in the way of a POSITIVE response.

YOU all KNOW just "WHO" I'm referring to, don't you? In case you would wish to play "let's pretend", and "gee, WHO could Rock be talking about?" - I'll state it CLEAR and LOUD! I'm pointing the big old FINGER of FATE - at all of those TENS of THOUSANDS of men AND women, who make up the "movement", whether from the "hard core" to the huge crowd in the Peanut Gallery, all those folks who hang around the forums and message boards pecking away under heroic sounding monikers like "Aryan Warrior" or "Hammer of Thor", pounding out for the ten millionth time, tirades about "jews" etc et al.

It reminds me of a constant circle jerk every time I peruse one of these fantasy fairs (which isn't very often). So MANY - BIG TALKERS - so FEW doing ANYTHING of value, except TALKING to the CONVERTED, in a endless attempt to rack up another "post" in their column. Can you IMAGINE the POTENTIAL? What IF each and every one of these "web-warriors" were handed 100 LEAFLETS, MESSAGE CARDS, or STICKERS, and over the period of ONE MONTH, they carefully and intelligently distributed them in Outreach ACTIVISM - at a rate of THREE ITEMS a DAY, would just about cover 100 items - how MANY hundreds of thousands of new people would they reach with an intelligent side to "our story"? IN ONE MONTH!

But, is that REALLY expecting "TOO MUCH" for such "COMMITTED" people? I have yet to see any one of these forum hosts, pushing such a revolutionary idea to their keyboard peckers - WHY? Is it simply BECAUSE the people operating these "pressure valve" outlets - COMPREHEND COMPLETELY - the "KIND" of folks that they are providing ENTERTAINMENT to, and that encouraging them to GET INVOLVED in SOMETHING POSITIVE in the REAL WORLD is a total waste of time? Or, perhaps it's not part of their "AGENDA" to get people motivated, into actually DOING SOMETHING beyond endless hours before that glowing screen?

YOU try and figure it out - here you have an audience that, by and large, AGREES with "White Nationalism" to one degree or another - yet, the "speaker" up on stage, does NOTHING to motivate this audience to anything MORE than just CONTINUING to TALK about the problems! WTF?

It reminds me of these "prominent movement personalities" who keep on churning out "NEW BOOKS" - READ! EDUCATE YOURSELVES they urge - BUY my latest book! No matter that the subject matter has been covered pretty completely about a thousand times over already!

My QUESTION is THIS - HOW MUCH does one HAVE to READ - before they have learned ENOUGH, and take the NEXT STEP, which is putting what they have learned into ACTION? Or, are movementites mostly similar to those folks who are lifelong "students"? It's overdue that the movement gets some MOVEMENT into it! Or, are the people involved so STUPID that they still haven't FIGURED OUT just WHAT the "PROBLEM" is, despite all of their "studying"?

OR, is it just plain old LAZINESS and COWARDICE?

You know by now, unless your eyes never leave the forum screens - that Zog is bringing over HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of these new Semitic "refugees" from the Middle-East.

These "worthy and lovable" creatures are arriving with the filthy clothes on their backs, and nothing else. They reportedly want to move the majority of them, up here to Michigan, as we already have the biggest concentration of them outside the Middle-East in the world! Yeah, lucky us, eh?

Now I don't know about the rest of the country, but economically the job market here is pretty dismal, and you can't go down the street in town, without stores being shut down and emptied on a regular basis... For most communities, "TICKETS" are becoming the MAIN source of revenue as the tax base is drying up. Sound like YOUR hometown?

Yet, "OUR" government is going to take in all these foreigners, out of "compassion" - and - HOUSE THEM, FEED THEM, GIVE THEM all of the GOODIES from the stretched "welfare programs", EDUCATE THEM, and then FIND THEM EMPLOYMENT - ALL ON YOUR DIME.

ARE THEIR NO LONGER ANY POOR - AMERICANS - who desperately NEED HELP in existence any more?

I don't know if your aware of this, it certainly HASN'T been a topic during the "presidential debates" for SOME reason - but, SOCIAL SECURITY recipients WILL NOT be getting a "cost of living" increase in 2016! Yep, all of us old White folks scraping along, who have PAID through the nose, all of our WORKING lives, apparently don't DESERVE a COLA increase to EXIST upon! That snide old grinning face of that rotten Judeo-Capitalist "Uncle Samuel" says, WE'RE all doing "OK"!

Hey! SOMEBODY has to HELP those greasy brown faces, with their hands out - and it sure as hell is NOT going to be the ONE PERCENT!

I know of a poor White family right down the street, who has worked all of their lives and lost their income from their job being outsourced overseas, who received $168 a month in "food stamps" assistance ( try feeding a family on that! ) - now it's being lowered to $16 a month! Hey! GOTTA HELP THOSE REFUGEES, so SOMEBODY'S piece of the pie HAS to get cut a little smaller!

But, do these folks GET MAD? Do they get INVOLVED in the SOLUTION? NO, they curl up in a fetal position, and prepare to die...


ZOMBIES? Hell, the entire American White race has BECOME little more than the "Walking Dead"! At least over in Europe, our Brothers and Sisters are AWAKENING and SHOWING SOME BACKBONE - FINALLY! Recently in Poland, 20,000 White Poles marched in the streets, DEMANDING that Poland take in ZERO non-Aryan "refugees". And their government is LISTENING... OURS would TOO if White America got OFF its collective ASS and turned OFF the electronic gadgets and started WORKING POLITICALLY on THEIR own behalf!

Look at this "Black Lives Matter" campaign - it's being held by a literally TINY amount of negro activists - but, it's EFFECTIVE as hell! I for one REFUSE to belittle ANYONE who stands up for themselves, in truth "White Nationalists" ought to be SHAMED by the COMMITMENT of these other racial groups, compared to our own!

To quote Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, way back in the 1960's, "WHITE MAN, WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO MAKE YOU FIGHT?"

What WILL it TAKE, Whitey?

In another ten years - or LESS - YOU will be a racial MINORITY, in the same country that when I was born in 1952, Whites comprised over 90% of the population. IF you think it's "bad" now ( and you certainly must agree, it's pretty damn bad ) - just IMAGINE what awaits you down the road, and NOT too far off down that road either...

You're going to be MARGINALIZED racially, and ECONOMICALLY you're going to be literally EXPENDABLE, as a MASSIVE cheap labor force is being imported as we speak, and growing everyday. WHY ELSE do you think that the 1%ers are flooding the country with peons, who'll work for HALF of what you EARN, along with ZERO BENEFITS. Yeah, to the jews it's White racial extermination, but to your average pale faced Judeo-Capitalist, it's the color GREEN that he's concerned about.

My "basic cable" machine broke the other day - I call a number, and it's in INDIA, who I can hardly comprehend what it's mouthing - last time it went out, a few years ago, I called and they sent a repair guy out - this time they send me a new machine for me to install from TEXAS! So, it's CHEAPER for AT&T to outsource service calls to INDIA, and ship machines from Texas (no doubt dealt with by Mexican employees), rather than have an American locally deal with my situation. God bless this wonderful, glorious, Jew-S-A...!

White man AND woman - while this country might seem like the land of milk and honey, to some dweller in some self-made turd-hole overseas, and it probably is - the very SAME - "FUTURE" is heading YOUR way, unless YOU decide to GET INVOLVED in your own SELF INTEREST!

To ALL of you COWARDLY, SELFISH, and LAZY bastards out there, who think that somehow YOU'LL "get by", whether by crawling in a hole, or by some divine intervention - I've got NEWS for YOU. The ONLY THING THAT YOU'RE GOING TO GET, IS WHAT YOU'VE ALLOWED and DESERVE.

Every single day that you let things slide without GETTING INVOLVED - it's ONLY going to GET WORSE - until, EVENTUALLY - it's REALLY going to be TOO LATE...

I strongly urge you to consider becoming an ANP Official Supporter, and getting involved with our organization. IF for some reason, you prefer another approach - then get involved there - but GET INVOLVED, period! My last suggestion is that you CAREFULLY choose "WHAT" organized effort that you decide upon. DON'T get sucked into any silly FANTASY groups, or dead-ends that are out to suck your financial support, but DO NOTHING POSITIVE - remember my warning about the "buy my books” hucksters. The old "NA" of William Pierce was a typical example of such an outlet - they peddled books and a crapload of useless trinkets, to the point of where Pierce boasted of raking in over a MILLION a year - yet, beyond constantly enlarging his product line, AND his profit line - WHAT did the group REALLY accomplish? After his death by cancer, and the infighting that went on over the "spoils" by those milking the cash cow to death - it's basically nonexistent. What COULD have been accomplished with a "WN" organization, IF its goals were NOT the making of more and more money, but instead achieving positive Pro-White goals like the 14Words and Social Justice for the White Working Class, is beyond conjecture... What IF all that money and effort had been turned towards building a realistic Pro-White political machine? Folks, choose carefully WHOM and WHAT you support, and then put your backs into it...

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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