ANP Report for November 10, 2015

Racial Comrades: November 9th, 1923, is a day that all sincere National Socialists hold dear to their hearts. But the lessons of that day are just as important, if not more so, than what occurred itself.

The year 1923 was a year of economic disaster for the German people. Those who were fortunate enough to have employment, brought their pay home in wheelbarrows, because it was so worthless. A loaf of bread cost millions of Marks, and the average German was forced to sell off to speculators, their most precious family heirlooms for a pittance, simply to survive.

The government was more concerned in making payments to Germany's enemies, in the form of "reparations", so to keep themselves in power, than they were concerned with the welfare of their own people. And the masses were turning to both the "Left" and the "Right wing" political movements as a way out of the "mainstream" madness.

In Germany of that era, a number of states went Communist, as the peoples desperation grew, and the fear of more going that route, inclined the wealthy to turn their support to the reactionary elements of society to counter their success. The mainstream political whores believed that they could use the reactionaries as pawns, to counter the leftists, and still stay in control, while the two sides fought each other, rather than turning their guns against the system itself, and it worked - for a time.

A few years earlier in Italy, Benito Mussolini led his Fascists on an armed march upon the Capitol, Rome - demanding that political power be turned over to them to set the county back on its feet and stabilize it. With virtually no violence, it WORKED! The government was handed over to Mussolini and although they never had the TOTAL power of the National Socialists in Germany of later years, it set a "model" for various other "right-wing" struggles across Europe to wish to emulate.

Back to Germany. Earlier in the spring of 1923, the various reactionary "alliances" and "coalitions" met and planned an uprising similar to Mussolini's "March on Rome", ala a "March on Berlin" - where they hoped that the government would be handed over to them. Hitler and his "SA" were to be a part of this march, and up to the last moment, actually were prepared to play their part. What was Hitler's dismay, when he found out at the last moment that it had been called off! The mighty right-wing personalities had gotten cold feet...

It reminds me of the story of Klan Leader Bob Miles, who had been told that his blowing up of the busses in Michigan, was to be the signal for a United Klans of America uprising, from coast to coast! Miles went ahead as agreed, playing his part - and - NOTHING was heard from any of the loud talkers whom had been part of the affair. We all now the outcome, and Miles was so angered by their betrayal that he quit the UKA, and went on trial by his lonesome...

Well, Adolf Hitler, after a good pout, still had "hopes" for the "Folkish Movement" ( similar to the Racialist Movement here in America ) and kept up his association with various "Combat Associations" in Bavaria, and as times continued to worsen for the German people, he decided to act in Bavaria in attempting to seize power and hopefully it would spread across Germany once it had succeeded in the South first.

Bavaria itself was in control of reactionary governmental officials, who wished to depose the more "liberal" national government in Berlin, and they were agreed to be part of the cabal that would participate in a "March on Berlin", figuring that the national government would collapse, as they did a few years earlier, when the reactionary "Kapp Putch" took place in Berlin, and was brought down by a leftist-inspired “workers strike" after several days of control wherein another "mainstream" government took its place - what a clusterf**k of morons, eh?

In any case, on November 9th, in a nut-shell - Hitler and his co-conspirators from all the reactionary "Combat Associations", - ALONG WITH THE BAVARIAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS - launched their "Armed Revolt" - they had thousands of armed men, with rifles, machineguns, and even some artillery, along with sections of troops from the Army's military school, and their figurehead leader was Germany's top General from WWI, Erich Ludendorf himself.

To make a long story short - they decided upon doing a march, starting off in Munich, the capitol of Bavaria, hopefully emulating Mussolini's - then the BIG problem arose - it seems that NONE of the rebels troops were willing to SHOOT and KILL to achieve their aims! Oh, they took people "prisoners", and "occupied buildings", but when it came to the crunch - when the national government sent in Regular Army to suppress them - all of these thousands of BIG TALKERS ran away after the first volley. It seems that the German government WAS willing to stand up to "rebels", with everything at its disposal unlike the Italian one.

Adolf Hitler LEARNED - TWO important THINGS - that day. The first, was the fallacy of "unity associations" where you had a dozen "leaders" all going off in different directions, or none at all - rather than ONE leader, coordinating and LEADING the whole operation.

The second point he learned was THIS - just as Bob Miles did - you cannot TRUST "big talkers" to DO MORE than just TALK BIG. No matter how much "weekend warriors" might boast, "train" on weekends, and even amass an arsenal of weapons - when it comes to PULLING the TRIGGER – there is only ONE solitary individual that YOU can count upon, to "DO" what NEEDS to be DONE. And that is YOURSELF.

And if you're like Bob Miles, and/or Adolf Hitler, who stuck themselves OUT THERE in the front line, you're most likely going to be left hanging in the breeze all by your lonesome, when your "mighty followers" take off running.

Several years after 1923, Hitler wrote Mein Kampf, where he detailed his National Socialist ideology, which was formed from his disappointments and defeats, caused mostly by others, and/or his simplistic faith in them. In Mein Kampf he detailed "what" he intended to do so as not ever to fail from associating with losers ever again.

FIRST, he vowed NEVER to belong to anymore "associations" with others, ever again. The National Socialist Struggle would SUCCEED or FAIL upon its own merits. He decided that from what he had seen of the various Folkish "Prominent Personalities", that the vast majority were puffed up BULL-SHITTERS and CON-MEN - and that HE was just as good, OR better a Leader, and at least he knew that he was honest, sincere, and trustworthy. And so it was proven...

SECONDLY, he learned not to depend upon "the gun" to win victory to power. He as a former soldier during the entire "Great War" years, wounded several times and awarded both the Iron Cross 2nd Class, AND the Iron Cross 1st Class (pretty much unheard of for an enlisted man, in the Imperial Army of the Kaiser). It's NOT the weapons themselves that give power, but the person behind the weapon. As he wrote in Mein Kampf: "a truly courageous man with a knotty club, is more to be counted upon, than a coward with a pistol in each hand".

The same can be said of the "Racial Movement" in America of the 21st century - in and of itself, it is armed to the teeth, it always has been - it's NOT the lack of weaponry, but the lack of WILL, COURAGE, and DETERMINATION to ACT - that has made it such a literal JOKE. Inflamed NEGROES run amuck in the streets, rioting and burning, armed with a frigging BRICK - the reactionary, right-wing fondles their precious firearms like a kid with his Playboy stash - NEVER actually UTILIZING all this useless crap. They might as well not have spent all that money on this basically useless junk, except that when they play with them, it gives them a Viagra rise... Pathetic. NO MONEY for POLITICAL efforts, or for ORGANIZING realistic "PRO-WHITE" groups - but, mega-bucks for FANTASY-LAND day-dreaming...

So from November 9th, Adolf Hitler learned two lessons that served him well - #1 Ignore and stay away from useless "talkers", ie IF an individual refuses to PASS OUT a simple LEAFLET, or take part in a sincere POLITICAL campaign, they will NEVER/EVER utilize all of the weapons in the world, and more than likely, if the system calls all the weapons in, they will as "law abiding" citizens, be among the first in line up at the police station lest they "get in trouble". Association with MORONS and LOSERS only brings you TROUBLE in the end.

And #2, if you rise against a state which IS willing to use EACH and EVERY means at their disposal to STAY in POWER - the ONLY realistic manner to DEFEAT such a state, is to BECOME a PART of it, and burrow within to bring it down - "LAWFULLY".

Yes, it will take time and effort. It will take hard work, and sacrifice, and perseverance - but, it CAN be DONE! Adolf Hitler DID IT. It can be accomplished wherever and whenever a people decide to DO IT - it's not EASY - but, WHAT is the ALTERNATIVE?

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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