ANP Report for October 24, 2015

Racial Comrades: I realize that most of my ANPReports lately have been filled with what some have mentioned as - "doom and gloom" - so I'm very happy to be able to bring you some news that will bring a tear of joy to your hearts.

We all are aware of the non-White invasion of our racial homelands over in Europe, by MILLIONS of illegal invaders, whom are being BROUGHT IN by race traitors of our own governments. NONE of these INVASIONS could be possible, EXCEPT because of the outright COLLUSION of those who rule over us MAKING it possible!

After DECADES of terrible REPRESSION of National Socialism in its birthplace, Germany, to where the "Swastika" is actually OUTLAWED, along with giving a "salute", or voicing "expressions" - the SPIRIT of National Socialism still burns brightly in the hearts and minds of our Comrades in the enemy OCCUPIED Fatherland! Would that we had such FIGHTERS here in America...

Mass protests have continued and are growing amongst the various White/Aryan nations feeling the brunt of this alien racial avalanche, with more of the "average" citizens FINALLY realizing that their racial heritage, and that of their children is now on the line - and the political whores are becoming quite worried at the up-swell in citizen anger and frustration at what is occurring.

Now, we have become aware of reports of a totally NEW phenomenon which is occurring throughout Germany itself. Tiny cells of dedicated National Socialists have been "targeting" NOT the non-White invaders themselves - of which there is a literally endless number - but INSTEAD they have been ferreting out those race TRAITORS who are facilitating the invader's arrival. Apparently, understanding that such high standing traitors such as that pig Merkel and her fellow travelers are quite well protected from the people's wrath, instead these cells are concentrating upon less well guarded traitors in small towns and villages, such as local governmental figures, along with "do-badders" and "religious" phonies who are MUCH more vulnerable to receiving their just desserts.

Apparently these cells are composed of very small numbers, perhaps three at most, usually two - VERY TRUSTED and LONG TIME KNOWN and PROVEN Comrades - and reports of arson and outright attacks upon these deserving creatures have been growing in the German media, usually the local media as the controlled national media is attempting to play them down, if not outright suppression of such events lest they spread as copy-cat acts of resistance by the fed up German in the street.

Some reports of these actions, have hinted that those behind these actions, have been leaving behind "clues" that indicate that they have been perpetrated by non-White ALIEN INVADERS themselves, in acts of criminal activity - something that fills the media's stories with yet ANOTHER good reason NOT to allow these creatures to occupy OUR lands. The Zog's over there are between a stone and a hard place, on trying to keep a lid on what's occurring - do they make Folk Heroes out of these Aryan Warriors, by letting the people be aware that SOMEONE is actually RESISTING the INVASIONS, as did our Folk in ages past - or do they report these actions as the work of "poor, deprived, desperate and lovable savages..."?

So far, despite desperate "round-ups" of "radicals" across Germany, in the oh-too-common "sweeps" that our Comrades have had to endure for decades, NO ONE has been ratted out, or arrested for this ongoing resistance campaign - apparently, "over there" the NS Resistance is a LOT more fastidious about "WHO" they allow to involve themselves with!

The latest info that we have seen, is that some bitch sow governmental whore, who was facilitating "refugees" in Bamburg was found carved up with knives - a typical sand-nigger trait if I ever saw one! Don't you agree? LOL I think that this global invasion is JUST WHAT WE NEEDED to FINALLY jump-start our people pulling their heads out of their asses, and tasting the sour milk!

Over here, HO-HUM - the so-called "racial movement" is all agog with this times "hero on the white horse" that regularly pops up every four years - and gets them all excited over the shell game called "electing a president". As IF a lone individual with NO political organization BACKING HIM UP - could ever achieve ANYTHING pragmatically realistic. So what IF The Donald IS "for real"? So what IF he actually MEANS that he wants to DEPORT 20 million illegals, along with their "anchor babies", AND "build a wall" to keep millions more OUT of OUR nation. Do you honestly BELIEVE that the ENTIRE JUDEO-CAPITALIST ZOG SYSTEM alligned AGAINST HIM, is going to allow it to happen?

Look, the negroes THOUGHT that Obama was going to get elected as the New Messiah and that the land of "milk and honey" would suddenly spring forth for the Black folks. WHAT DID TWO TERMS as "president" by Obama get FOR the negroes? NOTHING.

It will be the SAME for the MEGA BILLIONAIRE on the White Horse, if he gets the final jewel in his grasping paws - the culmination of every ultra rich mans dream - becoming a "president".

Trump is simply a very CLEVER man, who understands (not feels) the common citizen's anger and frustration with the "status quo/mainstream" political FRAUDS, and he's smart enough to play upon it to GET ELECTED.

BECAUSE he is so WEALTHY and POWERFUL - he CAN say the things that resonate with the majority of Americans, along with denigrating all the "PC" crap that most Americans are totally FED UP with being shoved down their collective gullets! Look, it's simple - HE JUST WANTS TO BE KING. He's already as wealthy as any king ever was - more than most - now he wants the PRESTIGE and POWER that goes along with the title.

White MAN and WOMAN WORKER - do you REALLY think he "feels your pain"? LMAO

It's time to NOT get hypnotized by the perennial SHELL GAME, and once AGAIN get your hopes up - your salvation is NOT going to come THAT easy - NO slick con-man is ever going to "SAVE YOU", you're going to HAVE to SAVE yourself! And that means BUILDING a solid, organization that is made up of people like YOU, who DO understand your fears and hopes, because they ARE yours and mine TOGETHER. That will take TIME, MONEY and EFFORT create. Is it WORTH it? Hell, it's YOUR only OPTION.

IF working and sacrificing to create an institution that is YOURS, is "too much" to ask, well I guess that you had better start sewing some thick padding on your knees, because THAT'S where you're gonna be needing it friends.

ALL of that mindless CRAP that today seems so important to so many people, be it "sports", or "entertainment", or materialistic plastic pleasures made overseas, not of course by yourselves - will eventually not seem so vital once you've become a PEON, like those brown folks flooding up here because they've got literally ZILCH from the garbage piles they come from, and of course they WANT - YOURS.

YOUR CALL WHITEY - what's it going to be?

Comrades, the October The White Worker magazine is published and in the mails. Those who have fulfilled their pledges will receive it shortly - the rest of you had better get with the plan, if you want yours. In this boat - EVERYBODY gets to PULL an OAR - there are NO more "free riders".

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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