ANP Report for October 04, 2015

Racial Comrades: it's been many decades now that the White Nationalist community, for all intent and purpose, has been badly infected with defeatism and lethargy, with the mantra that Zog the All Powerful was unbeatable and basically GAVE UP any SERIOUS efforts to RESIST the Iron Throne of Judeo-Capitalism - instead handing over the game to our universal enemy by default. This lack of serious resistance led to the weirdos and morons of the Costume Club set, to taking center stage in the public eye, by being PROMOTED by the enemy's controlled media, as "the only representatives of the White/Hate movement" - which clearly defamed us all - which was the enemy's purpose, in propping up these "Poster Boys of Hate" with their media "publicity" into something which in REALITY is far from the truth!

Not only do these handfuls of "Village People"-type street performers NOT represent 99.9% of the White Nationalist Cause, but on close examination they are filled with ZOG AGENTS, RACIAL MISFITS, and downright MORONS for the most part. If the enemy was behind most of these sad attention seekers, if only to PERPETUATE the foul IMAGE that they have created for any level of racially aware White/Aryans to be smeared with, well they have done their job pretty well... Today, ANY racially Aware White person is branded as a "Neo-Nazi".

Speaking myself from my own years of observance of the Racial Movement, disgustingly it was overwhelmingly based upon what is called "Phase One" activities - Phase One activities are such that the participants go out in public - and literally act as the enemy has painted ALL of US in the minds of the masses. You know, SCREAMING, OBNOXIOUS, OBSCENE, and VULGAR mental morons - who only exist to HATE and disparage "others" who weren't lucky enough to be born White.

MANY of these actually LOOK like LOSERS, and MOST of them ACT like they belong either in the nut house, or are PAID ACTORS going through the "ROLE" of some extra from "American History X", certainly NOT as true, sincere White Patriots who are Ladies and Gentlemen - who garner RESPECT from both their ACTIONS and APPEARANCES. Certainly NOT as adherents of Adolf Hitler's mighty ideology of National Socialism. Mere "Race Haters" and "Bigots".

Today, I am happy to report, Phase One-ism has pretty much DIED OUT completely - and in its wake, a new dawn for White Nationalism is taking root.

The only vestiges of Phase One-ism being carried on, is by the so-called "Loyal KKK" grouplet which is run by a KNOWN Government stooge who was thankfully exposed recently on the net as a felon who has Zog's hook in his ass, and hence does their bidding, and his hand in glove pal whom often they work together in their public "hate-fests" denigrating the White Nationalist Cause - Jeff Schoep, another FELON who leads the costumed Hollywood Nutzi collection, the mis-named "nsm".

Now I'm more concerned with Jeffy, as he and his obese and motley circus brings direct discredit upon the National Socialist Struggle, and hence ourselves. I can't tell you how many times people, even the enemies media has confused the ANP with these posers. There are even media pictures where these cretins are "supposed to be" the American Nazi Party, floating around on the web! Talk about the kosher BIG LIE in action!

Now I'm not going to go into the tawdry details of these media whores, if you're interested - or if you ever might consider associating with the above mentioned, I strongly advise you to DO - ONE thing. Simply do a Google search of these few words - "JEFF SCHOEP- NSM - RACE MIXING" and review "WHAT" pops up. There are literally pages upon pages of "WHY" you ought to AVOID these creatures like you would the plague! I can only wonder HOW MANY DECENT WHITE PATRIOTS associated with these Zog-bot honeypots and were burned and hence driven AWAY from the Racial Movement never to get involved again, thinking that ALL WN/NS were like the frauds they experienced.

We really cannot afford to lose valuable people in such a manner folks. Remember the fable about the "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" that you were read when you were a kid? Well, THAT'S the purpose of these False Flag operations - #1 to DISCREDIT the sincere and honest White Patriot Cause, and #2 to suck in, burn and turn off as many good, DECENT but naïve and gullible WN/NS as possible. Sadly, it works only too well.

My only reasonable answer is for all of us to AVOID and EXPOSE any and all of these attempts by the enemy to blacken our name and image - by no longer countenancing this silly, stupid behavior by the PROVOCATEURS any longer! I don't care IF they slap on a Swastika, and yell "White Power" - if they don't BEHAVE as National Socialists SHOULD - they are NOT true NS, they ARE nothing more or less than "Hollywierd Neo-Nutzis" pure and simple. The same with these bed-sheet, pointy hat crowd - they are NOT members of the "INVISIBLE EMPIRE" who WERE SUCCESSFUL when they did what they had to do, back in their era - these are simply RE-ENACTORS playing silly and dangerous games. Do you really think that the fighters of the OLD ERAS would be carrying on in the manner that they did a CENTURY ago today? Of course not! Different times, different strategies AND tactics...

Comrades, the WONDERFUL NEWS is - that Uncle Zog is WEARING OUT! Yes, Smirking Samuel is growing weaker across the globe! Even now, Russia feels strong enough to throw a monkey wrench into Zog's efforts in the Middle East. Just wait until China decides to do the same in Asia, or even elsewhere... I honestly believe that the Jew World Order is aware of it too, and that's WHY they are frantically shoving MILLIONS and TENS OF MILLIONS of Non-Aryans into our White Homelands in desperation. It's their LAST ROLL of the DICE...

It's causing White people across the planet to FINALLY - WAKE UP - and taste the sour milk. Over in Europe there have been REAL rallies and marches by TENS of THOUSANDS of White people, as they are being literally FORCED to witness this ALIEN INVASION and its devastating "RESULTS". WHITE racial awareness and solidarity is RISING!

In Europe, White people are being shunted aside for government benefits and actually being THROWN OUT of their homes in public housing - to make way for the "IMMIGRUNT INVADERS"! Let's face it - these creatures come with the clothes on their backs - they NEED housing, they NEED jobs, they NEED medical care, they NEED EVERYTHING, and from WHO and WHERE is the Occupying Governments going to GET all of THAT? Why, from the White/Aryan indigenous population of course! “Get out of the way Whitey!” Shouts the Uncle Samuels of the world - as if there aren't PLENTY of White men, women and children who NEED aid, and were told that "sorry, but there isn't any to give you..."!

It won't come from the WEALTHY 1%ers! It won't come from the Holy Moly's sitting on their Golden Thrones, mouthing mealy slogans either! NO! It's going to be TAKEN from YOU Whitey, and "SHARED" out upon the "unfortunates" - those without a WHITE FACE of course!

Now, over the years I've had to despair over Old Whitey ever rising up in defense of his own best interests, based upon "HONOR", or "RACIAL LOYALTY", or even "FACTS" thrown in their faces. Hell, this was the country where they preferred "busing" their children into negroid hell-holes rather than RISE and RESIST the PC Throne and its evil pale faced lick-spittles, as they SHOULD have.

But, I had one more card to hope upon, and that was human nature's "final straw" of self survival - SELFISHNESS and GREED. IF Old Whitey is going to LOSE his share of the pie, or have it TAKEN from him and GIVEN to non-White hoards - HE or SHE just might get their asses in the air! I truly HOPE so. Because IF Old Whitey meekly accepts this blatant INSULT by their own supposed "leaders", they might as well give up the ghost as my old Gramma used to say. They truly DESERVE to perish as weaklings and slaves...

The NON-WHITE HOARDS are COMING - READY or NOT - GIVE ME!, GIVE ME!, GIVE ME! they shout - ONLY in the White Western World would this EVER be allowed to occur. Will decades of GREEDY MATERIALISM, COWARDLY PACIFISM, MIND DESTROYING pollution of both brain and body, by "entertainment", "religion", and a thousand OTHER poisons fed into our Racial body be enough to DESTROY the WILL and the BACKBONE to ACT of Aryan humanity? We'll just have to SEE, won't we? I was going to write "wait" and see - but, I think Old Whitey has WAITED long enough!

It's long overdue to GET INVOLVED Whitey! And I mean SERIOUSLY INVOLVED - not this, loose change and pecking on a keyboard at some silly "forum" type of response. I believe that our RACIAL RUBICON has been CROSSED. I believe that it's MAKE or BREAK time for SURVIVAL folks.

The Non-Whites in their MILLIONS and (eventually?) BILLIONS are headed towards WHAT you've GOT. They've got literally NOTHING. YOU'VE got PLENTY in their eyes - and THEY WANT IT! Gee, WHAT are YOU going to DO?

And at one time that I can still remember, it was ONLY the Negroes...LOL

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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