ANP Report for September 20, 2015

Racial Comrades: We are all aware of this recent flood of non-White aliens pouring across America's and Europe's borders like an invading army. Many people in the "Racialist Cause" are horrified by what is occurring, and crying out (on forums) and wringing their hands in despair - I believe that that's the wrong attitude to hold.

For decades now, the powers that be, in control of every White nation, have enabled a constant stream of non-Whites to enter their peoples' lands, and slowly the populations have been tilting towards more and more non-Aryans inhabiting our racial homelands, and changing them from White culture, to polyglot cesspools - mostly without a peep from the indigenous White populations. At least without a SIZABLE reaction, that would mean an end to such racial pollution.

It was like the story of putting a frog into a pot of water and SLOWLY boiling it to death, rather than plopping it into an already boiling kettle of scalding water, where the frog would jump out. A SLOOOW racial extermination that was working pretty effectively, I'm afraid.

Yes, IT WORKED for the jews and their lackey's plan of phasing out our White populations OVER a PERIOD of time! People got "USED TO IT" and nary a SERIOUS protest or SERIOUS RESISTANCE came from the indigenous White masses...

BUT...NOW, with this massive flood of non-White ALIENS into our homelands - literally as an INVADING HOARD - White people ARE sitting up, and taking notice!

What made our racial foes change their game plan, from "easing" the pollution of our lands, to an outright MASSIVE INVASION such as it is - is beyond me. Perhaps, they felt SO POWERFUL that they figured that the "time is now" to finish off Old Whitey! Or, perhaps they thought that Old Whitey was on the point of waking and becoming rebellious. The point IS that - the TIME HAS COME, to FIGHT and RESIST with EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT - or meekly accept the death of our racial Folk, as they are subsumed in a Non-White world.

The average "MAINSTREAM" political sell-out WHORES, whether they are Marxist Liberals - OR - the "slower" sell-out Con-servative scum, are reaching staggering disapproval rates in the eyes of the masses, and the PEOPLE are finally becoming totally FED UP with the "status quo" and ALL of the ENABLERS of all stripes, who are making our lives to be a living hell - ECONOMICALLY - SOCIALLY - SPIRITUALLY - and in other words, the NATIVES ARE GETTING RESTLESS.

Do you actually believe that it's "ONLY" White Americans who are angry about this Third World invasion? What IF you were a BLACK, would you find it gratifying to have THIRD WORLDERS coming here, and getting ahead on the "GOODIE TRAIN", per "welfare" et al? How do you think blacks feel when all these ARABS/INDIANS/ORIENTALS come over here and wham-bam - THEY have STORES and become RENTAL OWNERS, etc et al - and the blacks stay down on the bottom rung of the economic ladder, ONCE AGAIN? Do you think that the blacks LIKE the Mestizos becoming a BIGGER "minority" than them, and hence grabbing the "goodies" FIRST - OVER THEM, as their numbers grow, and continue to skyrocket?



Whether here in America, or overseas in Europe - White Nationalists have got to get their act together - and RESIST!

Those vast numbers of our people who are receptive to our message, only need to be tapped into. But, it must be done, NOT as White Nationalists have done in the PAST - what with their silly, stupid Phase One "Hollywierd Nutzi" style nonsense - but, with an INTELLIGENT, and SENSIBLE message, DELIVERED by WELL DRESSED and WELL SPOKEN individuals, whom the average man or woman can feel comfortable connecting and associating with.

No more must OUR BEHAVIOR be such that it DRIVES AWAY people from our advocacy right from the start.

We MUST drop and avoid ALL "symbolism" and "imagery" that DETRACTS from OUR MESSAGE - as well - ANYONE whose APPEARANCE is such that it would cause conflict with our agenda, we MUST DISCARD, if they refuse to adapt! It is said that "FIRST IMPRESSIONS" are something that you can never get a second chance to change. I believe that this is very accurate. A person receiving a "leaflet" handed to them by a well dressed, polite individual, will feel much different than if the individual handing out that leaflet was a scowling, tattooed "skinhead" type. The same could be stated about "costume" wearing clowns, pretending to be a "robed" or "uniformed" bad-ass.

Surely, we can get across "our message" in an impressive, intelligent fashion, without it including crude "racial slurs" or shocking "symbolism" that the people have been taught like Pavlov's dogs to hate and fear like a vampire does a "cross"?

We have a wonderful OPPORTUNITY here folks, that may never come again, at the RIGHT time! Donald Trump's campaign statements, if nothing else, have SHOWN that "our views" are NOT so "unpopular" as the Political Correctness crowd have told everyone they are!

But, and here's the kicker - so WHAT do we DO - sit back and heartily congratulate ourselves that our viewpoints are NOT the pariahs that we have been told that they are, and get all warm and fuzzy feeling? OR, do we FINALLY get SERIOUS about what we are supposed to be engaged in?

One "well known" Forum, boasts of HUNDRED of THOUSANDS of participants, with MILLIONS of "posts", etc et al – ad nausium. A huge waste of time and effort "talking to the already convinced" - INSTEAD - of spending all that TIME and EFFORT in taking it out to the masses of common men and women in the REAL WORLD!

WHAT IF - over in Europe ( I start THERE simply "because" I have found, as Commander Rockwell wrote back in the early 1960's in his first book, This Time the World, "that the American "Racialist Movement" on the whole was composed of LOUD-MOUTHS, TIGHTWADS, FANTASISTS, COWARDS and the LITERALLY INSANE" - read it yourself for free on our Main Party website, and in my mind it hasn't improved much over the decades I've been involved in it, in fact I think it's WORSE...) all those "Nationalists" did TWO things - #1 GOT OUT IN MASS, and held REPEATED COUNTER PROTESTS AGAINST THE INVADERS, putting their systemites in between the hammer and the anvil - ie the Non-White invading hoards and their own White citizens and #2 STARTED CAMPAIGNING HARD and SERIOUSLY in each and every SMALL and LARGE political office across Europe, on a Pan-Aryan platform. Start at the "BOTTOM" and work your way up, as you build a solid political base. In other words - GET SOME REAL PRO-WHITE POLITICAL POWER FOR A CHANGE.

COMBINE keeping Europe WHITE, along with a strong PRO-WHITE WORKER ECONOMIC policy! It's a TWO-PRONG campaign strategy that I believe would be VERY RECEPTIVE to the AVERAGE White man and woman in the street! Finally offer them a real, serious ALTERNATIVE to the "main stream" Tweedle Dee / Tweedle Dum stooges now in control...

White POOR and the White WORKING CLASS ( whether blue OR white collar ) are getting hit hard in these Judeo-Capitalist economies, and this HUGE influx of Non-Whites is only making it WORSE for all of us! The latent RAGE and ANGER is there, it only needs being TAPPED INTO by SOMEONE - and that someone OUGHT to be US. The ONLY things holding us back from REAL SUCCESS are LAZINESS and COWARDICE.

Whether is Europe OR here in America, we desperately NEED to get NS/WN people to QUIT having this mindset of WAITING for "SOMEONE" (and preferable "something" BIG) to "LEAD the WAY" and they'll THEN tag along...

Let me tell you THIS - NOTHING ever "GETS BIG" - UNTIL those FEW men and women come along, who BELIEVE enough in what they are doing, to WORK, SACRIFICE, and through their solid PERSISTENCE - MAKE it GET BIG. BUT - a heroic "FEW" can't do it alone forever.

In my last ANPReport I wrote about the Party's financial situation. Not ONLY were we basically BROKE, but we had to come up with about $400 to be able to resume publishing, and that did NOT include the $1,200 that we need to raise by Oct. to keep our web-hosting fee being paid...

Up to today, ONLY a HANDFUL of dedicated Party Comrades have stepped up to answer the call - I myself have kicked in $300 to help with the web-fees - and another couple Comrades have covered the cost towards our publishing problems, and I thank them most gratefully! Somehow, we look to survive ANOTHER crisis... For a while.

WHY do such things occur? It's very SIMPLE - unfortunately, too many Party Comrades seem to feel that their obligation to finance their organization, which they pledged with their name and honor to do, when they first joined the Party, isn't worth the paper they put their signature to. I guess that they find "something better" to spend their zog-bucks on than a FUTURE for their CHILDREN, or FIGHTING for SOCIAL JUSTICE for themselves and the rest of the White Working Class.

Personally, I'm getting really tired of attempting to get grown men and women to ACT like I expect ADULTS to behave. Sadly, attempting to "work" with many of these dysfunctional people who are attracted to the "racialist movement", is like being a social worker in a "Special Ed" class. Yes, I'm REALLY getting fed up trying to create a "silk purse out of a sow's ear"...

WHY do I embarrass the Party by "airing our dirty laundry" like this? Well, it ISN'T - "MY" embarrassment, I'M doing MY PART as a RETIRED old man in his 60's, who's been in this Struggle 24/7/365 for almost 50 years now - it's ALL of those of YOU who aren't upholding YOUR SWORN PLEDGE, that makes serious progress impossible. Those of you whom this shoe fits, need to wear those shoes! Whitey is LOSING folks - BECAUSE - unlike the Ameri-Indians, who WERE willing to FIGHT to the death with everything they had available, but lost through the superior technology of the White man - most of you REALLY DON'T SERIOUSLY CARE. Well, DO YOU?

And I find that attitude both sad and unbelievably disgusting. It almost makes me feel that the White race DESERVES to die an ignominious and pathetic death. Only those poor, innocent little White boys and girls, who deserve so much more...

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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