ANP Report for August 20, 2015

Racial Comrades: It's almost like Christmas anymore with the politics in this dysfunctional nation called America. Not only has "Hobby Lobby" got its Yuletide displays up already, but over a YEAR from the national elections, the various system approved, rubber-stamped-on-the-ass candidates are blowing their horns.

The most comical situation so far, has been the campaigning in the republirat camp, of Donald Trump the mega billionaire 1%er. The Donald is an egotist of the first order, anything he wants, he gets. Anything is within the reach of a Daddy Saw Bucks like him. And he has decided that it would be fun to be president...

Now, unlike all the other candidates from either camp, the republirats OR the democruds - who are nothing more than lickspittles to the REAL powers that be - and are willing to SAY anything, and/or DO anything to be chosen to (supposedly) "represent" this decadent toilet bowl of a society, as sock puppets for the REAL string pullers, Trump can AFFORD to be his own man. No need to cow-tow to ANYBODY...

Now, this attitude of Trump's has thrown the dealers of this Tweedle Dee-Tweedle Dum shell game called "democratic elections" ( yeah, you get the CHOICE of voting for the lesser of two evils, as if the CON-servatives are one jot better than their opposing camp. Hell, they're BOTH pushing the SAME agenda, it's just that the CON-servatives want to go at it a wee bit slower than the other. Am I wrong here? Aren't they ALL anti-White working class? ) into a regular tizzy!


Because, Trump feels no need to be "PC", and he isn't.

I'm certainly NOT stating that I believe for one minute that Donald Trump BELIEVES any of the things he's stating that discomforts the "mainstream" political whores so much - after all, HE is THE ideal representative of the greedy, unscrupulous 1%ers - BUT, he's SMART enough to understand that the vast majority of the American populace is totally FED UP with the SYSTEM and its STOOGES, and he's clever enough to tap into it!

Since he's nobody's "bought boy" as he's already stated, unlike the other political hacks, he DARES to state the obvious! He tells it as the majority of the population FEELS, and he's far ahead in the polls because of it.

Americans of ALL races are FED UP with this ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION - so he says that he'll BUILD a WALL to keep them out! CHEERS! He states that "Political Correctness" is disgusting and it's time to STOP IT! More CHEERS! He DARES to turn his guns on the paid morons of the system controlled MEDIA! And regular folks LOVE it!

Did you watch that last "debate" amongst the "republirat" candidates? I did. These bought and sold bastards were ACHING to make similar statements like Trump, KNOWING that those statement were resonating among the viewers - but they DARE not! Their handlers would have immediately dropped them, and they would be tarred forever as being renegades outside the system corral. Their opportunities at feeding at the public trough would be ended forever! So they stood there looking (and feeling) like the lame-ass CON-servative FOOLS they ARE.

The system sees this possible derailment by Trump of their oh so controlled shell game, that they turned their SUPPOSEDLY CON-servative stooges at Fox "news" (propaganda) into a hit team, to attempt to make Trump look foolish by asking him repeatedly, senseless questions that they asked NONE of the others on the stage. Now with the USUAL political whore, they would have "got the message" and caved in, groveling to toe the system's PC line. NOT TRUMP! He stood tall, as his mighty EGO kicked in, and TOLD THEM WHERE TO GO... MORE APPLAUSE!

WHAT will the "mainstream" attempt to "DO" to this über-wealthy MAVERICK? Not invite him to any more "debates"? Hell, he'll BUY the network, or at least all the airtime he desires! Attack him in their controlled media? I think if they do, they'll regret it - Trumps EGO will not allow him to take that silently. The MORE that the "mainstream" attacks Donald Trump, the MORE he might come out with stating even MORE "uncomfortable truths" that no-one dares utter in public...

One thing is for SURE - The Donald is OPENING a LOT of "Pandora's Boxes" that the system thought were locked away forever. Who would have ever thought it possible... Perhaps it will be suddenly "discovered" that Trump is secretly a "child porn" enthusiast , or even find a secret "Nazi" obsession! LOL! As this is playing out, it sure looks like a much more enjoyable shell game this time around, than the usual. I thought that we would be treated to another stale old DYNASTY play out between the Clinton - Bush families. As IF, out of over 300 MILLION Americans, these two are the "BEST" that the American people deserve? As things sit right at the moment, I believe that if "BOZO" was put on the ballot, he'd get elected before these two...

Over on the demorat side, this past weekend, that old Marxist jew Berni Sanders was taught a LESSON about NEEDING "Stormtroopers" while campaigning, as TWO young negresses interrupted and took over his rally in Seattle and refused to allow him to speak! LOL Yeah, they marched up to the podium and demanded to shriek about "black lives matter"! LOL Old Berni and his PC pale-faced cronies stood there, pathetically not knowing "WHAT to DO", since their attackers were NEGROES. The old kosher phony, finally gave it up and quietly walked off stage. Now, I wonder WHAT might have HAPPENED if those disrupters would have had “PALE FACES" - hem?

Interesting times. It seems that the kosher Blackenstein Monster that the Tribe created, might just be getting out of control... Now isn't THAT what you call POETIC JUSTICE, or what?

Yep, CHAOS in GOVERNMENT - CHAOS in SOCIETY - CHAOS in POLITICS = the TOTAL DYSFUNCTIONAL MESS that the American people are forced to exist under! Will it be a "Trump" who FINALLY lets loose the pressure valve of the system's POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and opens the flood gates of ANGER and FREE SPEECH from the used and abused "average American"?

IF Donald Trump continues breaking system taboos, will OTHER people finally decide that its TIME to SPEAK OUT?

In truth, the ONLY REASON that all this crap continues to happen to us, "The People" - is BECAUSE so few are willing to SAY NO! To sit back in silence, is to honestly be an ENABLER to the crimes being committed AGAINST ourselves!

White MEN and WOMEN - HOW LONG WILL YOU BE AN ENABLER? Or, will YOU decide to JOIN the RESISTANCE to EVIL, and start to INTELLIGENTLY become PART of the SOLUTION, rather than - THE PROBLEM?

You START by reviewing the "SUPPORT" section of our Party website, and then you GET INVOLVED in whatever positive manner that is available to you. Don't WORRY about all the "others" - concern YOURSELF with ONE individual - the person in the MIRROR!

All it took in the fairy tale was ONE small child, willing to state that the "EMPEROR HAD NO CLOTHES" for the people to finally stop pretending that he was the best dressed person in town - perhaps this Donald Trump will be our modern day innocent that points out the TURD(S) floating in the PUNCHBOWL of 21st century America...

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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