ANP Report for July 18, 2015

Racial Comrades: I think it's time once again for me to do another "what's the American Nazi Party all about" and "WHAT" are we "DOING"?

Our agenda boils down to basically this - REO - which means...

REACH - through our Outreach literature distribution, our various internet efforts, and our hard-copy publications - we attempt to REACH White Americans who think as we basically do, and to give them the opportunity to get involved with a real political effort that works for the best interests of the White Community.

There are "other" racially oriented groups and organizations out there, in the "movement" - from soft-core reactionary "heritage" outfits, to costumed re-enactor style cults, to "race war" advocates who like to play lets pretend "army-man" - but, as far as I'm concerned, there are none besides ourselves who actively engage in getting racially aware White men and women ELECTED to LOCAL political offices, hence actually BUILDING a HOPE for future generations of the 14 Words.

Most of these other group seem to spin their wheels in taking part in "protests" of one sort or another, although to "WHOM" they are protesting is to me a mystery. Is it to the ENEMY CONTROLLED - ZOG - system? Surely there is ZERO point in protesting to THEM, as they are the ones who are actively destroying White America!

Is it to the masses of pale-faced ZOMBIES who shamble unceasingly towards the nearest Mall, to spend their few shekels as fast as they can earn them, for the latest Chinese made plastic garbage that the one-eyed, glowing sewer insists that they cannot live without?

Personally, I can't figure them out. The "movement" has been "protesting" this or that since I first joined George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party in 1967, as a youth of 16 - and it's ACCOMPLISHED zilch! In order for a protest to have some meaning, you have to have a sympathetic audience, that actually CARES about WHAT you are protesting about. Now that rules out Zog, doesn't it? And as for the masses of pale-faced zombies - well, have all of these TENS of THOUSANDS of movement protests succeeded in gaining any real support from the White population?

All that it HAS accomplished, is that literally THOUSANDS of well meaning people who were involved in these public protests, and were therefor "OUTED" by the system's controlled media which works hand in glove with our opponents and outright enemies - faced ALL the draconian measures that the system and its lickspittles were able to bring against them. And never fear, there are numerous measures that Zog and its allies can utilize to persecute dissident White folks whom they feel threatened by.

The first most obvious one is loss of employment, next comes the smear campaign meant to cause discomfort within the family, friends, and neighbors of those who are targeted with the word "RACIST" - and let's face it - being labeled a "racist", is about as bad a stigma as the old Red Letter A - pinned on a woman in the Puritan days... The enemy propagandists have made even child molesters appear better than an evil White "racist"! Get that label stuck on you, and with today's electronic super highway, you're tagged for life!

Now, for all those "brave" souls out there who sneer and say "I DON'T CARE" , let me assure you that, YES you can SURVIVE - but, just about that... I know, I've been there - done that for almost fifty years now, and it's not an easy life. That's WHY I bother to take the time and effort to keep our ANP Comrades from DOING stupid, silly actions that bring little positive for the price, and a LOT of PAIN and SUFFERING.

Yes, back when I was younger and a lot more naïve and gullible than I am at present, I too listened to the Mighty Poohbahs who urged us out onto the streets, in full costume, in order to gain THEM a few HEADLINES to paste up in their little newsletters, as "proof" that XYZ organization was "DOING SOMETHING". The peanut gallery was enthused by those (always negative) headlines and articles, and the bucks flowed in - into the hands of the Mighty Poohbahs - while the poor saps who were OUT THERE lost jobs, had broken families, and were black-listed for life, except for the most menial type of employment.

LEARN FROM MY PAST MISTAKES and EXPERIENCES folks - you DON'T have to LIVE THEM yourselves! A few momentary "back-slaps" and phony "words of praise" from those in the peanut gallery who WEREN'T OUT THERE, but get a big thrill reading about it - is poor reward for the sacrifice you've made! And will continue to make for the rest of your lifetime...

We refuse to treat people who join our organization as expendable; far too many good, decent, normal people have been lost forever because they were used like a tissue, and discarded by their so-called "leaders", who were either self-seeking profiteers living off the Struggle, or who were actual JUDAS-GOATS sent by the ENEMY himself to MIS-DIRECT the Struggle into dead-ends which eventually turned off and burned out decent folks who meant well, but were led astray.

FORGET the PUBLIC PROTESTS - UNTIL - they are big enough where YOU can meld in and become a FACE in the CROWD! It CAN be done - but, too many of these grouplets put the cart before the horse - instead of recruiting enough PEOPLE to do a SIGNIFICANT public event, that both IMPRESSES the masses, and INTIMIDATES the OPPOSITION , they go public where they NEED the ENEMY COPS to PROTECT them! That is both UNACCEPTABLE and PATHETIC.

And don't tell me it can't be done successfully - it's done all the time over in Europe, where they don't insist on playing like children in funny homemade costumes, and instead actually GET INVOLVED in taking part in REAL POLITICAL activity!

EDUCATE - is the second step of our organization. Most people who join and are basically "new" to White Nationalism, have a FEW basic ideas about "what" it is that we are trying to accomplish, and "what" the problems are that White America faces. We take the time and effort to EDUCATE these folks, to the "WHO" and the "WHAT" that is the PROBLEM, and the POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS.

Long ago, I realized that people needed to KNOW and UNDERSTAND - WHAT it IS - that they are struggling to accomplish, and the WHY that it is necessary to do so. A few slogans like "white power" may titillate and enthuse a handful for a momentary period of time, if you want people to continue over the long haul - they MUST understand just what it is that they are being asked to support and sacrifice for.

In the ANP we have stripped away ALL of the common DISTRACTIONS that have polluted the mindset of the "movement" for decades. Gone are the funny costumes. Gone are the fancy "ranks & titles" - no "Oberstormtrooperdoopers" or "Exalted Cyclops" per example. The ANP is a POLITICAL PARTY similar to the Democruds or the Republirats - EXCEPT - that we are a National Socialist Party that is based upon securing the best interests of America's White Working Class!

We are NOT some "RE-ENACTMENT" society for either the lost Confederacy, OR the Third Reich era in 20th century Germany. Neither are we some strange, alienish "religious" cult that few White Americans have ever even heard of. Nor are we some "gun club" or para-military weekend warrior type who loves fondling weapons and playing "Rambo" who can't run fifty yards without passing out...

And that brings us to WHAT we ARE - ORGANIZE...

After we have Reached White men and women through our Outreach efforts, and brought them in and Educated them to the REAL "score", we then attempt to Organize them into entering and getting involved into the world of REAL POLITICS.

Let's face it - POWER - real world POLITICAL POWER, is the ONLY thing that the White Racial Movement SHOULD be concentrating upon. Let's be honest with ourselves - let's consider this "Confederate flag" situation - is there even ONE pale-faced political whore who didn't buckle under and grovel at the feet of those demanding its being pulled down? Is there ONE "Pro-White" politician in the entire ZOG SYSTEM?

WHY IS THIS? Why are ALL these Non-Aryans represented by POLITICAL FIGURES "supposedly" looking out for THEIR interests - and not ONE Pro-White man or woman? I'll tell you WHY - it's BECAUSE the (let's use the negroes as a good example) negroes make the effort to get THEIR people ELECTED to public office! And IN public office, these people have INFLUENCE and POWER. The "movement" seems to prefer dressing up like "Racist Village People" rather than putting SERIOUS effort into gaining some real world political power of their own.

Now we are not fools in the American Nazi Party. We understand and know that "higher offices" are beyond the reach of White Racialists, simply because of lack of funding, resources and people. These supposed "write-in campaigns" that occasionally some "movement" Con-Man declares for himself, is just that. It's a rip-off of monies from naïve, gullible but well meaning movementite's who are DESPERATE for SOME glimmer of hope, by these phonies. People - it's nothing but a SCAM, like some of these "TV PREACHERS".

BUT, taking part in LOCAL political campaigns ARE possible - as long as you present yourself as a NORMAL, INTELLIGENT, SINCERE White citizen, and NOT some hate-mongering loony shouting "DOWN WITH THE KIKES" or "SHIP'EM TO AFRICA!" style behavior. We know, we've done it and will continue along this path.

It costs little to run a LOCAL political campaign, and IF you haven't already been tarred as an "evil racist", it's possible to WIN public support. You speak well and intelligently, you dress appropriately , and you don't act like someone scripted from a Hollywood "Klan/History X" propaganda film. You smile and don't constantly scowl. You shave and get a haircut. You bathe....

You might laugh at what I've written above, but truthfully - have you SEEN many of the so-called "spokesmen" that the "movement" produces, and that the system's media LOVE to parade before the public, as "our representatives" of the White Community? Often it makes me cringe and wonder if these creatures are REALLY a part "of us", or are they paid actors put forth by the enemy to make us all look bad...

Lastly, make damn SURE that the people whom you hoist as "CANDIDATES" are worthy of that position. We had one young man join us a while back, and from his "TALK" I was impressed with all his "piss & vinegar" about his "dedication" etc,. I honestly had high hopes for this individual. On his own he went up to his Parish clerk and plunked down the $25 fee to get his name on the ballot as a local candidate. As far as I understand he didn't really do much of a job "campaigning" - but, the long and the short of it is - he actually WON a seat. The pathetic part about the whole affair, is that because he didn't bother attending the meetings he was obligated to, he lost his position and some system stooge was appointed to replace him. I guess it wasn't "exciting enough" to keep his interest, final result he left the Party as well. Good riddance!

Perhaps some of you will understand my "attitude" sometimes, about the White Community, and its current position in the world...

But, if ANYTHING it has shown me that it CAN be done! And it OUGHT to be being done all across America!

IF all these various "organizations" in this so-called "movement", which has NO real MOVEMENT to it - would shit-can ALL their collective silliness, and QUIT OUTING their memberships to the enemy's scrutiny - and instead CONCENTRATE upon running candidates (even just ONE) as we are, we might, NO we WOULD - see some POSITIVE PROGRESS being made, almost overnight! You know folks, INDIVIDUALS can do this on their own too...hint/hint.

Comrades, The White Worker magazine for July has been published, packed and will be in the mail come Monday. If you are in Good Standing per your pledges, it should be in your hands soon.

I continue to strongly encourage each and everyone of you to become a daily NS Johnny Appleseed , spreading the message of the Good Word of our National Socialist Struggle. That ONE card or sticker or leaflet that you carefully and intelligently distribute to our White brothers and sisters, just might be the one that connects with a valuable future Party Activist and Comrade. We need to plant those NS seeds, as far and wide as we possibly can, to help achieve those 14 Words and Social Justice for the White Working Class!

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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