ANP Report for July 09, 2015

Racial Comrades: Often people who are against National Socialism declare that it's because National Socialism is supposedly a "Dictatorship" rather than a "Democracy". They love to prattle on about how Democracy is better because it represents the true will of the majority of the citizenry. I believe that they are very mistaken.

How often have we seen ballot issues placed before the voters - after surmounting horrific hurdles placed by the system, on even getting the question placed before the voters and on the ballot itself - OVERTURNED by the system's corrupt controlled "COURTS", when the results aren't what the system itself desired? Is THAT supposed to be "DEMOCRACY?"

If it is, well you can take it, and shove it up where the sun doesn't shine, as my old Grandpa used to say!

Over in Greece, they recently had a referendum place before the Greek electorate, asking whether the nation/people should accept more "austerity" or opt out of the International Bankster shell game. The PEOPLE soundly voted NO!

Now, the International Kosher Banksters, and their controlled toadies in governments around the world are gnashing their teeth, and threatening the brave people of Greece with all sorts of nasty measures...

Let's back up a moment and review just "what" this is all about.

For decades now, the Zog government in Greece, like all of the rest in existence, have been BORROWING money from the International Banksters at HUGE interest rates - and the corrupt governments of the 1% control group that rules everywhere - have been wasting that money, or funneling it into their own pockets, just as the political whores do here in America. This corrupt debt has gotten so out of hand, that Greece cannot even make payments on the USURY/INTEREST anymore, much less pay off the balance - typical scam that these Judeo-Capitalists do to the average poor soul who is in their grasp, per their "credit card" racket. I supposed many of my readers have sadly experienced this crime for yourselves. EASY CREDIT - LIFELONG DEBT, to the point where the INTEREST and the PENALTIES have far exceeded what you originally spent and owed. It's WORSE than any "mob" in operation.

Well, the Greeks FINALLY stopped voting and putting into power, the "USUAL" political parties, with their bought and sold political whores, and voted in a NEW political party, which promised to break this austerity strangulation of their nation. The new government declared that it would go to the PEOPLE direct, with a REFERENDUM on WHAT the PEOPLE WANTED, and the people overwhelmingly told them, “NO MORE BLOODSUCKING OF THE 'COMMON' PEOPLE!” And apparently, THIS government LISTENS to the people it's SUPPOSED to REPRESENT, unlike the old systemite politicians...

What does the demand of "austerity" MEAN as put forth by the International Kosher criminals and their bought and sold lackeys in governments everywhere? I'll tell you.

Right now, unemployment is at 25% across the board for the average Greek, it's 50% for young Greeks! Folks, it's an outright DEPRESSION - NOT - a "RECESSION" as the controlled talking heads tell you... The banksters also are demanding that the peoples' PENSIONS are severely cut back to PAY the Banksters their POUND of FLESH, just as SHYLOCK the JEW demanded in Shakespeare's play the Merchant of Venice related. These scum also want drastic CUTS in Greece's welfare system for the growing poor, need I go on?

I have some suggestions for the Greek government. First, STOP the "goodie train" for all those Non-White illegal aliens swarming your shores. Spend these monies upon your OWN people, and deport all of these parasites - NOW! Secondly, let's see some AUSTERITY for the WEALTHY 1% - TAX everyone who has an income over a MILLION dollars, as the average, poor Greek is gouged. Personally, I don't see why anyone couldn't live like a frigging king on an income of a single million dollars! Put the excess INTO the nation's treasury. Next, I would tell the Banking Mob, that Greece will only pay towards the BALANCE of its debt, and NO MORE usurious INTEREST-SLAVERY payment will be forthcoming. The Kosher Mobsters have bled the people for decade after decade and it ends now! And lastly, form your OWN currency, OUTSIDE the International Banking criminals cabal. Tear their hands off the economic life of the Greek people forever!

Hopefully, Greece will pull out of the so-called "European Union", which is nothing more than a Zog "Global New Order" scheme, and regain their freedom and independence from WORLD control! Then, OTHER nations such as Italy, Ireland, and Spain will hopefully follow suit. Perhaps, eventually Germany will someday regain its spirit, and quit being the milk cow for the ONE WORLD CONTROLLERS and then, well we'll see...

HOW was this rebellion of the Greek people ACCOMPLISHED? It's very simple. They QUIT supporting and voting for the Tweedle Dee / Tweedle Dum controlled political parties, and GOT INVOLVED in ALTERNATIVE political choices. Parties that actually BELIEVED in SOMETHING - MORE - than just getting their fat, corrupt, sellout cretins into seats of power where they could serve - NOT the PEOPLE - but, powers who PUT THEM THERE!

Here in America, it's a sorry state of affairs. Just about all the "opposition elements" are corralled into "one issue" dead-ends, that allow their participants to blow off steam, but accomplish nothing.

Most of them avoid REAL POLITICS like a vampire does holy water, preferring to "protest", as if those in control give a rat's ass for anything these people are hollering about. The so-called "racial movement" is even MORE pathetic, blathering about the same old nonsense that they've been mouthing for the last fifty years, without ANY even diminishing kind of SUCCESS.

The latest detour with these folks is this "confederate" issue, as if the confederacy wasn't buried and gone forever.

Don't these people have EYES in their heads? Haven't they NOTICED that decade after decade that the NON-WHITES are OUT NUMBERING THEM and that there is NOT - ONE - person in this evil, corrupt Judeo-Capitalist government, that is ONE of THEM any longer? It seems as IF, as long as the "Stars and Bars" waves over the statehouse etc. - even IF the PEOPLE in those buildings AREN'T White (ala the "White House lol) everything isn't "so bad"!?! WTF?

Listen up all you "Confederates" - the ENEMY rules COMPLETELY over the land of the "Confederacy" just as well as it does the North, the East and the West. INSTEAD of playing DRESS-UP, or INTIMIDATING poor, powerless black folks, or having FUN FESTS where you can PRETEND that the "South will rise Again" - YOUR land, like mine up here in Michigan has been OVERWHELMED by NON-White faces!

And these NON-White faces HAVE got POLITICAL POWER, unlike yourselves! Know HOW? It's simple Billy Bob - THEY got involved in GETTING real political power, ie they got THEMSELVES ELECTED to public office. YOU can TOO - if you'll QUIT acting like scripted Hollywood caricatures, and made the EFFORT to #1 GET YOURSELVES ON THE BALLOT, and #2 were willing to BECOME involved in LOCAL governments, as a good start.

Of course, this would mean, getting a haircut, shaving, wearing clean appropriate clothing, and speaking intelligently and articulately - is that TOO MUCH to request? You might also want to bone up on issues interesting to the average White American man and woman of the 21st century, rather than rehashing the supposed "Glory Days" of the 19th century - so they'll UNDERSTAND and CARE about what you're promoting. Can you DO that Stonewall?

I know, now you're going to point at our use of the Swastika, and our adherence to the National Socialist ideology, and say "why don't you change from that past, and save White America...?” Ha! Ha! Ha!

Well, my answer to you is this - the ANP is NOT a "mass action" organization - the Party exists to draw together those Aryans who like and adhere to the National Socialist world-view, and form THEM into a SERIOUS political action force. For far too long - National Socialism - has been dominated by the bozo hollywierd nutzi crowd, the costumed capering "street theater" Village People bunch. Our intent is to change that, and create a REAL, SINCERE National Socialist movement. Once we HAVE built that NS Movement into a solid, fanatical, capable, significant organization, THEN we will approach real political activity in a "different" format.

What counts is not the "image" but the substance of National Socialism itself. Only a fool or a re-enactor would refuse to EVOLVE and ADAPT to the situation. National Socialism is in the HEART and the MIND of everyone who embraces Adolf Hitler's true vision, not in what they might APPEAR to "BE". This is what so many of these costumed cretins who dress up in silly apparel cannot fathom. For sincere National Socialists, it's NOT the COSTUME that makes the man or woman, but rather what's inside...

Myself, I'm a National Socialist if I'm naked in the shower, I don't need some oddball fashion statement to proclaim what I believe.

Over in Europe, our Comrades are surging ahead in every nation of our White/Aryan heritage, and as the Judeo-Capitalist Old Order crumbles - hell, OUR debt to the International Banksters is topping 18 TRILLION, how much further can it go on? - coupled with the NON-Aryan invasions of OUR Homelands, is bringing forth a resurgence of our faith. National Socialism is NOT "dead", it's only been asleep and biding its time. That time is fast approaching...! Let's get the ball rolling OVER HERE!

Freedom for whom, and what kind?

by Steve Davenport

Ho hum. Another Fourth of July. US independence day. Independence for whom? Freedom for whom? Certainly not white Aryans. It has gotten to the point that non-whites run roughshod over white Aryans day in and day out. Now blacks are demanding the removal of the Confederate flag as they consider it offensive to them. The fact that whites honor it, to honor those who died for it, is totally ignored. This is just yet another symptom of the sickness of this society.

REVERSE DISCRIMINATION. Non whites are free to do as they please. Their whim is white Aryan's command. I don't see any calls for the removal of Israeli flags from synagogues. I don't see any demands for the removal of the black liberation flag from anywhere. No, it's always us whites giving in on everything under the sun. For those of the "go along to get along" school of thought, forget it. Even if we white Aryans walked constantly on our knees, the Jews/blacks/non-whites will never be satisfied. We give, they take.

Independence. What a joke. White Aryans are free to be unemployed, as the 1% rich ruling elite outsources our jobs overseas. To better increase their almighty profits. White Aryans are free to self hate, as our schools teach racial self hatred to our kids. People ashamed of themselves are much easier to control, than racially proud ones. White Aryans are free to watch their predominant religion of Christianity ridiculed, and reviled. Non-whites and other religions are not made fun of or reviled as that would be discriminatory. What total hypocrisy.

White Aryans are free to watch as our ruling elite sends our soldiers off to fight in very foreign wars, for no good reason. To spill their precious blood. Just so the rich ruling elite can takeover oil fields, and have anti Capitalist enemies destroyed. Add in also, that those we fight against, are anti Israel, so we serve the Jews' interest, rather than our own. The US has a military presence in 130 countries presently. If we're the good guys, why is this? Why are we world policemen? Or, are we more the rich ruling elite's musclemen? Enforcers for ZOG.

White Aryans have the freedom to starve. Be homeless. Live worse than animals, because our rulers consider us worthless. Our elections are a joke. We're free to vote for some crooked jackass, who will screw us as soon as elected. We're free to stand by and watch helplessly as crooked politicians rape the system for all they can get. The people's will ignored.

White Aryans are free to stand by, and watch as feminism, and same sex relationships destroy white Aryan family life root and branch. Talk about genocide. Yet we're free to notice not a word from liberalism on how our society is decaying. Most people in the US are SINGLE. Family no longer matters. Without the building block of family, how can you realistically have a society? At least one worth a damn.

Are we really free? I do not see it at all. We white Aryans are treated with total contempt. We're free, to be abused/cheated/tricked. Are you tired of it? I sure am. Help the ANP. Help it fight for our rights. Hell, our very existence. Donate generously. Money talks in this society, and without money, ANP is forced to remain silent. We need a group willing to speak up for us white Aryans. ANP is our only champion. Help it. Give out literature. We need to get the word out to our people to gain their support. We have to STOP be passive onlookers of our own white Aryan destruction. Help! Time is running out. If things are bad now while we're still the majority, how will things be for a white Aryan minority? Not very good I'm sure.

When even ONE Comrade forgets his/her obligations, it leaves a hole in our very strained budget, and unless someone else "gives a little extra" than normal, to make up for the others oversight, the Party unfortunately suffers accordingly. The same with Outreach activities, that ONE sticker or message-card that you "didn't feel like pausing to distribute” - could be - that one more individual who could be in our ranks. Enough said...

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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