ANP Report for June 24, 2015

Racial Comrades: Recently, down in SC a misguided young White man went into a negro church and gunned down nine blacks who were probably as powerless and abused by this evil, corrupt Judeo-Capitalist system as he was. What a total waste of a young White life...

What did he think he was going to GAIN by such an action?

Was he going to build a positive Pro-White political agenda by killing these people?

Was he going to put a POSITIVE "spin" on current day American White Nationalism?

Was he single handedly going to eliminate the negro presence in America, by shooting innocent - because I'd be willing to bet that most if not all of these negroes - were actually not the common "criminal element" that is constantly shown on the TV news.

And don't give me that old canard that they "were black racists" themselves. So WHAT if they were racially aware per their own kind - isn't THAT what "WE" are supposedly proposing OURSELVES? What's good for the goose is good for the gander, in my thinking! As a National Socialist ( note that, please ) I believe that EVERY race SHOULD be racially aware, for the best interests of THEIR people.

I'm NOT a racial HYPOCRITE folks.

Of course, the system's controlled media has gone into a frenzy, along with ALL of the system's paid political whore politicians ( NO EXCEPTIONS ) bemoaning the "evil White racism that made this possible". I note here that except on an anti-racist website, the "One Peoples Project" - NO WHERE ELSE have I seen published the young White mans "MANIFESTO" which he left behind, explaining "why" he took the actions that he did.

I read it, and to tell you the truth, he was pretty much right on target when he explained his knowledge of the problems facing the White race. What I don't understand is his preoccupation of both Rhodesia and South Africa, when he had only to step outside his door, to see the literal tide of growing Non-Whites subsuming White people in the U.S. - and the LACK of any kind of REALISTIC response from the pale-faced zombies who hurry like a flowing river to the mall, to purchase more and more junk that the glowing tube tells them that they must have or die...

Oddly enough, the systems national media talking heads, seemed to have somehow missed the fact that a day after the SC shooting, negroes here in Detroit shot and killed SEVEN other negroes at a party at a local Community Center - I guess that negroes killing other negroes just isn't as news-worthy as a lone mental dysfunctional who happens to be White? Go figure, did you know that statistics show that the vast majority of negroes killed in America, are murdered NOT by Whites, but by their own kind - who NEEDS those ku-kluxers, eh?

Now the system's politicians, media whores, and "religious" figures are demanding the REMOVAL of all traces of the "Confederacy" from governmental symbolism, and the reactionary, right-wingers of the types that that poor kid used to swill in - the "Southern, Con-servative Confederate" types are swelling fit to burst with all their moaning and groaning. LOL

I would like to ask them THIS - WHY in hell would you WANT this decadent, corrupt, evil, White race DESTROYING SYSTEM - to even HAVE your symbols on theirs? Do you think that IF this Judeo-Capitalist sewer had a "Swastika" replacing that STAR of DAVID on the "National Seal", that you can easily see printed on its money, as an example - that I would somehow feel a "little better" about how things are? Hell no! In truth, I would be disgusted that the ENEMY had co-opted MY symbol for its own nefarious uses!

Are these "Southern Confederate" types just sooo grateful to see the system flying a wee bit of "rebel history" over their degenerate empire, even as the White population submerges into a sea of racial shit?

Personally, I want and DEMAND that the anti-White system REMOVES immediately ALL vestiges of White Racial History from its imagery as well as TEARS DOWN any and all "monuments" of Aryan Racial Greatness - NOW!

It's long overdue that the present day Pale Faced population, has the blinders torn from their collective vision, and finally REALIZE that for all intent and purpose - it's OVER. At this point in time - they've LOST! The future is still up for grabs...

Nothing is more disgusting to me, than to see some statue, of some heroic Aryan of the past sited in a park, and gathered around its base, is a crowd of yapping Mexicans or other alien human garbage, laughing, drinking, throwing trash and acting like sub-humans, white the Aryan in Marble gazes down in wonder at them!

The current pale-faced population on the whole don't DESERVE any reminders of their wondrous history - tough to hear the TRUTH? - but, I think people GET just WHAT they wind up deserving!

Whites USED to look upon these Heroes in Marble with a feeling of pride. It helped MOTIVATE them into DOING something their race could be proud of, and perhaps to emulate the greatness of those enshrined. You know WHAT KIND of "monuments" today's pale-faces deserve? Monuments to GREEDY, SELFISH, UNSCRUPULOUS, "Corporate figures" - that's who...

When I was a kid, the Detroit baseball stadium was named "Tiger Stadium" after the hometown team - today it's "COAMERICA PARK", a Judeo-Capitalist BANKING outfit! And I'm sure it's the same elsewhere too - and why shouldn't it be - these huge arena's are being BUILT by and large by TAX DOLLARS, handed out by "YOUR" politicians, and let's face it CORPORATE AMERICA - OWNS and CONTROLS the United States, and their heroes aren't the heroes of old...

I'll tell you all something. I'm about as proud a Racialist as a person could be being a National Socialist, but I feel no "joy" over the death of those nine negroes; it was stupid and useless... What I really feel sadness for though, is the total WASTE of a young White man's life - can you IMAGINE what will happen to this individual, tossed into one of Zog's hell hole prisons and abused for the rest of his life? It would be much kinder to give him the death penalty in my mind. I'm sorry that he didn't kill himself, and spared himself what he's going to endure...

I'll wind this up with WHO do I myself BLAME for this kid's actions - it's 99.9% of this sick, putrid "racial movement" - which constantly dwells upon NEGATIVITY. They HATE THIS and they HATE THAT - they TRY and play the victim more than the jews even do, with their constant pissing and crying about "the XYZ did this or that" - rather than promote a POSITIVE message of WHAT WE SHOULD BE DOING OURSELVES.

IF this kid had had an opportunity to become a part of a PROGRESSIVE, PRO-WHITE POLITICAL movement, that actually TRIED to achieve some PRO-WHITE POLITICAL progress - FOR our White Community rather than belittled the progress that the OTHER races are actually ACHIEVING ( because THEY are DOING IT ) more than likely, he wouldn't have felt so desperate to do what he did. I think he saw NO PROGRESS in the interests of the White Community - which instead confines itself to pity-parties and costumed theater of the silliest sort, and moronic rehashes of the PAST - and he bought into this fantasy "race war" message, that so many movementites promote to varying degrees but REALLY in all honesty never truly believe in, and he went off the edge.

So once again our Folk loses a possibly valuable individual BECAUSE the "message" it sends out is the WRONG one.



INSTEAD of being so AGAINST - THIS or THAT - WHY can't our message be a POSITIVE ONE that is simply FOR OUR PEOPLE?

Let's play a game - lets pretend that their aren't any "OTHERS" - and that INSTEAD we are going to LOOK OUT for the BEST INTERESTS of our OWN KIND! And THAT is WHAT we PROMOTE and BUILD upon. This doesn't mean that we don't attack the evils in our society, OR the people behind those evils - what is does mean, that instead of constantly harping upon what the "others" are "doing to us" - which in reality is our own fault for ALLOWING them to do so in the first place - we instead concentrate upon WHAT we are going to DO - FOR - our Folk.

Despite being a Racialist AND a National Socialist, I honestly break the controlled media's mold of supposedly "what I am", as I DON'T desire to HARM Non-Aryans in any fashion or manner - nor do I constantly worry about them harming me. I will react if they try, but its not my life's goal to intimidate, harass, harm or denigrate ANYONE because they didn't have the honor of being born White. I simply desire the BEST for MY people, not to deny any "others" what they deserve by their own behavior. Is that "hateful", I personally don't think so.

I'd like to see the entire "racial movement" progress to CONCENTRATING upon IGNORING the "others" without the blank-check nonsense that they currently promote ( ie. ALL "fill in the blank" people are BAD, simply BECAUSE they ARE "fill in the blank" ) and instead work to REBUILD our race into the people that they ONCE were, not the human garbage that they have become...

Comrades, The White Worker magazine is in the mail, for all those who sent in their donation pledges. All orders have been filled and mailed as well, that we have received as of today.

As National Socialists, we have an obligation to not only LIVE as National Socialists SHOULD live, but to be ACTIVE in spreading the Good Word of National Socialism to our White brothers and sisters. That means DOING OUTREACH - and the summertime is an excellent time to be doing it! It's NOT "how much" each of us can do, as ALL TOGETHER it ALL ADDS UP! Please become a part of our growing team of National Socialist "Johnny Appleseeds" - you never know when or where your one "seed" may sprout!

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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