ANP Report for June 10, 2015

Racial Comrades:  Those of you reading these words have something in common - YOU CARE - about "something".

Back in the day when I was young, I know it’s a long time ago - people, especially the young - CARED about "something", to the point where they would actually GET INVOLVED in whatever it was they felt so strongly about.

Whether it was anti-war protests, "civil-rights" campaigns, what have you - they didn't sit back and grumble, they attempted to do SOMETHING which involved THEM getting up out of their armchair, shutting off the TV, and DOING "SOMETHING" in their minds to correct the situation.


Today’s population is faced with so many pressing matters that actually effect their lives, many in the most negative manner, and yet the masses of people are - WHERE?  Doing WHAT?

Being basically an Old Fart - I honestly DON'T know, or understand just "WHAT" the people of today are so engrossed in, that they’re so totally passive in their thinking AND behavior. Can anybody tell me?

You would think that since unlike the days of my youth, where jobs were plentiful, and America was a pretty much White nation still, with a Euro-American culture, that TODAY’S White population would be up in arms about "what's happening" right before their eyes. ESPECIALLY all the Old Farts like myself who are still tottering around - remember, these WERE the people of those times that DID get involved in all those "campaigns" for this or that...  WHERE ARE THEY?

Just WHAT especially has turned the masses into silent drones?  Whether it’s White OR Black, they all pretty much appear to be zombies, "doing" WHAT?  

I myself think that America is far from being the Garden of Eden - where everybody is happy, with plenty, and everyone loves one another - far from it!  To myself, this toilet bowel of a corrupt, sick, and decadent society is a melting pot of filth, not simmering, but boiling over and ready to blow...   WHAT is keeping the others from reacting as I would expect? 

What's keeping the Negroes from reverting to the riots and rebellions of the 60's-70's for example?  Surely the vast majority of blacks are WORSE off than back then - oh yeah, a tiny percentage of blacks have been boosted into the "land of milk and honey", by the Massa - but, in total the Negro community is further down the rung of the socio-economic ladder, as OTHER "minorities" such as the Mestizos have bypassed them as the largest "minority" status, add to that the Arab element, who OWN so many businesses in the Ghetto, replacing the Jews as "slumlords" and I can't for the life of me figure out HOW so many of these "refugees" can come over here, and have the money to become OWNERS rather than WORKERS in all these businesses...  I can understand negro anger in regards to this situation - but, WHERE IS IT?

I won't even go on to WHITE ANGER - it seems to be invisible and for all intent and purposes non existent!  WHY? 

I hear these "news" reports of hundreds or even thousands of American youth interested in joining ISIS, and willing to go overseas to FIGHT for these Muslim groups - WHAT makes it more appealing to them, to go overseas, and risk their lives - than to "bring the battle home", right here in the U.S.?  Or, is that eventually coming...? 

A LOT of questions today, and very FEW answers.  Perhaps it’s the "calm before the storm"...? 

The way I figure it, WE as National Socialist Revolutionaries, are still living in a pre-Revolutionary time. The "BEST" that we can hope to accomplish, is to continue with our REO ( Reach/Educate/Organize ) project, and to CAREFULLY build a ROCK SOLID organization that when the time does arrive, WE will be ready for it... 

I would like to STRONGLY suggest that each one of you make the effort, and take the time to - READ - that "NS BULLETIN" on the main page of our website, that was written by a NS Comrade in England about five years ago, about National Socialism here in America, and WHAT he SUGGESTS that we DO.  While not living here, he assumes, or takes for granted the "average" worth of American Political Soldiers, compared with our European Comrades - WHAT he suggests that we consider is spot on...READ IT.


No cause for celebration.
by Steve Davenport

Today is June 6, 2015. The 70th anniversary of D Day, the Allied invasion of Normandy. It is treated as a great victory by the Western world.. Actually, it is instead a great defeat for Aryans everywhere.

The cause of racial unity was defeated, not Germany. The idea of racial separation was defeated, and then vilified after the war, by race mixer liberals spearheaded by liberal Jews. D Day was no victory. It was the beginning of the defeat of Aryan kind, which continues unabated right up to today. As I write, right now, celebrations all over are going on. Also as I write, Hispanics are flooding into the USA. What in God's name are we celebrating? Our own defeat.

The Jews were and are victorious. They now run the world. Any doubt as to this, one need only examine what most of the people in finance have as ethnic identity. The other major proof, is Israel. It rules supreme. Israel is the last colonial power. It rules over the Palestinians, like their their slave workforce. Israel is far more like imperialist ancient Sparta, than democratic ancient Athens. As Sparta had an elite citizen force as rulers, and a massive conquered Messenian slave workforce, so Israel has a ruling Jewish elite, and a conquered pseudo slave workforce in the Palestinians.

Everywhere Aryandom is under attack and siege. Christianity, the religion of many Aryans is constantly ridiculed in the Jew controlled media. Family is constantly attacked by the forces of feminism, and same sex marriage. Aryan workers are constantly being replaced by outsourcing to foreign non white lands, and here at home by illegal Hispanic workers from Latin America. Is any of this the sign of a victorious force? More like the defeat of a people. The defeat of a culture, and civilization.

Think of all the whites who died in the World Wars. Died for what? Narrow nationalism. In World War Two, Germany was trying to unify Aryans. They opposed the Jews and their immense WEALTH and power. The result has been defeat and the road to oblivion for Aryans since. Celebrate, I should say not. Celebrate what? My own destruction. Our race's destruction. Our race's future destroyed. I want my kids to learn pride of being Aryan. Our schools instead teach how Aryans are evil, and that it is a source of shame. Racial self loathing is not what I call in any sense a victory. It is the basis for eternal Aryan defeat.

We need to break out of the Jewish liberal straitjacket that is literally smothering our race in a brown sea of non whites, who once in power will do us great harm. Become a supporter of the ANP. It wants unity among Aryans, not war, and not shame. It wants Aryans to be treated with respect. Paid a decent wage. Keep jobs here at home. Have family, and Aryan culture/civilization respected, not ridiculed. No more self hating among Aryans. You dare not ridicule non whites in PC America, so why should Aryans be expected to take crap? Support the ANP. It is our champion. Our only one. The major parties sold out to Judeo-Capitalist money long ago, and are their puppets. Support ANP with money, and your time giving out literature. It is the only way open to us, to try and gain power, and with power our pride, and existence. With enough support, ANP will be able to enter elections. Local at first, then onward, and upward. It can be done. It must be done. There is no other alternative, and I refuse to let my race die out, like some extinct species. Aryans are warriors, not Dodo birds. Let us resist. ZOG celebrates victory now, but let the future be OURS!

Comrades, I understand that it’s summertime, and that there are so many "distractions" involved with the fine weather, et al. But for true National Socialist Revolutionaries, it also provides a wonderful time to engage in Outreach activities.

If you need SUGGESTIONS on WHAT to DO - I encourage you to go to the Party's "Outreach" website, in the "Links" section of our Main Party website, and review all the options offered.

With all the Zombies wandering around America, "doing what?" - YOU Party Activists are like diamonds scattered amongst the dung-hill - you stand out only the brighter for the contrast!  A sincere National Socialist does not sit back and observe the efforts of his/her Party Comrades actually DOING SOMETHING POSITIVE - without wishing to jump in and HELP in whatever manner they can.

And IF for some VERY SPECIAL "reason" that you simply cannot do Outreach yourself - surely, you CAN help provide the necessary funds to procure materials, for those who CAN do the leg work.  All you have to do is when you send us your donation, designate how much of it is to be diverted towards supplying Party Activists with materials which they themselves cannot afford, but would be willing to distribute if they had them.

The American Nazi Party is a TEAM EFFORT - EVERYBODY - has SOMETHING that they can contribute towards our efforts, whether its activism, or writing, or research work, or drawing (we could certainly use a good political cartoonist) or MONEY. As I was always told when I was young - there is no "I" in TEAM! 

For White Worker Power!  88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman  American Nazi Party 

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