ANP Report for May 25, 2015

Racial Comrades: Well, today is another "Memorial Day" - Ho-Hum, does ANYBODY really even CARE?

Memorial Day seems to me to be just another reason to have - GREAT SALES! - a chance to BBQ - a good excuse to guzzle beer and get drunk - and best of all - a DAY OFF WORK, unless you're one of those many folks in the low paid "service" economy, who have to work come rain or shine...

Yeah, I'm going to "celebrate" Memorial Day - as the period where MY America is gasping out its last breath, and prepares to expire.


Having been born in 1952, I've seen with my own eyes the subsuming of a once proud land and people, into a literal TOILET BOWL of a society, that cares literally for NOTHING but material, plastic pleasures. The funny part is, where ONCE the American Worker pretty much PRODUCED just about EVERYTHING that their greed desired. No more..

Today, as jobs disappear and wages shrink, the garbage that they find so "necessary" to have, is mostly produced OVERSEAS. Just WHAT can anybody tell me - is America KNOWN FOR anymore? It USED to be the POWERHOUSE of the entire WORLD - ship-building, steel production, electronics, you name it - America WAS the place you looked for, when you considered WHERE it was built.

Not any more. What the hell IS "made in America" anymore?

I'll tell you "WHAT" is produced and exported by the Jewnited States - FILTH, DEGENERACY, and the spirit of GREED!

All across the globe, as the Jewnited States put down its footprint, either by bribery or force - it spreads its filth like a leper. Is it any wonder why more healthy, and closer to nature peoples, REJECT and DESPISE what this corrupt, sick society tries to shove upon them, as "progress" and "democracy"? I personally don't think so...

Remember the movie "Red Dawn"? It was so popular, that they made a remake of it, to make more dough. The story line goes that America is invaded by a foreign power, and the local population fights back. First movie was Spics, the newer one was Gooks - both RACIALLY ALIEN from our people. Most people applauded its sentiment - "common Americans fighting foreign occupation and oppression". What the hell DIFFERENCE is this movies plot, than what's going on all over the world, as ZOG invades and occupies foreign peoples, takes THEIR resources, and KILLS their people, while FORCING upon them "lifestyles" that are so degenerate that many of them would prefer dying as "suicide bombers" than meekly submit to accepting it? Are these people REALLY the "BAD GUYS" as this dumbed-down "simplistic" propaganda of ZOG aimed at the current morons that litter this country are led to believe?

Seems to me that these resistance fighters are pretty much the same as those in the "Red Dawn" movies; well aren't they? Soooo, WHO's really the BAD GUYS in this scenario?

Back during WWII, the system propaganda spreaders, produced a series of films called, "Why We Fight" - if you ever get the time to pull yourself way from the current programming of some MILLIONAIRES - PLAYING KIDS' GAMES - with various kinds of "balls", I suggest that you look them up and watch them.

And when you watch, compare the America of BACK THEN, with the CURRENT America that you exist in TODAY. I'm not going to say any more, if and when you bother to view these films, you as I have, will ask yourself - WHO WON - the Second World War...

Adolf Hitler and all those National Socialist Comrades, who fought and died for OUR race, the WHITE race - must be bitterly laughing their asses off!

"THIS", the America of TODAY - was what all those WHITE men and women crossed an entire ocean to destroy - the BEST Leader and nation that our White Folk have ever created in their long history! ALL that blood and sacrifice, so that WHITE AMERICA would be in the state that it is... It's not only disgusting, it's sad.

WHITE PEOPLE killing WHITE PEOPLE - and "WHO" eventually BENEFITED? Was it the average, common old White man AND woman? Was it our children? WHO? I think you know WHO!

And even more sickening is the attitude of that generation's progeny - they calmly sat by, enjoying their materialistic pleasures, and became virtual SLAVES to that 1% who now control 90% of the entire nation's wealth, thereby controlling the nation and people itself! And they're STILL sitting by, as the common man's situation worsens by the day. Oh, there's GRUMBLERS out there, a LOT of them. Daily their numbers grow - BUT, they sit there as if there was NOTHING they COULD do! Let's all hold a BIG pity party for US. yeah...

I honestly don't know "what" to say to all of you anymore.

I hear stuff like "how could those blacks just sit there and be slaves on the plantation, why didn't they at least run away...".

Or, "how could all those jews allow themselves to be rounded up and put into camps, wouldn't it had been better to have fought and died, rather than be so docile?".

Well, Whitey - just WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE?

WHY do you who HATE what America has become and is becoming - DO SOMETHING? I mean more than pissing and moaning about how bad things are getting...

I'm only one old man. I intelligently explained to you readers for over a decade in these ANPReports alone "WHAT" must be DONE, and the SACRIFICIAL COST that it's going to take, to realistically and pragmatically SUCCEED to any degree. It's going to cost EFFORT on your part, and it's going to COST financial resources that might mean you having less to spend on plastic junk that you really don't need. But, it's NOT going to come "EASY", nor is it going to be "INEXPENSIVE". We can't get anywhere on the CHEAP. Like the old "jew joke" - we can stretch a penny, but not enough to make copper wire.

This whole scenario is like having a nightmare, or watching one of those horror movies - you want to shout to those involved - LOOK OUT! - but, they seemingly can't hear you! Happy Memorial Day...


by Steve Davenport

This country is going to hell in a Cadillac. We are sheeple. We quietly sit on our hands, as our Judeo-Capitalist masters drive us to ruin. What the hell? Why do you, white Aryan, sit on your hands, as you're being led over the abyss? Our economy is doing OK thanks to cheap energy. What happens when fracking is declared too dangerous? What happens when the oil runs out?

Consider. Our jobs are every minute of every day, outsourced overseas. ZOG talks of job creation. What jobs are being created? Minimum wage, no benefit ones. The govt can boast of making millions of them, but it's all smoke and mirrors. Jobs like those can never lead our country to prosperity. Our workers need to make a DECENT wage. One that allows support of a family. No, our rich ruling elite is perfectly content to husband it's wealth, while the American middle class dies a slow painful death. The American middle class has shrunk by a third so far. It is on a slow road to oblivion. If you're content with being poor, then continue to do nothing.

Our govt insists on maintaining the Patriot Act. The law against subversion. It's meant to be against Islamic terrorism, but it seems that it is really a weapon to silence any and all dissent. Our rulers don't want to hear complaints, so they've made it basically a crime to do so. Talk against the regime, and your tagged as an enemy sympathizer. Nice trick to gag any and all public opinion that is unfavorable.

Our rulers intend to keep us on the road to war. Keep us in a constant state of war. Our govt is like a crime family. Determined to control all. Any who oppose it, get the full force of the US military, fighting to' spread democracy', as in ZOG domination, all over the world.

Our rulers are quite comfortable sending our troops overseas in interminable wars. After all, they're not going. War keeps the citizenry behind the system, and blunts thoughts of rebellion. Besides, its good for the economy, at least for a few. Throw in, that it helps Israel to have an American guard dog at its disposal. Being constantly at war is bad for a society. Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and countless interventions. Continuous war is bad for a society. It soaks up blood and treasure. Education, and social programs are being cut back to support the war effort. Our people are constantly under strain, as we wait for enemy attack. Is this really any way to live?

The ANP wants to bring about a National Socialist society. That means peace. No more wars with Islam doing Israels bidding. That means enough prosperity that everyone gets food and housing. No malnutrition or sleeping on park benches due to homelessness. NS takes care of its people, its most precious resource. If we continue with ZOG, and its Judeo-Capitalist system, we are doomed as a people and nation. Our rulers are determined to force race mixing on us, because true blooded Aryans are too rebellious when it comes to tyranny. Our rulers intend to keep us at war, and distracted. Our rulers don't mind if we die off in wars. They intend to replace the Aryan, with the Hispanic. This is indirect genocide. The elimination of the Aryan people from the US. Its happening right now, with the Hispanic hordes invasion. Hispanics are well on their way to becoming the majority race.

Aryans, unite! Support the ANP while there is yet time. Save yourselves. The ANP is our shield. It needs our support. If we continue to blindly follow ZOG, we are doomed. ZOG is the enemy. ANP our friend/savior/protection. Look hard at the system we have now. The terrible inequality. Inequality that grows daily by leaps and bounds. Is Nazism, really evil, or is it your lifeline? Nazism is care for the race. Something we desperately need. Our very survival depends on changing the corrupt system we have now, for an equal/just/compassionate NS one.

Comrades, the May issue of The White Worker magazine has been mailed out to those Comrades in Good Standing with their pledges.

I would like to request something simple - please print your NAME and FULL ADDRESS clearly on your pledge slip, it will be a great help to us in trying to read where and to whom to send your material to. Thank you...

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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