ANP Report for May 12, 2015

Racial Comrades: One of the strangest things I've noticed happening here in America as of late, is the hate campaign led by such Jews as this Pamela Geller, to attack and denigrate people on "religious" grounds. Funny what SOME people can get away with, eh?

This ranting Jewess, has been held up by the reactionary media such as "Fox News" and their imbecilic cloned followers in the reactionary "right wing" as a great "hero" out to "save the world" from the evil Naz..., er Muslims – why, she has not only been able to DO such amazing "un-PC" things, such as managing to get genocidal anti-Muslim posters plastered on public buses all over the country ( can you imagine ANYONE who could get posters on buses EXPOSING and ATTACKING the "JEWISH PROBLEM", or the "NEGRO PROBLEM" and have the courts state it's "ok" and legal? ) denigrating "Muslims" ( ie Arabs ) and advocating eliminating (exterminating?) them, in full Talmudic fashion.

Not only has she been constantly on TV pushing her uncontrolled HATE campaign, but now she's instigating holding "contests" where so-called self styled "cartoonists" can draw pictures spreading HATE against the enemies of these so-called, self-proclaimed "God's Chosen", - OVER ALL OTHERS - people.

Anyone with a functioning brain can figure out WHAT she intends by her actions; she HOPES to cause VIOLENCE and MAYHEM, and to indirectly instigate and provoke "incidents" that can be used to vilify Muslim/Arab people in general.

Recently, down in Texas, she and another media-drenched homosexual Brother of the Tribe from Holland named Gerd Wilders - who's claim to fame is also doing what she is attempting here in the U.S. in Europe to instigate "incidents" - proudly announced and held another of her hate-a-thons, where several people wound up being killed over the affair. And she gets away with all her provocations scott-free...hem? No name calling or pointed fingers in her direction from the PC crowd...

Now, lest some of my more reactionary readers get upset by my words above, because it might seem that I'm attempting to "defend" Muslims/Arabs, I wish to remind them that Ms. Geller is NOT an advocate for DEPORTING Non-Aryans from America, legal OR illegal, nor is she any kind of an advocate for preserving the White Race - indeed, by some twisted form of kosher reasoning - she constantly harps upon "Muslims" and "Nazis" being one and the same!

I guess IF you don't like JEWISH OPPRESSION, and JEWISH SUBJUGATION, by "God's Chosen", you might as well BE a "Nazi" in her sick mind, hence her constant refrain about Islamists being the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler in her hate-filled sideshows. Indeed, the jews seem to be jumping off the cliff of sanity, in their lurid HATE propaganda - I read an article just the other day on the "Jerusalem Post" web-page, where they claim that the government of Iran has issued a proclamation stating that "America is governed and controlled by AMERICAN NAZI SPACE ALIENS..." - I kid you not! Apparently the NS over in Europe, fled there and came over here after WWII, and with the help of their Space Alien buddies, took over. Sounds like the script from a low-grade Sci-Fi thriller, written by some kosher drunk in Hollywood, well doesn't it?

It's sad, but so many in the reactionary "Born Again" community think that she's deserving of a big, fat, wet kiss - why these folks just don't go out and buy a beanie and convert to the Semitic religious cult from the Middle Eastern desert and have done with it. They could all have the Rabbi at the Temple cut off their foreskins on their penises, and let that guy who then sucks the penis, do his thing (No! I'm not being gross and making things up - it's what they do). Hell, you admire them so much - just BECOME ONE of'em, all "official" and everything! I mean, if Sammy Davis could "become" a "jew" , why can't all these self hating and destructive "Goyims" ( Hebrew term for cattle ) simply join the club?

I bet it's because the jews wouldn't want them. Why would they? The jews aren't really a dumb race of people - hell, having to embed themselves and survive in all these non-Jewish hosts over all these years and parasite off of them has surely taught them a lesson or two.

First off, DON'T mix your blood with INFERIORS, no matter how much they're suck-asses - you only weaken your own racial bloodline. Secondly, what do you gain by having a huge infusion of "born again mutants"? While the jewish "religion" celebrates MILITARY VICTORIES over their enemies, like during "Hanukkah" and "Pass-Over" and the like - their "holy books" including the Old Testament of the Bible include WARS, TRICKING, and EXTERMINATING their enemies ( if Adolf Hitler had "exterminated" all those folks he SUPPOSEDLY did, in the manner of the Israelites of the Old Testament, he SHOULD have been charged with "War Crimes"...but, JEWS ALWAYS seem to get a pass, because THEY SAY they are God's "Chosen", and they've brainwashed multitudes to take THEM on THEIR word ) while these wanna-be "jews" preach about "loving your enemies and forgiving them" etc et al. Hardly the kind of folks that the jews admire and want to emulate. They're useful idiots for the jews, kind of like the black slaves on the old plantation - Massa wants them around to do his bidding, but draws the line (mostly, but sadly where do you think all those "high yeller" blacks came from? And these were the supposed "Southern Aristocracy"?) at the bedroom door.

My whole point here, is that jews have been in the forefront of opening our borders to the Third World hoards - including all the millions of Muslim-Arabs that have invaded and settled here - and the jews and their pale-faced lackeys are still, primarily, the forces who control America's foreign policies around the globe, that lead to Muslim/Arab anger against the U.S.

WHAT THE HELL DID THEY EXPECT? Did they really think that by allowing MILLIONS of Muslim Arabs to settle here, that eventually SOME of them wouldn't "do their thing" OVER HERE? With the borders so feebly "guarded", that TENS of MILLIONS of Third Worlders can simply walk across the nation's borders - that ISIS and others, wouldn't enter at will? As for weapons, America is a candy store for anyone with the money to buy. Is it all insanity? Or is there "SOMETHING" more sinister happening here?

Could it possibly be, that the SYSTEM on the one hand is letting in these potential "terrorists" with their open border policies, and on the other hand whipping up a "Anti-Muslim" boogeyman with the help of the likes of Geller - to set up a scenario where a crack-down on freedoms and liberties will be put in motion - all of course, to "PROTECT" the populace from this "THREAT"?

No I'm not being paranoid. When I see JEWS launching a genocidal HATE campaign such as the one going on here and led by Ms. Geller, I wonder "WHY" and you should too. What I think Ms. Geller and her handlers are hoping to achieve, is that enough Patriotards get their panties in a twist, and these poor fools start an active "Anti-Muslim" campaign of their own, agitated on by the likes of Ms. Geller.

I saw on the "news" yesterday, that some drunk went into a party store and attacked the owner, "because" he believed he was a "Muslim" - he wasn't - he was an Indian, so much for many White peoples' racial knowledge on the whole, eh...

Comrades, I don't like the invasion of OUR homeland by "Arabs" anymore than you do. Nor do I like the TENS of MILLIONS of Third Worlders of ANY Non-White race, pouring into America. If it isn't stopped SOON - Old Whitey is going to be up shit creek without a paddle... But, IF it is to be stopped - it's NOT going to be done, one Non-Aryan at a time, it's NOT going to be halted by criminal harassment by a few hooligans like in that silly kosher propaganda piece "American History X", it's going to take some REAL, POLITICAL MUSCLE.

This muscle CAN be accomplished if White people only show some of the commitment, enthusiasm and willingness to get involved, that they show towards MILLIONAIRES playing kids' games, with various types of balls.

I'm WARNING each reader to NOT buy into this phony ploy of Ms. Geller and her systemite pals. Ask yourself - when the SYSTEM basically "OK's" - the open HATE campaign that Geller and Co. promotes - "WHY"? You can rest assured that there is something FISHY going on.

Those of us who know history, can see many examples of when the system CONCOCTED "situations" that indeed fooled and misled the populace into following them down a road they never wanted to travel.

When the putrid bastards of this evil and corrupt Judeo-Capitalist SYSTEM basically for all intent and purposes, literally "POINTS" to a "TARGET", that it's "OK" to HATE and GO AFTER - be WARY! Are they TRYING to ENTRAP YOU? Rest assured, they HAVE got a REASON behind it. DON'T FALL FOR IT!

With the system's police being continually militarized and upgraded to that of an OCCUPYING ARMY - and with the recent exposes across the country of policy brutality ( so it's the blacks who "make the news", don't imagine for a moment that it's not happening to White people too. Folks, that's just not "newsworthy" because Old Whitey won't get up off his ass and rock the boat like the negroes do...) becoming a matter of course, as they are drilled with this "US vs THEM" mentality against the citizenry. ALL dissidents need be on their guard - not to be enticed or entrapped into doing something that will cost the Struggle even one more political soldier.

Comrades, this sorry country is imploding, jobs are being lost and not coming back - EVER. Did you know that JAPAN now holds more U.S. DEBT than even China does? When this sorry house of cards finally falls, the system can be counted upon to do all in its power, to keep the 1% on top and in its control. So much easier for it to have an "excuse" to jail dissidents, after they've been stirred up into doing STUPID things.

I'm NOT telling you to hide under a rock, or to cease your LEGAL political activities, indeed this is the time to put even great pressure on the system, and all its evil activities. What I'm am asking is that you KEEP CONTROL over yourself, and don't be goaded into DOING the WRONG THING.

Look at it like this - say you have someone who produces and sends out Phase One style "Nazi" materials, to countries where its severely ILLEGAL to have and or distribute - is that individual REALLY "helping", or are they acting like a PROVOCATEUR, in as much as by doing so, they are actually HELPING the systemites detain, arrest, and imprison those naïve or gullible enough to handle such materials? Wouldn't a modern, 21st Century NS MESSAGE itself be even MORE valuable distributed to the masses, without being covered with illegal Swastikas, slogans from the Third Reich, etc? But then, they wouldn't be illegal with all the repercussions that that entails... Two reasons for such behavior - one, incredible stubborn stupidity, or something a bit more sinister - your choice.

Comrades, our greatest weapon in our Aryan National Socialist arsenal is our INTELLIGENCE. Coupled with our willingness to LEARN from our MISTAKES, and ADAPT ourselves from what DOESN'T work, to that which DOES. Sometimes it is better to DO NOTHING, than to DO the WRONG THING.

What we are involved in is not some kind of a game or a hobby - it is in all truth - REVOLUTION. No, it is not running around in the streets with guns and bombs, but it is just as serious. Indeed, a truly committed and intelligent NS Political Soldier is MORE of a threat to this corrupt system, than any wild eyed anarchist blowing off momentary steam. For in our hearts is not only the desire to tear down that which is decayed and rotten - but, to BUILD a whole new HEALTHY society in its place! A National Socialist society! Together we CAN!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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