ANP Report for April 22, 2015

Racial Comrades: Today I would like to engage in another Q&A session that was sent to me by a high school girl, and which I thought that I would share with you as well. I hope that you find my replies both entertaining as well as informative... -

Dear Mr. Suhayda,

I am doing a project for one of my senior college classes. It is a project in which I reach out to an organization that I do not know anything about. I am from a small town and their [sic] isn't many [sic] variety when it comes to people with different views than I. I was wondering if I could email you a few questions about your beliefs and why you believe the way that you do. I in no way wish to devalue your beliefs. I would just like to know more about your organization. I have read the website, but I need to have correspondence with a person from the organization.

If you wish you help me with my project I would appreciate it very much.

Exxx Hxxxx

------------------------ -

Mr. Suhayda,

Thank you responding to my email, and I hope none of the following questions offend you because I sincerely do not wish to offend you or the American Nazi Party. Thank you in advance for answering my questions. I am looking forward to your answers because this is something I truly have no knowledge about, and that is why I picked this topic for my class project.

How did you decide to become to be a Nazi?

ANSWER - I first read Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf while in High School, and because I grew up in the era (1960's) filled with turmoil in America, such as racial integration and Black Power, the Hippy drug culture, the so-called Women's Lib, the "Big Red Scare" which went along with the Vietnam war where we had people carrying Communist VietCong flags in the streets while our soldiers were fighting them overseas, I looked for answers, and found them in Hitler's inspiring book.

Like Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party, I read and found another side to all the anti-Hitler propaganda that we White Americans had been deluged in during and indeed after WWII ended. I realized that although "dated" to todays readers, in the sense that much of what Adolf Hitler wrote about in Mein Kampf was aimed towards the troubles of the German people back when the book was first written, still throughout Mein Kampf were kernels of TRUTH which applied to any people, any age. Which is why Hitler's message still finds resonance to people seeking answers in the year 2015. Truth is simply truth, no matter what the era in time it is sought and found.

Have you came through hardships and struggles as the American Nazi Party?

ANSWER - Of course, when TRUTH is faced with LIES, especially when the lying side holds the reins of power in any given situation, it does literally anything to retain its grip on power rather than have truth prevail. It uses ALL of the negative accusations that it throws against the truth spreader, like a reverse script from some Hollywood movie.

Personally, I have been lied about in the system's controlled media many times. I have faced violence from those who disagree and hate what I happen to personally believe, while so-called law-enforcement stood idly by, or even joined in my harassment. Being smeared in the enemy's media with half-truths and outright falsehoods, I have lost employment in cases. I could go on, but I'm not looking to make myself out to be some kind of a "martyr", there are many more people than myself who have suffered persecution for "what they believed", even up to the point of dying for it.

Being one who SEES the TRUTH about any given situation, that holds popular sway over the majority of the population, even though that majority has been sadly deceived and basically brainwashed to believe that wrong is right and right is wrong, still IF one believes that he/she IS correct - that individual has not only the RIGHT but the DUTY to stand forth and correct that situation.

Btw, that last sentence is taken out of Hitler's book - have you ever heard it quoted? Of course not! Instead you have nonsense like "Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews", which of course is NOT found anywhere in the contents. Too few people have actually READ Hitler's writings, instead being told over and over again - "No, don't bother reading it, it's all a bunch of hateful gibberish from a madman".

To sum it all up, being outside the mob mentality isn't easy, but it goes with the territory. Once the mob believed in burning men and women as "Witches", being led astray by those who also controlled their minds through the propaganda of the day. You would be surprised "what" enough people would "believe", simply because it was poured into their minds continuously day after day, generation after generation... Too few featherless-bipeds REALLY go out and research the facts, and make up their own minds.

Have you been discriminated against in your beliefs, and if so who by, and what did these people disagree with about your beliefs?

ANSWER - Having "won" the war against Adolf Hitler and National Socialism during the WWII era, the proponents of both Judeo-Communism AND Judeo-Capitalism ( both supposedly "deadly enemies" ) naively believed that their greatest opponent to either evil, degenerate ideology was "gone". Yet, you see - you cannot destroy a BELIEF with a bomb or a bullet.

Adolf Hitler wrote that the ONLY way to destroy an opposing IDEOLOGY was to replace it with a BETTER one. Since Judeo-Communism eventually fell flat on its face over time, as it was doomed to eventual failure as a system to live under, that left basically only Judeo-Capitalism to "rule the world". And as we look around us, we can clearly SEE just "what" such a system is "accomplishing" not only here in America, but wherever it puts it greedy paws around the globe.

Whereas National Socialism is a belief system based upon WORKING WITH Nature, instead of constantly trying to beat the living daylights out of it - Judeo-Capitalism seeks only ONE thing - how to EXPLOIT Nature, and hence the human population that exists within Nature.

Judeo-Capitalism is a system that currently infests just about every nation and people on planet earth. It is a moneyed Plutocracy that has replaced the Old Era of inherited Monarchal Rule by the few, to where it is currently the Rule by the Plutocrats, who control the WEALTH across the planet. These so-called "1%er's" do not consider themselves of any race or nation, they are the ones who conceived the "International" idea of "Globalism" - where ALL the world's peoples, economies, and ESPECIALLY wealth - are placed in the hands of the few (themselves), for their "betterment" of course!

Hence, all these CONTINUOUS wars that occur in the most unlikely places. Why? Simple, they are waged to put more and more people(s) and resources into the hands of those few, like some kind of bloody Monopoly game.

Adolf Hitler and National Socialists believe in "NATIONALISM" which is of course the direct opposite of these "GLOBALISTS". National Socialists believe that peoples ARE different, and that each has not only the RIGHT but the DUTY to apply their specific goals, cultures, and needs of their own choosing - by THEMSELVES. The 1%er's intend to SUBJUGATE "everyone" under the sun, to accept their "brand name(s)" whether they like it or not. You don't like pornography, or "Gay Rights", or "Feminism", or Interest Slavery/Usury, or "chemicalized foods" or ALL the other "WONDERS" of the "New World Order" including Coca Cola? Hell, we'll bomb you into the stone age until you do!

Being a sincere, realistic DISSIDENT comes with a price, but we're willing to pay it, rather than be good little zombies, floating in the unnatural toilet bowl that this world is becoming.

Do you have a religious affiliation?

•If so what religion?
•If Christianity, how does the American Nazi Party feel about the Old Testament in the Bible?

ANSWER - In the American Nazi Party, "religion" or lack of belief in any kind of "supernatural" belief system, plays no part. "Believers" and non-believers are joined together is the Struggle for the HERE and NOW. We believe in total freedom for religious views, as long as they are not harmful to our Folk.

Personally, I consider myself to be an "Agnostic" in as much as I cannot claim to "KNOW" that there is no "God/Higher Entity" in existence, nor do I myself accept ANY of these MAN-MADE "religious" viewpoints, from the Feathery bloodthirsty Aztec "God" , to "Odin flying around in a chariot", or to the predominant Semitic "religions" created the Middle-East. IF their IS a "higher entity", I would presume that it is beyond mankind's wildest conception.

Not to "step on anyone's toes", I firmly believe that all the various "religions" created by mankind throughout time, have been simple CONTROL APPARATUS set up by the Powers that Be - to keep the masses in line, when the "Law" of whomever was in control wasn't enough. So few people don't find the need for a "shoulder to lean on" in times of desperation, hence that hope of a "helping hand" somehow coming to the rescue. As long as it is a positive help, there's no reason to not allow people the opportunity to employ it.

What stemmed the beginning of the Nazi Party?

ANSWER - The American Nazi Party was formed in 1959 by Navy Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, when like myself, he was looking for answers, and picked up a copy of Mein Kampf and read it - finding them - and sharing them with his White brothers and sisters.

What do you wish people knew about the Party?

ANSWER - I would wish that people would simply READ what WE National Socialists state that we believe and stand for - instead of letting our opponents TELL them "what" we SUPPOSEDLY believe and stand for.

As well, there are those out there who slap on National Socialist symbols, like our Swastika - and who KNOW nothing themselves about WHAT National Socialism REALLY is ( they base their ignorance, and lack of understanding by emulating what the enemy propaganda states that National Socialism is SUPPOSED to be...) and the system gleefully holds them up as "examples" of "Evil Nazi's", when they are nothing of the kind. In truth they are by and large - MISFITS - who latch on to something that appalls society at large, due to the massive dis-information campaign against Adolf Hitler and National Socialism - and it gives them an ego-boost, like these people who run naked through the streets shrieking "LOOK at ME!".

Adolf Hitler would have rounded up these mental midgets and given them a quick trip to a rehabilitation camp! LOL

What are the qualifications in joining the American Nazi Party?

ANSWER - Any sincere White man or woman who believes in the doctrine of National Socialism, in working for the betterment of our race and nation are welcome to join our efforts, as either Official Supporters, or after proving their commitment, as Party Full Members.

The ANP also has a non-Aryan Sympathizer section, where those who are not White can join to advance the Cause of the National Socialist Struggle. National Socialism is NOT "only for White people" - it is a healthy ideology for ALL the various peoples on earth to employ and advance themselves with.

Believe it or not, Adolf Hitler's World-View is popular with many people of all races across the planet. They see it as a strong, healthy, alternative to the corrupt, decadent, and outright evil societies that have been foisted upon them by the 1%er "World Globalists".

I know as people sometimes we believe that all people from a certain culture are bad, do you believe that all non-Aryan people are bad?

ANSWER - Of course not! Each racial group and ethnicity is unique and deserves its self identity. But, this same self identity is being destroyed by the Internationalists when they literally FORCE different peoples and cultures into interaction. Or, like when they BRING IN various Third World populations into OUR White/Aryan homelands. Europe, the "seed bed" of our White Aryan Folk is being literally INVADED by non-Whites - as is America itself.

In 1952 when I was born, America was a 92% White/European nation - the system controlled media now gloats that there are presently MORE non-White children being born here than White! That in possibly TEN YEARS - White people will be a MINORITY in their own land, due to birthrates and ILLEGAL immigration!

The bottom line is - the "pie" can only be "cut" in smaller and smaller "pieces". When White Americans make up a shrinking percentage of the pie, how MUCH of the pie will be they be ALLOWED? Never mind that most of the political whores have "pale faces", they are only hand picked, paid PUPPETS for the REAL masters, the 1%er's, who TELL THEM what to do. And as I've related, these "Globalists" care nothing for ANY "race" or "people" except THEMSELVES. They seek to turn North America into a clone of South America where there are only THEM and the PEON class - a UNIFIED White America as it WAS for so long, with White Workers expecting DECENT PAY, FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT with BENEFITS, HEALTH CARE and the ability for MARRIAGE, HOME and FAMILY - that cuts into their ever capacious PROFIT LINE and HUGELY GROWING BANK ACCOUNTS.

National Socialism LOOKS OUT for the people it SERVES and REPRESENTS. It would NEVER allow the greed and corruptness that we see infesting OUR homeland! Adolf Hitler believed that the STATE is there to SERVE the BEST INTERESTS of its PEOPLE - not the rapaciousness of a tiny percentage of the already most wealthy in history! WHERE will it END? WHEN is enough, ENOUGH?

How long have you belonged to the American Nazi Party?

ANSWER - I myself first joined the American Nazi Party at the age of 16, in 1967.

Does the American Nazi Party hold rallies to bring in new members?

ANSWER - "Rallies" and other "public activities" are only useful when you have a large enough number of well-groomed and disciplined people to make a forceful and powerful impression on those whom you seek to impress by your public appearance. At this stage we have neither the resources nor the numbers - because of the size of this country - to accomplish that goal. It is better to "do nothing" than to attempt something and have it fall short of your expectations, hence having done the wrong thing.

Instead of performing what we refer to as "street theater" like a few of these "Hollywierd Nutzi's" that you see on the boob-tube do, with a handful of ludicrously costumed, out of shape dysfunctional's, making National Socialism appear to be a cult for "Racist Village People" emulators, we prefer to operate much differently.

Currently our program consists of "REO" - REACH people with our message through Outreach literature distribution, EDUCATE those who are interested in our National Socialist program, and eventually ORGANIZE these men and women into Cells that can take part in REAL, LOCAL political campaigning.

We do not, for obvious reasons, campaign as "open" National Socialists; we run as intelligent and concerned citizens who desire a better alternative than "what" is in place at the moment. We hope to eventually work our way up from the "bottom", to hopefully frying bigger fish as we succeed and grow. From a tiny acorn grows the mighty oak, with time, effort, patience, sacrifice and a lot of hard work...

Is the American Nazi Party peaceful when it comes to their beliefs?

ANSWER - There you go with the system's media "brainwashing" you about how "dangerous" we supposedly are... The American Nazi Party is NOT a "gang" or some "cult", it is a POLITICAL PARTY similar to the Demicruds or the Republirats, or whatever. If this was a Parliamentary form of government like they have in Europe - instead of a Two-Party con-game where you "get to vote" for Tweedle-Dee/Tweedle-Dum or stay home - we would already have representatives in Congress. As it is, we campaign locally where the control/power of the two "sides of the same coin" have far less influence. Any kind of "violence" is the last desperate step of any oppressed majority, I think Thomas Paine wrote that back in 1776...

Thank you again,

Comrades, the Annual Spring Blitz literature campaign is going well, I think we've printed and sent out three pack of sticker paper already - which would make 1,500 of those big "Bumper Stickers" alone, along with thousands of Message Cards!

I salute each and everyone of you who are taking part - Adolf Hitler would be proud of you all!

The April issue of The White Worker magazine has been sent out to those of you in Good Standing, there's still time for the rest of you to mail in your April pledge, if you would like to receive yours.

Of course, with summertime on the horizon, our Outreach activities hopefully will continue and even grow with the weeds and flowers... Remember, a True National Socialist is known NOT by his/her "WORDS" , but rather by his/her DEEDS! - ADOLF HITLER

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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