ANP Report for April 09, 2015

Racial Comrades: In response to my last ANPReport, I received a reply from a pathetic individual who stated that "it's all over" , that nothing that the ANP (or anyone else for that matter) can do, can turn things around and save the White race from eventual oblivion.

Getting messages like this from defeatist individuals is very disheartening, even to myself - I can understand clearer now, why in times of war, such creatures are often dealt with harshly for spreading such vile infection amongst those FIGHTING the good fight, as best as they are still able.

Rather than write back to this person, I decided instead to address myself to all of you out there, who no doubt face such miserable souls in your own personal lives...

YES! Things are indeed getting dark for our Folk. YES! The vast majority of our race seems somehow oblivious to the situation of racial MINORITY status here in America. YES! Unless "SOMETHING" serious is attempted SOON, this individuals prophecy has a very good chance of becoming a dark reality.

And yet there IS another powerful REALITY and it is this: Adolf Hitler wrote in his book Mein Kampf that "History is made by MINORITIES, when that minority embodies the MAJORITY of WILL and DETERMINATION to ACT!".

I suggest that all of you read that again.

Despite everything that the enemy HAS thrown at our Folk, and despite everything that the enemy IS throwing at our people - still, there ARE those who have NOT surrendered, nor have they remained subjugated in mind or spirit. And—albeit slowly—our numbers ARE growing, so are the ranks of the disappointed and the disaffected. All across America, masses of the people, of ALL various races and creeds, are becoming fed up and angry at this evil, corrupt, decadent Judeo-Capitalist toilet bowl that they are literally FORCED by circumstances beyond their control - to attempt to exist in, as best they can.

Unemployment in DECENT jobs is at an all time high and growing unless you believe in the system's lying propaganda to the contrary. Literally MILLIONS of Americans are existing as HOMELESS or on the edge of homelessness. Tens of thousands of military veterans are coming home from Zog's unrelenting world wide wars of exploitation and destruction, now tossed aside as used, useless items, no longer of value to our Evil Rulers, in both mind and body, to where you see advertisements requesting "aid for wounded and maimed vets" - because the SYSTEM refuses to KEEP their bogus PROMISES that they made to entice them into service - when one would surely think that these ex-military men and women would naturally get the services they desperately NEED. NO! Uncle Samuel the Wonderful - DISCARDS those who are no longer useful to them, in the most heartless manner.

Of course, in a land that PREFERS spending BILLIONS on "safety nets" for tens of millions of Non-Aryan ILLEGAL "IMMIGRANTS" who invade OUR homeland - to GET what YOU HAVE, without ever having paid a penny into the pot - while there are TENS of MILLIONS of home grown Americans who sure could use a "helping hand" themselves, and are IGNORED in THEIR needs, the system's only "ANSWER" is to constantly BEEF up SECURITY, in case those natives get too restless.

Well folks, the NATIVES are indeed getting RESTLESS, and ANGRY! I believe that IF simple Old Rock can see it, that the 1%er's can feel it coming on too!

Not only is ZOG becoming the most HATED system around the globe, but here in the homeland amongst the growing dispossessed right here in the U.S, that hatred is simmering right below the boiling point.

When the "Shit hits the Fan", it's NOT going to be JUST angry White Workers who are pissed off, it's going to be the growing numbers of ANGRY Non-Whites of whatever hue that will also be giving the 1%ers the Evil Eye. And there will be a LOT more of THEM than Pale Faces, if population trends continue as they are.

Now the system's 1%ers would LOVE to be able to DIVERT our anger over to the "others" instead of themselves, as they've often done in the past - the old "divide and conquer" routine, which every tyrant knows so well - get the angry White Workers to blame and go after the Non-Whites - INSTEAD of the REAL enemy - THEMSELVES, the CREATORS of all these problems in the first place! It happened back in the 1950-60's and worked so well for them - “Ooh! The Commies are coming to get you!” - while all the time, it was the JUDEO-CAPITALISTS who brought about INTEGRATION, FEMINISM, QUEERISM, - ALL the wonderful "BLESSINGS" that have engulfed our ONCE Western-European United States of America.

Talking about the "Civil Rights" era brings me back to my point in the first place.

Having lived through those times, I must state that it was brought about by a MINORITY of the NEGRO population, who had the MAJORITY of WILL and DETERMINATION to - DO - WHATEVER was NEEDED to ACHIEVE their objectives.

While TODAY, whenever a handful of "movement activists" decide to go out in public and put on one of their silly costumed, street-theater shows for the jews-media cameras - THEY are SURROUNDED by hundreds of Zog's Bullies in Blue, if not shunted off in a PROTECTIVE CAGE somewhere, where they can put on a pathetic spectacle of WEAKNESS and DYSFUNCTIONALISM through their antics and appearance. The SYSTEM - PROTECTING - its DETRACTORS! LMAO

BACK THEN - the "Civil Rights" negroes FACED OFF against the system's enforcers, and their dogs, and their clubs, and their water hoses, and their jails... This MINORITY were willing to be BEATEN, even MAIMED and KILLED - FOR - what they BELIEVED in, and eventually they GOT a lot of it. Not all. Oh, they got the "RIGHT to VOTE" - oh boy! - the ability to "VOTE" for some 1%er Tweedle-Dee or Tweedle-Dum who cared in REALITY nothing about them, except "looking caring" for the cameras. In all honest TRUTH, just WHAT did the blacks REALLY receive for all their effort? The vast MAJORITY of NEGROES in America are STILL a poor underclass. In FACT - the BROWN Arabs and the BROWN Mestizos and the YELLOW Orientals who are surging into our land, are rising ABOVE the status of the average Black American. Despite ALL the SUPPOSED "goodies" that the negroes "won" by their "Civil Rights" campaign - they're STILL the bottom rung of the social economic ladder - all the ILLUSIONS of even a "BLACK PRESIDENT" has brought them ZILCH.

But, you cannot NOT give those who fought, the credit that they deserve, for having fought. I myself, as a National Socialist REVOLUTIONARY - MUST - give credit where it's DESERVED. That negro MINORITY ought to be an EXAMPLE for modern White Nationalists to seek to EMULATE, not denigrate!

Can all of you reading these words IMAGINE - WHAT would HAPPEN - IF White Nationalists of the present day, STOOD UP and FOUGHT for what we desire, with the same DEDICATION as the "Civil Rights" negroes showed?

Now don't go all excitable on me here folks, with the "BUT, JEW MILLIONAIRES GAVE THEM SUPPORT/FUNDING" crap. Yes, of course they did, and so did a LOT of Pale-Faced "liberals" and stooges like media created "entertainers" et al. But, at the present time, there's a LOT of MONEY out there in the hands of White people too. We're STILL at least 50% of the American population too. And the "RESOURCES" that White people have in their hands, like meeting halls, printing facilities, it's all limitless - compared to "what" those "Civil Rights" negroes had available in the beginning of their struggle - we only have to tap into all of that.

OF COURSE, it's like the old adage about receiving "Arab money" because the "movement" shares the Arabs' awareness of the Jewish Problem - well, I'm afraid it's NOT HAPPENING folks - as long as this so-called "movement" is "represented" by the type of HUMAN GARBAGE that presently infects it. We will NEVER get the SUPPORT of our own people - much less Arab money - UNTIL we DO at LEAST two things.

The FIRST would be to DUMP the FREAKS who infest our Struggle OUT of it - this INCLUDES all these PHONY "Prominent Personalities" who are mindless bigots, criminals, Con-Men and outright system assets - along with those whom you wouldn't want your daughter to bring home for dinner.

SECONDLY, we desperately NEED to shit-can ALL of the SILLY, STUPID so-called "activities" such as these "mini-rallies" and other examples of WEAKNESS that unfortunately continue sporadically to go on (albeit at a greatly reduced scale, and dwindling...) by a tiny handful of Mini-Fuhrer media whores.

Any of you watch these TV "Specials on Hate" that continuously pop up on the boob tube? Ever notice how the "FOOTAGE" that they use, is so OUT of DATE? It's BECAUSE they are desperately running out of material, so they rehash these old tapes of morons acting moronic. Hell, I saw one a short while ago, and most of the "BIG, BAD, BOOGYMEN" shown, are all DEAD - the ONLY current "media whore star" that seems to be ALWAYS AVAILABLE for the enemy's cameras is dependable ol'Jeffy Schoep of the misnamed "nsm", the Hollywierd Nutzi street theater performers, aka the "Racist Village People" association.

Err, perhaps I should take that back - how "RACIST" is a Neo-Nutzi Mini-Fuhrer, who married an ARAB woman named Joanna, who has a BLACK daughter named Amber? Not too much I guess, when your stepdaughter is a little black NEGRESS. Yet, while being "Kommander" Jeff was married (for the first and only time in his life btw that bothered to marry any woman, not counting the several other women he has SEVEN other kids by, none of whom he supports. But how can he, when he's been a life-long unemployed bum, living off "nsm" monies...) to this Arab for four years. I wonder what he did with Amber when he and Joanna left town for one of his neo-nutzi cult-fests, maybe taking her over to her biological father Raymond Smith?

Of course being a RACE-MIXING "Nazi" wasn't his only special character - he also LOVES engaging in ADULTERY; he left his six kids in MN along with his common-law wife Angela, to move to Detroit to shack-up and finally marry Joanna - THEN - he moved his NEW squeeze (whom he met online as a "fetish model" - not having a job can be really boring you know.) INTO the family home, with Joanna and kids living there too! Joanna finally had ENOUGH and DIVORCED this FELON (yes, he has a long criminal record, culminating in a "pled guilty" charge of burglarizing another White person a couple of years ago...) who LIVES OFF the donations of gullible people and from peddling racist trinkets. What a wonderful "REPRESENTATIVE" of Adolf Hitler's National Socialism, eh?

Now back to this TV "Special", it was produced this spring in 2015, and was SUPPOSEDLY about the history of "Nazis in America" - except the ONLY "representative" that they could apparently find was Jeffy Poop and his clowns. Let's see just WHO was shown as typical "hard core Nazis", hem - well, there was "nsm'er" J.T.Ready of AZ who went on a nut after his girlfriend kicked him out of HER home, for being an unemployed bum - who in turned MURDERED her, her BABY and another in a revenge rage, then capped himself when the cops arrived. There was Jeff Hall, another "nsm leader" in CA who was shot and killed by his ten year old son for abusing the mother and kids in frequent unemployed, drunken rages. There was Duke Schneider who was "nsm chief of staff", speaking on the "horrors of race-mixing" and appointed by Schoep to head "nsm ss", who quit after the ANP had exposed him for marrying a coal black negress. There was Cliff Herrington in his Greek Fisherman hat, who was/is the High-Horned-Hinkydink of the Joy of Satan cult. NO, I'M NOT KIDDING - I AM ONLY STATING FACTS - Google them up yourself if you think I'm lying! Just try typing in a search engine the words "JEFF SCHOEP-NSM-RACE-MIXING" for a starter, and SEE all that comes up! Now I'm not sure if their "presidential candidate" Brian Holland was on there (he was reportedly paid $8,000 a month by the FBI to infiltrate the cult, btw) but another FBI snitch was there throughout the program, commenting - a David Gletty of FL who was another high ranking appointee of Schoep, who was made group photographer of "nsm events" and who sent every picture he took to the Feds for their "Facial Recognition" computer base. I could go on and on, but I won't bother, you either are disgusted or...

Now, I ask all of you - are THESE creatures true "REPRESENTATIVES" of Adolf Hitler's Holy National Socialism? Then WHY does anybody in the "movement" seem to ACCEPT them as such? Is it simply "BECAUSE" the enemy has MADE UP Schoep and Pals - through their Big Bigot Media Buildup, as Commander Rockwell used to call it - into the "Face" of modern American National Socialism, as THEY would PREFER it to be seen by the masses - as KOOKS and MISFITS, and WORSE?

Perhaps I'm being "paranoid" and/or "jealous"? Well, when a so-called "documentary" on American National Socialism is produced in 2015, and it goes from the German American Bund, to a wee bit about Commander Rockwell, and THEN - ignoring the NSWPP and numerous other NS attempts at organizing, good OR bad - goes straight to the "Mighty Kommander" and his hodgepodge of the above, I'm honestly concerned about what's occurring - and WHY.

The fact is, the ANP was approached by this anti-NS propaganda "program" (and several others in the past as well) to take part in willingly being denigrated by the jews, but we NEVER help the enemy create their anti-NS propaganda, in the past, the present, nor EVER! Neither did ANY OTHER W/N organization apparently agree to be a part of this kosher smear job - ONLY Jeffy Schoep, the ever-willing media whore agreed to participate - or, perhaps his HANDLERS told him to? Don't be shocked folks, it happens more often than you're willing to admit...

Comrades, the movement will ONLY ever SUCCEED in gaining serious support from our own people - IF - we QUIT being perceived as anti-societal cults, and instead CLEAN UP our ACT, and start GETTING INVOLVED in REAL POLITICAL activities as our brethren are DOING over in Europe, and SUCCESSFULLY too! Start engaging in LOCAL politics and BUILD from there.

It's that SIMPLE - THROW OUT the TRASH and ACT like the ARYANS we love to talk about and profess, AND - QUIT - all the childish BUFFOONERY that the movement has UNSUCCESSFULLY engaged in for decades, and START to ACT like serious POLITICAL STATESMEN.

Comrades,this month of April has always been declared to be White Pride Month by the American Nazi Party, because it is the month of the birth-date of Adolf Hitler on April the 20th. During this period of the year we make a SPECIAL TRIBUTE to the Fuhrer by engaging in the annual Spring Blitz Outreach literature campaign, where all National Socialists HONOR Adolf Hitler - NOT by "lighting a candle" or "pausing to think Great Thoughts", or hoisting a beer - but, instead to DO SOMETHING that Adolf Hitler WOULD approve of - SHARING the GOOD WORD of NATIONAL SOCIALISM to our Folk, with an even greater effort than usual.

Surely this is not "TOO MUCH" to ask of EVERY sincere National Socialist Comrade? IF placing a few Message Cards or leaflets, or posting up a few stickers IS "too much", well that's kind of disturbing... Remember, that no matter how "little" that you might think your activism is on its own, ADDED all TOGETHER across America - it all ADDS UP to a LOT! Surely, WHITE MEN and WOMEN can have the same or more dedication, towards THEIR Cause, as did those negroes in the "Civil Rights" era?

The April edition of The White Worker magazine has been printed and will be mailed out to those Comrades who are current in their pledges next week. At present, we have filled almost all the orders for Outreach materials, so that if anyone sends in an order, we should be able to get it to you, in time for participation in this years Spring Blitz. I salute all of you taking part!

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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