ANP Report for March 17, 2015

Racial Comrades: A few days ago, Moshe Kantor the President of the "European Jewish Council" stated to the Reuters News Agency that "the jewish minority in Europe ( supposedly around three million ) are going to leave, unless AUTHORITIES ARE NOT DELIVERING ON SOME REAL, REAL STUFF - If jews leave, Europe will face economic collapse". Interesting quote, eh?

Now hold on there! I thought that jews are ALWAYS - POOR, MEEK, PERSECUTED, KINDLY ( violins please ) folks, who only want to "LOVE" everybody ( except Arabs, and us nasty Sons and Daughters of Adolf Hitler... ) especially when it comes to everybody's moola. lol

Well, apparently the jews of the Euro-Jewish Council, are WEALTHY and POWERFUL enough to boast that IF the jews decide to pack up and leave Europe for that sand pit they stole from the Palestinians ( heaven forbid that they set their collective big noses for the U.S. We truly have more than enough jews and psudo jews here already! ) and take their wealth with them, that those ungrateful Goyims' whole economic system will COLLAPSE!

Get that folks? Apparently the jews are BOASTING that WITHOUT THEM - the Aryan White men, women and children will quickly go down the tubes.

Soooo, Europe can financially exist WITHOUT the French, WITHOUT the Germans, WITHOUT the English, without ANY of the ARYAN population(s) - but, without JEWS, the whole economic house of cards of Judeo-Capitalism will CRASH!

Perhaps it's been DESIGNED that way, eh? Or, is this just the ranting of a pissed off jew - and WHAT is this little tidbit about the "AUTHORITIES DELIVERING SOME REAL, REAL STUFF"? What "stuff" is he referring to? What ELSE do these jews WANT that our treasonous political "leaders" haven't ALREADY delivered over into their clutching, grasping paws? The COMPLETE SURRENDER of once Aryan Europe to the ravenous Non-Aryan hoards INVADING our racial, ancestral homelands?

Folks, I understand that as a "Nazi", I'm SUPPOSED to be constantly FIXATED upon "the jews". But, in truth I'm getting a little tired of this tiny minority on planet earth, SUPPOSEDLY being so "IMPORTANT", "INDISPENSABLE" and the constant "CENTER of ATTENTION" - to the rest of the planet's featherless bipeds.

Recently I was approached by some "news media" source, wanting me to answer some questions. So I said "ok", send them to me. Here's what I got - MORE queries about - you guessed it - the so-called "CHOSEN"! Grrr...


As noted, I'd love to be able to have more of a conversation, but these are the basic questions/topics. Feel free to address them in a reply or let me know if you'd like to communicate some other way about them:

1) This summer there was a war between Israel and Palestine, leaving hundreds dead west of Israel as well as a number of Israelis as well. What is the ANP's stance on this conflict? Of course, the ANP is against the state of Israel, do they by extension support the actions of Hamas? Or, as nonwhites, does the ANP view Hamas as another secondary enemy?

ROCK'S ANSWER - What do you mean "this summer"? Haven't the racist jews in "Israel" been attacking and exterminating Arabs for as long as I've been alive? How many times has the jewish-controlled media played upon "NS Germany's aggression upon its weaker and defenseless neighbors”? How many times have we heard of "Hitler's unannounced attack upon Poland"? How many times are we bleated at about the “Nazi's Racial Policies, that supposedly subjugated all those who weren't Germans"?

Is Israel ANY DIFFERENT from this propaganda portrayal of NS Germany? Constantly the controlled media booms forth the line that "Israel only wants peace!" Yes, they desire a "PIECE" of EGYPT, a "PIECE" of SYRIA, a "PIECE" of JORDAN, a "PIECE" of LEBANON - need I go on? Since its founding after WWII, the jews have attacked, invaded and occupied just about EVERY Arab nation on its borders! In fact, the land that they sit on - was ONCE the homeland of an indigenous people who lived there long before the jews from Europe decided to steal it from them!

Was "Hitlers invasion of Poland" anything less of a "PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE" than the jewish (or Zog's) warmongering campaigns?

Is there a more RACIST STATE in the world, than the current one called ISRAEL? WHY do these jews get a PASS on that one? To be blunt, true National Socialists sympathize with ANY people who are willing to stand and fight for their homeland, and their peoples' best interests. No matter WHAT racial entity they may belong to. *END of ANSWER*

Additionally, a number of (usually leftist) groups are against the United States' support of Israel. Do you believe that you see eye to eye with such groups or do they believe in that for, in your opinion, the wrong reasons? The state of Israel was created tangentially as a result of the end of WWII, how does this factor into your perception of them and of Jewish people in the United States?

ROCK'S ANSWER - First off, WHY does the U.S. support Israel? Honestly, just WHAT is the benefit that the American people derive from having given $131 BILLION dollars to the jews in Israel since its creation? Could it be that jews in the U.S. have such WEALTH and EXERT such POLITICAL POWER - that THEY virtually CONTROL the American political system, so that it dances to the jews' tune?

"WHO" is it in America that NO ONE can CRITICIZE? Is it the President - of course not! Is it the Pope, or Christian religions - no. Is it ANYONE? Yes! One can NEVER criticize JEWS. When you have ONE group of people whom NO ONE dare say anything "bad" about them - it's clear to any thinking person, WHO has the POWER in that situation.

For a TINY group of people to have that kind of clout, its not just obscene and dangerous - it's almost unbelievable, but it's true! AS a media person - just TRY and criticize "JEWISH ISRAEL" and SEE what happens to you... *END of ANSWER*

As a larger point from that, do you think the National Socialist movement has the ability to break into the political mainstream in America? If it does, would it enter through the left or the right, or the extremes of both?

ROCK'S ANSWER - National Socialism is neither "right" nor "left" - currently we only campaign in LOCAL politics, where one is not inclined to have to list "Party Preference". Today's National Socialists are NOT the "Hollywierd Nutzi's" of old, whom you're used to seeing the system's controlled media hold up as supposed examples of "Neo-Nazi's". Our candidates come across as healthy, intelligent, concerned White Americans - and as the situation in ALL of the world's White lands worsens - we do believe that eventually the population WILL get fed up and angry enough that they will turn to just about ANY alternative, and WE will be there to give them a positive one! *END of ANSWER*

Circling back to anti-semitism, this seems to be a viewpoint that is very rarely accepted in today's politics. Even those who are against the State of Israel tend to cite Jewish support for their ideas. Do you believe it is a viewpoint that can continue to sustain Nazism?

ROCK'S ANSWER - Beneath the surface, people of ALL races - not only are AWARE of the jews and their activities - but, it's beginning to simmer and will soon turn to the boiling point. The FACT alone, that National Socialism is a CONSTANT theme of denigration poured out daily for the mass's consumption, must mean SOMETHING, eh?

WHY constantly attack something that is so "hated" and in "disrepute" - unless - someone FEARS that doctrine, and its possible return. In the American Nazi Party, we have a Non-Aryan Sympathizer section, and its adherents are amongst the most dedicated supporters that we have. If we have no meaning, why are you communicating with us? *END of ANSWER*

2) Along those lines, your website notes that you do not agree with the KKK because they lack any philosophy. My colleague sat down for an interview with, the leader of the TAK KKK in the context of Ferguson. Given your more philosophical and broader political standing, do you have an opinion of the issue in Ferguson? If so, could you elaborate on it? As a whole, how would you characterize the state of race in this country as it relates to these issues?

ROCK'S ANSWER - The "State of Race" in America, is that WHITE PEOPLE are fast becoming a MINORITY in the land that was once theirs. If something isn't done soon, White people WILL be a racial minority in, I predict, ten years. Already, there are MORE non-White children under the age of 21 than there are White ones.

Sadly, today's White children are looking at a horrible "FUTURE" - but, still White people seem too "busy with other things" to care. If only White people had the RACIAL UNITY of the JEWS! The JEWS do just about anything to HELP their people's Cause - look at Israel - in a way, it's almost a "Nazi Israel". NOTE - I did not state a "National Socialist" Israel, but a typically "HOLLYWOOD NAZI" style country. Personally I admire that spirit of racial unity amongst the jews - I only wish our Folk would emulate it.

National Socialists believe in the SELF-DETERMINATION for ALL the racial peoples. We believe NOT in "SUPREMACY" over "others" - but in RACIAL SEPARATION as the best way to end racial conflict in America. Allow the Negroes to have THEIR OWN LAND - GOVERNED by THEM - POLICED by THEM and there is ZERO "racial conflict". NO shootings of blacks by the system's enforcers in blue, who might happen to have a pale face.

I can only imagine what this klanner might have said, but it was probably "I support the system's cops" simply BECAUSE he has a pale face. No doubt he doesn't realize that IF the cop was told by the system to shoot him - more than likely he probably would. Honestly, I myself don't understand all this LETHAL FORCE being used by the system's thugs - they have MACE, they have STUNNERS, they have CLUBS - hell, couldn't they shoot someone in the arm or leg first, rather than kill them right off?

I believe that the Judeo-Capitalist system has MILITARIZED the LAW ENFORCEMENT in America to the point where they are only out there to "SERVE and PROTECT" their lords and masters - and that the average citizen of ANY race is viewed as a member of an "OCCUPIED ENEMY" population. All this "BODY ARMOR", and MACHINE GUNS and even TANKS sure are a change ( and not for the better ) from the policemen of my youth! WHAT are they “armying-up” the cops FOR - does the future look that dismal to the powers that be? Are the "natives" really getting THAT restless? Only time will tell. Police State here we come, or are.... *END of ANSWER*

3) Do you believe the National Socialist movement is able to succeed in the United States? There seem to be elements of your philosophy in the modern occupy movement, as well as members of the far-right wing of the Republican party. If you are to succeed, what will it take to do so? How would you brand yourself?

ROCK'S ANSWER - We are NATIONAL SOCIALISTS - period. That doesn't mean that we won't utilize ANY strategy and tactics that help us achieve our agenda. An example would be, when we attended the "Occupy" protests, we didn't go there flying Swastika banners, we BLENDED IN and carefully circulated the FACTS about the JEWISH control of our economy and the KOSHER WALL STREET BANKSTERS. Did you know - we were accepted by these folks with open arms!

National Socialists will ADAPT and EVOLVE with the times. Today's National Socialists are not the ranting racial bigots, that the system would like us to continue portraying. Only a handful of morons, who PRETEND to be "Look at Me! Nazi's" for the cameras behave that way anymore.

It doesn't matter at this time "how" we are perceived by those outside our ranks. We know who we are, and what we want, and how we intend to achieve our agenda. IGNORE US - PRETEND we don't EXIST - that is what we desire at the present moment, from the Zog controlled media whores... *END of ANSWER*

I'd love your thoughts on these topics or any others which you'd be willing to discuss. As noted, a sit down with someone, or a video call or phone call with yourself would be preferable, but even email communications would be fantastic. I appreciate your time.

Thank you,

Ford Fischer

Comrades, I hope that you enjoyed my answers above, and that it helped a few of you to understand where we stand on the issues mentioned.

I want to remind everyone who intends to take part in the ANP's annual Spring Blitz Outreach literature campaign - March through April - to please get your orders for Outreach materials in asap, as we are being inundated with requests for materials, and you don't want to not receive yours in time to take part.

Also, the Party is going to host another Talk-Shoe radio show later in March - I urge you to call in and take part, or at least listen in. As well, there are going to be some new additions in the "Merchandise" section of our Party website very soon - please check them out, I know you'll enjoy them!

In the meantime, now that spring is here - let's get BUSY!

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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