ANP Report for February 28, 2015

Racial Comrades: Recently, the ANP was invited by a "Klan" organization to attend one of their up-coming "Unity Fun Fests", in the state of Texas. You all now the kind I'm talking about - where ANYBODY with a pale-face, no matter if you're known or not - can show up and rub shoulders with all those who participate...

Now this group was a bit different from others that I heard of, at least in the regard that they DIDN'T want any association with the costumed loonies of the so-called "nsm", led by their race-mixing self-styled Kommander Jeffy "I was happily married to an Arab woman named Joanna, who has a negro daughter named Amber, for four years while being the Mighty Poohbah of the neo-nutzi media whores" Schoep. No, I'm NOT joking - Google up - "jeff schoep-nsm-race-mixing", and see what you find for yourself.

I must admit, a BIG point in their favor...

By the tone of the invitation, and some "back and forth" e-mailing, I came to the conclusion that unlike many of these invitations that the Party receives from the motley collection that comprises the "movement", that I would make the effort to "explain" WHY neither I nor the American Nazi Party would/could attend such a function - that perhaps, here was an individual - if I explained my "reasons", he too might began to question what he was doing, and the hazards involved, no only to him but to his followers as well.

I have found lately that my patience with the Phase One movementites has practically run out, having in the past pretty much covered the same ground over and over many times, that my thinking is pretty clear on "Big Tent" association with each and every featherless biped who screams "White Power!" etc et al.

Yet, at the spending of a few minutes of time out of my life, perhaps I could SAVE some naïve soul who honestly wishes to do "the white brother thing" - into looking at the situation from an entirely more PRAGMATIC angle of thinking. Hence my reply below to his well-meant invitation...

Dear Sir: Reading my reply to you, I can see now that it sounded a bit "short" and I apologize for it. I myself was with the ANP/NSWPP from 1967 to the late 70's when your grandfather and mother were involved - perhaps I might have even met your folks - Texas certainly was a powerhouse for NS activity back then. Can I offer you some well meant advice?

As I've stated, I have been around a very long time, and worked/associated with most "factions" of the racialist Cause. What I want to say, is that I have LEARNED a LOT over all those trying decades, and the best lesson I learned was to be careful with WHOM you associate with. I was lucky never to have been brought down by "others'" behavior, but TODAY is not like it was YESTERDAY. TODAY we have a literal POLICE STATE, that LOOKS - not to "stop criminal activity" - but, to CREATE entrapment situations. By holding "big tent" - "EVERYONE is WELCOME" - events, you are making several mistakes right off the stop. #1 The enemy certainly will send in his spies and pro-vocs to each and every "open gathering" that they can attend. To gather information, and to start "relationships" with targetable naïve/gullible/stupid individuals, that they can "flesh out" down the road as "sources of information". And #2 - "WHAT" do you hope to actually achieve with this "big tent" - "open" approach? Have a few more worthless folks, "filling the chairs", whose only reason for being there is to be "entertained", because they have nothing better to do that day? Friend, the day of PLAYING at "XYZ" is OVER!

Whether it's costumed Hollywierd Nutzi's like the so-called "nsm", or beer-bellied bozo's in varied colored "robes" - the FIRST Klan got it RIGHT you know! IE the INVISIBLE Empire! Dump the comical COSTUMES and see for yourself how MANY of these people STAY around. We of the ANP are organized to promote a specific POLITICAL IDEOLOGY - NOT to hand out silly titles and "ranks" to boost the egos of personal losers. We DON'T ever - EXPOSE - our adherents to "others"; we are very security minded, and we avoid all other organizations who aren't. Which means 99.9% of this "movement" that has shown zero MOVEMENT, except "doing" (unsuccessfully) the same old things that it's been doing (unsuccessfully), for decades. I'm not "giving you a pitch" for you to join our organization - I'm simply trying once again to give a little advice to someone who perhaps might be well meant, but stuck in a rut. THIS IS NO GAME that we're involved in - "we" those who ARE serious - are ENEMY RESISTANCE FIGHTERS, in a wholly OCCUPIED land! We NEED to start ACTING like we understand that - and ACT accordingly.

I know the tired old, “but we're not doing anything wrong" - friend, just the fact that you're RACIALLY AWARE makes you WRONG in the eyes of the systemites! And they intend to smash every single ember of White Working Class resistance that they become aware of. EVERY INDIVIDUAL. EVERY ORGANIZATION that isn't a false-front honeypot... I guess I've said enough.

Every Comrade in our organization is precious to us, and we'll protect them from their own innocence if necessary, until they understand the score. We real, sincere NS (not the tattooed, homemade costumed boneheads) are "political soldiers", fighting to achieve our political agenda, if only by keeping the true "flame" alive and pure. "What" the "klan" of today is, I honestly don't know. It's certainly not the "nightriders" of old, who succeeded in doing their necessary agenda back in the First Era. From what I see - it appears to be a bunch of mostly out of shape bigots, wearing silly costumes, who are more intent on "denigrating niggers" and "others" than promoting the best interests of the White Working Class in this sick Judeo-Capitalist toilet bowl that we are forced to exist in.

You wish to "do" something POSITIVE? Ok, DUMP the costumes and the "Lord of the Rings" titles - THAT should get rid of ALL the hobbyists and fantasy role-players - and leave you with a few worthwhile people who are willing to pragmatically GET to WORK on something POSITIVE. Then choose ONE local political campaign in your area, and field a reasonable looking/sounding candidate. NOT as a "kluxer", but just as a GOOD, DECENT, HONEST White man OR woman for that position, and RUN. IF you win - great! If not - you STILL will make potential CONTACTS through your political efforts, with SERIOUS MINDED, sympathetic White folks who you can slowly educate, organize, and move forward with, per your agenda... Get involved in REAL POLITICAL ACTIVITY - being a "SOCIAL CLUB" isn't going achieve those 14Words, OR bring Social Justice to the American White Working Class. It's your call.

For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Comrades, March will soon be upon us, and yes the weather currently reminds me of the "Russian Front" - yet, I predict that eventually the weather will break and SPRING will be in full bloom. And along with Spring comes - the 2015 ANNUAL SPRING BLITZ outreach literature campaign!

We hold this campaign for several reasons, first March is the birth-month of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, and April is of course the birth-month of Adolf Hitler - both great reasons for HONORING THEM - not by "lighting a candle", or "quietly thinking solemn thoughts"...BUT, HONORING THEM THROUGH DOING POLITICAL ACTIVISM, something that both would heartily approve of!

Secondly, after the long winter doldrums, where Outreach activities were slowed because of the weather - ITS TIME TO GET SOME MOVEMENT - into the Movement! And what better time than spring? We're ALL "rested up" and READY to get back in the saddle...well AREN'T WE?

Recently, I was sent an article from the Alexandria Virginia area, it was a few years old, but the long and short of it was that some National Socialist activist posted up a few of our "Illegal Alien" bumper stickers in a shopping center lot. The Alexandria Times (I think) ran an article about it including several PICTURES of our stickers on the light poles, along with a hilarious "story" - clearly showing BOTH our MESSAGE(S) and our CONTACT INFO. Worthwhile "publicity" indeed!

No "public rally" exposing our adherents to possible/probable enemy persecution - but, a MILLION DOLLARS worth of media exposure! All for just a few minutes time and effort by those posting them up. Need I say more?

Once again, I request that you get in your orders for Outreach materials in a timely manner, so that we can get them to you in a timely manner. I would like to mention here, that making an order for Outreach materials does NOT cover normal monthly Pledges for Party Comrades, pledges and orders are two separate entities folks.

The Feb. issues of The White Worker magazine were mailed out several weeks ago. I'm afraid that a sad number of you Official Supporters didn't receive it. WHY? Well we have a new policy here at HQ. It is VERY SIMPLE. Unlike in the past where we automatically sent out a mass mailing of our entire list - we NOW only send out the magazine WHEN we receive YOUR pledge slip. This way ONLY those who DESERVE it by making it possible for it to be published - ie FINANCING it - will receive it.

The Party has grown to the point where we no longer HAVE to coddle people who refuse to live up to their pledged obligations as ANP Official Supporters and/or Full Members - in the "hopes" that "eventually" they will grow up and become mature men AND women, without having to receive little "fanny pats" to get them to do the Right/White thing.

The American Nazi Party is an organization for ADULTS. It is NOT some club or cult or part time hobby, that feels obligated to entertain the lazy, the selfish, or the part time hobby-inclined individual.

You want a REAL National Socialist organization? Well, YOU have to BE a sincere National Socialist to belong to it. Having a dozen "Swazi tattoo's" or a complete collection of "Screwdriver" noise, doesn't cut it here folks.

You either WALK the WALK , not just TALK THE TALK - or - you GET WALKING...

As Party Chairman, I myself RESPECT those Party Comrades who LIVE the National Socialist lifestyle too much, to allow those who aren't worthy, through their own actions (or lack of them) to be "carried" by their betters. We have better and more important things to accomplish than be handmaidens to losers.

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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