ANP Report for February 08, 2015

Racial Comrades: Today I would like to address my thoughts to all those youth who contact the ANP, professing their belief in National Socialism.

Unlike "back in the day" (1967) when I was young and joined Rockwell's American Nazi Party at the age of 16, circumstances are much different from what they were back then. In my last ANPReport I wrote about the different cultural and political climate, but what I'm talking about at present is that National Socialist dissidents must beware of becoming embroiled in "legal difficulties" when dealing with "under-age" children's parents.

Today, in this "sue happy" society that Judeo-Capitalist America has become, when we are contacted by anyone who states in their missive's that they are 17 or younger, we feel compelled NOT to reply to them - out of caution that their parent(s) MIGHT try to hold US responsible for little "Bobby's or Mary's" interest/involvement in that "horrible Nazism thing" etc et al. Please don't laugh! In the past we HAVE had to deal with outraged parents, after their children ordered our materials without our knowing (they didn't mention it in their mailings) that they were "under aged". An organization such as ours, is in little position to attempt to fight "legal" battles, what given the RE$OURCES (or lack of them) that I'm often mentioning to you my readers.

Hence, our lack of direct communication with our young communicants. Sad that we HAVE to be so damn cautious, eh....

I recently had a young man write us, who professed his National Socialist beliefs, and to paraphrase his message, it went like this. He was President of his Student Council, and played on its football team. After it became known of his NS beliefs, he was bounced off both the Student Council AND the football team, and basically ostracized by much of the schools student/teacher body. Need I go on? So today I thought that I would write an "open letter" to these young Comrades out there who (hopefully) look to the Party for ideological direction, and thereby SAVE those willing to LISTEN to reason - based upon my personal experience - a LOT of possible/probable "problems".

A few of our OLDER Comrades MIGHT learn a few things as well, IF they are willing to listen and consider some well meant advice.

First off, Young Comrades, KEEP your beliefs to YOURSELF - whether in SCHOOL or at WORK. There are plenty of opportunities to "spread your beliefs" outside of both! There is no good reason to "debate" ANYONE over your beliefs - would YOU change your beliefs due to an argument with someone? Of course not! And at this present time of your life, all you are doing is painting a target upon yourselves simply stating, "I'm a believer in the most hated and denigrated viewpoint, worse than being a leper or a child molester" propaganda, spread by our enemies. Unfortunately, the ENEMY does have the UPPER HAND at the moment - so WHAT are you trying to ACHIEVE? Becoming a "MARTYR" for the Cause, or do you LIKE the negative attention - becoming known as "Adolf" throughout the school, like the young man I mentioned?

By painting a TARGET upon yourself, you become fair game for any hateful degenerate who will be backed by the SYSTEM, to RUIN your life. These Marxists and so-called "Liberals" are the MOST hateful creatures that I've ever met in my life! On the one hand they constantly spout how they "love everybody", and of how "tolerant" they are of "EVERYBODY'S" feelings and beliefs - DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT! These types LOVE to make life miserable for those who disagree with THEM. And they WILL...

Unlike back in the "old days", before our population got so brainwashed to march in lockstep with ever new, perverse mantra of the literally insane, TODAY it's VITAL that those of us who still raise the holy Swastika banner of Adolf Hitler, up from the dirt and ashes of TEMPORARY defeat that we SURVIVE, GROW and PROSPER in our endeavors - at THIS TIME, even just OUR EXISTENCE is a blow to the enemy who THOUGHT us dead and gone.

This is THE "reason" that the ANP does NOT sell any kind of "Tee-shirts", or "jewelry", of an NS or racialist nature - these things only serve to POINT you OUT to the ENEMY as to WHO YOU ARE - ie a TARGET to PERSECUTE. WE also STRONGLY advise those of you who do not have any racialist TATTOO'S - NOT to get them! They are the very FIRST thing that the systemites LOOK FOR as "identification" in persecuting you.

We true National Socialists need to USE our Aryan INTELLIGENCE!

In battle, the Waffen SS - the armed wing of the NSDAP - utilized CAMOUFLAGE to "blend in" and defeat their enemies, and were derided for it by the "main stream military" of the day. Today, ALL militaries have acknowledged the WISDOM of this, and all utilize camo in their operations...

WE must adapt ourselves to the pragmatic understanding - that TODAY'S NS - are surrounded, in a massively occupied enemy situation. It is NOT - "BRAVE" - to be idiotically "heroic", and senselessly flaunt ourselves at the overwhelming forces facing ourselves - it's simply STUPID!

UNTIL we National Socialists are in a position to DEFEND ourselves - whether it be with actual force in public - instead of depending upon Zogs motley collection of negroidized enforcers in blue, as so many of these silly street theater, Phase One performers disgustingly DO, or be it in their Just-Us "legal system" with the necessary RE$OURCES at our disposal...we don "camouflage" and keep OFF of the TARGET range as much as possible.

There IS still MUCH that we can DO - carefully, intelligently, and off the enemies radar screen. What do you THINK the enemy MOST fears - a KNOWN and MARKED opposition - or, one whom they are unaware of, and are unable to track?

Young people, KEEP your beliefs to YOURSELF. STUDY the doctrine of National Socialism, so that you honestly UNDERSTAND just WHAT it is that your striving for - I can't begin to tell you how many Swastika wearing buffoons whom I've met, who profess National Socialism - yet beyond "white power" and I "hate non-Whites" they are totally CLUELESS of Adolf Hitler's mighty creed. That's not just sad - it's DISGUSTING - these are the types you see prancing across your TV screens, screeching slogans and thrusting out their arms like cartoon cutouts from some ADL created propaganda reel...these creatures "knowledge" of NS must have come from watching Hollywood thrillers, or Time-Life "history" books...

Here in Michigan we've just had several feet of snow dumped on us. The Detroit Public Schools have been closed for THREE days - know "why"? It's because the little darlings "can't walk to school", BECAUSE no one has SHOVELED the walks for them! Yeah, instead of getting outside and shoveling the walks themselves - the schools are closed. And it's NOT just in Detroit - I've noticed in my neighborhood that it's the PARENTS outside shoveling the snow (same with cutting the grass in the summertime) - WHERE are the CHILDREN? Once again, it's the ADULTS' fault that their children behave as they do. Our entire sick society is really messed up...

To those NS Youth, it's NOT just how well you can recite Mein Kampf, or tell of NS history - it's the LIVES that you personally LEAD!

NS Youth HELP out around the house in co-operation with their parents - they need not to be "told" - they simply DO IT, because that's the way a true Aryan acts! They concentrate upon their STUDIES, attempting to become the very BEST Aryan man or woman that they can become. They refuse to harm their bodies through various chemicals or substances, BECAUSE as a true follower of Adolf Hitler who neither smoked nor drank alcohol in excess, they strive for a healthy body AND mind. They LIVE the LIFE of a true National Socialist - to the BEST of their ABILITY - and set an EXAMPLE for others to wish to want to EMULATE!

How many parents, if they had a son or daughter who lived a true NS lifestyle - would feel differently about their child's personal "beliefs" - than if they had a worthless, rebellious "punk" who gave them heartache, embarrassment, and shame? A LOT.

THAT'S what I advise our NS Youth to work towards. It's certainly not easy in this toilet bowl of a society - but, as Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf - "Difficulties do not exist to be surrendered to, but rather only to be overcome". Entire life is a constant STRUGGLE - whether YOU decide to "DO" the RIGHT THING rather than the EASY THING, is up to YOU to consider and decide!

NS Youth - it's NOT how much plastic, Chinese produced crap that you've accumulated - it's WHAT you have created of YOURSELF, that is important. We can't all have been born "good looking", or "super smart", or exceptionally "athletic" - but, we CAN strive to better ourselves every moment of our lives. It's NOT going to happen overnight, you will have to work at it, and with every decision that you make, ask yourself this - WHAT WOULD ADOLF HITLER THINK about your decision? Let that be your guide!

What National Socialism means to me.

by Steve Davenport

To me, Nazism stands for something good. The greatest good. It's not evil. Its enemies try to smear it as evil, but it really isn't. It is a force for good in the world. Nazism is love of one's race. Isn't that good, and positive? How can that be evil? Nazism wants its people, in the form of the racial folk community, to have all the basics of life: food, clothing, shelter. It absolutely does not want its people living in poverty. How can this be wrong? Nazism wants its people to have a full plate. No starvation, no malnutrition. It especially wants the children to be fed.

To Nazis, cost is immaterial. It's results that count. It abhors poverty, especially starving kids. It will never allow this, ever. Nazis want their people clothed. Not in beggar's rags, but decent apparel. No one in the racial folk community should be shivering due to having little to wear. There will never be people shivering from cold, much less freezing to death in a Nazi society. People must never be allowed to freeze to death because they failed to pay exorbitant bills to some Judeo-Capitalist energy company that only considers profits over lives. Nazism wants its people living in decent shelter. House, apt, condo doesn't matter, as long as they're protected from the elements. Nazis will never allow people to live in substandard housing. It believes firmly that the racial folk community deserves decent housing as a right and not dilapidated trash that some Judeo-Capitalist charges extortionate rent for that doesn't even provide proper shelter.

Nazism. It's a philosophy about life that stresses the racial folk community. It promotes unity among the race. People working together regardless of class, or religion, or anything else. Race is where it's at. It believes in taking care of its race. It is LOVE of one's race above all else. The racial community helping one another. The sense of a racial community. Isn't helping each other a positive trait? Isn't evil letting people suffer? Judeo-Capitalism stands by and lets people suffer, even die, for lack of them having money. Look at health care! Shouldn't people be taken care of, instead of being left to suffer and die from injury/disease? Nazism will provide national health care for the racial folk community. It will see to it no one is left untreated, because they didn't have enough money. Nazism even gives workers 2 week paid vacations to reward them for their efforts. Judeo-Capitalism certainly doesn't do that. Judeo-Capitalism is only too happy to outsource jobs overseas. Nazis are appalled by this. To them, the jobs need to stay at home, to give the workers of the racial folk community employment. How is any of this evil?

No, Nazism is a powerful force for good. The well-being of the racial folk community. People taking care of their own. It's a story as old as civilization. One its enemies want us to forget. Nazism NEVER will forget. The race is all. These are words Nazism wants us all to live by.

Comrades, here it is Feb. already and before we know it, it will be time for the Annual ANP Spring Blitz literature campaign in March-April! I urge those of you willing to take part, to start your preparatory collecting of Outreach materials ASAP. This will help us here at HQ, by not piling on the orders, once the time arrives. Remember that we are all a volunteer operation, and sometimes things get a bit stretched with all the work that has to be done in a timely manner.

I look forward to another positive year for the Party of Adolf Hitler and George Lincoln Rockwell, and I trust that along with all your dedicated efforts, National Socialism in America will grow and prosper!

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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