ANP Report for January 23, 2015

Racial Comrades: Since the end of the second world war, the jews have tirelessly devoted themselves to destroying any vestige of a Euro/Aryan nation any place upon this planet. They realized that to head off in advance, ANY type of rise against jewish control - that might ever again entail another "Nazi Germany", and its reaction to jewish control - meant that "NEVER AGAIN" must this be allowed to occur!

Here in America, they have had the MOST success! They have taken a once healthy, powerful nation, almost completely populated by the White race and through decades of effort - helped of course by their decadent pale-faced camp followers, who put GREED and SELFISH SELF-GAIN before racial loyalty, nay even DECENCY - and through these efforts have created literally a "FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER" of a country.

Remember Frankenstein? He wasn't a WHOLE man ( like America of the pre-1950's, that basically WAS a WHOLE WHITE nation ) - rather he was created using multiple sources of various body parts to replicate a living human being. What came out was a MONSTER, just as this current nation is becoming MONSTROUS in its whole being! Well, isn't it?

First off, the jews and Marxists along with their pale-faced pals - started the RACIAL destruction with their destroying of the healthy RACIAL LAWS on the books which banned inter-racial marriage, and through segregation kept the White and Negroid races from being FORCED to interact, as they do now. As Commander Rockwell often pointed out - the NAACP itself was formed and led by TWO JEWS - and for many years, the LEADERSHIP of the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People was TOTALLY jewish!

Then, the jews decided to go after what Adolf Hitler called "the roots of the racial nation" - the FAMILY UNIT - a nation that had a solid and healthy FAMILY UNIT, was, on the whole, a STABLE one. Led by such jewish "notables" as Betty Freidan, Bella Abzug, and the likes - "FEMINISM" raised its ugly head. Pushed by the well known jewish-controlled media and entertainment outlets, and carried on the shoulders of its paid whores, made into "stars" for public consumption - this evil propaganda was poured into the naïve and gullible hearts and minds of our nation's womenfolk - to be "free" of the "drudgery" of being a full-time wife and mother, and to be "independent" of those EVIL WHITE MEN, and "live THEIR OWN lives and dreams ( spiritually jewish ones of course ) they just HAD to leave the household and go out and WORK!

During this same time - GROSS MATERIALISM - was being programmed into the White American populace. And to be able to GET all that JUNK that they saw on the Boob/Jew-tube - BOTH parents, HAD to get out there and become WAGE-SLAVES so as to be able to afford these "necessaries". So the CHILDREN were to be left in charge, NOT the parents anymore. No! With the parents BOTH working, the children were left in charge of "others", but most of all - WATCHING the BOOB/JEW-TUBE - and being filled with the propaganda that poured forth like a sewer into their young minds.

Through the efforts of the electronic toilet bowl and its insidious "entertainment", was born the "HIPPIES" and the "Cool Movement" - which further degenerated OUR children. Did the White man AND woman CARE? Did they PAUSE and say "What the hell is going on here"? NO - they were TOO BUSY - MAKING MONEY and SPENDING IT - to even CARE about "WHAT" was happening to this entire NATION much less their own CHILDREN!

The time-line goes on, and soon the VILEST things were being ACCEPTED amongst the White populace. "Guess WHO'S Coming to Dinner" was promoted by the jew-controlled establishment as a "BREAK-THROUGH MOVIE", a "MUST SEE" - and eventually, it led to such "popular" programming as the "Archie Bunker Show" ( just ONE example ), where FAMILY VALUES were ridiculed and made to look "bigoted", so that the average White American who would watch, would KNOW just what NOT to embrace, and what was "modern and cool"...

As the sewer continued to flow, stronger and more putrid, so did those THOUGHTS that were instilled into the White populace grow more vile. Eventually, the average White Mary and Joe were instructed to accept HOMOSEXUALITY and its bye-products as "just another alternative lifestyle"! And BECAUSE the JEWISH-CONTROLLED media TOLD them so - they by and large DID! The jews understand "ACCEPTANCE" - after all, without being ACCEPTED - they couldn't EXIST in all the non-Jewish lands that they have infiltrated into over the centuries. So, they desperately NEEDED to have the host peoples ACCEPT all that was detrimental to them - IF - they were to SUCCEED in making sure that NEVER AGAIN would an ALL-WHITE "NAZI NATION" ever be in existence on this planet earth...

Racial Comrades, LOOK AROUND YOU - especially you OLDER folks - don't you REMEMBER - WHAT America WAS like "back in the day"? The younger ones haven't known the Old White America - they assume that the filth and depravity that surrounds them - was ALWAYS here. Well, it wasn't.

Let's be HONEST folks - IT'S HERE - BECAUSE you older folks, LET it become like it IS! Old timers - "I" - was FIGHTING this since I was 16 years old, when I first joined Commander Rockwell's American Nazi Party - WHERE WERE all of YOU?

Well, it's not over by a long shot. TODAY, the jews and their pale faced, lick-spittle lackeys are GIVING YOUR NATION AWAY!

Yep, for WEALTH and POWER - your supposed "REPRESENTATIVES" in government and elsewhere are flooding America with people who DON'T LOOK like YOU. They DON'T THINK or BELIEVE like you EITHER. But, THEY sure admire and want WHAT you HAVE, let me tell you! And IF you decide to sit this round out as you have the previous ones - they'll HAVE it too! If they eventually don't simply TAKE IT - the jews and their pale faced stooges - will GIVE it to THEM. They've nothing to fear from you, do they?

Up here in Michigan, we already SEE the "benefits" of a MULTICULTURAL society - there are MORE Arabs locally, than anywhere else outside the Middle-East! Whole cities have become either ARAB, ASIAN or INDIAN majorities! And along with them, they bring along THEIR sensibilities - an arab woman here was recently arrested for not legally driving - she's SUING for $200 MILLION because the police removed her "religious headdress" for a mug shot! Indian "Sheikhs" are demanding THEIR "right" to carry around a frigging SWORD as a "religious" symbol in public! WHERE WILL ALL THIS MULTI-CULTI END? HUMAN SACRIFICES - "because" - some ALIEN RELIGION demands it?

Well Whitey, as I always say - people usually GET whatever THEY ALLOW.

I'm going to be 63 in February, I REMEMBER the Old America. I have SEEN all the "CHANGES" that have taken place, and I wonder just HOW FAR is MY America going to CHANGE?

No, I'll rephrase that - this is honestly no longer "MY" America. MY America is dead and gone.

Young White brothers and sisters - just WHAT is YOUR and YOUR CHILDREN'S America going to be like?

Perhaps it's simply gone too far. Perhaps, if you're lucky, "White America" will get a "piece of the pie". How BIG that piece of the pie might be, IF you get more than the crumbs you can scrabble from the "others" table - just MIGHT depend upon how HARD you are willing to FIGHT for them!

Looking at the present crop of "white Americana" - and having been ignored with my efforts for so long - I honestly only feel deep sorrow for all those little White children, who have deserved so much more from their adults. When a species won't even FIGHT for their OFFSPRING and their well-being... What more can I say?

Comrades, the January issue of The White Worker magazine, 20 pages this month - went out in the mail a couple of days ago - if you wish to receive it, please send in your January pledge asap. Thank you.

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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