ANP Report for January 07, 2015

Racial Comrades: Today I would like to, - uh wait a minute until that horrible squelching sound disappears - you know, the sound of thousands of "dedicated White Nationalists" pulling their collective heads out of their asses, after filling the coffers of their proverbial masters on cue - like good little lemmings during this past "holiday season"....

Great! Now that that's over, lets get back to what really SHOULD matter to each and everyone of us - the struggle to achieve those 14Words ( remember them? ) and Social Justice for the American White worker. You see, I'm afraid that unlike the typical, average "White Movement" individual, the ENEMY - DOESN'T take a break in the literal WAR upon ourselves.

Is it a war Rock? Well, while it's not being fought with weapons - the NON-ARYAN INVADER - is sure taking over OUR territories, and as George Lincoln Rockwell once wrote: "Whether it is being done by force of arms, or sexual re-population, the White man is being overwhelmed OUT of his own territory by the non-White hoards."

Back in the 70-80's a French writer wrote a best selling novel called "In the Camp of the Saints". It foretold how "in the not too distant future" MILLIONS of non-Aryan Third World Invaders would climb aboard just about any vessel that would float, and in a huge armada, from India, Africa, Asia and beyond - would set sail for Southern Europe - and beaching their craft, would simply mosey on into the heart of our ancestral homeland, to make it their own...

Well, it's HAPPENING now - recently in the past several weeks, two large derelict cargo ships filled with 600-800 "immigrants" each (as the Marxist liberals love to call them,) have done just that. Piloted by human smugglers, who just off the shore of Italy, abandoned the ships and left the "human refuse" ( as Emma Lazarus, the jewess who wrote that disgusting "poem" that was affixed to the Statue of Liberty in NY's harbor, called them ) to be "saved" by the "tender-hearted" Italians - who instead of SINKING THEM, as I would recommend - unfortunately did “save them”. What a sorry precedent that sets, eh?

Lest you think that these are "POOR" folks, looking for a "better life" - let me mention that those "saved" told that they paid the smugglers SIX to EIGHT THOUSAND U.S. DOLLARS a person to make the crossing! Hell, how many of YOU could come up with cash like that? They also told their rescuers that they all intended to head NOT into Italy to start their new lives ( so don't send us back! ) - but, to GERMANY, which the Judeo-Capitalists have forced ( remember that Germany is still an OCCUPIED country. No "Peace Treaty" was signed after WWII - only an "Armistice", and foreign troops still occupy German soil ) into having the MOST LENIENT immigration laws in all of Europe! How the jews must HATE the German people of Adolf Hitler, for daring to break the kosher chains that bound them, and show the world an EXAMPLE to be followed...

No wonder that the PEOPLE in Germany are FINALLY arising into regular, huge, growing PROTEST DEMONSTRATIONS in the tens of thousands, that so infuriate the jews' lackeys like Angela Merkel - that she publicly DENOUNCES and DENIGRATES her own Folk, for their calling for an END to this ENDLESS INVASION by Non-Aryans!

IF ONLY WE COULD SEE THAT HERE! No, "our side" finds it hard to even contribute a few measly jew-bucks, much less bother to turn out on a WEEKLY basis ( as they are in Dresden, and now other German cities ) to take part in the REGULAR "Monday Night" marches...

Regular, normal looking German men and women, young and old, ALL UNITED in ONE PURPOSE - to DEMAND that the INVASION of THEIR Fatherland STOPS!

THEY outnumber the COPS. They outnumber the MARXISTS - in fact - the reds are AFRAID to confront, or attack these people, since they are not the small numbers of "typical neo-nazi's" who have paved the way for these Racial Comrades, by braving the Red/Systemite Menace in the past. Hopefully these courageous, dedicated people will INSPIRE OTHERS across Europe to follow in their example, and NOT be a pent up "flash in the pan" outburst of popular anger.

One thing IS positive about these demonstrations is that they seem NOT to be phony "pressure valve" operations, set up by some SYSTEM STOOGE to let the populace vent a little anger - hence the systemites like Merkel's shock and uncontrolled anger towards them, instead of a few well chosen words of bullcrap, lukewarm "concern" etc et al. The SYSTEMITES are WORRIED Comrades, and that's a good sign! Perhaps the Germans are NOT the whipped dogs that the kosher crowd thought after all?

Only time will tell. I have often thought that the White man was slow to anger, what with his being bought off with "plastic pleasures" and materialism - but, as the White mans economies stagnate and deteriorate as they are, and the FUTURE looks bleaker and bleaker for his CHILDREN - just perhaps, a growing percentage of the White population will once again find their REAL PRIORITIES in life, shuck off their FEAR - and STAND TALL like their forebears!

When I read in the system's controlled media, that even the "LEFT" is starting to become "JEW WISE" - even if only because of "Israel's imperialistic racism" - well, it's a START in the right direction! I believe that the REAL DANGER is going to be coming from the so-called KOSHER NEO-CON-SERVATIVES - THEY seem to be the ones who LOVE Israel and everything kosher, and let's face it - WHAT in HELL is worth "CONSERVING" in this totally jewified, putrid, Judeo-Capitalist SEWER? To ME - NOTHING!

This Jew-S-A has become such a stinking mass of filth, corruption, and depravity that I can think of literally NOTHING that I would prefer remains after the smoke clears... Am I wrong here folks? And we ALL know that it's only going to CONTINUE to get WORSE, day after day, year after year...

UNLESS, WE TOO - GET SERIOUS - as our European brothers and sisters seem to be doing.

Let me ask you THIS. Would YOU put aside ANYTHING you might be "doing", to go out and march EVERY MONDAY EVENING as these Racial Comrades DO?

IF your answer is YES - what EXCUSE do you have for NOT sending in a contribution to the Party? What is your EXCUSE for NOT going out and carefully and intelligently distributing some OUTREACH MATERIALS? Yes, you ARE on your own - you don't YET have the companionship of thousands of others - but, in order to GET those thousands of people - YOU have to START somewhere. YOU have to SHOW them that there ARE others who might feel as they do- and start them on down the path towards where YOU are! Can you REALLY imagine that all those thousands just sprang up out of the ground without the intense "leg work" it must have taken by people just like YOU?

Sure, NOBODY or at least VERY FEW are going to be attracted by some costumed carnival freaks, acting out "American History X" - but, the VAST MAJORITY of American White Nationalists are NOT creatures of that kind - they ARE intelligent, normal looking/acting men and women. The simple REASON that the jew's controlled media PLAYS UP the dysfunctionals - is to give ALL of US a BAD IMAGE - it's a typical JEWISH BIG LIE smear job. These cretins whom the jews love to promote with their Big Bigot Build-up publicity campaigns - as Commander Rockwell used to call them during his day - OUGHT to be PAID by the enemy for their services. In fact, I have little doubt that in one manner or another, most of them are.

This 2015 needs to be a TURNING POINT in NS/WN - this year, ALL of us should swear that NO LONGER will we TOLERATE or ASSOCIATE with ANYONE who has broken the White Man's Code! RACE-MIXERS who marry Non-Whites should be OUT of our ranks! CAREER CRIMINALS should be OUT of our ranks! Those who live to PROFIT off the Struggle by peddling Chinese made trinkets, or who LIVE OFF of the donations meant to go INTO our common fight, and which instead go INTO their POCKETS should be EXPELLED. I can say from personal experience, that it's entirely possible for ANY Movement Poohbah to HOLD a JOB - and STILL do his Movement responsibilities. There is ZERO - not ONE - organization in the "movement" that is so big or complex that it needs a paid honcho who doesn't hold down a JOB. These PARASITES must GO!

The same can be said about the far too many losers that are allowed in, simply to have a few more featherless bipeds filling a chair or holding a placard on the courthouse steps. We REALLY NEED to start exercising some severe QUALITY CONTROL. All it takes is ONE unkempt, loony freak, ( if it WAS only "one", sigh ) for the media's cameras to focus in on, to RUIN the IMAGE for everyone else involved. BEHAVIOR is just as important as "LOOKS" too - every time I see these Phase One "Street Performers" on the news, shouting slurs and obscenities, and/or making childish hand gestures I want to cringe. We're NOT on the playground anymore morons - your TRYING to impress and win over others to your beliefs, NOT shock and repulse them!

As things stand, and as they continue to worsen, we honestly have PLENTY of good OPPORTUNITIES to find and recruit those White men and women out there who basically feel as we all do. We need to make CONTACT with these people - AND - let them know that not ONLY are there others who feel as they do, but - WHERE and HOW they can GET INVOLVED in the SOLUTION.

Our goal for 2015 is simple - we NEED to REACH these folks through our OUTREACH activities - then, we NEED to EDUCATE them about the REAL SCORE of what is going on around them and why, finally we NEED to ORGANIZE them into helping to build a PRO-WHITE working class organization that works solely for THEIR best interests.

Comrades, it's not really a numbers game - more important is - QUALITY vs QUANTITY. People who once join our ranks, stay in our ranks though thick and thin - people who DON'T ask "what am I gonna get out of it..." , but rather WHAT can I DO, large or small to help us succeed?

These kind of men and women are out there. No, they aren't the "average" or "typical" White American of the moment, in fact they are presently few and far between what with the sickness pervading the pale-faced population of today's toilet bowel society. We already have a number of them, we need more - are YOU one of them?

National Socialism is caring

by Steve Davenport

National Socialism's enemies like to portray it as "the evil Nazis", that Nazism is pure evil, and good for nothing. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Jews and their helpers are liars. Judeo-capitalism is celebrating the "Holidays". This means people are out fighting over so called bargains, like dogs over a bone. This is Capitalism. Selfishness exalted on high.

Here is the good that National Socialism stands for:

It stands for love of one's race. Is it really something wrong to love your race? To want the best for it, to care about it? Nazism believes in each race caring about its own members. So what if it doesn't want to race mingle? None of the other races really want to mingle either. It is only NATURAL, that people stick with their own. It's more comfortable that way. People seek out alike. To care for its own racial folk community, Nazism would see them with education, and health care. Not based on money, but on need. Nazism believes, BELIEVES, that there must never be a hungry, or uneducated Aryan, ever.

Nazism believes in the family. It is NOT anti gay/lesbian. It doesn't encourage such behavior, but it doesn't care about what happens in the bedroom. Hitler was EXTREMELY tolerant for his time, and tolerated Rohm's homosexuality. They parted over political differences, not sexual preference.

Nazism, contrary to popular belief does not hate the Jews. Nazism opposes Jew influence/power over Aryan peoples. It could care less what the Jews do in their own nation. It's Jew business not Aryan. Is it wrong to want your group free to act as it chooses? The Jews infiltrated the Weimar republic, and worked to remake Germany in their image. Look at how Jewish liberal influence has penetrated the USA. We got civil rights, which lets blacks run amok. We have gay/lesbian rights, which is anti-family, becoming law. We have feminism running roughshod over anything it deems it doesn't like. Where is the real prejudice here? Nazism, that wants to be left to its own devices, or these groups who insist on ramming their agenda down Aryan throats?

Nazism believes in a strong defense. Since when is it wrong to want to defend yourself and nation? Liberals love to preach about everyone loving each other. Thing is, disagree with a liberal, and they go on attack mode. All of a sudden you're evil because you disagree. Nazism is willing to debate the issues, but the Jews and their flunkies refuse to debate. To them Nazism must be silenced at all times. Which side is more fair, more just?

Nazism wants its people fed. Not slave rations, but that all are fed properly. No starvation. No malnutrition. It wants its people educated, with at least a basic education. It wants its people taken care off. It wants a real national health insurance system, not a Judeo-Capitalist front like Obama is giving us. Is the above wrong? Then how can Nazism be wrong? Or evil? Or a force for bad?

Nazism doesn't just mouth slogans, or platitudes. It's the real deal. It's caring for one's race. It's the unity of the racial folk community to first and foremost survive, but also to create decent living conditions. The working poor, is a concept unknown to Nazism. A Nazi govt will always help its people. After all, in Nazism, the people/race are the most precious possession a nation can have. Naturally it will do its utmost to defend and care for them. It is the core belief. Judeo-Capitalism worships money/materialism. Is there any wonder then there is so much inequality and misery? Nazism worships the racial folk community. It is NOT a force for evil, but rather a force for good, the good of the race. Our enemies are afraid to let us openly voice our beliefs and ideas. They must be afraid that people will accept them as true.

Comrades, I would like to take the time here to thank all those Party Comrades who were able to come through with their $upport over the "Holiday" season. Many of you have sent your pledges in late, but better late than never, eh? A few of you went far beyond your original pledge, and because of your sacrifice, we are facing the New Year with much better prospects than any other year before. Thank you!

I would like to take a moment to single out those who belong to the Party's "Non-Aryan Sympathizer" section - except for one individual ( who has up to the present remained in Good Standing ) EVERY SINGLE individual honored their pledge to the Party last month. Certainly this says "SOMETHING" about the ANP forming such a special section in the first place, and secondly it perhaps says "SOMETHING" about those "Aryans" out there who seemed unable to find a place on their list of priorities per $upporting the Party of Adolf Hitler and George Lincoln Rockwell... I think that that's enough said.

For those of you who for some reason were unable to honor your pledge last month on time, if you send your Dec. pledge slip in asap, we still have a few copies of the Nov-Dec 28-page combined issue of The White Worker available, and will mail it out to you on a first come first shipped basis.

Last year was a very successful year, and 2015 looks to be a year of vast opportunity as well. Our Twitter outlet has grown to over the 6,300 mark. We will be starting up our Talk-Shoe radio program again this month, I encourage all of you to call in and take part. We never missed publishing our hardcopy The White Worker magazine once this past year! Because of circumstances beyond my control, we had no major Party Conferences last year - we hope to rectify that in 2015 - gas prices dropping will be a big help towards allowing many Party Comrades to hopefully take part. Comrades, I truly realize myself that this economy makes it difficult for many Party Comrades to cross the huge distances involved, unlike in Europe where things are more compact and they have tolerable public transportation available. Let's see what we can work out...

A new year means new opportunities, as National Socialist Revolutionaries let us prepare to take advantage of them!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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