ANP Report for December 07, 2014

Racial Comrades:  It was cold, damn cold and the night was filled with more sleet than snow. The Veteran, the Old Man of his unit who himself was only in his middle twenties grimly looked around him. The other faces that he perused were young, too damn young he thought - better not to think, he reminded himself - yet it was impossible not to. He was the only one left in his unit had started in this war from day one. The rest were gone...

He forced himself to wipe down the MG 40 with a rag, lest the ice built up and jam it.  At the sound of a noise on the left of the trench, he turned and saw the Non-Com coming along with the ration bearer - "cold slop again tonight Comrades, the kitchen bulls couldn't get a fire going in this mess" growled Max.

He paused alongside the Veteran, who unlike the others wasn't bitching and moaning - he was used to it, it had been a long time since hot food filled his stomach. "Well Hans, how's it going, keeping the children in line?" he said with a grin on his grizzled face. The Veteran tiredly smiled back and removed his empty pipe from his mouth. Long time since he had tobacco to fill it too...

"Look Comrade" he drawled, "I've only got two belts here for my MG, any chance of you collecting some rifle clips from the men, and maybe we can fit out another belt?"  Grimacing, he mechanically re-wiped the weapon down "Two belts aren't going to last worth shit, if they come at us again tonight". The non-com nodded "I'll see what I can do. I heard that they're moving out the flak guns from the big cities for ground defense on the line, even from the capital - not that that will do a hell of a lot of good - seeing as how they only have flak ammunition which might knock down a plane, it won't do much good against armor."

"Merry Christmas" thought the Veteran, as the non-com moved further down the trench line. "How in hell did it ever come to this" drifted through his mind. For six long years, he had lived through things that he never thought possible. While so many others died around him, here he still was, "fighting the good fight", but his revere was disrupted as a runner crouched low spoke quietly in he ear, "I was ordered to tell you that there is not enough ammunition to make up another belt", then he was gone.

For a moment the Veteran cursed quietly to himself, then he heard it - off in the distance - a rumble and growl of tank engines and tracks, and the mottled noises of vast numbers of men as they assembled, preparing to come at them again...

As the star shells filled the night sky, peering over the lip of the frozen trench, he could see a tidal wave of horror coming his way. No ammunition he thought, shaking his head…

Comrades, the above predicament, while certainly not as dire as the Veterans', is pretty much what we are facing at this moment in time as well.

Many of you have written me, inquiring "why" they did not receive their November issue of The White Worker magazine. I've pondered long about "what" I should say - seeing as how I neither wish to give joy to our opponents, nor spread defeatism amongst the "troops". 

As usual - I believe that HONESTY is the best policy. So here's the "why"....

Except for a small number ( compared to the total ) of Party Comrades, who ALWAYS seem to come through - donations/pledges - were so few, that we didn't have the needed funds to produce a November issue. That's the blunt truth...

So, what we've done is to combine the Nov.-Dec. issues into a much larger than usual "double issue" this time around.

Everyone seems to really like the magazine, what with utilizing a higher quality grade of paper, and being printed throughout in full color - its professional standard is second to none. Yet, along with this professional standard, comes the cost. It takes four different color cartridges, and they all run about a hundred dollars a piece. We chew up ( depending on the contents ) almost all the ink, each production issue. Combine that with the paper and envelope costs - AND - if you haven't noticed, POSTAGE went up, to SEVENTY CENTS - it’s NOT cheap to DO what we DO. Maybe that's "why" so few other racialist organizations bother to print hard-copy like the American Nazi Party still does. It cuts into some Mighty Poohbah's profit line...

Personally, I believe that it’s IMPORTANT to produce hard-copy - not only does it show that the ANP is a viable organization - but, it is also a valuable educational tool for the membership. As I myself read each issue, I'm proud that the Party has found such dedicated and informed writers as we have. Every article has immense value for the readership, and unlike other "racialist publications" that I've seen over the years, The White Worker is NOT filled to bursting with obvious "slurs" and "negativity" - rather it IS filled with FACTUAL information that supports our National Socialist agenda in a POSITIVE manner. When an individual reads The White Worker, it RE-ENFORCES his/her belief and understanding of WHAT we are FIGHTING for, and WHY.

It is a NECESSARY TOOL in our propaganda arsenal, and in all honesty, it is something that the Party can reward its adherents with, for their $UPPORT of our efforts.

Here is the quandary - this "time of year" - apparently, even OUR Party Comrades are falling under the spell of the Judeo-Capitalists and their mercenary "buy, Buy, BUY!" propaganda campaign.  Let me remind all of you, that National Socialism is ANTI-MATERIALISM - the complete OPPOSITE of the Judeo-Capitalist spirit, that one can ONLY be "happy", if one goes into DEBT trying to OUT-DO the other guy, even if it means BUYING more foreign made JUNK, than anyone else!

Comrades, just WHO are YOU making HAPPY?  Well, the Silverstones and the Goldfinkles ARE happy, with each new jingle-jingle-ring of the CASH REGISTER. And the FOREIGNERS who are MAKING these plastic, expendable CRAPOLA - have JOBS, which far too many White workers are losing to them!  SHAKE YOUR HEADS WHITE PEOPLE, AWAKEN FROM THE SPELL OF THE JUDEO-CAPITALIST ADVERTISING!

Your FAMILY and FRIENDS - NEED YOUR LOVE AND CARING - that's surely much more valuable, than the latest trendy trinket, that seems to be OBSOLETE before you even purchase it! 

I'll cut to the chase: I'm certainly NOT telling you to avoid "giving presents" - gifts, especially to children ARE important - but, "WHY" at this "time of the year" - regularly as clockwork ( it happens EVERY year I'm afraid ) do your BELIEFS and IDEALS go down the toilet, and you revert BACK into being what you WERE before your National Socialist Awakening?  A good little zombie goy-bott who falls right into line, at the checkout counter - while YOUR "army" runs OUT of AMMUNITION ( ie funding ).

What I am going to humbly request is that you put YOUR BELIEFS and IDEALS - SOMEWHERE on your priority list for the "holidays" - and hopefully, NOT on the BOTTOM.

What's MORE important honestly? ONE DAY filled with USELESS JUNK, and OVERWHELMING INTEREST SLAVERY DEBT ( to impress whom? ) - OR, striving to provide a SAFE, HEALTHY FUTURE for your LOVED ONES and YOURSELF?  You know, uh - those 14WORDS and SOCIAL JUSTICE for you White Workers. IF White people put the same effort they do into "decorating their yards/houses" and "shopping", into FIGHTING for their RACIAL FUTURE - they MIGHT just have a chance of RACIAL SURVIVAL.

My suggestion is this - take just ONE present from the "postman, neighbor, boss, co-worker, the relative you've never met...- and instead make that gift out to ADOLF HITLER and all those National Socialists who've fought, sacrificed and even died for OUR CAUSE over the decades. As one of those "Veterans", still in todays "trenches", I would personally be grateful that my sacrifice is not ignored or forgotten...  PLEASE SEND US "AMMUNITION" - ASAP

For White Worker Power!  88!
Rocky J Suhayda. Chairman 

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