ANP Report for November 30, 2014

Racial Comrades: I often am asked - "What's the difference between the American Nazi Party, and any of these other so-called 'NS' organizations out there?” One of the anomalies that I have observed during my four decades plus service to the National Socialist movements' struggle here in America, is that there are basically three assorted "types" of individuals who are attracted to National Socialism itself.

The first, is what I tend to call the "Hollywierd Nutzi" types. These are the "Look at Me!" folks, whose whole infatuation with "Nazism" is simply that they find the "symbolism", the "uniforms", the "image" of the big, tough, bad ass Nazi of Hollywood style creation, to be so appealing to themselves. For the most part, these types are basically LOSERS in their own personal lives, and assuming the ROLE of the "Nazi Superman" makes them feel "better" about themselves - no longer are they simply the guy who got picked on at school for various reasons, or the grown man who has a tough time finding sympathetic women, or even friends - in the REAL world. Here in the "fantasy world" of Phase One dress up organizations, he can fulfill his goal of really "being somebody", and better yet - he finds OTHERS similar to HIM - to SHARE in their common goal of creating a "make believe" outlet for all of their repressed feelings.

Here, they are no longer the "outsider" whom everyday life ignores, or sneers at - rather at their communal fun-fests - THEY can let go, and freely DENIGRATE all of these "others" ( "niggers", "kikes", "queers", etc. et al ) whomever they prefer to choose. I have noticed, having mixed with these kind of people in my early years of involvement in this "racial movement", that these types mostly prefer to concentrate upon knocking "others" in a negative manner, much more than participating in POSITIVE PROMOTION of the White/Aryan Folk. In fact, IF these types were told NOT to babble on with racial slurs, or pathetic empty threats against so and so - they in truth would have very little left to discourse upon!

These are basically what I call the "hater" types. They are not so much involved in the "movement" BECAUSE of sincere LOVE of our Aryan Folk, the desire to PROMOTE our people FORWARD to better times, and accepting that OUR PROBLEMS have gotten to WHERE THEY ARE today - simply BECAUSE the defect is within our own race, and needs to be cured - but, rather to PUT the BLAME for our corruptness on to "SOMEBODY ELSE". Just as the fact that their FAILURES in their personal lives, are based upon their own inner weakness's - and COULD be CHANGED ( at least perceptibly IF they REALLY tried ) - they are determined to put all of our races problems at the foot of the "others". As if "all the others" disappeared overnight - "EVERYTHING" would suddenly be put right - WITHOUT any effort upon the White people themselves, to cleanse themselves of what they have sadly become.

There is very little of a positive manner that can be accomplished with such people, as they are similar to little children, who constantly insist that "IT'S NEVER MY FAULT" - it's "SOMEBODY ELSE'S FAULT" - isn't that in a way, the typical claim of the negro population, "if it wasn't for those evil White people, holding me back...I wouldn't be a crackhead, or my yard wouldn't be filled with trash, or my baby daughter wouldn't have five babies of her own, by five different men"? Do we have a stench of HYPOCRISY here Comrades?

Until the White race decides that THEY are their own worse PROBLEM, by NOT accepting RESPONSIBILITY for allowing "all this" to have OCCURRED and to STILL be OCCURRING as they sit on their collective asses, emitting EXCUSES - nothing is going to CHANGE and IMPROVE for our Folk!

The second type of NS are the "Great Thinkers". These people are better grounded in National Socialist ideology than those mentioned earlier, but the PROBLEM with these types is that they remind me of a picture I saw once, of a conclave of Monks, discussing "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin".

Their "involvement" is in the main, debating, discussing, and reviewing, over and over - the PAST era, of National Socialist Germany - to the point where "historical revisionism" becomes the dominant role in their involvement with National Socialism itself.

For these types, it's like they are FROZEN in TIME - back in the early 20th century - and they have somehow FORGOTTEN, that Adolf Hitler's creation, National Socialism, is a LIVING World-View, NOT some DEAD philosophy to be mulled over for the millionth time. Yes, many of these people are quite adept at relating all the "ins and outs" of what occurred, and when it occurred, and with whom - WAY BACK WHEN - but, I say “SO WHAT?” It's all very interesting from a historical vantage point - but, as my mother used to say - "what's that got to do with the price of milk"? We're all living in the HERE and NOW guys - the 21st century - and we have CURRENT PROBLEMS that are much more important to concentrate upon, than the long lost PAST.

These “Great Thinkers” are the types who prefer what is GONE - than WHAT we must BUILD today! Often, I think that they would prefer a "cookie cutter" IMAGE of an NS America, where we all wear lederhosen, eat schnitzel, and America is covered with architecture based upon "Little Bavaria"! LOL

They are "Germanophiles" to the point that they seem to have forgotten that the U.S. White population is a mixed bag of EVERY ARYAN TRIBAL ENTITY from Europe - unlike the mostly "pure" tribal states in the Old County, where the people there are of basically ONE stock - France is made up of FRENCH people, IRELAND is basically of IRISH people, etc. et al.

Do these types seek or wish to FORCE - ONE TRIBAL CULTURAL ENTITY - upon ALL of the OTHER Aryan entities involved? More to the point, MOST White/Aryans in America are of MIXED Euro stock. I myself am basically of Dutch/Hungarian ancestry - does that mean that I can't be a sincere National Socialist - since I'm not pure "German"? OF COURSE NOT! And this constant harping and fixation on "GERMAN" National Socialism is NOT going to "sell" to the Average American White Aryan Mutt.

We MUST always HONOR those Racial Comrades who - SHOWED THE WAY - in Germany, but you can't "be" what you aren't...

The third type of National Socialist in America, is what the American Nazi Party professes to be.

We understand that National Socialism is an IDEOLOGY - a NATURE BASED World-View - that CAN be EVOLVED to interact with the REALITIES of TODAY. National Socialism is a PROGRESSIVE World-View, that CAN and DOES find itself EVOLVING with the times. Its basic tenets are CARVED in STONE - its progression is both FLEXIBLE and ADAPTABLE to the times we live in.

One of the biggest REASONS for the FAILURES of the previously mentioned two types above, are that the AVERAGE, NORMAL, White man or woman - sees their "approach" or attempted "salesmanship" of National Socialism - to be bluntly ANACHRONISTIC. There's no lure in "RETURN TO THE PAST" - that's "CONSERVATISM" - and true NS are surely NOT CON-SERVATIVES! Adolf Hitler himself was no conservative! Hitler and National Socialism BROKE with the failed PAST - and went PROGRESSIVELY - FORWARD, with truly REVOLUTIONARY policies, and EVOLVED into the best system of living, ever known to our White/Aryan race!

National Socialism in America, will forever be a small "cult", attractive to only a few - UNLESS - its proponents can EVOLVE and ADAPT with the times they live in! National Socialism HAS the ANSWERS to ALL of White America's ills, but it HAS to be PROMOTED in a fashion that "clicks" with the mind of MODERN, White America - nostalgia will NEVER bring on a National Socialist revival, much less a National Socialist REVOLUTION.

BOTH the PROBLEMS and the SOLUTIONS that faced White/Aryan Germans back then, are NOT the SAME that we face here in America in 2014 - and no amount of wishful thinking is going to change that FACT. IF we wish the MODERN White/Aryan American to even CONSIDER the POSSIBILITY of a National Socialist option - WE too HAVE to MODERNIZE our political approach.

"Marching Stormtroopers" and "slogans" that fit the times of 1920's Germany, are NOT a "one size fits all" strategy - does anybody honestly believe that if Adolf Hitler was resurrected in 21st century America - that He would DO IT ALL EXACTLY THE SAME? Then HOW can today's National Socialists continue to "DO" the SAME OLD NONSENSE that they've been "DOING" for the past fifty years - most UNSUCCESSFULLY by the way - and hope to achieve anything positive?

Perhaps that's the "WHY" that the enemy prefers giving the "Big Bigot Build-up" in their controlled media, as Commander Rockwell so aptly named it, to those who continue in the silly Hollywierd Nutzi, Phase One antics, over more sincere, stable, and PROGRESSIVE minded National Socialists? Is it possible that they fear a National Socialist revival, that no longer ACTS like costumed misfits, doing some kind of mindless street theater, that only garners repulsion and laughter from the masses whom we seek to connect with?

National Socialism is NOT some exotic "costume", nor is it sadly emulating "what" the enemy portrays it to be, like a cartoon cut-out of a shouting, vile-minded bigoted bully. National Socialism IS a healthy, intelligent and dignified way of LIFE for America's White/Aryan man, woman and child. A path back to living WITH nature, not against its basic rules.

When one contrasts the American Nazi Party and its adherents, with the typical "Hollywood Neo-Nutzi" that you see unfortunately far too often on your television screen, and elsewhere - the opposition in looks, demeanor, behavior and actions are clear to observe - and the "difference" is obvious. Which group of people would you think that Adolf Hitler would prefer to carry his sacred banner forward? Whom would you prefer to associate yourself with, as a sincere National Socialist?

I believe that I've answered the question above to the best of my ability....

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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