ANP Report for November 09, 2014

Racial Comrades: My topic today might seem pretty silly to some of you, and to others it might even seem unnecessary, but I'm afraid that being in the "position" that I find myself - being American Nazi Party Chairman - that it's come time to address it.

The "topic" that I'm referring to is this - buying into, and even "believing" - the various hate propaganda poured forth like an open sewer about Adolf Hitler AND the National Socialist idea, through the various channels of enemy propaganda outlets, most of all their numerous movie and television atrocities.

Many of "our kind" of people, tend to enjoy watching the "History Channel", and supposed "documentary" films "based" upon ( supposed ) "facts". Just as I've seen photos in books, not having ANYTHING to do with the supposed "facts" being presented to the reader in the words, so have I watched these so-called "documentaries" - I prefer referring to them as "DOCU-DRAMAS" - on many subjects, where films and pictures do NOT mesh with the voice-overs, except in the most loosely fashioned manner.

For example, I saw one of these so-called WWII "documentaries" the other day, on the fall of Battaan to the Japanese forces, supposedly showing U.S. Army troops fighting with weapons that they didn't even have at that time period - an example would be that U.S. soldiers were armed with MI rifles and wore the "pot" style helmets, where troops back then wore the WWI style helmets and carried only the bolt action Springfield rifles during this period. Gee Rock, aren't you being a wee bit PICKY? I don't think so - when you're dealing with history, you have an OBLIGATION towards the TRUTH only! To myself, the TRUTH should ALWAYS be the prime objective, ESPECIALLY when you're supposedly "TEACHING" the masses through a supposed "EDUCATIONAL" medium.

Hell, I can forgive some Hollywood "producer" making a Civil War action thriller, where they are armed with Winchester lever action rifles, and cartridge loader Colt 45's, BUT when it comes to supposed "Historical Documentaries, on a supposed "educational" channel, I draw the line!


My point is - that I'm finding too many National Socialist minded people, who watch these programs, are sometimes actually BELIEVING the nonsense spewing forth like an overflowing toilet!

I watched one the other day about "Nazi Gospels" that infuriated me to the point of writing this article. I was filled with rage and incredulity over the silly nonsense and lies that I was seeing and hearing... I could laugh and say to myself that here was the PERFECT EXAMPLE of what Adolf Hitler wrote about in his book, Mein Kampf about how the jews utilize the BIG LIE tactic - where IF you tell a BIG ENOUGH LIE - enough of that lie will STICK in peoples' minds, whether they believe the whole lie or not - to tarnish the target of the falsehood. So what ROCK, aren't you used to seeing crap like this...?

Yeah, I'm afraid I am - BUT, a few days later - I get a message from a respected Comrade, who babbled on about "Spears of Destiny" and NS seeking "Holy Grails" ( ala, the Raiders of the Lost Ark garbage by that jewboy Spielberg, who loves churning out anti-NS "thrillers" ) ! Yep, this Comrade, whom I THOUGHT was pretty decently grounded in 21st century National Socialist principals - was babbling on about this same nonsense which I had viewed a few days earlier...I guess he must have watched it too, and some of that poison wormed its way into his brain, to the point where he was regurgitating it.

How many times in the past have I heard or come across some strange, twisted individuals who actually BELIEVED and "ENJOYED" the hate filled propaganda about the "jews and the holohoax"? I knew one woman once, here in the Detroit area, who actually collected pictures of "jews in the concentration camps, etc et al" in an album, like it was some kind of a scrapbook - her real name was Sara Gottlieb, although she goes by a more "Aryan" sounding name (Samantha Hxxxxxxx), - we did some research, and found that she had been the subject matter of a Detroit Newspaper story decades ago called "What the matter with Samantha" ( she had been in a mental hospital, but the article was about her being at one of klan leader Bob Miles' gatherings in the last century. The last time I saw her, she was in a photo, at a small "nsm" picnic held in the Metro-Detroit area a few years ago by Kommander Poop, which for some reason didn't surprise me one iota; he needs every warm body he can scrape together... To me she was an obvious, mentally unbalanced, self-hating jewess, but the racial "movement" is proliferated with sickos who are NOT self-hating jews, who still buy into this poison. Remember "Jim Ramm" of the "nsm" who was a top officer, and who operated the "Nuke Israel" website, and his "easy-bake oven humor"? Or his "mass murder" video games?

Well, the poison that the jews peddle, as "historical truths" - such as that the Nazi's believed in "magical symbols" giving them "powers" ( the ancient Aryan Runes like the Swastika, SS lighting bolts, Skulls, etc. et al ), or that they worshiped "dark entities", or that they were "occultists" who held "blood rituals", that they believed in reproducing a "Master Race" like their perceived ancestors from age old "Atlantis" ( no, they believed in EUGENICS for IMPROVING the race of people whom we presently have...) I'm NOT going to go into ALL of their bullshit - suffice it being said, that the "race" that conceived the idea of "Superman, Batman, Boogerman and the rest" of these inane "comic book heros" is one to talk, eh?

OK, turn about is fair play. WHAT race of people constantly spouts that THEY are "GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE" over ANY OTHER on the planet Earth? WHAT race of people have a "religion" that is based upon Mystical nonsense, called the KABALLA? WHAT race of people have a SECRET LANGUAGE that ONLY THEY can read and write? WHAT race of people BOAST in their "HOLY BOOKS" about EXTERMINATING their racial enemies, man, woman and child, many times over - the "Old Testament"? WHAT other race of people call ALL OTHERS "goyim" ( cattle ) in their "holy" TALMUD? WHAT other people presently HAVE their own RACE BASED country to live in, where ALL non-members of their Tribe are treated as inferiors? I could go on and on...

It's the SAME people who churn out these LIES about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism - it's the JEWS!

Folks, any necessary KNOWLEDGE of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism - can be gotten, NOT by watching these enemy hit pieces - but, by STUDYING the Good Book of National Socialism. Turn off that insidious boob tube, settle down in your chair, and OPEN your Mein Kampf and OPEN your MIND!

Just as your BODY is basically WHAT YOU EAT and put into it - so is your MIND, what you feed it as well, helps build your ability for clear, stable thought. I'm aware of these so-called "NS" souls, who love playing video games like "Castle Wolfenstein", where you KILL "evil Nazi's" and "Nazi created Monsters" - is THIS the kind of subliminal message that you WANT fed into your subconscious? Of course not! So WHY would any sincere National Socialist open the gates to his/her most precious asset - their MIND?

Comrades, it's bad enough that the masses of morons out there are being filled with these BIG LIES - we can't do much about that, at the moment - but, surely we CAN micro-manage "WHAT" our own minds devour!

IF it's ANTI-NS - DON'T WATCH IT - DON'T READ IT ( unless you're really desperate for either a laugh, or need something to get your NS dander up ) - but, most of all - DON'T BELIEVE IN IT! When you see this crap, understand "what" you're viewing, that it's created by your deadly enemies, and treat it as such.

The ONLY "good thing" that I can see, from this continuous barrage of "HATE HITLER/NATIONAL SOCIALIST" filth, is that obviously the JEWS - FEAR - this great man and his message, to constantly carry on as they do. What other reason? Hem, feelings of "GRANDEUR" ( Gods Chosen People ) and constant feelings of "PERSECUTION" ( everyone hates and mistreats us ) - sounds like mental delusions of PARANOIA to me...LOL

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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