ANP Report for October 26, 2014

Racial Comrades: Today I would like to take the time to share with you, the “how” and "why" that I myself first got involved in the National Socialist Struggle, and WHY after so many years, that I am still involved in this eternal fight...

I first joined George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party way back in 1967 at the age of 16.

I was in high school at the time, and although I had been attracted to Adolf Hitler and National Socialism for quite a few years earlier, I had become aware of Rockwell's ANP, in 1966 through the Party's opposition to Martin Luther King’s “open housing" campaign in Chicago that summer. For those of you too young to remember, the front pages of the jews media's papers, were filled with stories and pictures of thousands of White people flaunting Rockwell's "White Power" posters, each emblazoned with a huge Swastika ( for those who would like to know more about "Chicago 66", we have reprints available of the ANP's Stormtrooper magazine in the "Merchandise" section of our main Party website, which covers it almost in a day-by-day diary fashion, with plenty of news photos ) at the Party's various activities - which included demonstrations, REAL public rallies, and even a White Power march through a negro neighborhood in reaction to the blacks invading White ones.

I had been a racialist from an early age, my parents—thank heaven—were “racially aware" - my mother secretly sewed my first homemade armband - and although my father was a WWII veteran who had "killed 13 Nazi bastards" and received both a Silver and Bronze Star award, I found in his very small "library" - both Mein Kampf and "Hitler's New Order" ( a book of Hitler's pre-war speeches ) which were both printed in the early 1940's! He even had a big picture of Hitler's "SS" troops dressed in black with white gloves, belts, etc. Goosestepping in some parade, hidden in a cupboard upstairs. In his comments to others, which my "little-big ears of course overheard" - I was aware that he was aware of the "nigger" and "jew" problem - but, that was as "far" as it went. Go figure. As far as I am aware, my father once flirted with the "John Birch Society", but never got involved "because" - "all they wanted to do was to read books" - I guess that for a man of my father’s background ( he was a longtime veteran of the army, cashing out after Korea as a Master Sgt./Drill Instructor. With that said, I'm sure that at least a few of you can imagine "what" my tender, young life was

In any case, I was pretty much the direct OPPOSITE of my father - who "boxed", hence my name, which was in admiration for a well known prize fighter of that time - I was a very "mild-mannered" kid, who found more pleasure in books, than “manly activities" which my father enjoyed, hunt'n, fish'n, shoot'n, DRINK' get the drift. Hell, I never got glasses until late in high school ( which I needed ) "because" glasses were "four eyes, queer boy" things. My grades suffered accordingly, as I couldn't read the board...

Loving books though, I became a "library helper" each year in high school, and I started RESEARCHING throughout the school library in magazines and old newspaper files about Rockwell and the American Nazi Party - and I found LOTS of old news information.

I'll back up here a wee bit and mention that I graduated in 1969 - for the first half of the year, I was a 16 year old "senior", believe it or not, and once more you can imagine what that was like, amongst the "bigger kids" - you see, after we had moved out of the Deepest, Darkest, jungle area of Detroit a few years earlier, for some reason they moved me AHEAD a grade, "because" of my "educational aptitude". I guess that because I read a lot ( safer indoors in Detroit, than being "outside" ) I was perhaps "smarter" than the average suburban kid my age. I still to this day, think that that was a mistake - but, who's to judge these “educational professionals", eh?

In any case, in school I liberated their copy of Mein Kampf off the school shelves, READ it, HIGH LIGHTED passages in it, and being inspired by Rockwell and the ANP - formed my own little "Adolf Hitler Fan Club". Strange at it may seem now, I found around a dozen other kids who thought it was "cool", we made our own "flags" and what-nots, and since I was "in" with the librarian, we actually held meetings in the library meeting rooms, where we watched films like "The Twisted Cross" ( the pictures were good, and we turned down the anti-NS sound ) that the school had and
gave little "speeches" LOL.

Several of us were "hard core" and we decided to make contact with the American Nazi Party, but although I researched everywhere, I couldn't find an ADDRESS! Remember, this was long before the internet, where with a click of a mouse - there's ANY info that you might seek - like our address.

So, one of my Comrades was a REAL ballsy guy, and he got an idea - we'd call up the FBI, and tell them that we were high school students doing a "report" and could they give us the ANP phone number? Believe it or not - they DID - after "warning us” about these "big bad Nazis".

Soooo, we called and talked to the Big Bad Nazi on the other end. He told us that for $1, we could receive an ANP Info Pack chocked full of materials - so we did, having it sent to this guy’s home address. I can tell you that we poured over the information inside until it was practically worn out - especially the 1966 issue of the Stormtrooper which I mention above. Then we started ordering some leaflets and lick-back stickers - the first one hundred we ordered was the "Difference Between National Socialism and Communism" - and we eventually set up a self-made "ink block printing press" and started producing our own very, very crude materials.

That year, a wealthy jew-boy whose father owned the biggest booze outlet in town, and who bought his obnoxious offspring one of the first "Mustang convertibles" - decided to run for "class president" - and we little Hitlerites decided to "do our thing", ala his "campaign posters" etc et al.

Yes, very, VERY STUPID - but, we had NO real "direction" or guidance, beyond the Party ITSELF acting in silly Phase One fashion - so, to make a long story short, the "heat came down". Only three of us remained true, and finally it was Larry Schroeder and myself. Larry's dad had been in a Ukrainian auxiliary formation during the war, somehow he managed to bring his whole uniform home with him! I still have his dad's yellow/eagle Swastika armband, police belt buckle, and Larry still had the Shako helmet the last time I saw him, before he won a scholarship to a university in Europe...

Anyways, we decided to actually JOIN the ANP, but to become an ANP Official Supporter, one had to be at least 18 years old. We lied.

My mailman must have thought that I was the best "weed pulling" kid he ever saw, as I always was out there every morning, "weeding and trimming" the yard by hand - in truth, waiting for that brown envelope from HQ to arrive with the latest NS Bulletin, when it was about that time of the month. LMAO!

I was with the ANP/NSWPP ( the ANP was renamed the National Socialist White Peoples Party in early 1967 by Rockwell, a few months before he was murdered, as part of his attempt to de-Hollywood Nazify the organization ) and only left "around" 1980, when Matt Koehl decided to disband the Party and retire with ALL of its MATERIAL A$$ETS, to found some esoteric "religious" cult.

By this time, I was EVOLVING from being a reactionary, right-wing racist - to becoming a true, sincere National Socialist - someone who believed that National Socialism was much MORE than denigrating "niggers", and "jews" and "reds" - you KNOW the deal, all them "others"...

Reading DIFFERENT materials - besides the propaganda produced by the typical bunch of (honestly) HATE-MONGERS of that time period that dominated the "racialist scene” - such as those written by REAL National Socialist ideologues of the 1920's-40's era, I became more strongly aware that NS was in truth a totally POSITIVE doctrine! That it was BASED upon HELPING the Aryan peoples themselves - NOT simply some outburst "AGAINST" Non-Aryans - simply "BECAUSE" they WERE Non-Aryans!

Comrades, the "PROBLEM" that has plagued the American National Socialist movement since WWII, is that it twisted itself into pretty much a one-plank "RACIST" dog and pony show - it became sadly just ANOTHER of the plethora of alphabet "racist groups” of that time period, kind of like a "klan with a Swastika". Oddly enough, one of Rockwell's "stunts" in the mid 60's was putting some of his followers in "white klan-style robes" with a big Swastika in a circle on them. I had a picture out of “Life" magazine I think it was, once, but it’s lost somewhere in all my "files"...

After myself and my Comrades here in the Michigan Local Group decided to leave the NSWPP because of Koehl, we searched high and low for some new organization to become affiliated with. In every single case, we found the SAME - new "name", same old "outlook" - ALL that they seemed to care about was "RACE", and mostly in a NEGATIVE manner.

Now, RACE is THE "Primary Plank" that National Socialism centers itself around - BUT - its NOT the ONLY "end all, be all". The National Socialists in Hitler's time, DID NOT go around, spending all their time and efforts DENIGRATING "non-Aryans". THEY focused upon ISSUES that the common man and woman were concerned about. I need not REALLY go through the list again, do I?

Some like Walter Darre' who came from the rural areas, focused upon the farming community, others like Dr. Josef Goebbels whose roots were in the urban center stressed issues involving the industrial workers’ interests. Gottfried Feder concerned himself with economics and the destruction of usury and interest slavery of the masses by the few. I could go on and on...

THIS indeed was true National Socialism! And while each and every National Socialist idealist stressed the important of a HEALTHY - RACIAL COMMUNITY - it ALL has to MESH TOGETHER as ONE.

In these "rightwing, reactionary racists" I often found that IF the nation was simply a pretty much "ALL WHITE" one - they didn't REALLY care if it was controlled by Judeo-Capitalists, like we have today - poisoning our racial stock, and raping them economically - "as long" as those in POWER and CONTROL had pale faces. THAT’S NOT NATIONAL SOCIALISM!

It never has been, nor will it ever be!

The PROBLEM here folks, is that unfortunately - MANY if not MOST so-called "NS" in America - are little more than "another brand" of the Hollywood scripted “typical racist boogieman..." - this type flaunting the Swastika to get a little more “extra millage" than just "the average bigot", in the corrupt system's controlled media. A good example is how often have we heard the catch phrase "neo Nazi skinhead"? Is there even such a creature, EXCEPT in the mindset of its Marxist proponents?

Is there ANYONE reading these words, who has at least a MINIMAL grounding of National Socialism in its true form - that would envision Adolf Hitler proposing drunken, undisciplined "skinheads" as a "good example" for Aryan youth to emulate?

In the late 90's, a number of Old Fighters from the NSWPP days, along with myself - decided to reform a true, sincere National Socialist organization - one that no longer would we wince, having to attempt to promote "doctrine" that we ourselves honestly didn't find palatable. One that would embrace ISSUES and IDEAS and TACTICS and STRATEGIES - of OUR own - based upon tried and true NS principals of the PAST, and ADAPTED and EVOLVED into what is so desperately NEEDED for TODAY.

Now Comrades, I'm certainly NOT saying that "I'm" infallible or that the American Nazi Party is the "end all-be all", what I am stating is simply THIS: for the FIRST TIME in my extensive experience in racialist politics - WE, the WHOLE darn PARTY working together, have built an organization that is NO LONGER a cookie-cutter, "typical, Hollywood nutzi", costumed, fantasy play group!

We are in MY MIND, like the runner in a relay race - whose job it is, to carry the baton forward as best he can - until the NEXT generation of runners carries it even FURTHER!

WE STAY ON THE COURSE - we NEVER deviate or try "short cuts" to "get there a little faster" - because we KNOW through costly PAST EXPERIENCE, how easy it is to "get OFF course" and become SOMETHING that was never intended in the first place.

OUR goal is NOT only to "WIN" the "VICTORY" - but, to make sure that THAT “VICTORY" is the ONE we INTENDED on achieving in the first place! OUR agenda is NOT - just ANOTHER - "PALE FACED" overlord, like the ones who brought us to where our people find themselves at present, but a TRUE NATIONAL SOCIALIST one!

NO so-called "SUBSTITUTES" or "ALMOST LIKE" will satisfy US any longer.

I firmly believe in my heart, that there are amongst those of you reading these words, a fair number of men and women who embrace the Swastika - NOT - as "hollywierd nutzis" or fantasy role players, but as SINCERE NS. I also believe that many of you have been "burned" in the past by affiliating with groups or individuals whom you had hopes for the best, but who turned out to be in reality what I have described in the above.

I know. I've been there too.

But, like myself - IF YOU ARE FOR REAL - you simply cannot throw up your hands and fall on your knees and SURRENDER. Our common Struggle will FAIL and DIE - without YOUR support and participation - it’s that simple.

There will be no 14Words, nor will there be Social Justice for the White Working Class, which you are a part of - whether your a blue or white collar worker - you are still brothers and sisters of a common Struggle for YOURSELVES.


For White Worker Power! 88!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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