ANP Report for October 14, 2014

Racial Comrades: In the past centuries, as the White race explored, subjugated and exploited the planet earth, they often brought along with themselves diseases, that while our Folk had become pretty much immune to them, such as the common flu virus, devastated the local indigenous populations - who had never felt the effects of such before.

Today, the "Frankenstein Monster" that the jews AND their pale faced lackeys, who "went along to get along”, have created in the White Western world - is preparing to run amuck. 

Yes, ALL the various "ills" that White Western peoples are afflicted with - starting with - "integration" with non-Aryans, "feminism" to destroy the basic family structure, openly decadent homosexual perversion being promoted as "alternative lifestyles" ( nowhere in the animal world does this occur except in "human beings" ), extravagant decadent materialism as the supposed "measure of success", promotion of the WORST in human behavior as so-called "stars" to idolize and emulate in our "entertainment" industries, pushing WATCHING "sports" as a money making industry, rather that GETTING INVOLVED personally in healthy SPORTS PLAYING, I could go on and on...

Our people have become so apathetic to what is RIGHT vs what is WRONG, that today most of the "white" population has realistically become like those wandering "ZOMBIES" that fill the screens for what passes as "entertainment" for far too many of our Folk.

What’s really the DIFFERENCE between the two? One goes around seeking brains to eat, the others go around seeking some more plastic crap to buy at inflated prices, on their interest usury card, that they don't REALLY need.

You see, the jews are not a STUPID people - as a minority infestation of various racial groupings other than themselves - they have had to survive and prosper, by utilizing their cunning and knowledge gathered over literally thousands of years. They learned long ago, that IF the host peoples die - well, like the vampire - they can't suck blood out of a stone!

BUT! If WWII and the advent of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany taught them any lesson, it was this - NEVER AGAIN - must a threat to themselves be allowed to explode into being, like what happened in Europe in the 20th century! So their goal? It was simple, and it’s worked so far.

They decided that NEVER AGAIN must an Aryan nation be allowed to progress to the point where it could be THEIR eventual "End Game". Not only was it not enough to OCCUPY and CONTROL the governments and financial institutions of each and every White Homeland on the planet - but, they MUST emasculate the Aryan peoples THEMSELVES. 

Step one was to build GUILT FEELINGS amongst the "White Christian" thinking folks that every single featherless biped upon the planet was their "brother" and they deserved to be "helped" no matter what the "cost" might be. Then IF your "brother" lived in a hell-hole of their own creation - why, they ought to be "saved" by bringing then HERE - to the land of milk and honey, isn't there enough to SHARE with your "brothers"? Once more, out of GUILT - the White Man - who had an abundance compared to the non-White world ( ALL of HIS OWN creating I might mention, by WORK, INTELLIGENCE, SWEAT and SACRIFICE ) allowed these "others" to start to flood HIS shores. No matter how MUCH monies were poured into these third world shit holes - and I couldn't begin to tally it up - they REMAINED shit holes; soooo - we just HAD to bring them over here, said the jews and their stooges. And they CAME! And today, they're COMING in tidal waves...

And along with them are coming other "blessings". Out of the "Dark Continent" ( is that a pun? ) has come, and I'll only list a FEW "blessings" - the WEST NILE VIRUS, AIDS, and now EBOLA - brought to us Pale Faced idiots, by "our" pale faced RULERS. Yes they did! Let’s face it - any sane, and benevolent governing body would have SEALED OFF these plagues from entering our lands from the BEGINNING - but, gee THAT would be "racist". Can't have THAT! Ask any talking head, whether they be some fat faced political whore sitting on their fat ass in Congress, the talking head boob staring at you from the tube, to the hypocrite looking down at you from the pulpit.

One of these days, and it just MIGHT be this EBOLA plague of which there is NO ( that's ZERO folks ) known CURE - spreading amongst the Western populations - and Amerika will be NEEDING millions more of those brown meztizo's from south of the border, or the various ASIANS pouring in, to fill the ranks of Judeo-Capitalism depleted White slave labor work force. Am I joking - not really.

The 1%ers will utilize ANY featherless biped, who is willing to make them (BIG/HUGE/GIGANTIC) profits, no matter if they are purple polka dotted "trans-sexuals" with one big eye in the middle of their foreheads and pee gasoline out of their belly buttons. These 1%ers have NO - that's ZERO folks - RACIAL LOYALTY of any degree! The ONLY color that THEY care about is GREEN! 

Haven't YOU figured that out by NOW?

Whitey, you’re NOT losing your heritage, your lands, and your futures - BECAUSE of the invading non-Aryans - it’s your MASTERS ( who are mostly pale faced whores ) who are ALLOWING ( if not actively taking part ) in "ALL THIS" that is happening to YOU.

Whitey, the "Jooos" could NOT, once again - have brought "ALL THIS" off - if it wasn't for all these evil, pale faced RACE TRAITORS helping push their destructive agenda along. There just isn't ENOUGH "jooos" around to pull this off successfully - yes, they ARE powerful, and influential, and wealthy - yes, they DO hold a lot of "key" positions, but lets put the BLAME where it honestly deserves to go.

Personally, I can pragmatically understand the jews and what they are trying to achieve - THEY are fighting for THEIR OWN people - I can respect that. What I will not—nor ever—condone, is corrupt, evil treason within OUR race of people. Per capita, the jews have far fewer RACE TRAITORS within THEIR people - than OURS. Can you even name ONE?  I can't off hand, at least ones who actively oppose the jew power structure's agenda...

But to return to my original point, this could be the century where the White Western peoples, cut their own throats through "compassion" and "guilt" - IF this EBOLA strain gets spreading throughout OUR homelands, as it’s starting to do - and IF "our" governments et al delay or refuse to DO the only LOGICAL thing, ie  CLOSE THEIR BORDERS and QUARANTINE suspected peoples, all you Zombie fans out there just might have a Day of the Living Dead to experience outside the tube!  LOL

The White race has become so damn effeminate in its dealing with pragmatic realities, that I myself sadly don't put ANYTHING past them at this stage.

Ok, here comes Old Rock's prediction: This Ebola is going to ravage Africa, and as the White Westerners rush in to "Save the Day" for the darkies, some are going to be brought home as they catch it - and it will SPREAD, as it did in that healthcare facility in Texas.  I heard that Zog is rushing "troops" to the effected area in Africa to "help" - golly, gee - how long before those "boots on the ground" start getting planted in the ground? We all know just how INEPT the Zogs military really is. And they can't send bombers over to blow up Ebola, which they so love to "handle crisis" around the globe - so one, by one, by one Ebola WILL spread... 

In truth, can we honestly expect ZOG to tell us the TRUTH about imminent DANGERS? Or, "play them down".....

It’s NOT like there is a CURE - I wouldn't want to be a soldier being sent over there - will there be any eventual BACKLASH from those being ordered to go?  Lots of question marks eh, folks? 

Back in the "Old Days" when the White man still had his head on straight - they ISOLATED - TYPHOID MARY from the rest of the population. Oh! How cruel! How Un-Caring!  That's what’s called "TOUGH LOVE" boys and girls - the COMMON GOOD before the INDIVIDUAL - gee, a National Socialist proverb that seems applicable here. I seriously doubt that we'll see this sick, twisted Judeo-Capitalist society enact it, at least before it’s TOO LATE. 

In any case, can you envision Ebola spreading out across America, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, where will it stop - DEAD.  The entire corrupt SYSTEM falling apart, as the wealthy scuttle off to "safe" enclaves - reminds me of Edger Allen Poe's "Red Death" story - and we all know how that ended...not too good.

All BECAUSE our borders were opened up to floods of invading, ILLEGAL aliens - "looking for a better life" - AT OUR EXPENSE!

Oh well, time to turn to one of my favorite sayings - people GET what they ALLOW - are YOU ready yet to GET INVOLVED in the SOLUTION?

No?  Oh well................

It has been brought to my attention that Mathias (Matt) Koehl has recently passed away. When one looks at a man's legacy, per Mr. Koehl's, one reviews pretty much to what he leaves behind him. Matt Koehl took over the leadership of the ANP/NSWPP after George Lincoln Rockwell's murder in 1967, as a “Major", NOT as appointed Deputy Commander which post was vacant at the time, the MEMBERSHIP of the Party itself - NOT ONE INDIVIDUAL ( unless they ARE a Lincoln Rockwell, or an Adolf Hitler, whom are very few in the history of our Folk... ) sacrificed, worked and bled to build it up into the most successful openly National Socialist organization since WWII. To cut to the chase, Matt Koehl's "legacy" is to have PERSONALLY accomplished what the jews never could do with all their combined might over decades of trying - HE disbanded and destroyed the National Socialist White People's Party in the late 80's and retired with ALL the organization’s assets which he had kept in HIS personal name and control - and formed some tax exempted style "Religious Cult" that "worshiped" Hitler and the number "88" as a "Deity"...  The mere FACT that only a tiny handful of the literally thousands of Party Comrades followed him from the NSWPP into his newly created cult speaks for itself. If anything, let this be a clear WARNING of allowing ONE INDIVIDUAL to assume a total dictatorial role in the control over any organization - the organization itself BELONGS to its MEMBERSHIP - NOT to some Mighty Poohbah with a complex. It would have been honorable for Koehl to have RETIRED if he wished - leaving the organization complete and in the control of its remaining members, but apparently he felt that he deserved to take the whole ball of wax with him, as "compensation" for some reason. Nice to be "King", eh? Or should I say DICTATOR? I realize that it’s not supposed to be kind to speak ill of the dead ( even if they deserve it ), but neither is it a National Socialist policy to overlook the TRUTH, in some attempt to be "nice", where it isn't deserved. Perhaps those in the know, should pause here, and seriously MOURN the DEATH of the NSWPP at the hands of Matt Koehl....

For White Worker Power!  88!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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