ANP Report for September 28, 2014

Racial Comrades: I have been asked by several people lately, why am I not doing these ANPReports as frequently as I used to do. The honest answer to this question is very simple - I'm really not the type of person who likes to talk, just to hear himself speak.

I've been doing these reports for over a decade now, and they are all archived back to the beginning, so that if you wish, you can read them and see my progression of thought over the years.

In truth, I've come to the fact that there isn't really too much more to relate that I haven't already touched upon before, in one way or another. And once again, I'm the type who doesn't like to repeat endlessly, what I consider having stated time and time again.

Comrades, "WHY" are we "DOING THIS" at all, given the blank stares that our average pale-faced humanoid has returned to our efforts? For me it's simple: It's the RIGHT THING to DO.

Those of you reading these words, no doubt share my feelings - good, decent men and women who are faced with the evil, corruption that this current Judeo-Capitalist system has foisted upon us, and are daily increasing upon us - are the type who CANNOT sit back and pretend that "this isn't happening", like the vast majority of our Folk apparently CAN do...

No! Even though, what we "do" - compared to the magnitude of what we face, is so overwhelming - we STILL have to "DO SOMETHING", well don't we?

After almost fifty years of "doing" what I "do", progressing from a pretty much reactionary, right-wing simpleton, to a hard-core, dedicated REVOLUTIONARY NATIONAL SOCIALIST minded individual - I thought that I would share with you my basic thoughts on what NOT to "do", and instead to concentrate upon the pragmatic POSSIBLES.

First off, FORGET about the "OTHERS", whether they be INDIVIDUALS or whole GROUPS - concerning yourself what others are doing or not doing will only lead you into frustration - focus your sole attention upon YOURSELF. You may or may not be able to motivate Tom, Dick or Mary - but, you sure as hell CAN motivate that individual in the MIRROR towards doing what needs to be done! If each one of us QUIT bothering with "others", and concentrated upon OURSELVES - we would find that a lot of DISTRACTIONS that plagued us, disappeared overnight!

Most importantly, DO NOT waste your time ARGUING or DEBATING with those who do not already basically AGREE with your point of view. Doing this will relieve 99% of the irritants that so many who attend these "forums" or "chat-rooms" find themselves faced with. Do you REALLY expect to "change anyone's minds" by arguing with them? Would you change YOURS? Of course not! And in these situations, you will find yourself "piled upon" by the brain-dead attempting NOT an honest debate, but simply shouting you down with filth, insanity and outright lies, and you certainly don't need the aggravation.

Why "cast your pearls of wisdom" before morons? Do you REALLY want to recruit such creatures?

"Out There" in the real world, there are MANY people who basically AGREE with our positions - but, out of those, very few are willing to do MORE than give lip service, if that involves getting their "hands dirty" in actually GETTING INVOLVED in a realistic possible SOLUTION. Maybe only ONE out of a HUNDRED, or perhaps a THOUSAND even.

Even IF there was "ONLY" - ONE PERCENT - of our Folk, who were willing to GET INVOLVED, that would still put possible future recruits at over a MILLION. And I think we can all envision just "what" might be possible, with numbers like that available to build our Struggle.

But, the KEY here is - QUALITY - we could have ten million bimbos, dysfunctionals, and weak-hearts, but just WHAT could be expected of THEM? Not very much, if we're honest with ourselves. This is NOT a "numbers game". For too long, the "racial movement" has gone that route - accepting ANY featherless biped who stumbled our way, with open arms - driving AWAY the SERIOUS, and the INTELLIGENT people, who wanted nothing to do with "hobbyists" or "look at me!" types, with their "let's pretend" costumes, and outright fantasy "para-military" thinking.

Phase One "dress up" time of the 1960-70's era is OVER! The day of "scary robes" and homemade "military uniforms" is long gone. IF someone wishes to play soldier without joining the military, they ought to be directed to some paintball club, rather than allowed into our POLITICAL STRUGGLE. For isn't THAT what this is all SUPPOSED to be about?

Upon long reflection, I have come to the conclusion that there is ONLY one "option" for our Struggle, and it's NOT trying to fantasize about the "Turner Diaries" or "Hunter" style NOVELS ( not any kind if a REALISTIC "blueprint" for ANYTHING folks, despite the enemies constant harping that it supposedly is ). The option I'm speaking of is the POLITICAL option. Gaining LOCAL influence/control/power through campaigning for LOCAL offices, in an intelligent fashion, is the ONLY resource realistically open to us.

No one in their right mind can think that Zog's military can be defeated by a hodgepodge of "militia" style buffoons - ESPECIALLY - without any realistic POPULAR support from the masses. Those who try and promote this crap, are either fools OR they are system provocateurs, looking to mislead gullible and/or nave people into Zog's gulag, and derail any kind of SERIOUS opposition from the population. Look, if an individual is TOO LAZY or TOO COWARDLY to get involved in serious political activity, does anyone really believe that they are going to be a SUCCESSFUL "Rambo"? LMAO

Stay AWAY from these groups who INSIST on throwing their adherents out into these PUBLIC "activities" where Zog and pals can IDENTIFY, CATALOG, and PERSECUTE them at their leisure. QUIT taking these "PICTURES" etc et al of YOURSELVES and OTHERS playing "Posterboy of Hate", and POSTING THEM UP EVERYWHERE! There should be a TOTAL CESSATION of any kind of collecting pictures of Resistance Fighters ( for that's what we are, resisting the system...) that can eventually be used AGAINST us in the future.

Over in Austria recently, three National Socialists who managed to get elected to local city councils, had a video of themselves at a private "Hitler Birthday Celebration" in one of their basements - "LEAKED" to the jew's-media - and they all lost their offices. A severe price to pay, and a severe blow to the NS Struggle - all BECAUSE - they "needed" to have themselves in some silly home movie! We cannot AFFORD such lack of security-mindedness anymore people.

Right or wrong, we by now should all know the score about HOW we need to "play the game" - IF we are to SUCCEED. These three were success stories for all National Socialists in the Struggle against the world enemy - now they're REMOVED from the board. But, what IF all across the world, NS started GETTING ELECTED and kept their collective "heads down" - UNTIL - we were positioned to make our "move"... It won't happen if we don't start getting SERIOUS about SECURITY.

Like every fisherman knows, you don't catch a fish, or even get a bite, with every single cast you make. That's WHY constant Outreach activities are so IMPORTANT - you can never be sure that that ONE item that you CAREFULLY, and INTELLIGENTLY distributed - might just result in gaining one more QUALITY individual to join our efforts. One by one by one.... And IF they are not weak-hearts who expect immediate gratification ( ie victory ) overnight, they will stay with the Struggle as I myself have for almost fifty years, and the National Socialist movement will grow solidly and be able to accomplish "MORE".

Comrades, having been born in 1952, I NEVER thought in my wildest nightmares that I would live to see today's world, and how putrid it's become. Back then, we were told that White America's biggest enemy was the "Red Menace", what a total RED HERRING that was! All the while it was the JUDEO-CAPITALISTS who were bringing us to this point - NOT some "communist plot". Yet, I still hear muttering amongst the reactionary, right wing today about "communists"! LOL Talk about the ENEMY within the GATE! They had us "looking over there", while the real enemy was right behind us all the time!

The REAL enemy is the JUDEO-CAPITALIST 1%ers; they've BROUGHT "all of this mess" about, and they haven't FINISHED with us White Working Class folks by a long shot. They've gotten rid of most of our decent paying jobs overseas, and what's left is being given, along with OUR birthright NATION to the THIRD WORLDERS. They have created a society of materialistic-driven zombies of most of our Folk, whose primary "goal" in life, is to purchase ( on high interest credit ) goods, from overseas, that we USED to produce OURSELVES. Our CHILDREN no longer can expect the lifestyle of their parents, much less "bettering themselves". The 1%ers have gotten this country so far into endless DEBT, throwing OUR monies around like a drunken sailor, that the Chinese alone hold over a TRILLION DOLLARS of American DEBT. How MUCH of that MONEY was ever SPENT benefiting YOU and YOURS White people?

The end game of the 1%ers is to create a climate here in North America, similar to that of South America. Are you going to enjoy being a "PEON" friends? Well, that's where we're all headed IF we don't START acting RESPONSIBLY and SERIOUSLY.

The "Old Guard" of this pathetic "racial movement" is almost all dead. The "famous" - "prominent movement personalities" ( system stooges ) who MISLED sincere and honest men and women for so long are disappearing from the board - nature is taking its course, soon the last of these phony bastards will be completely DEAD and GONE. And since the ENEMY has not seen fit to create another crop of the "Big Bigot Buildup" stereotypes, eventually this "movement" will be re-energized by NEW YOUNGER BLOOD who have NOT been tainted by the failures of the past. Behaving as the ENEMY would PREFER their opponents to act. Instead new leadership will arise, whom the enemy has NO smears to tar them with - since they were smart enough NOT to play the "LOOK at ME! in my nifty "Neo-Nutzi style" costume, acting like a loon for the jews media's cameras. And THEN - we can start making some REAL PROGRESS...

When you are OUTNUMBERED like we are, when you are OUTGUNNED as we are, when you are swamped by the enemy's material advantages - the ONLY thing you can DO - is to use your head, and fight SMART. NOT as the enemy would prefer, but utilizing a pragmatic assessing of your capabilities, and acting accordingly.

THAT'S our true "blueprint for victory" - NOT some silly, fantastic STORY ala the "Turner Diaries" and its ilk. Aryan mankind's greatest weapon has always been its INTELLIGENCE - SOME of US still have it - let's finally make use of it!

How it could be.

by Steve Davenport

I've been to Europe. Scandinavia and the Baltics especially impressed me. The beauty of the countryside. The neat, clean cities. NO graffiti. No non-whites to speak of. Just Aryans in Aryan lands. Clean, peaceful, truly marvelous places to live. A super sense of community.

Compare that, to what we have here in this country. Cities that are dirty. Corrupt. Bankrupt. Non-whites up the ass. Politicians who sell us out at every turn. Our so called "leaders" are money mad, and selfish to high heaven. Our political system has politicians serving for as long as they feel like, then retiring, and working at cushy jobs in corporate America. It's bribery, yet it's not. No money changes hands, just the promise of a good life upon completion. Is it any wonder our politicians sell us out, and ignore the wishes of the people, when a free ride awaits them?

Our nation is far more like Sparta then Athens. We're suppose to be democratic, yet our rulers take us into war at their whim. First against Communism, now Islam. If we'd stop supporting Israel, the Islamics wouldn't hate us and want to fight us. Our leaders care about Israel, rather than us. Jewish lobby money makes sure of that. We white Aryans are treated like strangers in our own land. Our jobs are outsourced to cheap labor non white nations.. Our jobs go to non whites by law, (especially govt jobs) as mandated by the civil rights laws. What rights? Certainly not for whites. We're just bitch slapped around. Our leaders are perfectly willing to go to war since neither they or their families have to go. Influence due to wealth makes sure of that. Look at Vietnam, only the poor went. There are still whites in this country who think they're in control. We're not. We're a joke. Pushed around, and denied everything. We're a joke in our own country. We may be stuck with non-whites, BUT, we don't have to take their crap. If we united, and said a collective no to the nonsense, life would be a lot better for us. We must unite behind, and support the ANP. It's our shield against abuse, and quite frankly our only hope to preserve anything of white Aryan culture in the USA. If we fail in our duty, we'll soon be just another Hispanic nation, that has no place for Anglos.. Support the party with your money, and your time giving out lit. Our people must get the word, so they can get the idea, and we can change the way things are going. This country is definitely on the wrong track, especially where whites are concerned.

Comrades, the Sept. issue of The White Worker magazine has been mailed out. If you haven't received your copy, there must have been a "reason"...let us know and we'll try and rectify that.

I have been told that the American Nazi Party "Talk-Shoe" radio program is to be revived after a long summertime break, keep watch on the ANP's Twitter account for announcements of upcoming shows.

UPDATE: The first ANP Talk Show of the Fall will be THIS SATURDAY, October 4th at 5:00pm PST / 8:00pm EST.

Soon it we will all be facing winter weather, and all that that entails - I suggest that each of us makes a concerted effort before the snows come, to increase our Outreach literature activity - that one person you might reach, just might be the Coming Man - what if YOUR EFFORTS recruited him....

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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