ANP Report for September 11, 2014

Racial Comrades: Unlike most other "racialist spokesmen" out there in the la-la land of this so-called "movement", I have been known to be the mean, old man - who prefers telling it like it is - rather than pattering on about either the long lost PAST, or supposedly "how we're marching onward to victory" so successfully, that no doubt very soon there will be a Swastika banner flying over the White house.

I'm often accused of being the nasty guy who simply LOVES to point out the TURD floating around in the punchbowl, rather than joyfully pronouncing how tastefully sweet it is...

I've been called a "movement disrupter" simply for POINTING OUT the FACTS about the freaks, cretins and con-men proliferating in this so-called "RACIAL MOVEMENT". Best known, is my EXPOSURE of the self-styled "commander" of the hollywierd nutzi costumed clown collection Jeff Schoep - who was married for four years to an ARAB woman named Joanna, who had a NEGRO daughter named Amber from a previous marriage to a black man named Raymond Smith, all the while being a "leader" of a supposedly "neo-Nazi" organization mis-named the "NSM".

Doubt me? Well, just Google it up - JEFF SCHOEP NSM RACE MIXER - and SEE what comes up for yourself!

Even today, I sometimes get messages from some SUPPOSED "movement types" who say: "Gee, why are you attacking this guy, he does a lot of good..." WTF? WHAT GOOD? What kind of a message does it send, to have a creep like this, prancing around displaying our Holy Swastika symbol, PRETENDING that he CARES about either the WHITE RACIAL PURITY, or the 14WORDS, or even NATIONAL SOCIALISM itself - when he DOESN'T - WALK the WALK that he likes to TALK?

Is that FRAUD? Is that HYPOCRISY? Is it all a big, fat JOKE of some kind, perpetrated on people either too naïve, too gullible, or in truth TOO STUPID to CARE - to CARE that a SUPPOSED "neo-Nazi leader" - is in reality a RACE-MIXER himself? What's NEXT - a RACIAL JEW - as a "great Nazi leader" too? Oh wait, we've had that happen already haven't we - lest we forget the ugly, obnoxious FRANK COLLINS/COHN of "Skokie" fame, who got such massive jews-media coverage over his plan to jew-bait in Chicago long ago.

Yet, amazingly - he had followers too - even though he was a virtual posterboy for looking kosher.

WHAT IS IT - that draws ANYONE to follow - disgusting FRAUDS such as these two? Is it BECAUSE the enemy's media showers them with "publicity" ( always NEGATIVE, meant to misinform and drive off normal, decent people from wanting to get involved ) that attracts the various oddballs that pretty much fills their ranks? IS IT - that some people who are societal misfits, feel "at home" in the welcoming arms of these publicity-hungry losers - that because their own lives are such toilet bowls?

Over the years of its existence - this so-called "NSM" - has hit the news about "NSM" MURDERERS, RAPISTS, THIEVES, BABY KILLING, DRUG-DEALING, KIDNAPPING, BODY MUTILATION, ANIMAL ABUSE, SATANISM, and just about whatever nasty and disgusting thing you can think of, the cretins of the "NSM" have been involved in it. Yet, it still exists! Somehow, somewhere - it finds a few warm bodies to perpetuate itself, although thank the Gods that its ranks are severely diminished from its "glory days" of 6-7 years ago. Its rottenness has gotten so well know, that even the bonehead element has distanced itself, in repulsion and disgust. Only a few tiny fringe groups, mostly castoffs from more established orgs, are desperate enough to be willing to associate with them in their "public events" - no doubt hoping to leach off some of that "publicity" that the jews shower Schoep and his misfits with.

What I find personally INTERESTING is how when the jews media "covers/interviews" Schoep and pals, it NEVER seems to come up about ALL these PAST INSTANCES in their lives. Hell, I would think any sincere REPORTER would do a little easy internet RESEARCH on this bunch, and ASK some pertinent QUESTIONS - wouldn't you? The OBVIOUS ONE would be, "Mr. Schoep, as a supposed "Nazi/Racist" leader, how can you square your own lifestyle of RACE-MIXING?" Could you imagine the jews giving Commander Rockwell a "pass" such as that? Heck, if he got a traffic ticket, they brought up what a "criminal/lawbreaker" he was supposed to be!

Are you getting my message yet?

My message is not going to be too well received, with the "I want instant gratification" crowd, which unfortunately seems to be the vast majority of America's jaded White population. But I believe that it's pragmatically a FACT.

Sometimes we get new adherents who for some reason think, that "because" THEY joined our efforts, and distributed "XYZ" amount of Outreach materials in their local areas, that they are disappointed and frustrated by the lack of vast numbers of new recruits flooding into the ANP. If they don't throw up their hands in despair and quit, they start questioning our tactics and strategies. Usually their “wisdom” is this: "Why don't we start doing Phase One stunts, like OTHER groups are involved in?" My answer is, that IF these Phase One stunts WERE "succeeding", why aren't these "other groups" growing by leaps and bounds? WHY are movement numbers - LOWER - than at any time in my movement experience of almost five decades?

Commander Rockwell HAD to DO silly "publicity stunts", such as dressing followers up as gorillas or cannibals, or having a handful of "stormtroopers" dress up in "Nazi uniforms" to picket this or that - it was the ONLY way to get jews-media coverage and let people know that an American Nazi movement existed. There was NO internet back then remember.

Hell, I called the FBI when I was a teenager, wanting the ANP's phone number to "write a school report on them" - strangely enough. they gave it to me! I called, got their address and sent away for an Info Pack....

Today, all you have to DO is Google the word "Nazi" and the ANP website is about third from the top of the list. We DON'T HAVE to "DO" silly things, like chain ourselves to flagpoles, or rampage on the Senate floor dressed in "blackface" - hey, we'd be shipped off to gulag as a "terrorist" pronto; what a change from THEN to TODAY, eh?

My point IS - that today, anyone interested in National Socialism in America, can EASILY find the American Nazi Party with a click of a keypad - Rockwell only acted as he did, because there was no alternative. Does anyone honestly think that IF he was alive TODAY, that he would be doing the same stuff that he did in the 1960's? Yet, because of the lack of IMAGINATION - OR - the STUPIDITY of today's "movement leadership", these clowns still keep on marching around in a circle, doing the SAME OLD THING - simply "BECAUSE" - that's what they did way back when! Gee, its sure a good thing that Adolf Hitler thought outside the usual political box back in early 20th century Germany, eh? Hitler was INNOVATIVE. Hitler EVOLVED. Perhaps IF Hitler had fought WWII from the beginning ala WWI - instead of creating the new Blitz tactics - the war might have been over in 1939?

There is NO WAY that we or any other racialist organization can get involved in successful "Mass Movement" politics at this point in time. No matter HOW MANY pathetic "rallies" or "protests" with a couple dozen warm bodies happen, none of it would gain ANY leverage at this time. The PEOPLE are NOT ready for mass movement politics - left or right or in between. I'm afraid it's still too soon, they are still too comfortable material wise.

And the vast majority are NOT going to jump upon a "racist bandwagon" either - the movement has been beating that horse to death, over the past 50+ years. I'm afraid, until the White "majority" has fallen to a White MINORITY - and feeling the aspects of that ( as they will ) - the "BEST" that we can "DO" is keep the torch ( or spark ) alive and burning.

Since the ANP has accepted, that at present, a "mass movement phase" is a pipe dream - we are obligated to DO what IS attainable, and it is this:

It is to concentrate together the most VALUABLE, SINCERE and DEDICATED men and women that we can find, and to hone them into a PATIENT, but well-disciplined organization that carefully, and slowly BUILDS towards that time in the FUTURE when our ideas will be more attractive to the dispossessed White minority.

This means that we don't NEED any Tom, Dick, or Mary who comes along, who we don't find suitable, simply to have another "warm body". Unlike the Phase One publicity whore crowd, who desperately desires every featherless biped that they can scrape together to shove out in front of the jews-media cameras - no matter how BIZARRE they LOOK or ACT - we will only collect together people who will HELP our agenda, not smear us by their personal flukes, or anti-social behavior.

Look, having an obese 300lb. man, somehow squeezed into a homemade "stormtrooper" outfit, OR some helmeted, gray-haired old lady dressed up in "BDUs" is nothing more than EMBARRASSING to our National Socialist ideals. Yet, Jeffy Schoep does it - is he REALLY that DESPERATE for "boots on the ground, in front of the cameras” ( disgustingly, always PROTECTED by ZOG's thugs in blue...) as he babbles? Schoep, it IMPRESSES NO ONE - it only gives serious folks a huge LAUGH, that your stumblebums "THINK" that they're terrifying the enemy as "Big Bad Nazi SuperTroopers". In your heart, you and the rest of your bimbo's must know that WITHOUT ZOG PROTECTION - NO ONE would even SHOW UP at your sideshows!

UNTIL the "movement" can put out IMPRESSIVE numbers of participants - and I'm talking at LEAST a few DISCIPLINED hundreds, like the opposition can easily raise - you ought to QUIT embarrassing our entire Struggle with your pathetic attempts at "getting publicity" for's SHAMEFUL and EMBARRASSING to everyone involved. Why not have your few followers pick up trash or something, they ought to be astute at that by now!

This Struggle is going to be a LOOOONG ONE - probably, a LIFELONG effort - and the ANP needs people who have the dedication and understanding to perceive that that is unfortunately the case. I myself have been fighting the National Socialist Struggle since 1967 - I see no end in sight - yet, I STILL understand the NECESSITY of continuing this effort, more than ever!

SLOWLY, CAREFULLY, we must PATIENTLY - WORK, SACRIFICE, and BUILD - an organization that will carry on even AFTER we all pass along. It's the IDEA that MUST be kept ALIVE. Not, the stupid, reactionary, rightwing "version" of "Hollywierd Nutziism" that has dominated the scene after Rockwell's death - but, a true IDEOLOGICALLY SOUND NS organization!

NOT some reactionary "klan" type, or some "civil rights" outfit with a Swastika - but, one SOUNDLY and IDEOLOGICALLY based upon Adolf Hitler's MEIN KAMPF - NOT - "American History X". A sincere, vibrant REVOLUTIONARY organization based upon something "MORE" than simply "white power".

And folks, that's where we of the American Nazi Party stand - like the early Christians in the catacombs - we are carefully BUILDING something that will LAST, beyond each of our own lives. IF you feel you have that which we seek and expect of you, to be one of us - we stretch out our hand in Comradeship. In truth, we offer only sacrifice, dedication and hard work towards the of achieving those 14Words and Social Justice for the White Working Class.

Joining us will NOT bring you self aggrandizement, nor will we give you ego boosts through phony "ranks & titles" nor will you fulfill some "military complex" you might have, wanting to wear some "uniform" - in that case we suggest that you join the army - but, you WILL have the SATISFACTION of knowing that you are SERVING the FOLK as real National Socialists should.

Our only hope.

by Steve Davenport

I think the whites of this country have gone insane. They are unconcerned that non whites are now the majority in US public schools. I just can't believe that our people are really that naïve.

As a minority, whites WILL be discriminated against. There will be no non-white equivalent of today's bleeding heart whites around. The major parties are total sellouts. The Republicans are the party of big money. The Democrats are the party of non-whites. The only party dedicated to white preservation is the Nazi party. Yes, the very same that is constantly called evil. Without it, white existence will be in dire jeopardy. Only the Nazis are dedicated to helping the white cause. A country dominated by mestizos, and blacks, and Asians, will have NO place for whitey. I see no evidence whatsoever that non-whites love whites. Just the opposite. Non-whites hate whitey. We can expect major hassles. Only if we whites support a pro white party can we have even a hope of hanging on. With a mestizo nation we can expect Spanish to be the new national language. Hispanic food will take pride of place in restaurants. Whites will constantly be outvoted in govt at all levels. The rich ruling elite known as ZOG will still run the show, by buying influence, just as always, although probably with greater ease. Look at Latin America. Is this what you want for here? Crime and corruption on a massive scale.

The ANP is our only champion. We MUST support it. Its now a case of racial survival. Do you want to see your kids condemned to peonage? Racial politics in this country are about to get a lot worse. Join with the ANP, and stick up for white rights. We need to concentrate on problems here at home, right now, not constantly warring in far-off lands as ZOG would have us do. ZOG says Islam is the enemy. Actually, it's ZOG. ZOG wants to destroy white civilization, and replace it with a more pliable non-white one here. Unless we whites unite under the ANP banner, we're doomed. I don't know how to make it any more plain. Whites need to run for local office. Build ground swells of support to eventually go for high office. The ANP is the ONLY pro white party taking this approach. The only intelligent course open to us for the moment. Support the ANP. The Jews support without hesitation their parties, and they get their way in all things. Help give out literature. There is no other way to get our side of the story out. Think of our kids, and their bleak future under a Hispanic dominated govt and society. Let us unite, to preserve what we are: White Aryans. Our freedom is in jeopardy. Our very existence on the line. We must avoid the fate of extinction as befell the whites of Rhodesia. Help, NOW! Time is running out..

Comrades, the September issue of The White Worker magazine will be printed and in the mails soon. Please understand that we are not an "entertainment" service; in order to receive your copy, you are expected to do what all the other Party Comrades do - honorably send in your pledge as you promised when you first sent in that signed ANP Official Supporter application. It's 20 pages this month, in full color throughout this issue, with many incisive articles that I'm sure you will enjoy. The Party long ago decided not to "carry" deadbeats, as it would be a dishonor to those who do honor their obligations - is there anything more important than our Struggle to a sincere National Socialist Revolutionary? Not in my mind!

Let me also mention that an occasional donation from subscribers would be most welcome. How any individual could read our magazine, and not want to help more, which they can through either purchasing Outreach literature to distribute, or a reasonable small donation is beyond me.

We are still considering a November or December "ANP Leadership/Activists" gathering this year in Michigan; if you are INTERESTED - I mean if you REALLY would make the effort involved to attend - please write and let us know, so we can gauge the response. I understand the cost involved, with the economy so poor, so I would prefer KNOWING if there is enough SINCERE interest, before we set something like this up again...

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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