ANP Report for August 23, 2014

Racial Comrades: On August 25th 1967, George Lincoln Rockwell was struck down by the bullets that were meant to not only kill him, but to kill National Socialism in America with one blow.

It nearly succeeded.

But the FACT that today, the American Nazi Party is still in existence, and despite the dwindling handful of Hollywierd Nutzi re-enactors who are rapidly disappearing from the scene, doing their darnedest to muddy the political waters with their silly and pathetic antics, of prancing around like moronic clowns at the behest of our enemies - the true flame that Commander Rockwell rekindled from the ashes of Berlin - are still carried forth today boldly and intelligently by the Comrades of the ANP.

The mere FACT that Rockwell's death did NOT destroy America's National Socialist movement, is due to each and everyone of YOU - who strive daily to keep the Swastika banner flying high and proud! NOT in the fashion of some ridiculous kid, flaunting some homemade "Nazi costume", who is basically unaware of WHAT National Socialism REALLY IS - hence buying into the twisted "image" that our enemies have worked so hard to try an create: a "hateful, grimacing, bully" who "hates" this and that, and some other thing - rather, the Comrades in the American Nazi Party, are dedicated, honorable men and women who dedicate themselves FOR the BETTERMENT of our own Race and Nation. We don't CARE about the "others", our sites are focused on promoting the best interests of Aryan mankind, period!

IF our Folk, can ever get their collective act together, and start to LOOK OUT FOR OURSELVES - instead of being concerned with every featherless biped who doesn't have a pale face - we might just find ourselves upon the path of greatness that once was the destiny of the Aryan people.

And it all starts with ONE person - the MAN or WOMAN in the MIRROR. Quit worrying about what "Tom, Dick, or Suzy" is doing, and CONCENTRATE upon YOURSELF, so that YOU can be the person whom Lincoln Rockwell, nay - Adolf Hitler , would be proud to call YOU 'Comrade'!

Live the life of a True National Socialist! Set an EXAMPLE to OTHERS, by your own behavior.

Don't look for constant praise for what is your simple DUTY - accept that the goodness of the DEED is "reward" enough.

Expect SACRIFICE, for NOTHING great ever succeeds without great SACRIFICE - how could it? And if not YOU - WHO?

By DOING "something" for the success of our Struggle - large OR small - combined together, with all the sacrifices of your fellow National Socialist Comrades, great things CAN and WILL be accomplished! But, by holding your hand back, because what you think what you might do might be too "little", so why bother - only means that IF everyone had that attitude, we would be defeated before we even attempted to start this long journey....

George Lincoln Rockwell started out with basically NOTHING in the way of monies or people, yet through perseverance and sacrifice, he carried the baton forward until his very life was offered up on the alter of freedom and the 14Words for the People he loved.

Can any one of us do less?

I myself pledge myself to the Cause that he created in America, and I invite you to join me in this oath. That never will I allow the flame of True National Socialism to be extinguished in my lifetime, and that I will put my time, my resources, and even if necessary my life itself towards the building, strengthening, and purpose that Adolf Hitler first set forth in Mein Kampf so many long years ago.

Rockwell used to state, that you can't stop an idea with a bomb or a bullet - the idea will grow as long as there are people willing to sacrifice and fight for it.

I consider myself to be ONE of those people - I sincerely hope that YOU will join me in pledging the same.

A system of decline

by Steve Davenport

Our society is shockingly degenerate and corrupt. It is in a downward spiral. Obama is the most visible example. Here is a man who is president of the United States, and by extension world leader, and ruler. He gives great speeches, but in reality hasn't got a clue about anything. During US Reconstruction after the US Civil War, blacks were given a chance. They were GIVEN the right to vote, and run for office. The result was truly MASSIVE corruption. So too now.

Obama is totally lost at seas on everything. Liberals kept saying he needed time to adjust. Just how much time is enough? He can't get anything thru Congress, even when his "party" dominated it. All he does is flip flop, like with Syria. One minute he wants to invade, next he will settle for negotiations. Make up your flipping mind. He's a total "slave" to Capitalist interests, as his much vaunted national healthcare plan shows. Instead of being a truly governmental national health insurance system, his, is just a give away to insurance companies. Instead of being serfs tied to the manor, we're patients tied to the insurance companies, where we HAVE to have insurance or face steep fines. What happened to freedom of choice? Ours is a system of influence peddling on a national scale. Remember the old saying: "The business of govt is business"? Well, now, it's the business of govt is to make a profit for business. Govt as just another form of profit making business. This is outrageous. Since when should govt become a profit-making entity? Isn't a govt suppose to help its people? Ours seems determined to help us all into the poor house. Why else is it allowing jobs to be outsourced overseas? Those are jobs we here at home need to survive.

There is certainly no true freedom of speech. It's all just words. If you dissent, especially where the liberal Jewish agenda is concerned, people will go to your employer and demand you be fired. They'll say you're an evil "fill in the blank" and must be dismissed or they will suffer. So you get the boot and end up fighting poverty and starvation. They don't need to send a goon squad to beat you up, they just black list you. We see this even on an international level. If some nation opposes US, i.e. Jewish, policies, they are sanctioned, which is international for being shunned. Why is this? Why are they afraid to let us dissidents speak out freely? The liberals keep saying people don't buy into the racist mantra. Or could they?

Our country is constantly at war. It doesn't occur to our rich ruling elite, or especially the liberal establishment (maybe it does?) that forcing things like gay rights, and feminism on nations that don't accept such concepts only creates enemies. Some nations consider homosexuality wrong. Even criminal. Hell, until the 1960's, the US classified homosexuality as a mental illness. We have absolutely no right to question their belief systems. Its just asking for trouble. Our leaders don't care. The liberals are just as fanatic as any Communist of Nazi ever was. Our rulers don't get anywhere near a battlefield, so they pick needless fights, because their mercenaries will fight the war for them. Besides, war is very good for business. You can bet the defense industries don't cry when there is war, and they can make a bunch of bucks. This is why even though the American people are tired of war, and interventionism, there is no peace. Our ruler wish it so. Makes money for the war industries, and keeps the common folk busy, and unable to challenge the status quo.

National Socialism believes in minding its own business. No reckless adventurism. It concentrates on the home front. Making sure its people have food/clothing/shelter, plus education and medical care. National Socialism believes fully in taking care of its OWN people, not alien peoples half a world away. Charity begins at home. That, and everything else. HOME!

The rich ruling Capitalist/liberal elite think they know best, and the rest of us should just follow their lead, like a bunch of cattle. Time for white Aryans to be lions, not cattle (goyim). Help the ANP. DONATE! The money is put to good use, HERE, not overseas, helping YOU, not foreigners. Give out literature. The more who know us, the more who will help us. Unless we unite, and break ZOG's death grip on our society, we shall continue to decline into a cesspool of poverty and misery. It's already happening.

Comrades, the August issue of The White Worker magazine will be in the mails soon, so I hope that each Comrade will send in their monthly pledge in a timely manner, so that it can be sent to you.

Summertime is almost over, and once more people will not be facing all those enticing "fun" things, that distract them from our NS Struggle. I suggest that as adults, we contemplate the future - recent news reports that there are presently more non-White children in our schools that Aryans, is a very sobering fact. The White race is an OLD race, and with each dying member of our Folk, our numbers diminish further.

As Commander Rockwell once wrote - "White man, what will it take to make you stand up and fight"? That was the 1960's. It is even more pertinent today....

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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