ANP Report for July 23, 2014

Racial Comrades: There is a fine line that one much watch when telling the TRUTH, vs  BENDING the TRUTH to try and keep people happy and smiling.

Personally, I'm a firm believer in the truth, and nothing but the truth - no matter “whose feelings" get hurt. I think it saves a lot of stress on myself in any case, because I feel that lying eventually ALWAYS comes back in the end and bites you on the ass.

Doctor Josef Goebbels evidently felt the same way as well. As early as 1942, he was demanding that Hitler declare "TOTAL WAR" to help National Socialist Germany WIN the WAR against the Judeo-Communists, and the Judeo-Capitalists - few "responsible people" sided with him.

Hitler believed that to turn to a Total War economy would put potential "hardships" on the people, ( Hitler, always the Nice Guy - too damn nice! ), most other Party Officials ( except Goebbels ) were too intent on their personal gratifications ( like Goring ) to concentrate their ALL on FIGHTING and WINNING this life and death Struggle.

And of course, there were the TRAITORS within the Junker Class ( along with too many of the "High Command" who were NOT National Socialists in anything but lip-service ) who actively sabotaged the National Socialist State when they could, and Hitler being "too nice" to pack them all up...were allowed to do their damage, until the July 20th 1944 bomb murder plot.

AFTER the July 20th bombing, Hitler FINALLY gave Doctor Goebbels a free hand to gear up the German people as well as the National Socialist State, as it SHOULD have been DONE - YEARS before! He QUIT painting the rosy picture of “everything's ok" - and hollered out the whole, blunt TRUTH.

When Doctor Goebbels FINALLY was ALLOWED to TELL the PEOPLE about evil jew Morganthau Plan blueprint, as well as the jewish book "Germany Must Perish" that foretold just "WHAT" the enemy had PLANNED for National Socialist Germany if evil conquered - those that weren't bombed into oblivion - the Folk applauded and stood up as one, when demanded to face the SACRIFICE of TOTAL WAR for its SURVIVAL.  And THEY DID IT - Doctor Goebbels raised over a MILLION MORE TROOPS after July 1944, weeding out the slackers at home, and sending them to the front. MORE war material was produced in the industries in the last year of the war, than any other year preceding it, despite the enemy’s increased bombing campaign! It COULD be DONE - it WAS DONE!  Only too late...

If only it had been done EARLIER…we could be seeing a NS Germany today. Perhaps NS would have SPREAD amongst the White/Aryan world... 

But, unlike Doctor Goebbels - so damn FEW were willing to "bite the bullet" - and FIGHT with EVERYTHING they SURVIVE. A lackadaisical attitude was costly my friends.

Here in America, I SEE the very SAME lackadaisical attitude towards "what" we, the White race face.

I was born in 1952 - I HAVE SEEN and LIVED through all the "CHANGES" from that time, to - today.

In 1952 "segregation" was the LAW of the land, here in America. "Gay Rights", "Women's Lib", Alien Invasion, ALL of the many hideous things that White Americans have gradually come to "accept as normal" have been poisoned into their being. YET, there ARE still many of our Folk who abhor what has occurred.


Well, what of them? WHAT has HAPPENED to the SPINES of today’s White adult population?

Don't YOU realize WHAT the FUTURE is going to bring, IF you don't declare a SPIRIT of "TOTAL WAR" in the defense  of what you SUPPOSEDLY hold dear?

Jesus! I have SEEN with my own eyes, the pollution of my Folk since 1952. WHAT in HELL is the NEXT FIFTY YEARS going to bring?  CAN YOU IMAGINE IT?  And STILL you can find "EXCUSES" not to act in a TOTAL WAR fashion?

This month we had - NINETEEN PEOPLE - send in their pledges.

Oh yes, I certainly KNOW that this will bring GLEE into the hearts of our enemies - just as it brings SHAME into my heart and soul. IS this some kind of a "HOBBY" or "GAME" that you’re playing? Well, it’s sure going to be a COSTLY one, somewhere down the road...

And its not only the ANP that is suffering this malaise of racial character. EVERY "White Nationalist" organization out there is facing this same attitude.

I always THOUGHT that a NATIONAL SOCIALIST organization ( a sincere one, not a costumed club ) would be DIFFERENT. That it would attract a different BREED of men and women, who were SERIOUS about what they SUPPOSEDLY "believed in" - when they SIGNED their NAME on that application - PLEDGING their WORD to serve the Party and the Folk, that their "WORD" meant something.

Comrades, as no doubt many of you have observed, the number of "WN" organizations is SHRINKING every year. IGNORE what the ADL and the SPLC types babbling about the "growing hate movement" shriek - they get PAID by the amount of "MENACE" that they propagandize about. NO MENACE = NO CONTRIBUTIONS. It’s that simple.

The FACT of the matter, is that the so-called "White Movement" is just about DEAD and BURIED.


White folks, what is the matter with all of you? The jews, the negroes, the mestizos, the arabs, hell even the HOMOS are well organized AND funded for THEIR Causes. Maybe THAT’S "why" their agendas are SUCCEEDING?

Far too many of the "recruits" that come our way are PATHETIC - as the above stats reveal to you. Others try a teeny tiny bit of Outreach Activism - and if they aren't seeing INSTANT GRATIFICATION - “they're burned out" in a matter of months! Gee, I wonder "WHY" this old man hasn't disappeared from the scene, since I've been involved since 1967... 

Bottom line is this - the ANP has a fair number of REAL, SINCERE, TRUE, National Socialists - who ARE willing to bang our head against the wall of an uncaring people whom they are fighting for. Why? Perhaps because they still BELIEVE in HONOR. Perhaps they still believe in DOING what's RIGHT - not just what's EASY. Perhaps it’s simply because they ARE National Socialists - not people looking for momentary titillation, or a thrill, or a thousand OTHER "reasons" that the human losers seem to gravitate towards the "Racial Movement", which perhaps is the only segment of society that will accept them with open arms.

I do know ONE thing. I will probably - unless there are a lot of heads pulled out of asses - that I will sadly live to see a degenerate ( even more frightfully so ) third world "United States", where "whites" are a shrinking, powerless minority, and will face undreamed of persecutions and molestations, that perhaps they ( the adults ) will have earned through their laziness, cowardice, and unbelievable materialistic selfishness.

Perhaps, the Third Reich/National Socialist Germany WAS a brief period in our peoples’ history, before the worldwide, total destruction of our race - somewhat like "Camelot" - that a few decent people, like myself, dream of like a castaway dreams of home. Perhaps our Folk WILL one day awaken from this nightmare, and attempt to "do something" - but, will it be TOO LATE - TOO LITTLE? 

Looking around, out there in “Movement-land" - I personally and honestly believe that the American Nazi Party - IS just about the last hope for any kind of serious organizing for White Resistance/Survival on the scene today. WHO else is a viable OPTION?

But, without YOU - honestly it can't realistically be done.

In truth, the ONLY ones I truly have pity on, are those little White children - who DESERVE so much MORE - than what I see being done for them by the "adult" population with pale faces.  I simply do not like to imagine the "future" that we are handing them. They don't deserve it....

For White Worker Power!  88!
Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman 

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