ANP Report for July 08, 2014

Racial Comrades: Well another 4th of July has come and gone, and as the air clears of all the smoke from those millions of dollars worth of fireworks consumed by the mindless morons who had nothing better to do with their money, than hand it over to a bunch of arabs peddling this nonsense, at ASTRONOMICAL prices btw - it crossed my mind - do any of these folks actually remember what the hell they are supposedly "celebrating"?

"Parades" in this pathetic land of the lost, even on the supposed remembrance of this country's REVOLUTION - today - consist of FIRE-ENGINES, KIDS on BIKES, FLOATS with "BEAUTY QUEENS", CLOWNS, and shambling, smirking POLITICIANS ( perhaps I should have grouped them with the clowns ) gyrating along and waving their hands, as if they somehow thought that the whole circus was meant for them...

Along with all the silly hoopla, are the "SALES". Ah yes, the "holiday sales". Seems like the Judeo-Capitalists could take going to the john and taking a dump, into an excuse to announce another "STUPENDOUS SUPER-DOOPER SALES EVENT"! And then you have the countless, glassy-eyed lemmings who hurry out to those temples of greed, and rack up more and MORE debt on their oh-so- precious plastic cards of eternal interest-slavery - like THAT was their whole reason of existence on plant earth - and perhaps it is. "HAVE FUN" - CONSUME - and eagerly SEARCH OUT SOME MORE plastic reasons to accumulate more Chinese-made junk than the next guy. What a pathetic "Circle of Life", eh?

And let's of course, not forget that "BAR-B-Qing!". You're just not a faithful, patriotic Zombie of Zog - unless you plan your entire "holiday" around getting drunk, while charring some crap on the holy alter of the "GRILL" "America"....sigh.

During ALL of this "FUN" - how many of the brain dead do you think - even pause to REMEMBER, just "WHAT" the 4th of JULY is REALLY "all about"?

The American REVOLUTION took EIGHT long YEARS of BLOOD, TOIL, SACRIFICE and TEARS to create this nation, free from the rule of an overseas king. It was accomplished - NOT - by the MAJORITY of the so-called Americans of that time; indeed there were more people loyal to the king, than there were revolutionaries, and even more who sat on the sidelines. Gee, kind of sounds like our struggle of today, doesn't it?

Yet, that MINORITY - STAYED the COURSE - and they SUCCEEDED eventually, many at a terrible cost to themselves, and those they loved. Most Revolutionary War soldiers, who managed to survive the war - were FORGOTTEN - after the smoke cleared, indeed those who were crippled were allotted a mere 8 DOLLARS a MONTH from their "grateful" Continental Congressmen for their efforts. Per usual all the "Big Names", went back to their plantations ( like Washington and Jefferson, who somehow never had THEIR plantations AND slaves pillaged and burnt by the Redcoats, being TRAITORS...) and lived large, while others became the NEW "Ruling Class" - and if you assume that they were all a benevolent bunch, full of thoughts of the "equality of all mankind" - let's pause to remember that these were the same group who originally wanted to ONLY allow "PEOPLE of PROPERTY" to VOTE, etc et al. , And please remember that we're talking about WHITE PEOPLE here! Just like "down south" per the Civil War era, with the wealthy pale-faces denigrating, and looking down on the common folks as "white trash", who were ONLY worthwhile as cannon fodder - some great "White Heroes" eh? Hardly the types for National Socialists to want to celebrate OR to emulate. For the "common", "average" White population, what did it really matter to THEM, if they were ruled by 1%er's in England, OR 1%er's over here who felt that THEY were somehow "BETTER" than the average White man or woman who weren't part of their wealthy clique?

Comrades, this type of attitude is totally what we National Socialists stand firmly AGAINST! WE are positively FOR - ALL - White MEN and WOMEN - NOT for just the "affluent" or "influential", and increasing THEIR personal lives' best interests.

This is the BIG REASON why I LAUGH and SCOFF at the present days "celebrations" of THEIR "holidays" and "memorials" - they are simply NOT celebrating the "COMMON" White MEN and WOMEN's sacrifices and struggles of our RACE and NATIONS' history - neither as I myself would do so, nor ESPECIALLY as a true National Socialist would observe them either!

No wonder that today, so few "Americans" honestly hold this nation as being meaningful in their hearts and minds, except as the opportunity that by being born here gave them - to "HAVE FUN", "CONSUME EVERYTHING WITHIN REACH, and being hopeful in aspiring to eventually ascend into that WALMART HEAVEN, where the isles are filled with endless shelves of worthless, plastic pleasures, all to be gained through the enabling of that Interest-Slavery driven option of the Kosher Credit Card!

Well, am I REALLY that WRONG...?

National Socialists as heroes.

by Steve Davenport

Nazis are cursed as evil by their enemies. Yet, National Socialists are in reality heroic. Not like on a battlefield, they're everyday heroes. Common ordinary everyday people doing everyday things. The only thing that stands out about them, is their love of their race, and deep seated desire to see racial justice done. They're the squares who avoid flash, and pull up their sleeves to work to reach out to their fellow Aryans. Working to spread the good word about National Socialism. They work tirelessly to battle against the current ZOG controlled system and its controlled media mouthpieces.

Giving out literature, giving money, and now running for office. All to help their race, as it struggles under a system that is determined to destroy it. Who else but real heroes struggle day in, and day out, volunteering their time, and giving of their money, getting nothing in return, but the satisfaction their doing their level best to save their race? Non whites were given a blank check to do as they pleased by the civil rights laws. If your non white, you can goof off on the job, without fear of being fired. Should a white boss fire a non white worker, the non white yells racism, and the boss gets hammered by the civil rights commission. They, the Nazis, struggle against such racial injustice. The Nazis work to bring back a sense of racial pride to whites, especially youth, whose schools teach whites racial self hatred.

Only real honest to good heroes would battle daily against a powerful system dedicated to white Aryans destruction. Nazis want racial justice. They heroically push for it every waking minute. They heroically struggle to bring whites into the racial light, and out of the ZOG darkness. Sacrificing time with friends and families, for a cause. A greater good. They doggedly press on for the racial folk community. How heroic is that? The Nazis risk ZOG's wrath every day. For a few jail. For most, worrying about ZOG retaliation in the form of losing their jobs under ZOG pressure. Only true heroes struggle every day under intense pressure, when they could so easily give up, and stay safe and unmolested at home. No, the Nazis heroes of today put safety and security aside, so white Aryans can be free of this racial ZOG prison we all find ourselves living in.

Common people as heroes doesn't fit in well with the Hollywood ballyhoo of super hero. Well, this is real life. It may be boring, and tedious, but it is of vital importance. Let us thank the heroes of the Nazi party, who fight for us. We must support them to the utmost. They struggle, so future generations of Aryans can be free, and proud.

Comrades, reading the proof sheets of the July The White Worker magazine, I noted an appeal from the Editor, Comrade Axl Hess - that he is in need of more qualified writers of articles - for future issues.

Now, neither is it right, nor is it fair that this fine publication is being carried by the FEW, and read by the MANY, in regards to material being sent in and published.


I have a feeling in my heart, that 99.9% of you, ALL have personal FEELINGS and OPINIONS that run the gamut of issues facing the White American worker, be it "blue" OR "white collar" . Perhaps, 1% of you might live under a bridge like a troll, or lost in the wilderness like Jeremiah Johnson up in his mountain retreat - but even then, you still MIGHT have some National Socialist OPINIONS or INSIGHTS to share. How about it? Even "IF" you have some reservations about your writing styles or "whatever" - the Editor will be willing to sort out your punctuation errors, or "whatever", - so TAKE a CHANCE, make an EFFORT, and SEND YOUR WORK IN! If it's REALLY "unpublishable", don't worry - it won't be.

His e-mail address is available amongst the Party e-mails as "Editor White Worker" on the website's main-page listing, write him about possible topics, and do's and don'ts. He's very friendly, astute, and intelligent, and most dedicated to producing the best NS magazine possible. How about doing the Comradely thing - and HELP OUT?

Do we have to send the Gestapo over to visit you? ( I know, pretty lame joke... )

As I've stated many times before - this ISN'T "Rock's" organization, or Comrade Hess's, or Comrades Shruender's, Bowles's, Davenport's or the many other fine Comrades whom I'm not going to fill this Report listing... IT'S ALL OF OURS! It's YOURS too, you know?! A "team" works TOGETHER - SHARING the WORK, the SACRIFICES, and the VICTORIES. How about grabbing an oar and help PULLING, instead of just being a rider in the boat....

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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