ANP Report for June 23, 2014

Racial Comrades: WHAT IF - there hadn't been one person in existence, that felt it was time to rebuild American National Socialism from a collection of fantasy costumed clowns, ala the "hollywierd nutzi's", hollering for any kind of negative attention, and instead to create and build a serious political organization based solidly upon Adolf Hitler's ideological platform Mein Kampf - but he had "better things to do"?

WHAT IF - instead of gradually bringing together other solid National Socialists from across the nation, and melding them into a well organized TEAM - he said it was simply "too much trouble"?

WHAT IF - the people brought together eventually decided that involvement in the organization, all decided that it was "too scary", or "too time consuming", or because it wasn't "growing fast enough" to suit THEM - they decided that it was all a "waste of time, money and effort"?

WHAT IF - the people who operated and designed the organizations internet operation, instead felt that it would be time better spent playing video games, or "having fun"?

WHAT IF - the people who wrote those intelligent and informative articles for the organizations magazine, "got tired" of producing such, or simply "took some time off", and the publication was blank?

WHAT IF - those Party Comrades who operated ANP Blog-Sites, decided that for some reason, keeping the sites updated, and hence drawing new readers, spreading the Good Word of National Socialism in a MODERN and INTERESTING fashion, instead decided that they had "writers bloc", and instead sat back on their asses doing little or nothing to build their efforts into the degree that more successful Blog-Sites were accomplishing, and new viewers stopped coming?

WHAT IF - the Comrades who set up the publications, printed and collated them, and then mailed them out to the readership, got the "blues", and found any number of excuses "why" their personal time would be better spent "doing something else"?

WHAT IF - NO ONE ordered, or distributed any Outreach materials to the masses, muttering improbable "excuses" to themselves as they passed by numerous opportunities to do so, that would take seconds to accomplished, simply didn't?

WHAT IF - that ONE item of propaganda, NOT given out, missed that ONE person out there, who would have listened to its message, and perhaps eventually became an upstanding National Socialist, who might have an extreme impact upon our eventual SUCCESS?

WHAT IF - no one sent in any $UPPORT each month, in a timely manner, not even ONE measly dollar bill no matter "how broke" they thought themselves to be, while still having funds to spend on "themselves" per "fun money"?

SO MANY "WHAT IFS", eh? And the list could readily go on, and on.........

WHAT IF - because of all the above and more - the 14Words and Social Justice for the White Working Class, - is NEVER ACHIEVED. DOES IT MATTER? HOW MUCH?

Over in Iraq, even after a DECADE or MORE of Zog destruction and military occupation - the ICIS ( along with the Baath Party, which Saddam modeled upon NS Germany, have re-emerged ) in the meantime, NOT "making excuses" like the above, and instead biding their time with PATIENCE, PLANNING, TRAINING, and BUILDING, and MOST OF ALL - SACRIFICING for the GOOD of THEIR FOLK - are on the MARCH. Surprising the Zoglings and their patsies - they are rolling up the corrupt stooges put into power as puppets of Zog, and actually LIBERATING their people.

Do you really think that this success story could have been accomplished by acting like the above?

Already FOUR DIVISIONS of the Zog Iraqi puppet governments army have dissolved, turning all that Zog equipment over to the Resistance fighters use, while in the north, the Kurds are also breaking away from the Zog puppet government lickspittles in Baghdad, throwing the whole Zog dream of "Oil Empire" into hysteria and confusion! After countless American dead, and HUNDREDS of BILLIONS spent - it's all unraveling in the end.

The same will be the case in Afghanistan - Zoglings simply don't UNDERSTAND that they're NOT dealing with typical WIMPY "WHITE MEN" overseas. Sadly, the "white race" has become a pretty PATHETIC lot - unlike the non-Aryan world, which compared to the average "pale face" - honestly SHAMES US when it comes to ACTING like a HEALTHY, COURAGEOUS, and willing to SACRIFICE creature, they have most of the "white race" beat, hands down.

The JEWS and their PALE FACED LACKEYS of the "GO ALONG/GET ALONG" bunch have apparently, really done a job on most of our Folk.

Of course, it's OUR FAULT too! It all couldn't have occurred as it has - unless - too many White folks, were "too busy" to CARE, or "too cowardly" to do literally ANYTHING to seriously CORRECT IT. Or, too cheap to FUND their fighters. Well, it's NOT "too late". Sooo, are YOU going to be - part of the SOLUTION, or will you remain part of the PROBLEM?

Gee, so MANY damn "question marks" this ANPReport! I guess that the ONLY ONE who can ANSWER them - is YOU.

Of the people.

by Steve Davenport

Our enemies never get tired of saying how Nazism is a lunatic fringe group. Not mainstream. Just evil crazy people.

Let's examine just who is with/one of the "people". For starters, the hero of Nazism, Adolf Hitler was a very common man. He grew up in a middle class household. He was NOT a rich aristocrat, born to privilege. As an adult, he worked common menial jobs. He never was a corporate big wig in a fancy office. When World War One came, he volunteered. He served some time in a trench, but then became a messenger. He was partly at HQ safe behind the lines, but naked at the front, without even a trench to hide in. Try running around a battlefield with artillery and machine gun fire, with no place to hide. It requires a lot of courage. Hitler was a DECORATED soldier. Compare Hitler's background to Obama's. Hitler worked for a living. He didn't use his race/religion/sex etc. to gain special privilege. Obama took advantage of his race to play the race card and get help paying his way thru Harvard law.

Hitler risked his life in battle. Obama has NEVER served in the military. Hell, has Obama ever even picked up a gun?

The Nazi party of Germany in the 20's and 30's was a majority of ex war veterans. Men who had risked their lives for their folk. Our Congress is a millionaires club. Damn few who have faced battle. George W. Bush was in uniform, but never in harm's way.

Today's American Nazi party is a group of ordinary people. Just average Joes, who believe in a cause: their race. They're not monsters. The system tries hard to discredit them, by calling them low-lifes, and that Nazism is hate. Nazism is LOVE. Love of one's race. The current membership works hard to promote their cause. It's especially hard, because they're just common people, with no riches to spend. Yet day after day they struggle. The current chairman is just an average worker. Nothing special about him, except devotion to a cause, and his people. Compare this, with the fat cat run major parties. Parties controlled by people of privilege, for the sake of maintaining their privilege.

Our current system is run by a rich ruling elite that has shown time and again its contempt for its own people. These are rich people who are surrounded by servants, and have staffs to do their work for them. Any ties to the common folk have long since been lost. They, being rich, can spend tons of money on ad campaigns, to convince people how wonderful they are. They are phonies, who live lives of lies and deceit.

Which group is closer to its people? If Nazism is really so bad, why do our enemies work so tirelessly against it? Why are they so afraid to let Nazis speak out? Are our enemies AFRAID that the people will see who is really their champions? There is no free speech for Nazis. Why is this? The Nazi party leads by example. Quiet, ordinary people working for a living, caring about their race. The enemy digs up the dregs and tries to palm them off as legitimate Nazis, to besmirch the Nazi reputation. Why is this? Nazism is about the common people. Always has been from its inception. Such is the case today. Both major parties are just collections of rich people playing 'god' for the sake of their egos, and increasing their personal fortunes. Help support the ANP. It's YOUR neighbors. People just like you, who want racial justice. Give out literature to spread the word. Our enemies want to keep us silent, because they know YOU the people would see us for who we are: Your champions. And you the people will see them for who they are: Your oppressors. THINK. Look who is in each group. WE want to help you. Please help us!

Comrades, the June issue of The White Worker magazine ( 20 pages, full color throughout ) has been printed, and mailed out to those in Good Standing per their monthly pledges. There is still time to receive yours, all you have to "do", is honor your word when you first signed your application, and send in your pledge.

Those Party Comrades who have decided to stand as candidates across the nation, will be receiving your "campaign pack" soon. Please send in your information, about "what office" you are campaigning for, "where" etc, and our Party Advisory Board will start net-working with you. I had hoped for a larger number of candidates this year, but I salute those of you who are willing to not only "talk the talk", but to actually - WALK the WALK! From tiny acorns mighty oaks grow.....

The American Nazi Party is NOT one of those "publicity whore" outfits, that caper for the jews media like carnival clowns, or paid extras for some ADL/SPLC propaganda "Hate Special" hit piece. The ANP has FINALLY "broke the ice" that has frozen the "movement" for far too long, into a lethargic collection of "do nothings" but talk ( to each other, usually - forum trolls take offense ), or prancing posers ala the "Poster-boys of Hate" style nonsense. We are entering the POLITICAL ARENA and are NEVER turning the clock BACK to all the previous decades of silliness and defeat.

Those who want to FOLLOW our EXAMPLE - JOIN US. The rest of you pathetic losers - GET OUT OF OUR WAY!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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