ANP Report for May 21, 2014

Racial Comrades: It's time for some very blunt talk. The "state of the racial movement" is such, that it's long overdue that we prepare a SERIOUS appraisal of "where we are" - and WHY.

In my mind, the REASON of this mess, is simple - far too much, and too many of the people involved - LIVE in the PAST.

Look at the "Southern" area of America, once a hot bed of White racial resistance. The "klans" are literally GONE - non-existent. WHY? Once again it is simple. White people in the 21st CENTURY - dealing with ALL the PROBLEMS that they face - do NOT harken back to the days of wealthy oligarchs who owned vast numbers of negro slaves, while treating the common White man and woman as "white trash", to be used as cannon fodder to keep their plush lifestyles, as something valuable to return to.

Nor, do they see a grouping of (usually bearded, unkempt, raggedy-tag ) folks in pointy head klown costumes as their potential saviors - especially, when they let loose with their vocal obscenities and racial slurs - ACTING just as IF the enemy had SCRIPTED their behavior for some anti-White Hollywood "screen play". WHAT do these types have to OFFER White Americans, except a crude outlet for their anger over "what's occurring" in present day America? NOTHING.

Even the non-klan groups, tend to harken back to the days of the Civil War - " Leagues of the Confederacy " or what not - waving Civil War era flags and banners, and trying for some strange reason, to SEPARATE White "Southerners" from the rest of our White Folk in the U.S. - don't White people have ENOUGH separating us from each other as racial brothers and sisters - without some within our ranks - driving the wedge in further?!

In the "National Socialist" scene for lack of a better term - we still have a handful of hard core HOLLYWIERD NUTZIS - who feel that the HIGH POINT in their pitiful loser lives, is to EMULATE the morons in the "Blues Brothers" movie getting run off the bridge. In the NS arena, we have far too many whose whole desire to "be a Nazi" is apparently driven by #1 wanting a costume of some homemade variety, #2 wearing that costume in public, so as to ANNOY "someone", and #3 ACT is a behavior totally UN-NATIONAL SOCIALIST if we are to gauge their antics VS the behavior of Adolf Hitler's National Socialists in NS Germany. #4 Dwelling fanatically upon "what they did back then" - rather than APPLYING the National Socialist IDEOLOGY to TODAY'S PROBLEMS, and FOR today's American, Aryan population.

First off, we desperately NEED to UNDERSTAND that this is NOT the 1860's, NOR is it the 1930's OR the 1960's even. People: It's the 21st CENTURY in America!

PLAY ACTING is NOT going to do it. White people in America are VERY close to becoming a MINORITY in a land that WAS ONCE - ours. And just "WHAT" is the "BEST" that the "White Movement" can come up with as an "answer" to THAT? Recently, a couple "pro-southern organizations" held a pitiful demonstration in front of the HQ of the SPLC. WHY? Were they attempting to recruit Morris Dees? LOL I'm quite sure that the pathetic DOZEN people who waved placards, didn't "scare" Dees one bit - in FACT - he probably should have PAID THEM, for giving him more fodder to use in his future fund raising propaganda! This behavior has to stop! IF you CANNOT turn out HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of demonstrators - DON'T DO IT! You're only SHOWING how WEAK and PITIFUL you are...

Similar to this, earlier this month, the tiny group known as the so-called "nsm" held their "National Convention" down south. This is the group of Hollywierd Nutzi's who are constantly held up by the SPLC, the ADL, the jews-media, etc et al - as the "Biggest, Bad-Ass Neo Nazi group" since WWII.

In FACT, they are SUPPOSEDLY the "largest White Power group" currently in the U.S. Well, they had less than a DOZEN of their members attending their "national" convention - and OF COURSE, along with another handful of "types" such as some "Sadistic Soul" bikers - just HAD to make another PITIFUL appearance for the jews media camera's , at a fenced in "rally", away from any normal White folks to hear them, but surrounded by hundreds of Anti-White counter demonstrators, for the enemy to put on the tube.

Almost HALF their number of costumed "nsm stormtroopers" were obese women, and the men weren't in much better shape. Is THIS the IMAGE of National Socialism we want to sink into the public mind? Is THIS what Adolf Hitler referred to when he said he envisioned National Socialists as " Lean as Greyhounds, Tough as Leather, and Hard as Krupp Steel"? LMAO! This is PATHETIC - HALLOWEEN PLAY ACTING of the WORSE kind!

The days of George Lincoln Rockwell's "PHASE ONE" stuntsmanship are OVER - LONG GONE with that era! The advent of the INTERNET destroyed any NEED for such behavior - but, the morons who are today's mini-fuhrers obviously are too STUPID to come up with "SOMETHING NEW", in strategies and tactics - so they continue to tread in that circle. Boy, it must be a pretty deep one by now - doing the same old, simply BECAUSE - it was done before - never mind that it led NO WHERE PRODUCTIVE!

Comrades, we HAVE to get to TRYING - "SOMETHING NEW" - and "WHAT" that something IS, is pretty OBVIOUS to ME.

White people are going to NEED some sincere REPRESENTATION in the political system in the coming FUTURE ( as if we don't now ). I DON'T mean some smiling, fat, corrupt PALE FACE liar - who ALWAYS can be counted upon to be OUR people's WORST "representative" possible. I'm talking about "ONE of US" - and we aren't going to get ONE - IF - he/she ACTS as the current crop of "Movement Personalities" currently DO.

I know, I've said all this before, but I feel its important...

WHAT'S the ANSWER? Once again it's VERY SIMPLE - the "racial movement" must STOP ALL its SILLINESS and get involved in what we're SUPPOSED to BE in existence for. REAL WORLD POLITICS. No, NOT the con game of campaigning for offices we have no realistic measure of winning, ala Senator, Governor, President etc et al - but, LOCAL OFFICES - where there IS the possibility of GAINING some real POWER for once!

And again NO! - we do NOT campaign "OPENLY" as NS or WN or even racialists - just as COMMON SENSE, NORMAL, White Americans, with the BEST INTERESTS of OUR community at heart. You know, with EFFORT - it CAN be DONE.

When is Don Black ( and all the other "forum" poohbah's ) going to direct all the energies of his "thousands of posters, with their millions of posts" - into something PRODUCTIVE, like REAL POLITICAL activity, over on "stormfront"?

When are these folks with their "PLE'S" and fantasy "homelands" going to INSTEAD direct all their energies into GETTING some POWER in the LOCALITIES where they already reside?

How about all these media hound "protest groups", QUIT PLAYING AROUND - for a few seconds of "fame" ( boosting your egos) on the enemies controlled media, receiving ALWAYS negative "publicity" - and INSTEAD pick ONE political seat somewhere, and CAMPAIGN for it?

Wouldn't those "Southerners" in front of the SPLC, have better spent their time, money and efforts - CAMPAIGNING for some POLITICAL POWER way down yonder? Unlike their past brethren of the 1960's, don't they REALIZE by NOW - that "posturing" for the camera's lens ACHIEVES NOTHING - IF the "klan" had CAMPAIGNED and WON political power down south in the 60's, instead of TRUSTING to phony con-servative pale faces saying one thing and doing another - things might have gone a much different way than it did. Am I REALLY wrong here? Am I misguided?

SOMEONE IS. IF your organization, or your "prominent movement personality" is AGAINST what I am desperately advocating - WHY? Just WHAT in hell IS the REASON?

So many racialists tell me constantly, that - "we're running out of time" - HERE IS MY SOLUTION.

Just about EVERYONE reading these words CAN go down to your City Clerk - it IS an ELECTION year, you know - and get YOUR NAME on the ballot. If you don't win this time - at LEAST you TRIED. And we all know the old saying about "try, try again...".

All the OTHER races HAVE their people TRYING and WINNING - what's REALLY WRONG with YOU - White Man? All TALK and no, or little, WALK.....

The American Nazi Party HAS that agenda. We ARE getting National Socialists to enter their names on the ballot. No CIRCUSES. No MEDIA WHORING. No FUN & GAMES pretending to be an "OBERSTUPADUPAFUHRER" or "GRAND EXALTED WIZARD", or CIRCUS CLOWN. Just plain old, normal White men and women DOING what NEEDS to be DONE. Does that sound like YOU?

Of the people.

by Steve Davenport

Our enemies never get tired of saying how Nazism is a lunatic fringe group. Not mainstream. Just evil crazy people.

Let's examine just who is with/one of the "people". For starters, the hero of Nazism, Adolf Hitler was a very common man. He grew up in a middle class household. He was NOT a rich aristocrat, born to privilege. As an adult, he worked common menial jobs. He never was a corporate big wig in a fancy office. When World War One came. he volunteered. He served some time in the trenches, but then became a messenger. Try running around a battlefield carrying messages with artillery and machine gun fire, with no place to hide. It requires a lot of courage. Hitler was a DECORATED soldier. C

Compare Hitler's background to Obama's. Hitler worked for a living. He didn't use his race/religion/sex etc. to gain special privilege. Obama took advantage of his race to play the race card and get help paying his way thru Harvard law.

Hitler risked his life in battle. Obama has NEVER served in the military. Hell, has Obama ever even picked up a gun?

The Nazi party of Germany in the 20's and 30's was a majority of ex war veterans. Men who had risked their lives for their folk. Our Congress is a millionaires club. Damn few who have faced battle.

Today's American Nazi party is a group of ordinary people. Just average Joes, who believe in a cause, their race. They're not monsters. The system tries hard to discredit them, by calling them low-life's, and that Nazism is hate. Nazism is LOVE. Love of one's race. The current membership works hard to promote their cause. It's especially hard, because they're just common people, with no riches to spend. Yet day after day they struggle. The current chairman is just an average worker. Nothing special about him, except devotion to a cause, and his people. Compare this, with the fat cat run major parties. Parties controlled by people of privilege, for the sake of maintaining their privilege.

Our current system is run by a rich ruling elite that has shown time and again its contempt for its own people. These are rich people who are surrounded by servants, and have staffs to do their work for them. Any ties to the common folk have long since been lost. They, being rich, can spend tons of money on ad campaigns, to convince people how wonderful they are. They are phonies, who live lives of lies and deceit.

Which group is closer to its people? If Nazism is really so bad, why do our enemies work so tirelessly against it? Why are they so afraid to let Nazis speak out? Are our enemies AFRAID that the people will see who is really their champions. There is no free speech for Nazis. Why is this? The Nazis party leads by example. Quiet, ordinary people working for a living, caring about their race. The enemy digs up the dregs and tries to palm them off as legitimate Nazis, to besmirch the Nazi reputation. Why is this? Nazism is about the common people. Always has been from its inception. Such is the case today. Both major parties, are just collections of rich people playing god for the sake of their egos, and increasing their personal fortunes. Help support the ANP. Its YOUR neighbors. People just like you, who want racial justice. Give out lit to spread the word. Our enemies want to keep us silent, because they know YOU the people would see us for who we are, your champions, and they for who they are, your oppressors. THINK. Look who is in each group. WE want to help you. Please help us!

Comrades, The White Worker magazine for May is in the mails, for those who have sent in their monthly May pledge...have you received yours yet?

The Party is considering hosting a NS Activists Conference later this year, for ANP Comrades in Good-Standing. If you would like to attend, please get current with your pledge obligations. Attendance will be based upon both your pledges as well as your activism, so please be sure to send in your monthly Activity Reports along with your donation slips. You may download the Activity Report form on the front page of the Party's website.

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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