ANP Report for May 02, 2014

Racial Comrades: Well, May 1st has come and gone, and while around the world, people celebrated the "Day of the Worker" ( even in National Socialist Germany, "May Day" was a Day of Honor for those who by mind or hand, produced for the Folk ) here in the Good Old Jew-S-A this day is virtually IGNORED. WHY?

I believe it's very simple - in this evil, decadent Judeo-Capitalist monstrosity of a system - "WORK" is considered to be another of those "four lettered words", that are not "respectable". Folks who actually LABOR for a LIVING - ESPECIALLY those who SWEAT while working, are looked down upon by those wealthy bastards whole make MILLIONS by the stroke of a keyboard, MANIPULATING money.

And let's face it people - THEY - are the ones in CONTROL, and THEY are the ones who run the whole shebang . Its no surprise that THEY look down their collective noses at the rest of us, and who through their controlled mass media, create the false image that THEY alone are worthy of honor and emulation.

You think not? Ok, then WHO are our children told over and over to aspire to become? Is it the man who can FIX his own CAR, or a fellow who can REPAIR his own PLUMBING, or the woman who can somehow juggle a JOB, a HOME, and being a MOTHER all at the same time? NO!!! Its those plastic "people" ( creatures, really ) who you constantly see being held up as "wonderful examples" for everyone else to fawn upon.

You know the "types" - the "males and/or females" in their fancy, expensive clothing and toys - making big monies in their plush offices, having "power lunches" everyday, going to constant "meetings" in air-conditioned rooms, cool in summer, warm in winter, having "expense accounts" and the latest "company cars"... The list could go on and on.

Forget about the MEN and WOMEN who labor away in the COLD in WINTER, and the sweltering HEAT in SUMMER. Forget about the vast mass of real workers who day after day, drudge away at boring, monotonous HARD WORK - usually NOT getting paid what they honestly DESERVE for their productive efforts!

Up here in Michigan, the system just LOVES to hold up the "auto worker" as the "typical example" of labor in Michigan. What a FRAUD! The NUMBER of people employed in the auto industry is so damn MINISCULE compared to ALL the OTHER various workers employed here, that they are a TINY, percentage of the labor force. And the ONLY REASON that they are so much better off - is that they are HIGHLY UNIONIZED - paid for by the virtual BLOOD and SACRIFICE of many, many years ago. So few people, including American workers themselves are even AWARE of the BLOODY STRUGGLE that it took, for these courageous men and women to decades past, to ACHIEVE those RIGHTS that today so many take for granted!

Few realize how the greedy EMPLOYERS on the whole, fought back against basic workers' RIGHTS - such as a limited hourly work week, or even HEALTH BENEFITS, and worker SAFETY REGULATIONS - hiring GOONS as well as utilizing the system's enforcers ( cops ) to break the workers unionizing for their best interests. Btw, ALL these items were GIVEN the WORKERS long before they won them here, from the Judeo-Capitalists - in National Socialist Germany!

Adolf Hitler was a true FRIEND of the WORKERS - another reason WHY the Judeo-Capitalists HATE his so much! As a true MAN of the PEOPLE - being ONE of THEM - Adolf Hitler not only UNDERSTOOD them and their needs, he (unlike the "successful" in today's sick society) not only did NOT "look down at the common man/woman" - he instead reached out a hand and HELPED THEM in their daily struggle for a decent, healthy existence.

This May, the ANP Spring Blitz CONTINUES on throughout the month. Over this past April, ANP HQ sent out over 7,000 pieces of Outreach literature for Party Activists to spread the Good Word of National Socialism to the White masses. A significant percentage of these materials were made available by the sacrificial donations of a number of Party Comrades, who "gave a little extra" to provide extra materials for those who were WILLING to distribute more than they could personally afford - I THANK those who took part in this true example of National Socialist spirit.

We have another month to continue our CONCENTRATED, NATIONWIDE OUTREACH CAMPAIGN - with even better weather to do our work in - and I personally urge each and every ANP Comrade to TAKE PART in this historic effort. Even IF you ONLY distribute ONE ITEM - each day, when you go to the store, or what have you - remember that you're PART of a TEAM EFFORT all across America...and that ALL TOGETHER it DOES add up!

The old adage of - IF NOT YOU - WHO...should always be in our minds!

The mask comes off

by Steve Davenport

Our system never tires of telling us how wonderful it is. Its like it is wearing a mask at Halloween. Only when this mask comes off, we see the true depravity of this satanic system. A system that would rather make war, than see its citizens have enough to eat. A system that sends all its decent-pay jobs overseas, leaving its people no chance to work, all the while saying its people who apply for help are LAZY! This system would rather save the greedy and reckless, to the tune of 700 billion dollars, in bailouts, then continue to fund programs it considers frivolous, such as Medicare, and Social Security. This system shows its true heart, as it tries to do away with student college loans. It may say it supports education, but its actions show it considers it a privilege of only the wealthy. It doesn't occur to our rulers, or maybe it does and they don't care, that people wouldn't need help, if they were still able to get decent-pay jobs.

This system talks about being color blind, but it reveals its true self, with these affirmative action laws. Jobs get saved for the "poor" black. Whites get the back of the hand. Blacks still needing help, after one of them has become president of the United States? No, our govt will only take care of the non white. Whites are ignored, and thought of as an annoyance.

Our rulers seem to want to have continuous warfare. Why? Simple. To keep us common folk afraid. All the flag waving, and patriotic speeches are to distract us form the problems at home. The system, never admits, that we're constantly at war with the Arab/Islamic world, because of our TOTAL support of Israel. Maybe if we were truly even handed we could be peace brokers. No, our rulers keep their mask of being fair minded on, to hide their true nature of being mercenaries of the money of the Jewish lobby, and by extension, Israel. Our rich ruling elite sits in their mansions, watching their big screen TV's, safe from harm. Unfortunately, our soldiers aren't so lucky. They risk life, and limb, fighting in meaningless wars. Mere toys for the elite to move around like chess pieces. Our rich ruling elite wears a mask of caring and dedication to the nation, but when the mask is removed, it shows its true self. Greed, and above all arrogance.

National Socialism isn't afraid to show its inner most self. What you see is what you get. A system that cares, that values the race. Not money, the race. We can continue to accept being exploited in a system where 1% of the population controls 90% of the wealth, and constantly manipulates its citizens, Or we can choose a new system on a new path. One that doesn't hide its face, but is proud to show it is white thru and thru. Choose to follow National Socialism. Choose to live proud of your race, and have the dignity a working person deserves. Choose a system that helps you, rather than despises you.

Comrades, most of you probably remember me writing in earlier ANP Reports about the "Craig Cobb" saga. You know, the wealthy moron who went to S.D. and planned on "taking over" a very small town of about 20 or so people, and turning in into a "white supremacist" enclave named after himself - "Cobbsville"?

You no doubt heard how instead of acting rationally and neighborly, and seeking to win friends amongst the local inhabitants, he instead brought in the literally WORST elements of this so-called "racial movement" - including the hollywierd nutziss" of Jeffy Poop, one of whom turned states evidence against him.

When in maniacal frustration against the towns people, he and his "nsm" buddy begin to walk around the town, armed with loaded long-guns in a sorry and ridiculous attempt to intimidate them. Way to go idiot. I guess him and his imbecile buddies thought that that was a great way to wins hearts and minds, eh?

Or, perhaps they bought in a little too much in their personal silly brand of costumed, fantasy world manner of "thinking"

Anyway, after this fiasco brought one hell of a lot of disrepute upon sincere NS/WN, trying to do the right thing, in a sincere and professional fashion - this creep and the so-called "nsm pooptrooper" were jailed on "terrorizing charges". The pooptrooper turned states evidence and was set free. Cobb was found GUILTY - despite his protesting of "being sorry", deeding over ALL of the dozen of empty properties he had bought up to the city, which he had been handing out free to various "movement personalities" ( I understand his pals, Jeffy Poop, Terrible Tommy Metzger, VNN's Alex Linder as well as that piece of excrement Glenn Miller Cross who shot and killed three Aryans not too long ago, ALL being in Cobb's cheering section on the computer, won't be inhabiting "Cobbsville" too soon? lol ) who would accept them, and in the end whiningly declared that "he was quitting the racial movement" if they would free him. What a REAL WHITE HERO, eh?

Well, here's the KICKER - despite the local PEOPLE and AUTHORITIES demanding that Cobb be SLAMMED for "TERRORIZING" the town and its inhabitants with deadly weapons - the JEW JUDGE ( odd, isn't it? ) gave Mr. Cobb - PROBATION! Can anyone BELIEVE this? You would THINK, that this "evil, dangerous, hateful, neo-Nazi white supremacist" would have been sent away to gulag for sure! But NO! He's SET FREE. WTF!?!

It reminds me of when around a decade ago, Jeffy Schoep of Hollywierd Nutzi fame was caught and arrested for BURGLARIZING a fellow White man to the tune of several thousands of dollars of valuable computer equipment, PLEAD GUILTY - all the while being at the time the well known costumed "commander" darling of the jews media of his publicity seeking tiny clusterfu*k of "Village People", wanna-be hollywierd nutzi's - AND - he too was given "PROBATION".

Now Comrades, PERHAPS I'm being "paranoid"? Perhaps I'm being too "suspicious" when a WELL KNOWN "evil Nazi, racist, etc, et al" walks free, after doing something the system could lawfully put him in a cell alongside Matt Hale? Perhaps - BUT I DON'T THINK SO.

Remember, this "Glenn Miller Cross" degenerate walked free TOO. Even after TESTIFYING against other White Nationalists at the very LEAST of his treason - he was EVENTUALLY, after time - actually BROUGHT BACK by ZOG, and ( I know, how are some people so damn stupid, sigh ) ACCEPTED BACK into the "movement" by "SOME PEOPLE" - ARE these creatures like LINDER, SCHOEP, COBB etc et al - REALLY that STUPID - or, is it "something" MORE involved? Following orders from their handlers, hem....?

I have MY answer - as hard as it might be to think, really THINK for many movementites - NOT "everyone" who slaps on a racialist symbol, or yells racial slogans, or ESPECIALLY having had the "blessing" of ZOG - through being given the "Big Bigot Buildup" in their controlled media to "be the ones to go to" for Angry Aryans who are looking for "someone/something" to join and get involved with ( lets face it, anyone whom the enemy thinks might be for REAL and SINCERE, they are going to give THEM the old jewish-inspired "media blackout" as described by Commander Rockwell so well in his book This Time the World ) - is truly ONE of US.

ESPECIALLY when they get slaps on the wrist, when OTHER NS/WN have and are serving long prison terms...

Lets face it - ZOG HATES US - correct? "WHY" would zog let SOME walk away so easily? Could it be that so many of these people who are "lucky" - have Zog's "HOOKS in their ASS'S" forever? Available for "FURTHER USE" by Uncle Samuel as need be? In the Old Soviet Union - they actually CREATED what they called "HONEY-POT" organizations and "leaders" ( turncoats ) to exist, so as to attract any DISSIDENTS ( to find out WHO they might be ) and to MISDIRECT the REAL OPPOSITION into continuous FAILURE - LED by these well publicized Judas goats, who would be willing to DO ANYTHING to keep THEIR ass OUT of GULAG.

Folks, being a sincere dissident against a system as EVIL and CORRUPT as this one is - only a fool discounts ANY - "POSSIBILITY" - of "WHAT" it would be willing and happy to do. Do any of you remember CO-IN-TEL-PRO back in the 1970's? Google it up. Do you honestly think that this Judeo-Capitalist monster has "changed" or "gotten more honest"?

Could this situation BE the REASON for MUCH of the FAILURE of White Nationalism to GAIN any REAL SUCCESS in the U.S.? It's CONTINUALLY being MISDIRECTED into STUPID, DEAD ENDS - it's ALWAYS the "SAME OLD/SAME OLD" nonsense that HASN'T WORKED before - yet these "leaders" DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN. Is THAT - simply unimaginative STUPIDITY - or, is it something more nefarious?

Comrades, what I'm going to say here perhaps sounds a little egotistical, but it the truth as I see it. I have been extremely ACTIVE in National Socialism for over 40 years, since I first got involved at the age of 16 in 1967, with Lincoln Rockwell's ANP. In that time, I was ALWAYS CAREFUL about "whom" I associated with in my activities. I swore to myself that I was "NEVER GOING DOWN" - BECAUSE - of the stupidity, or mindless actions of "OTHERS". While I may have been arrested a few times for silly street "brawls", I - nor ANY of my associates whom I led - have ever gone to gulag.

Now, I'm certainly NOT the "brightest bulb in the lamp", and if "I" can do it - so can YOU. It's SIMPLE - don't associate - with ANYONE whom you have the slightest DOUBTS about. Don't get suckered in, with challenges to your "bravery" or your "commitment", or any of the other crap these Judas Goats use, to USE YOU. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Never be afraid to DO the RIGHT THING - rather than do "something" that that little part of your brain is trying to WARN you about!

It's the job of the Judas Goat to show some sort of VALUE to their Zog handlers, to be "worthy" of staying "outside" - no more worth, they'll shove you into gulag without remorse, so these creatures will literally DO ANYTHING to keep on their handlers' good side.

YOUR job is to use GOOD SENSE when dealing with ANY and ALL "situations" and "people" whom you might associate with, fighting for those 14Words and Social Justice for the White Working Class.

My words here are NOT meant to sound "defeatist", or to give anyone an "excuse" NOT to GET INVOLVED - rather, it's a WARNING to use your GOOD JUDGEMENT while being involved. If you do that - you'll be around as a Political Soldier - as I have, for a very long time!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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